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Shopping and Eating in Vilnius, Lithuania

Shopping and Eating in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is one of the largest cities in the country of Lithuania.

Shopping in Vilnius

You do not go to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania described on Countryaah primarily for shopping. Granted, the prices are low, but the selection is not very different than in Norway when it comes to shoes and clothes.

But you will still have fun by visiting some of the many craft and souvenir shops. The most typical souvenir you can take home from Vilnius is undoubtedly amber jewelry. You will find plenty of market stalls selling this along the Pilies Gatve pedestrian street in the Old Town, and in Vilnius’ oldest street, Ausros Vartu Gatve. Here you can also buy crafts such as religious statues, wooden dolls and toys, woven baskets and the classic eggs with one grandmother (or Russian president) after another inside each other.

In many places you can also come across objects from the Soviet era, so if you wanted a Red Army hat, Soviet banknotes and coins, framed Stalin pictures or a small hammer-and-sickle to the fireplace shelf, you have come to the right city.

Gedimino Prospectus – the shopping street in Vilnius

The main shopping street in Vilnius is without doubt the new and beautiful Gedimino Prospectus. Here you will find most fashionable clothing chains such as Zara and Marks & Spencer.

Markets in Vilnius

You can also have great fun by visiting the morning market in Kalvarijos, in the district of Snipiskes north of Neris. Here it is high tempo and an equally high noise level, while vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and flowers are sold over hundreds of dishes.

Shopping centers in Vilnius

If you prefer shopping centers, you have the Europa Tower in Snipiskees just north of Neris and the Old Town, and a few kilometers further north is the Baltic’s largest shopping and entertainment center, the Acropolis, where you will also find cinemas, bowling alley and ice skating rink. The designer shops selling Armani, Dior and Escada can be found in front of Vilnius City Hall.

In general about shopping in Vilnius

Most shops in Vilnius defined by AbbreviationFinder are open from 8am. 1000 to 1800 on weekdays, and to 1500 on Saturdays. Sundays are mostly closed everywhere, except for the most persistent souvenir shops. Don’t forget to pay VAT, and on all purchases over 200 litas, or approx. 500 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not every business practices this scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Vilnius

Food in Vilnius, Lithuania

Like the rest of Eastern Europe, traditional food in Lithuania is characterized by meat and potatoes, cabbage and fatty, brown sauces. It should be honestly admitted that Vilnius’ restaurants are not world class in terms of food or service. But the quality is decent enough, while your wallet comes out relatively well from the meeting, even at the best restaurants in town.

A main course at a good restaurant is around a hundred pieces. As tourism grows, ethnic restaurants have of course emerged, so you have plenty of options if you prefer to eat Indian, Argentine, Chinese, Turkish or Swedish.

If you intend to take a bar-to-bar lap in Vilnius, at least you will not wear out your shoe soles until it is time to go home. The dining places are close to the Old Town, and you do not have to go far, no matter where in the city you are when the thirst begins. Beer is the main drink in Lithuania, with vodka notched in the heel.

The beer is often served with bars of deep-fried garlic bread, while the vodka is served bar. Wine has no tradition in Lithuania. Of course, you can buy wine at most restaurants and bars, but it is always imported and relatively expensive compared to the options.

Of the restaurants in Vilnius, the itinerary of personal experience can recommend these:

Sue’s Indian Raja
Odminiu 3.
This Indian restaurant with an outdoor table by the cathedral square has a sister restaurant in Riga that was recently named one of Europe’s best.

Stikliu str 8.
In a basement room in the Jewish quarters is this atmospheric medieval restaurant where you can choose boats, beaver, wild boar and bear from the menu. The less ambitious can choose fish or bird. Entrance via a steep and very narrow stone staircase.

El Gaucho Sano
Pilies gatve 10.
In the Old Town’s main street, this Argentine restaurant is at the heart of the Atrium Hotel room. The specialty is tender, juicy steaks, served on planks with lots of accessories.

Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga is one of the largest cities in the country of Lithuania.

Eating in Palanga

Food in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga defined by AbbreviationFinder is a typical tourist town. And with a bunch of happy summer guests, the most sophisticated restaurants are necessarily the focus. On the other hand, you have countless opportunities in places where you can meet other party-tuned people. And even if you can’t find gourmet restaurants over a low shoe, the selection is wide and wide. And the prices are, by our scale, pleasantly low.

