Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

Palma is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Palma

Like most Europeans, Spaniards and people in Palma are passionate about fashion, and they dress in style. There are many shops to choose from, and especially leather and leather products are reasonably priced compared to prices in Norway. Typical products purchased by tourists in Palma are bags and shoes.

In Spain they hold siesta, and Mallorca is no exception. Between 1330 and 1700, therefore, many shops are closed. But the biggest malls and some chains stay open all day.

The main shopping areas of Palma defined by AbbreviationFinder are the avinguda Jaume III and Passeig des Born streets. Here you will find everything that is fashionable and trendy. Avinguda Jaume III is only 30 years old, yet has become one of Palma’s most elegant avenues. Here you will find shops with fashion clothes, shoes, jewelery and everything from gift items. There are specialty shops around Placa Major. Porto Pi, located approx. two kilometers from the city center (along the road by the harbor), is the most modern and the largest shopping center in Palma.

In Joan Carles I Street you will find the C&A shopping center, which specializes in affordable clothing for both genders of all ages. Close by you will find the Arlequin store, which is Palma’s most famous toy store. If you love books, go to the Ereso bookstore. Ereso is located in the street Carrer Pelaries. This street is also close to C&A.

The Old Town also has some shopping streets. Try Via Sindicato or San Miguel Street.

Markets in Palma

At Placa Major, there is an outdoor market with mainly craft products every Monday, Friday and Saturday. NB! The market is only open in the morning / morning.

Mercat Olivar with the address Placa de Olivar 4 is a large market hall that offers seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables in large quantities. It is open from early in the morning until 2 pm. 1400 in the afternoon.

The largest flea market in Palma is located in Consell and is open Sundays.

Shops we recommend in Mallorca

Carrer Cordelerai
It is located in the avinguda Rei Jaime II street and sells handmade baskets and bakes of all shapes and prices.

Alpargateria La Concepció
Located on the street C Concepció 17 and has a large selection of affordable shoes.

Licoreria Liofriu
Located on the street of Sant Nicolas 23 and has Palma’s largest selection of beverages. A specialty of Mallorca is the liqueur Hierbas. This is available here in countless variants.

El Corte Ingles
It is Spain’s most famous shopping center. Here you will find all types of products and often at reasonable prices. At Palma, El Corte Ingles has two centers. You will find them at Avenida de Alexandre Rossello 12-16 and Avenida de Jaime III, 15.

Eating in Palma

Food in Palma, Spain

There are countless restaurants in Palma, not least tapas restaurants. The Mallorcan cuisine stands out with plenty of fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil. You get many kinds of sausages and shellfish, as well as most of the meat and fish. Majorca has access to good ingredients, and the island has many renowned chefs.

Some local specialties in Mallorca:

Bocadillo is a baguette or sandwich. The order may be different types of cheese or ham. At bars you get bocadillo and something to drink if you ask for it.

Sobrasada is a famous sausage in Mallorca. It is tasteful, yet gentle. The sausage is used both as a main course, accessories in pots and as tapas.

Perhaps the biggest local favorite is Pa amb Oli, which is Mallorca’s answer to the Italian bruschetta. The dish is a bread slice rubbed with garlic, dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Common toppings are tomato, some cheese and ham. Sometimes it is also served with sardines. It is perfect as a small appetizer.

Some restaurant streets in Palma

The small car-free street of Carrer de la Fàbrica [see photo first in the article] near the harbor promenade and not least the Parque de la Feixina comes alive at night. Here is nice eating for the whole family. Great time to arrive is between 2000 and 2300. Carrer de la Fàbrica has a myriad of restaurants, and ironically most Italian restaurants in addition to typical Mediterranean menus.

Passeig de Mallorca from stylish Hotel HM Jaime III and north has several good restaurants, as well as some affordable tapas restaurants. Passeig de Mallorca is located a few hundred meters north of Parque de la Feixina and not terribly far from well-known tourist places like Placa Major.

Recommended restaurants in Palma

Bon Lloc
The Bon Lloc restaurant goes for being the best vegetarian restaurant in Palma. The only lunch dish served is “Today’s”. Remember to book a table in advance. The restaurant started in 1978 and is located on the street Carrer de Sant Feliu, more specifically in number 7.

Rodeo Grill
Rodeo Grill is one of Palma’s best barbecue restaurants and is a tip for those who like meat. The address is Calle Ramon y Cajal 14.

Making Tapas
This is a popular tapas restaurant, where you pick what you like best while the food goes by on a leash close to where you are sitting. You save on the pins that are in the food. Each stick has its own price. There is a larger restaurant in the basement. NB! It is closed on Sundays.

The address is Calle Brondo No. 5. The phone number of the restaurant is 971 72 00 42.

La Lubina
La Lubina is a good fish restaurant with great views of the harbor. La Lubina is also very popular with the residents, which is often a very good sign. The address is Muelle Viejo, down by the harbor.

Palma at night

There are several entertainment areas in Palma. One of the most popular nightlife areas is the Paseo Maritimo (sea side). Here it is very trendy and you will find several exclusive places where you can have a drink. Several of the nightclubs close late at night. The most popular discos do not expect guests to show up until 1 p.m. 0100 at night or later. The bars are also quite empty before midnight.

The biggest and most famous disco is called Titos and is located in Paseo Maritimo 33. The disco is frequented by all kinds of people and in all age groups. Pacha is another option on the disco front. The address is Paseo Maritimo 43.

A “nightlife zone” in Palma is called Can Barbara. This area is mostly for younger people. The longest tradition for nightlife has the area of ​​Plaza de Gomla. In the old town (near the Gothic building Sa Lionja) you will also find an outdoor area. Music bars and pubs dominate here.

If you want a pub, Hogans can be an alternative. It is located on Calle Monsenor Palmer street in the old town. Another popular place is Bodequita del Medio. This is a Cuban bar with good mojitos. The place is cramped and atmospheric. You will find it just off Placa Reina. The address is Carrer de Vallseca, 18.