Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga is one of the largest cities in the country of Lithuania.

Eating in Palanga

Food in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga defined by AbbreviationFinder is a typical tourist town. And with a bunch of happy summer guests, the most sophisticated restaurants are necessarily the focus. On the other hand, you have countless opportunities in places where you can meet other party-tuned people. And even if you can’t find gourmet restaurants over a low shoe, the selection is wide and wide. And the prices are, by our scale, pleasantly low.

The local food consists mainly of meat dishes of different kinds, often with thick sauces. Slightly superficial, the food can be characterized as a bit dull and bland. The menus of Lithuanian restaurants also logically tend to contain a lot of food from Russian cuisine. But typical fast food chains are spread, and with it also food we know well from home. Local drinks, on the other hand, are always popular. Be the Lithuanian vodka and liqueur, or beer of the highest quality.

Most restaurants can be found on the Basanavičiaus parade. And it’s just walking in the tourist trap. There is not much else to choose from, and the quality of many of the restaurants on this tourist street is perfectly fine!

Featured restaurants in Palanga

The DeCuba restaurant in Basanavičiaus 28 is in many ways Palanga in a nutshell, and it all talks about. The restaurant is open from 1000 to 0100 year-round, and despite the name, has nothing to do with Cuba. The food is of the local variety. Informal and popular is DeCuba, and here adults and children all around almost from morning to late at night. Take a trip to the restaurant’s garden, which is an exotic tourist experience in itself.

If you like pizza, we can suggest Čili Pica at Basanavičiaus 45. This is the best pizza you will get in Lithuania, and the location near the sea is not bad at all. Eat out if the weather is good and enjoy yourself. So nice service is a plus!

You get a cheap pub meal at Devintam Danguj in Basanavičiaus 14. The food is simple but good. Grab a kebab and relax with a beer. Open from 1200 to 2400.

One of Palanga’s best restaurants is reportedly Feliksas, located on the street Vytauto 116. Here the cuisine is international and the atmosphere is often high in the evening. Feliksas is located just outside the city center and is open from early morning until midnight every day.

Nightlife in Palanga

PalangaNightlife is often practiced on high gear. Are you here in the summer will the large intake of thirst fromRussia and the nation’s own people from other places in Lithuania, make sure a more or less cheerful drink layer never far away. But there are also a lot of families with children here, so it’s not completely wanted.

Vodka and beer are consumed in quantities, and Palanga also has its own microbreweries. Do you have a sense of beer then head to Pas Juozą where the family has been producing high quality beer since 1995. There are countless opportunities to get involved beyond drinking beer. See, among other things, the spectacular sculpture park, play basketball or ride a horse. The address is Žibininkų which is located about 7 kilometers northeast of Palanga.

If you are 18 or want to be there again, we finally recommend the slightly legendary Laukinių Vakarų Salūnas on the main street Basanavičiaus 16. Here Miss Wet T-shirt competitions and beer relays are arranged over a low shoe. And the place will definitely close later than we can keep ourselves awake. Ie 0600 in the morning. And after a shower and a quick breakfast, you can almost come back when it opens for the next day, three hours later (0900 in the morning). Good luck!