The local food consists mainly of meat dishes of different kinds, often with thick sauces. Slightly superficial, the food can be characterized as a bit dull and bland. The menus of Lithuanian restaurants also logically tend to contain a lot of food from Russian cuisine. But typical fast food chains are spread, and with it also food we know well from home. Local drinks, on the other hand, are always popular. Be the Lithuanian vodka and liqueur, or beer of the highest quality.

Most restaurants can be found on the Basanavičiaus parade. And it’s just walking in the tourist trap. There is not much else to choose from, and the quality of many of the restaurants on this tourist street is perfectly fine!

Featured restaurants in Palanga

The DeCuba restaurant in Basanavičiaus 28 is in many ways Palanga in a nutshell, and it all talks about. The restaurant is open from 1000 to 0100 year-round, and despite the name, has nothing to do with Cuba. The food is of the local variety. Informal and popular is DeCuba, and here adults and children all around almost from morning to late at night. Take a trip to the restaurant’s garden, which is an exotic tourist experience in itself.

If you like pizza, we can suggest Čili Pica at Basanavičiaus 45. This is the best pizza you will get in Lithuania, and the location near the sea is not bad at all. Eat out if the weather is good and enjoy yourself. So nice service is a plus!

You get a cheap pub meal at Devintam Danguj in Basanavičiaus 14. The food is simple but good. Grab a kebab and relax with a beer. Open from 1200 to 2400.

One of Palanga’s best restaurants is reportedly Feliksas, located on the street Vytauto 116. Here the cuisine is international and the atmosphere is often high in the evening. Feliksas is located just outside the city center and is open from early morning until midnight every day.

Nightlife in Palanga

PalangaNightlife is often practiced on high gear. Are you here in the summer will the large intake of thirst fromRussia and the nation’s own people from other places in Lithuania, make sure a more or less cheerful drink layer never far away. But there are also a lot of families with children here, so it’s not completely wanted.

Vodka and beer are consumed in quantities, and Palanga also has its own microbreweries. Do you have a sense of beer then head to Pas Juozą where the family has been producing high quality beer since 1995. There are countless opportunities to get involved beyond drinking beer. See, among other things, the spectacular sculpture park, play basketball or ride a horse. The address is Žibininkų which is located about 7 kilometers northeast of Palanga.

If you are 18 or want to be there again, we finally recommend the slightly legendary Laukinių Vakarų Salūnas on the main street Basanavičiaus 16. Here Miss Wet T-shirt competitions and beer relays are arranged over a low shoe. And the place will definitely close later than we can keep ourselves awake. Ie 0600 in the morning. And after a shower and a quick breakfast, you can almost come back when it opens for the next day, three hours later (0900 in the morning). Good luck!

Shopping and Eating in Kaunas, Lithuania

Shopping and Eating in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas is one of the largest cities in the country of Lithuania.

Shopping in Kaunas

You do not travel to Kaunas defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop haute couture. Not to Vilnius either, for that matter. Imported exclusive brands are not particularly cheaper than in Norway, but it is a fact that you can buy local products for a cheap price. And of course you will find shoes, jeans and similarly cheaper than at home. Also of brands you know from before.

If you visit Kaunas in the summer, know that you will find all the markets and shops you need between Laisves and Vilniaus streets. And at the former, there are often street vendors selling everything from souvenirs, used books, local products, and krim krams from the Soviet era.

A typical souvenir when visiting the Baltic is of course Amber. You know these amber jewelery with insects in. Some of these are very beautiful and worth bringing home as a memory or gift. For such a souvenir, we probably recommend that you try to shop outside the markets to avoid buying a fake edition. A good choice in this regard is Linas-Medis in the street Vilniaus 32.

The best markets in Kaunas

Perhaps the biggest market can be found in Urmas Pramones 16. In the large building that houses this market, you will find so many sales stalls that your mind brings us to China or Thailand, and you can buy anything from clothes to purse seines. Add restaurants and various events to get a good idea of ​​what is happening here.

Open week through from 0900 to 1800 and Saturdays (Sundays) from 0900 to 1700 (0900 to 1500).

