State Route 112, 113 and 115 in Florida

State Route 112, 113 and 115 in Florida

State Route 112 in Florida

Get started Miami
End Miami Beach
Length 10 mi
Length 16 km
Miami International Airport

42nd Avenue

36th Street

27th Avenue

0 12th Avenue

1 → Jacksonville

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, State Route 112 or State Road 112 (SR-112) is a state route and toll road in the U.S. state of Florida. The highway runs from Miami Airport to Miami Beach, and is partially double-numbered with Interstate 195. The route is 16 kilometers long and is also known as the Airport Expressway.

Travel directions

The I-95/I-195/SR-112 interchange.

The highway begins at Miami Airport, on the west side of the city. From here, the highway will initially run in 2×2 lanes to the north and there will be a level level crossing. The highway then turns east through an industrial zone of Miami and has 2×3 lanes. Then follows the interchange with Interstate 95. After this, the road continues as Interstate 195 to Miami Beach.


Construction on the Airport Expressway began in 1959, and on December 23, 1961, the highway was opened between Miami Airport and Miami Beach, the eastern portion of which is today part of I-195. The road originally ended at 36th Street and was extended a short distance in 1990 to the terminals of Miami International Airport.


Several attempts have been made throughout history to secure funding for a westbound extension to the Palmetto Expressway or the Homestead Extension, but failed time and again.


The western portion of State Route 112 is a toll road, operated by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

The toll was only levied eastwards for 30 years. The toll gates to the west were closed in March 1984. On November 15, 2014, a new electronic toll system was introduced that requires payment on all connections, and toll rates have also been increased. The toll station to the east was subsequently demolished.

Traffic intensities

The intensities below are to the east of the relevant connection.

Location 2010 2017
Miami Airport 98,500 115,000
NW 27th Street 78,500 109,000

Florida State Route 113

Get started Jacksonville
End Jacksonville
Length 2 mi
Length 3 km
→ JacksonvilleRegency Square Boulevard

Tredinick Parkway

Merrill Road

→ Jacksonville Beltway

State Route 113 or State Road 113 (SR-113) is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Florida. The highway connects to the east of the city of Jacksonville and is 3 kilometers long. The road is also known as the Southside Connector.

Travel directions

State Route 113 forms a short north-south highway in eastern Jacksonville, connecting State Road 115 toward Downtown Jacksonville and Interstate 295, Jacksonville’s beltway. The highway has 2×2 lanes.


Originally State Route 113 was not a freeway, although there were already two flyovers around Regency Square Mall, these may have been built around 1981 when Regency Square Mall was doubled in size. The SPUI on Merrill Road was opened around 2005. The original connection to the Regency Square Mall was a diamond, which was converted into a semi-cloverleaf in 2005. In 2007, flyovers opened with State Road 115 toward downtown Jacksonville.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 44,000 vehicles drive at the Regency Square Mall, dropping to 24,000 vehicles at the flyovers toward I-295.

Florida State Route 115

Get started Jacksonville
End callahan
Length 37 mi
Length 60 km
→ Ladies Point Bridge

Townsend Boulevard

Arlington Road

Cesery Boulevard

University Boulevard

Mathews Bridge

→ Jacksonville Beach

Commodore Point Expressway Ctr

8th Street

21st Street

Phoenix Avenue

Liberty Street

Main Street

Pearl Street

Boulevard Street

→ Downtown / Savannah

State Route 115 or State Road 115 (SR-115) is a state route in the U.S. state of Florida. The road forms a route in the northeast of the state between Jacksonville and Callahan. In Jacksonville it is partly a freeway. The total route is 60 kilometers long, of which 14 kilometers as a motorway.

Travel directions

The SR-115 in Jacksonville.

State Road 115 begins in southeast Jacksonville at an intersection with US 1, near the connections to Interstate 95 and Interstate 295. The road then forms a 2×2, later 2×3 lane urban arterial that runs north-south through southeast Jacksonville. The road here has a number of grade separated elements, such as a flyover from I-95 to State Road 115 heading north, a cloverleaf with State Road 202 and an overpass over the intersection with US 90.

In the east of the city, State Road 115 becomes a freeway, beginning at an interchange with State Road 113 and bending west here to form the Arlington Expressway, a 2×2 lane highway connecting St. Cross John’s River via Mattews Bridge. One then reaches the east side of Downtown Jacksonville. The road turns off here again, and then the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, a highway that hooks around central Jacksonville to an interchange with I-95 north of Downtown Jacksonville.

State Road 115 then joins I-95 north for a bit, where the road turns off to form Lem Turner Road, a city highway heading northwest. State Road 115 usually has 2×2 lanes here and connects to Interstate 295 on the outskirts of Jacksonville. The road then leads through wooded areas to the town of Callahan, where State Road 115 ends at US 1 and US 23.


The Mathews Bridge over the St John’s River.

Mathews Expressway & Arlington Expressway

The Mathews Bridge over the St. Johns River opened to traffic on April 15, 1953. Then there was the Mathews Expressway west and east of the bridge, it is unclear how long ago the part east of the bridge was opened, this is partly sunken. In 2007 the interchange with the SR-113 was opened. The eastern portion of the highway is called the Arlington Expressway.

In 2013, the Mathews Bridge was struck, causing a critical girder to snap. The bridge was repaired in 34 days, but the incident nearly caused the bridge to collapse during heavy traffic.

Haines Street Expressway & 20th Street Expressway

The hook of State Route 115/US 1A around the old part of Jacksonville, the north-south Haines Street Expressway, and the east-west Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway / 20th Street Expressway, believed to have opened in the 1960s/1970s. It had a very sharp bend, which was cut off in 2013 by a somewhat more optimal route. A connection to 21st Street has also been made. The project cost $30 million.

Traffic intensities

The Arlington Expressway has 45,000 vehicles per day. The Mathews Bridge has 56,500 vehicles per day.

The Haines Street Expressway has 35,000 vehicles and the 20th Street Expressway has 48,000 vehicles.

Florida State Route 115