Shopping and Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona defined by AbbreviationFinder is fun. Prices are reasonable with our eyes, and the supply of goods is great. Barcelona probably does not have the same product offerings as London and New York, and is probably not as trendy as Paris and Milan. But Barcelona is not far behind and it is easy to find good shops.

Most people buy clothes, shoes and leather goods when in Barcelona. But the city also has a good selection of shops selling quality food and drinks. You can also make good purchases of art or antiques if you are interested.

Along the La Rambla are the tourist traps. But at the top of La Rambla, at Placa de Catalunya, you will find Barcelona’s largest, El Corte Ingles. It is the most famous department store in Spain. Here you will find all kinds of goods, including clothes and shoes. Sales start in early January and early July. At Placa de Catalunya is also FNAC, which has everything from books in addition to a lot of music and movies.

The best shopping area in Barcelona is on the streets of Carrer de la Llibreteria, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria and Carrer del Call in the Barri Gotic area. Also check out the area around Passeig de Gracia and Placa de Sant Josep Oriol.

If you are looking for antiques, you will find good selection in the Carrer and Banys Nous street in the Barri Gotic area.

Markets in Barcelona

Perhaps the most popular market in Barcelona is La Boqueria, which is just off the main street of La Rambla.

You can also visit the Fira de Bellcaire market, located at Placa de les Glories Catalanes, not far from the Sagrada Familia. This market is officially called Els Encants Vells and is open all day Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Here you can find “all” types of products.

Some selected shops / magazines in Barcelona

  • El Corte Ingles (at Placa de Catalunya), Spain’s most famous department store.
  • FNAC (at Placa de Catalunya), huge bookstore that also has “everything” of music and film / DVD.
  • Heron City (by Passeig de Andreu Nin), huge shopping mall. Read more here!
  • Zara (at Avenue Puerta del Angel, 24), popular clothing store for kids and adults

Eating in Barcelona

Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has every opportunity to give you memorable restaurant visits. The range of eateries is large and the quality is generally high. Choose from tapas in tapas bars or traditional restaurants, or try both options over a weekend. The Catalan version of tapas is called picapica.

Remember that people in Barcelona (and Spain) eat late at night. Lunches are often between 1400 and 1600, which is why it is often noon as late as between 2100 and 2400. However, the most touristy areas open for dinner earlier, as the visitors often have different dining habits than the locals in Barcelona.

Easily find a good eatery in the downstairs areas of La Ribera Harbor or the Barri Gotic area. Try a restaurant that specializes in Catalan food. Catalan food is based on ingredients typical of the Mediterranean. There can be fresh vegetables, olive oil, cheeses, pork, mushrooms, and several types of fish.

It’s not often we recommend Hard Rock Cafe, but the one you find in Barcelona is worth a visit if you want a hamburger or sandwich type meal. You’ll find the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona on the large Placa de Catalunya, at the top of La Rambla.

Local restaurants in Barcelona

Three of the best local restaurants are in the Barri Gotic area.

One is Agut in the street Gignas 16. Agut is an institution in Barcelona and the Agut family has run it since 1924. The lunch menu here offers incredible value for money. The dinner menu is more expensive, but of course the best quality. Opening hours are 0130 to 1600 and 2000 to midnight. Closed Sunday afternoon and all Monday. Phone for reservation is 93 315 17 09.

Cafe de l’Academia in the street Lledo1 is another option. And what an alternative! Cafe de L’Academia is the meeting place of intellectuals in Barcelona and the food here is praised by locals and tourists. Open (usually) from 1300 to 1530 and from 2000 to 2300 every day except Saturdays and Sundays when closed.

The third option is Can Culleretes, located in the street Carrer d’en Quintana 5 and which has paella as a specialty. Can Culleretes is said to be Barcelona’s oldest restaurant. Feedback on food and drink is brilliant. Open from 1330 to 1600 and from 2100 to 2300. Closed on Sunday evening and all Mondays.

Tapas bars in Barcelona

There are a variety of tapas bars to choose from. A good choice in Barcelona is El Xampanyet in the street Monticada 22. The location is close to the Picasso Museum in Barri Gotic. This is a classic restaurant with tapas and good drinks.

Cal Pep at Placa de les Olles is perhaps Barcelona’s most famous tapas bar. Cal Pep is not a traditional tapas restaurant, but rather a traditional restaurant that draws inspiration from tapas restaurants. Here you will share plates, flavors and visual impressions. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from about 1300 – 1545 and from 1930 to 2330. Closed Sundays and only open on Mondays.

Alternatively, try the Sol Solet, which offers traditional tapas at reasonable prices. It is located on the Placa del Sol in the Montjuic area.

Other (good) restaurants in Barcelona

Along the harbor area there are many restaurants to choose from. One of the best fish restaurants is Can Majo in the street L’Almirall Aixada 23. On hot days the terrace is perfect as a choice of restaurant. Can Majo is normally open from 1300 to 1530 for lunch and from 2000 to 2330. Closed on Sunday evening and all Mondays. Table reservations can be made from the Can Majo homepage, where you can choose English as your language.

If you want to visit a real Spanish family restaurant, you can try El Quim in the street La Rambla 91, literally in the Boqueria market. Open from 0700 to 1600 Monday to Thursday and one hour longer Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, El Quim is closed. There is no reservation. Master of the mill, etc. Specialties include homemade meatballs and today’s fish dish.

Perhaps the best restaurant in Barcelona is La Dama. The address is Avenue Diagonal 423 in the Eixample area. The restaurant is starred in the Michelin Guide. La Dama is an experience for more than the palate.

Open throughout the week, including Sundays, from 1300 to 0200. Call 932 096 328 for reservations. NB! After being closed in 2015, La Dama has now reopened and with it also got a cocktail bar you probably haven’t seen in the lobby.