The Stoties Turgus station market in the street MK Ciurlionio 25, is a place where you will find cheap copy goods from China – yes there are also here – along with local vegetables and food. Open from morning to evening throughout the year.

Bagažiniu Turgus in Pramones 16 is an experience because they sell everything you don’t really need. And you are sure to bring something from here when you return to the hotel. The market is usually held once a month and from 0800 to 1700.

Vilijampoles Turgus in Varniu 48b is a large food market, which also includes some very decent eateries in case you get hungry to look at all the food. On Sundays, the market also includes a typical flea market. Open all weekdays except Mondays which are closed, from 0900 to 1730, and holidays from 0800 to 1700.

Acropolis Shopping Center

There are of course plenty of modern shops in Kaunas too. If you like shopping centers, we suggest the Acropolis Center in Karaliaus Mindaugo 49 street. This is the place for clothes, shoes, books, electronics and the like.

The Acropolis is also a great place to visit if you are in Kaunas with children. For here there is cinema, bowling alley and ice skating. Opening hours are from 1000 to 2200 week through.

Here you will find the Acropolis!

Eating in Kaunas

Food in Kaunas, Lithuania

There is a decent variety of eateries in Kaunas, which means that you do not have to “dig” into old Soviet restaurants where all food is served with a scoop of cod. Although such eateries still exist to this day. And of course, one night you should experience such a “Soviet restaurant” as well.

There are some traditional dishes at most restaurants, and Lithuanians most often eat a pastry called spurga. Of course, a powerful case, which is eaten at all times, often with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. You will also be guaranteed to see the dish šaltibaršciai on a menu. This is a traditional soup that is eaten cold. Not least is it popular in the summer. The soup is often accompanied by a plate of boiled potatoes.

If you get tired of local dishes and unknown food, know that several international fast food chains can be found in Kaunas. Kentucky Fried Chicken, you probably know the bearded man logo that reminds us a lot of Uncle Sam’s kind brother, is among the American restaurant chains that have infiltrated Lithuania.

However, do not expect that the taste is necessarily the same as in the United States. KFC can be found, among others, in the street Karaliaus Mindaugo 49. Open from 1000 to 2200 every day, except Fridays and Saturdays where it is open until midnight.

Some different restaurants recommended in Kaunas are:

Miesto Sodas

This old Kaunas restaurant offers its guests a varied menu of both international and local cuisine. The food is good, the prices decent, and the patio great.

Open from 1000 to 2300 all week, except Thursday through Saturday where it closes midnight. The address is Laisves 93.

Pizzeria Milano

In a building on the street A. Mickeviciaus 19 you will find this very special pizza restaurant. Excitingly different, and much more fun (and better) than e.g. Pizza Hut. Open from 1000 to 0100, and to 0200 Fridays and Saturdays.

Cili Kaimas

This is the tourist restaurant you just have to bring with you. About as mandatory to visit as the Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square in New York. Local food, dressed waitresses and lots of people.

The address is Karaliaus Mindaugo 49 (Acropolis), and opening hours are 1000 to 2200 throughout the week, but open two hours longer Fridays and Saturdays.

Medziotoju uzeiga

In the old town (in the town hall square) you will find the critically acclaimed restaurant Medziotoju uzeiga [see picture first in the article]. The interior is cozy and cozy. The specialty is wild, and then we think of moose, deer, bears etc. and not that the menu is “wild”. In addition, the restaurant has good wine to offer its guests. The address is Rotušės a. 10.

Nightlife in Kaunas

When it comes to nightlife after dinner, don’t worry about being lonely. In Kaunas there is full pressure, especially on weekends. The exception is the summer where the pressure cooker is on all week.

This is not Ibiza, so don’t expect huge clubs and trendy lounges. Instead, look for bars and cafes and some outdoor seating, as well as nightclubs that have a slightly different gender role pattern than you’re probably used to. New night spots come continuously, while still others go to the doll and have to close the doors.

Kaunas is also a university town, which means that there are plenty of “squeezes” with nice prices.

NB! If you are going to the casino, remember to bring your passport. Mexico Casino is located at 170 Savanoriu Street and is open 24 hours a day. But do not expect to win money, because only the few do.