All Countries in the World

You have come to a site in the field of climate information. Since 2008, we have been providing visitors with free information about the weather and climate of all destinations in the world. We show carefully compiled statistics of temperatures, precipitation and hours of sunshine. In addition, we provide additional information about the chance of rain, the chance of winter weather, the chance of sunny weather, the chance of hurricanes (or typhoons as they are called in Asia) and the solar power that actually indicates how strong the UV radiation of the sun is. More than one million people visit our site every month. For many, climate information is therefore the first move in the search for a beach holiday, round trip, winter sports holiday, city trip or other type of holiday. Here are climate information from all countries in the world.

All Countries in the World

Climate or weather?

Climate describes the average environmental conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine) for a particular place based on data measured over a longer period (usually 30 years). A snapshot is seen as the weather.

The climate is determined by various factors, whereby the sun, the location on earth, the presence of seas and the altitude are largely decisive. By carefully examining climate figures and data, you can make a reasonable estimate of how great the chance of certain weather conditions for a destination in a chosen period. The way we process data ensures that we can display accurate reliable information on our site. In this way, millions of times we have ensured that visitors have made the right choice for a travel destination.

Nowadays one can predict the weather fairly accurately for the short term. This is impossible in the long term, because the eventual weather conditions are determined by many factors. A high probability of snow does not guarantee snow, the same applies to sun, drought and precipitation. By looking at climate figures you can see how big the chance is of certain weather conditions and you can take this into account if you want to take a holiday or other trip to a certain area. Based on the accurate information we provide on this site, you can make a reasonable estimate of the possible weather conditions for all countries in the world. Before you book a holiday, check the climate of your holiday destination. Before you know it you are in a rainy period, while you went on holiday in front of the sun!

For example, if you want to book a holiday to Ibiza via FTI holidays and want to have a good chance of sunny warm weather, it is useful to know that you should travel mainly in the period from June to September.


Our site is frequently consulted by people who are looking for a suitable holiday destination. Due to the corona pandemic, there are currently additional factors that determine whether you can (or want to) travel somewhere. Entry restrictions and local measures that can even lead to a complete lockdown can provide a different holiday experience than usual. The advice on our ‘ best travel time ‘ pages does not include the COVID-19 outbreak. The situation per country or even region is a complex matter that can change quickly. It is best to follow the current news for this.

On this site

Our site consists of four parts:

– Within the climate section you can view the climate information of thousands of places worldwide. The climate is described, including weather phenomena relevant to that destination and weather extremes that may occur. The long-term averages of temperatures, amounts of precipitation and the number of hours of sunshine provide a good picture of what can be considered ‘normal’ weather for a country, region, island, province, region, city or village. A useful addition is the display of the probability of hurricanes, warm weather, winter weather and the maximum UV power.

– On the weather pages we provide information about the current weather and forecast for almost every place in the world. We offer a very extensive weather forecast in which, in addition to temperatures, precipitation and sun, things such as wind chill, snowfall, relative humidity and wind strength are also displayed. The weather info per month gives an indication of what the weather can look like in certain months.

– If you are going on a trip, it is useful to know the best time to travel to a destination. Based on climate data and additional information, it is possible to indicate quite precisely what the best travel period is to travel somewhere. This kind of information is essential, especially for a holiday.

A handy addition to our site is the extra weather information. If you want to know more about weather definitions, weather phenomena and other weather-related information, you can read additional background information about the weather and climate here. For each article we explain a concept or phenomenon. To keep this accessible, we do this in simple language.