Sights of Liguria, Italy

Sights of Liguria, Italy

According to CELLPHONEEXPLORER, Liguria is located in southwestern Italy on the Ligurian Sea, which in turn is part of the Mediterranean Sea. Liguria is one of the smallest regions in Italy. The coastal region of Liguria is very popular with tourists. The coast of Liguria is also known as the Italian Riviera. In France, this turns into the Riviera of Flowers. The largest city in this region is the port of Genoa. other famous places are San Remo, La Spezia and Portofino. The biggest tourist attraction of the region, however, are the villages of the Cinque Terre. These villages, together with several islands, are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other popular tourist destinations in Liguria are the Parco Regionale Alta Valle Pesio e Tanaro and the caves of Toirano.

Top 10 Things to Do in Liguria

#1. Genoa
Genoa is the capital of the Liguria region and is also the largest city in this region. it is the largest port city in Italy and the second largest port city in the Mediterranean after Marseille. It is a beautiful old city that joined Lille in 2004 as European Capital of Culture. The most famous resident of the city is without a doubt Christopher Columbus. Some places of interest in the city are Via Garibaldi, the main street of the historic center of the city, The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo San Giorgio and the lighthouse La Lantarna.

#2. Cinque Terre
The Cinque Terre consists of five small village on the Italian coast in the region of Liguria in the province of La Spezia. The five villages are Monterosse al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. These villages, together with the village of Portovenere and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The five villages are connected by the Via dell’Amore, a multi-day hiking trail. From this hiking trail you have a beautiful view over the beautiful Italian Riviera and the various villages of the Cinque Terre. Those who have difficulty walking can also visit the various villages by train. The connection between La Spezia and Genoa passes through the villages.

#3. San Remo
San Remo is a large seaside resort in the western part of the Liguria region in the province of Imepria. San Remo is part of the Italian Riviera. The seaside resort owes its name recognition to the cycling classic Milan-San Remo, also known as La Primevera. This classic is held every year in March and is one of the first races of the new cycling year. San Remo is known as a chic beach town. Besides Milan-San Remo, the city is known for the festival of San Remo. A major music festival that has been organized here since 1951.

#4. Portofino
Portofino is a small village in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The village is built on the peninsula of the same name. This hilly peninsula has the Monte di Portfino as its highest peak. It is an old village founded at the time of the Romans. They named the village after the many dolphins that used to be in the bay here. The village is so beautiful that a replica of the village has been recreated at the Universal Orlando Resort. The main building of the village is the Castello Brown, a former military stronghold built in the fifteenth century.

#5. Ligurian Alps
The Ligurian Alps are located in the southwestern part of the Alps. The French part of these Alps is also called the Sea Alps. The Ligurian Alps form the nature reserve Parco Regionale Alta Valle Pesio e Tanaro. This nature reserve is very popular with hikers. The highest point of this area is the Punta Marguareis with 2650 meters. The Ligurian Alps disappear into the Mediterranean at places like San Remo and Ventimiglia.

#6. Final Ligure
Finale Ligure is a small municipality in the province of Savina in the western part of the Liguria region. The municipality is considered part of the Italian Riviera. The municipality is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and the many viewpoints. The beautiful boulevard is surrounded by palm trees and there are many cozy restaurants with large terraces. The municipality is divided into three parts The Finale Lugure Marina which is most popular with tourists, the Finale Pia the historic center and the Finalborgo. the Finalborgo is a little further inland and is surrounded by an old city wall. The town’s attractions include Catel Gavone, Catsel San Giovanno.

#7. La Spezia
La Spezia is a medium-sized town in the province of La Spezia in the southeastern part of the Liguria region. It is a very young city by Italian standards. Most of the buildings in the city date from the early twentieth century. As a result, there are few typical Italian sights in the city. One of the oldest buildings in the city is the Dom Santa Maria Assunta from the fourteenth century. The port of La Spezia de Port Mirabello is a popular dock for cruise ships. La Spezia is a popular with tourists visiting the Cinque Terre.

#8. Sestri Levante
Sestri Levante is a place in the southeastern part of the Liguria region in the province of Genoa. Sestri Levante is located where the Gromolo River flows into the Gulf of Tiguillio. The town has been a popular tourist attraction in Italy for many years. This is mainly due to the location of the town on the sea and the beautiful beaches that can be found in and around Sestri Levante. The bay of the village “Baia delle Favole” which freely translated means fairytale bay is named after the fairy tale writer Hans Christiaan Anderson who lived and worked here for a period.

#9. Grotte di Toirano
In the province of Savona in the municipality of Savona are the beautiful caves of Toirano. These caves are among the most beautiful and visited caves in this region. The caves are of great geological and paleontological importance. This is mainly due to the traces of different animal species and people who already lived here in the Paleolithic. During a tour of the caves you will be taken along some of the most beautiful halls of this cave. In addition to stalagmites and stalactites, you will also find remains of the Cave Bear that used the caves as a shelter in the caves.

#10. Ventimiglia
Ventimiglia is a small town in the western part of the Liguria region in the province of Imeria not far from the French border. The town owes its name to the distance it is from the French border. The town used to be twenty (Venti) miles from the French border. The town has been a popular tourist destination in Italy for many years. This is partly because the main railway lines between France and Italy run through this city. Some places of interest in the city are the Gothic cathedral, the botanical garden and the prehistoric caves.

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