Entertainment and Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan

Entertainment and Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan

Conventionally, all the sights of the city can be divided into three parts: the Old City, buildings built in the Soviet period, and modern Baku.

The old part of the city is a historical and architectural reserve, often called the “Baku Acropolis” – Icheri Sheher, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was here that the history of Baku began – the first settlements appeared before our era. The most interesting attraction and a real symbol of the city is the Maiden’s Tower. In ancient times, it was the main citadel of the fortress, today it attracts tourists with its majestic view and the legends associated with it. Here is the pearl of Azerbaijani architecture – the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. It is a whole complex of buildings that were once used for their intended purpose by the rulers of Shirvan – from baths and mosques to tombs. You can get to the ancient city through the famous Shamakhi Gate. In addition, on the territory of the reserve there are more than 10 mosques and several baths, which are real works of oriental art.

According to wholevehicles, 70 km south of Baku is the largest accumulation of rock paintings in the CIS Gobustan, which is also a World Heritage Site. Some of them are over 15 thousand years old. The plots are documentary evidence of the lifestyle of the people who lived here and the extinct species of animals that once lived in these places.

The city itself has excellent examples of European architecture, created during the first oil boom. Soviet architecture in Baku is represented by the Government House, which is especially beautiful at night when the lights are on, as well as several museums, libraries, clubs and residential buildings. Despite the monumentality characteristic of the Soviet era, oriental features can also be traced in the appearance of the buildings, especially in the forms of the Government House.

70 km south of Baku is the largest accumulation of rock paintings Gobustan in the CIS.

The modern city attracts tourists with its beautiful parks and unusual sculptures depicting people doing their jobs — a girl with an umbrella and a cell phone, a violinist and a woman with a mirror fixing her makeup. Among the unique architectural sights are Heydar Aliyev Center, Carpet Museum, Deniz Mall shopping center, Port Baku, Flame Towers, the construction of which was completed in 2012. In its appearance and functionality, the tallest building in the city resembles our Moscow City.

30 km northeast of Baku lies the village of Surakhani with the temple complex of fire worshipers “Ateshgah”. Most of the buildings appeared here at the beginning of the 18th century, although the temple itself and the fire altar were built much earlier. In ancient times, the complex was a place of pilgrimage for followers of the most ancient religion, today – tourists from all over the world who come to see these ancient walls and touch the secrets and mysteries of the past.

4 things to do in Baku

  1. Take the Baku Acropolis by storm and climb the Maiden Tower, which is associated with a romantic legend, and the cult film “The Diamond Hand” was filmed not far from it!.
  2. Ask to visit a local grandmother and try real Azerbaijani home-cooked cuisine – after all, Azerbaijanis are so famous for their hospitality.
  3. Buya traditional oriental carpet on the market, made in the best traditions of Azerbaijani carpet weaving, without forgetting to negotiate the best price for yourself.
  4. Try all the shawarma in the city and find the most delicious.

Baku for children

Going to the capital of Azerbaijan with children, you need to carefully plan the entire program – from accommodation and meals to entertainment and excursions. If the child is very small, and you really want to get out to a good cafe or restaurant, it is better to think over this moment in advance – there are not so many establishments suitable for kids in the city, but there are more and more of them. Some restaurants have playgrounds for children and rooms with balls, slides and other attractions. The same entertainment can be offered by many hotels and most shopping centers. In addition, the city has international McDonald’s and KFC chains adapted for children in terms of high chairs and menus.

There are several water parks in Baku, such as Dalga and Amburan, which are perfect for families. The largest water park in Azerbaijan is considered to be the AF Hotel & Aqua Park at the hotel of the same name, located on the shores of the Caspian Sea in the village of Novkhani. There are 3 slides on its territory: “Kamikaze”, “Descent from Space” and “Phantom”, there are restaurants and bars, a children’s club. There is a group of animators organizing fun contests. Also popular among vacationers is the Studio 2 Bavarius water park located in the village of Mardakan, where, in addition to attractions, you can attend concerts of world show business stars.

Fans of outdoor activities should look into the entertainment center “Baku City Karting” with karting and bowling, which is located on the avenue. November 8th. And nearby is a modern entertainment center “Megafun”. There are real extreme rollercoasters and swings for younger children.

You can have a good time with the whole family at the Culture Center and Ecopark in the Baku village of Zira: it offers dozens of various entertainment services.

Another place with many mind-blowing rides and other entertainment for children is Koala Park. For kids there is an inflatable trampoline and fun carousels. On weekends, the park hosts a show program with contests and clowns.


Azerbaijan is a hot southern country, the air temperature in Baku rarely drops below zero even in winter. In the cold season, the weather here is mild and rather warm. However, the seaside location and sharp gusts of cold wind can make walking around the city not entirely comfortable. It is coldest in February, when the thermometer approaches zero.

Spring and autumn are short, and in October it is much warmer than in March. Summer comes in mid-May. At this time, the weather in the city is hot and dry. For a comfortable stay, it is better to come in May-June, but in July there is a risk of getting into the thick of it.

Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan