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Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is the dream city for the most shopping-loving. The selection of shops is huge, all the well-known brands are represented, and you will also find local designs that can be absolutely phenomenal. Prices are generally somewhat lower than we are used to in Norway, but not necessarily when it comes to the most luxurious brands.

Shopping in Barcelona

Here you will find the best shopping:

  • Passeig de Gracia– This is one of the two most important shopping streets. Passeig de Gracia starts at Placa de Catalunya and goes uphill towards the mountains. Here you will find the most exclusive stores such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Jimmy Choo, as well as stores for watches, jewelry and accessories such as Swarovski, Bvlgari, Rolex, and others.
  • Portal del Angel– This shopping street also starts on Placa de Catalunya, and goes in the direction of the port and beaches of Barcelona. Here they go especially in the big chains such as Zara, H&M, Mango and Massimo Dutti, in addition to smaller shoe stores, as well as the occasional store with local design.
  • El Corte Ingles– This is the largest department store in Europe. Located on Placa de Catalunya, El Corte Ingles is set over 9 floors. Each of the floors is divided according to to make shopping easier, such as a separate floor for men’s clothing, one for children’s clothing, one for accessories, and so on. The department store contains not only fashion, although this dominates, but also electronics, furniture, and much more, in addition to one of the city’s largest supermarkets.

Five shopping centers:

  • Maremagnum– shopping center down at the harbor which is open on Sundays. The address is Moll d’Espanya 5.
  • Las Arenas– shopping center in a former bullring. The address is Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 373.
  • El Triangle– small but good shopping center on Placa de Catalunya 1-4.
  • Diagonal Mar– Shopping center near Mar Bella Beach, and right next to the Hilton hotel. The address is Avinguda Diagonal 3.
  • Centro Comercial Glories– good shopping center if you need fashion clothes. The address is Avinguda Diagonal 208.

Looking for something special?

  • Calle Verdi (in the Gracia district) is the street to shop in if you are looking for local design.
  • Calle Tallers (in the El Raval district) is the street to shop in if you are looking for used and vintage.
  • El Bornis the district you want to go to if you want to go in fancy boutiques.
  • Calle Seneca 28 is the address you want to go to if you are looking for design from Lydia Delgado, Spain’s fashion queen.
  • La Roca Village north of Barcelona (half an hour by taxi, some more by train) is the place for outlet shopping (about 100 shops and brands). Great opportunities to save a lot of money!

Shopped a lot? Get some of your money back

Since we are not full members of the EU, we have the right to get the VAT back when we shop in Spain, among other places. This does not apply to drinks, food, accommodation, tickets and such, but merchandise such as clothing and electronics.

IVA (VAT in Spanish) is currently 21%, and you get it again when you shop in stores with the sticker in the window that says “Tax Free Shopping Service”. You must shop for more than 90 Euros, and the refund form must be completed correctly.

Allow yourself plenty of time at the airport, because that’s where you get your money back. You must first visit a separate counter for customs, and you may be asked to present the goods for which you require a refund. There you will then receive a check that you cash in at the exchange office next door. Remember that it can be long queues.

Five exciting festivals in Barcelona

In this city, it is almost always an exciting festival to join in. Thus, it does not matter when in the year you visit Barcelona. Nevertheless, we have selected five of the most exciting and fun festivals, all in very different genres. Maybe one of them is for you? Remember that both flights, hotels and festival tickets can be picked up quickly, especially if there are several events in the city at the same time. Start planning early!

  • La Mercè– This festival is held in honor of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè, Barcelona’s patron saint. La Mercè is held every year and lasts one week until 24 September. Here you can experience fantastic dancing, costumes and an insane fireworks show.
  • Barcelona Carnival– The Barcelona Carnival is a month-long event that takes place every year from the beginning of February to the beginning of March. The most important parades and parties, however, are the first week. The carnival in the city is a tradition that started as early as 1333.
  • Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona– The Jazz Festival lasts for a full two months, and is considered one of Europe’s finest of its kind. Here you can hear and see top bands and artists from all over the world, at concerts that take place all over the city. The concerts are often paired with other events, such as food or wine festivals.
  • Sala Montjuic– The film festival, where all the films are shown outdoors, usually lasts from the beginning of July to the beginning of August. The canvases are set up on Montjuic Hill, and everything from classics to indie films are shown. Sit outside in beautiful surroundings, have a drink, and enjoy a good movie after the sun goes down in Barcelona.
  • Festa de Sant Medir– The festival for those who have a sugar tooth! Tons of sweets are given away in the parade that takes place in the Gracia district every year on March 3. When all the candy is consumed, it all ends with fireworks and fun.
Shopping and Eating in Valencia, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Valencia

Valencia offers the best shopping opportunities on the entire Costa Blanca coast. Here you will find most major chains, and the Spanish department store El Corte Ingles has several shops in the city, including a huge 7-storey department store just off Ciutat de les Arts in de les Ciències. You will find another large El Corte Ingles center at Plaza Alfonso el Magnanimo in the center east. El Corte Ingles is not very cheap, but the chain takes pride in selling only huge quantities of quality products.

Also, take the time to look at Valencia’s traditional and huge 1928 Mercado Centrale, where you will find close to a thousand stalls offering everything from fresh produce such as fish and meat, fruits, vegetables and flowers. There is always a buzzing life here, and even if you do not plan to buy anything, it is worth the experience, the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere.

Souvenirs in Valencia

You can also visit the small square of Plaza Redondo in Valencia’s old town, where you can buy traditional local crafts and souvenirs such as ceramics and leather products, clothing and wooden figures. This square is not so easy to find, but it is located about a hundred meters southwest of Plaza de la Reina.

In general about shopping in Valencia

The stores are usually open from 0930 to 1330 and from 1630 to 2000, but this varies. Most of them stay closed on Sundays, although some local businesses may consider staying open. The larger shopping centers, on the other hand, do not have siesta, but keep open continuously from 1000 to 1900 or 2000, El Corte Ingles to 2200.

Do not forget that they have VAT in Spain and that on all purchases over a certain number of euros, (at the time of writing about 90 euros) you can be refunded the VAT on departure. Not all stores have a VAT refund scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance to buy products that cost a little money. Remember to bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Valencia

Food in Valencia, Spain

Valencia’s residents are immensely proud to be home to Spain’s most famous dish, paella. If you haven’t tasted it before, Valencia defined by AbbreviationFinder is the right place to debut. And if you have, find out here how it should really taste.

Please note that paella is really a lunch dish in the Valencian region. Many restaurants do not serve paella as dinner in the evenings. And if they do, there are often heated remnants from earlier in the day.

The word paella is valentian for frying pan, and tells a little about how this dish is cooked. It is based around meat or fish, cooked in a pan with vegetables, added rice, olive oil and saffron. And the dish “shall” be cooked with a wood stove, and not with electricity or gas.

Paella is traditionally eaten on Sundays and cooked in large quantities in connection with festivals. If you want to try making paella yourself, you can find a recipe in English here.

In general about eating in Valencia

Remember that in Spain people eat dinner late at night. Lunches are often between 1400 and 1600, which is why dinner is usually served as late as between 2100 and midnight, and many of the restaurants do not open until the evening before 1900 or 2000. However, the most touristy areas open for dinner earlier, when the travelers often have different dining habits than the locals in Valencia.

You will find several good eateries in the pedestrian streets around Passeig Russafa just north of the train station and bullfight stadium, around Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen and in Calle Caballeros.

Some select restaurants in Valencia

If you want to try a better dinner in slightly surreal and beautiful surroundings, try the submarine restaurant Submarino on Oceanographic, where the fish swim around you while eating their relatives. It is far from cheap, but it is an experience you will remember.

Submarino is open every day of the week and offers both lunch and dinner. NB! Dinner is served between 2100 and 2230.

As a contrast to Submarino, it is cheap to dine at one of Valencia’s oldest dining establishments, Bodega Casa Montaña dating back to 1836. It is located on Calle Josè Bennliure 69 street in the harbor quarter of Cabanyal east of the city center, and serves fabulous tapas at prices you get in a good mood in an atmospheric room.

The opening hours of Bodega Casa Montaña are 1300 to 1600 for lunch and 1930 to 2330 for dinner. The restaurant is open every day of the week.

La Riuà
Few restaurants offer as rustic charm as La Riuà in Valencia. Also, the food is high quality. The family-run La Riuà restaurant is constantly winning awards as the best paella restaurant and offers well over ten different versions of the dish.

The address of La Riuà is Carrer del Mar, 27 in the historic center of Valencia. Opening hours are 1400 to 1615 for lunch and 2100 to 2300 for dinner. La Riuà is closed Mondays.

Special tips for lunch in Valencia

La Pepica
A beach visit is always tempting, and a trip to Playa la Malvarrosa should and should be combined with paella at La Pepica.

If you are lucky enough to get a seat at the famous La Pepica, you will have the opportunity, in addition to the Mediterranean views, to eat delicious seafood palais or the vegetarian variety. Here at La Pepica, Ernest Hemingway himself has spent days and evenings. The address is Paseo Neptuno 6. Opening hours are 1300 – 1530 for lunch 2030 – 2200 for dinner, seven days a week.

Nightlife in Valencia

To sample Valencia nightlife and local beverages, head to Barrio del Carmen. Here you will find everything from fashionable designer bars to punk clubs. In the streets of Calle Quart and Calle Caballeros, which go west from Plaza de la Reina, the vast majority will find a place they enjoy. The most popular beers at the bars, and the most common brands are San Miguel and Cruzcampo. Wine is consumed for almost every meal, but the Valencia region is by no means among Spain’s foremost wine producers.

Shopping and Eating in Tenerife, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Tenerife

The Canary Islands are practically a duty-free area, and an absence, or a sharp reduction in VAT and other taxes, often means that you find goods significantly cheaper at Tenerife than at home in Norway. This applies not least to products such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as perfume and other “luxury products”. You do not bargain on Tenerife prices, except if you are in special markets. Street sales are not allowed and we advise you to stay away from this trade. And of course you have no right to complain if you still buy something on the street, and you find something wrong with the product afterwards.

The general opening hours are from 1000 to 1330 and from 1700 to 2000. The break is due to a siesta that most still hold. However, many stores are open until late in the evening, so at 2000, there should be no last bar to shopping.

Popular to shop on Tenerife

Some of the most popular things to do on Tenerife defined by AbbreviationFinder are video and digital cameras, mobile phones and video games. Electronics are very affordable. But be critical of the stores that offer these products. Not a few people have come home with a “Casio” instead of a “Casio”. If you have been deceived and you have been shopping in a store and not on the street, contact the organization OMIC which has its offices at Centro Culturel in Los Christianos. This is a consumer organization that protects consumer rights. Remember the receipt and the product.

Specialties in Tenerife
The pearls in Tenerife are both well known and recognized. Take a trip to Armenime south of the island, specifically Ctra. General del Sur, where thousands of square meters are dedicated pearls and pearl jewelry. Armenime is open seven days a week, starting at 0900. Free admission. If you are staying at Costa Adeje, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Playa Paraíso, Callao Salvaje, Playa Arena, Puerto Santiago or Los Gigantes, you can get a free shuttle to Armenime and Tenerife Pearl.

In general about shopping in Tenerife

All the major tourist resorts south of Tenerife have centers and shopping areas where you get plenty of opportunities to let your credit card run smoothly. If you do not want to shop in the tourist area you live yourself, you usually go to the center of Los Cristianos. The pedestrian streets of Los Cristianos have many quaint shops, just remember the siesta in the middle of the day when many of them are closed. Compared to prices we are used to from home you can really find some price bargains on clothes, if that’s what you want to shop on Tenerife. The stores Mango and Zara are popular and with good prices compared to similar stores in e.g. Norway. You will find a Mango store in San Eugenio and one in Playa de las Americas, just off the Metropolis nightclub, where there are many other clothing stores as well. Zara has several shops around the island.

The capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife probably offers the best shopping in Tenerife. You will find most shops concentrated around the streets of Villalba Hervás, El Castillo, Doctor Allart, Bethencourt Alfonso and San José, and in and around Plaza de España and Plaza de la Candelaria. Santa Cruz is also the hometown of the well-known
African market, (read more about this in the article below), and this is where you will find the El Corte Inglés department store. Most specialty shops in Santa Cruz follow the tradition of siesta, while the major centers are open all day.

Tenerife Charter Airport, Reina Sofia airport, has duty-free shops, but the prices here are no lower than what you pay in the Santa Cruz store. On the other hand, shopping at the airport is safer, and expensive perfume we would certainly have chosen to buy at the airport, thus avoiding a bad surprise at home when using the new perfume for the first time.

A selection of shopping centers in Tenerife

Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque
Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque is located south of Tenerife, at Playa de Fanabe, and has about 40 stores selling exclusive fashion brands. Both Spanish and international brands. This center is also excellent for those looking for a better dinner. The restaurants Bliss and Catavinos are located here.

El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés is an institution in Spain, and the magazine of Tenerife can be found in the capital of Tenerife, more specifically in the street Avenida de Tres de Mayo. Here you shop shoes, perfume, clothing, accessories, music and much more.

Carrefour Tenerife
Want to visit a hypermarket? Then you have the chance at this great Carrefour center, located about 6 km from Santa Cruz, at the Autopista del Sur. This center was formerly called Continente Centro Commercial and there are about 150 stores, in addition to the aforementioned large hypermarket. Open Monday through Saturday from 1000 to 2200.

Center Gran Sur
Shopping Center Center Gran Sur has quickly become a popular place for tourists. Not only can you buy all kinds of goods here, but you can also eat good food, go to the movies, some of the movies are not dubbed in Spanish! The center is open from 1000 to 2200, while the cinema is open until midnight. Even on Sundays the shops are open. You will find the center at the Fanabe, more specifically on the TF-1 motorway.

Centor Comercial Parque Santiago
Parque Santiago, 3 at Playa de las Américas, (38660, Adeje) is a tourist resort with a huge shopping mall with more than 150 stores. The center has a wide variety of types of products and suppliers, and you will find different price variations.

Alcampo la Villa Shopping Center (Centro Comercial Alcampo)
This giant shopping center is located in La Laguna, not far from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In addition to a number of regular stores, you will also find various outlet stores at Alcampo where you can buy designer clothes for a reasonable amount of money. The address is San Cristóbal de la Laguna and opening hours are 0900 to 2200.

Markets in Tenerife

In local markets it is okay to bargain. Torviscas The market (Saturdays) and the market in Los Christianos (Sundays) are the largest markets south of Tenerife. They are touristy, but they are still worth a visit. Here are lots of sales stalls and also often fashion shows and similar entertainment.

Golf Del Sur Market (Friday morning)
This is one of the newest markets in Tenerife and is popular, perhaps most because of its location at the new marina. The market is much smaller than eg. Sunday market in Los Cristianos.

Los Abrigos Night Market (Tuesdays)
This small market is held in the square in front of the church in Los Abrigos every Tuesday night. It’s not that big, but nice enough, at least if you plan to combine your visit with a late dinner at one of the many restaurants in Los Abrigos.

Sunday market in Guaza
If you love old books and used clothes, CDs, DVDs and the like, then you go to Guaza and the market which is open on the first Sunday of each month. Here you may be able to find exactly the one you have been looking for for a long time!

The African Market in Santa Cruz
The famous Mercado Nuestra Senora de Africa is a local Canary Island market that functions as a bazaar with more than 300 sales stalls selling most, especially local vegetables and fruits. The market is a short walk from the Santa Cruz bus station. Look for a pink bell tower and show up early for the best items! Usually open all days from 0600, but best Sunday morning! In the African market you can buy flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, spices and herbs.

Eating on Tenerife

Food in Tenerife, Spain

One of the most fun things about traveling is experiencing the local food. In any case, most people think so. But you can, if you like, eat Norwegian meat cakes, burgers and tacos in Tenerife. This is easy to get at, on and around the biggest tourist hotels for Scandinavian (and British) charter tourists.

In any case, we think you should try more than the tourist traps and tourist bars, and eat your dinners at one of the many “proper” restaurants in Tenerife. Most of the island’s restaurants serve Spanish cuisine, and of course you will find countless tapas bars.

Tapas favorites in Tenerife:

  • Boquerones (small filleted fish)
  • Camembert frito (fried camembert cheese)
  • Chipirones (small octopus, oiled and fried in pan on hot plate)
  • Chopitos Fritos (squid snacks)
  • Croquetas (bread, mixed with potato and / or fish)
  • Empanadas (pie stuffed with tuna and tomato)

In general about food in Tenerife

The local food in the Canary Islands is not at all an unusual diet for most of us. Here, most grilled meats are eaten, such as pork, lamb, chicken or cattle. But the location naturally indicates that fish are also popular, often served to salty fried potatoes, (papas arrugadas).

Why not take the trip away from the bathing destination where you live, e.g. Playa de las Americas, and rather visit an island’s quaint little towns for good food and pleasant nightlife?

Eating in Puerto de la Cruz

There are probably 300 restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz, and it is wonderful to wander around and look for a suitable eatery. New restaurants are opening continuously so it’s hard to say where and what to eat.

But anyway, head east to the Plaza del Charco main square, along Calle San Felipe, to get to the city’s old fishing district, better known as La Rinalla. This is the heart of the restaurant district. The restaurants around the cobbled streets are a find for anyone who knows how to enjoy food and city life. Here you will find your restaurant, whether you prefer vegetarian, Mediterranean, classic Spanish cuisine, seafood, traditional Canary food or Italian restaurants.

Perhaps the best part is that the prices are still very nice for us tourists. We suggest the following specials for a successful dinner: Conejo en salmorejo (rabbit stew), gambas a la plancha (grilled shrimp) or cherne con papas arrugadas y mojo (a kind of sea bass with boiled potatoes and “spicy” sauce).

Two selected restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz

Casa Pache

Simply a lovely restaurant in the heart of Ranilla district. Charming rooms consisting of small rooms each with their own style. Creative chefs bring you delicious Spanish food. Also a plus for lots of delicious wine and tapas specialties. The address is Calle de la Verdad 6.

La Clave – Tapas Y Pintxos

A slightly trendy tapas restaurant, not unlike the ones you find in Barri Gotic in Barcelona. The address is Calle Puerto Viejo, 18.

Eating in Santa Cruz on Tenerife

When in Santa Cruz, head towards the gray stone tower at Iglesia de la Concepción to get to the lively Old Quarter of the Noria district. Here you will find a number of exciting and good restaurants, not least in the trendy Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso street.

One recommended restaurant is Bulán, which offers the best of Middle Eastern cuisine. The address of Bulán is Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso, 35. Another alternative is the Catalan restaurant El Porron Tasca.

If you are looking for tapas bars, visit Calle Imeldo Seris Street for a selection of ‘ montaditos ‘ (small pieces of toast with various accessories) and a tortilla Español. You will also find good tapas bars along the Parque García Sanabria and Calle Dr José Naveíras Street. And then you can have a romantic walk in the park after dinner.

Eating in Los Cristianos

There are of course several good restaurants in Los Cristianos as well. If you want to eat something Spanish, namely paella, then we suggest Raymond 1, in the street Calle General Franco, not far from Hotel Andreas. Reasonable prices and good paella make this a good choice.

Nightlife on Tenerife and Santa Cruz

The Noria district is the center for nightlife in Santa Cruz. You will find a variety of bars and pubs offering everything from rock to jazz. Saturday and Sunday are the most important nightlife here. Do you still have the power when the bars close at 0300, so know that there are clubs that keep going until the shops open.

In general about food and restaurants in Tenerife

Drink is not normally included in the bill. Does IGIC know so well that this is the Canary Islands ‘VAT’ which should be 5% (at the time of writing). You do not need to drink if you are not satisfied or if you only take a sandwich. Otherwise, we suggest you give about 10% for restaurant visits. Lunch is served around 1400 if not siesta, which is still common in Tenerife. Adults tend to have dinner at approximately 2100.

Shopping and Eating in Seville, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Seville

Seville defined by AbbreviationFinder is probably not the foremost destination in Spain for shopping. If that is the main purpose of your trip, you should consider Barcelona or Madrid. But for most of us, there is still a huge selection Seville has to offer.

The foremost and best shopping area is located north of the City Hall, Ayuntamiento. In the pedestrian streets of Cuna, Sierpes, Velazquez and Tetúan as well as around the Plaza Nueva square you will find everything from shoe shops, clothing stores and souvenir shops. In addition to all the well-known chain stores such as H&M, Zara and Boss, you will also find local specialty shops where you can, among other things, sew your own flamenco dress or toreador costume.

If you prefer larger shopping centers, you will find several branches of Spain’s largest department store chain, El Corte Ingles, scattered around the city, including the Plaza de San Francisco, just north of the cathedral. You also have the huge Nervión Plaza in Avenida de Luis Morales, just south of Santa Justa Train Station.

The stores are usually open from 0930 to 1330 and from 1630 to 2000, but this varies. Most of them stay closed on Sunday, although some local businesses may consider staying open. The larger shopping centers do not have siesta, and are open continuously from 1000 to 1900 or 2000. El Corte Ingles is open until 11 pm. 2200.

Markets in Seville

If you are in Seville on Thursday, you should join the street market El Jueves, which takes place in Calle de la Feria, in the Macarena district. Here you will find all kinds of clothes and books, furniture and plates, scrap metal and antiques. Several old objects can be found in the many antique shops in the streets around Plaza Alfalfa.

In general about shopping in Spain

Do not forget that you pay VAT and that on all purchases over 90 euros you can be refunded VAT on departure from Spain. Not all stores have a VAT refund scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance to buy expensive products. Remember to bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Seville

Food in Seville, Spain

The food culture of Seville is a blissful blend of several cultures. The proximity of two world seas, the legacy of centuries under Arab rule, the discovery of America and the Spanish food culture have all made their mark.

Meals in Seville are an event almost every time, and the Spaniards know to enjoy the food instead of just eating to be saturated. You will find hundreds of tapas bars in Seville, and you will find vacant chairs and tables that are almost at the crossroads, because here you eat as well standing at the bar or at high round tables, while chatting with friends.

The tapas dishes cost anywhere from NOK 25 to 100, which everyone around the table supplies. Accessories are most often beer or manzanilla, a local sherry. These eateries are often called cervecerias or bodegas.

The Andalucia region is considered the birthplace of tapas, and here you will find a list of Seville’s best tapas bars !

Dinner is eaten much later than we Scandinavians are used to, and restaurants rarely start to fill up at 22. But if you have children or want to have an early evening, you will also find places that serve dinner from 2000. Many of the best and most popular eateries are the traditional Andalusian restaurants, and the food here is both good and reasonably priced on a Norwegian scale.

Spain is the world’s largest supplier of olive oil, and this naturally influences the eating habits. Seville is nowhere near as international as the very largest Spanish cities, although there are of course some Indian, Italian and Chinese restaurants here and there.

Spanish wine is both reasonable and good, and is available in all types and price ranges. White wine is called vino blanco, while red wine is called vino tinto. For lunch, it is common to buy House wine (Vino de la casa) either in liter or semi-liter carafes. The Spaniards are also fond of their coffee, and usually drink several cups daily. Café solo is black, strong espresso, while café con leche is with milk. If you want regular “Norwegian” coffee, ask for a café americano.

Adalusian restaurant in Seville
If you want to try an authentic, Andalusian family run restaurant, try Enrique Becerra in Calle Gamazo 2, just south of Plaza Nueva. Located in two 17th-century buildings with marble columns, the place is renowned for very welcoming and personal service.

Here you can try specialties such as ratatouille, gazpacho, beef tail, octopus stuffed and ice cold sangria. Enrique Becerra also has a very well stocked wine cellar with over 11,000 bottles. Reservation is recommended. Open for lunch daily from 1300 to 1700, and dinner from 2000 to midnight. NB Closed Sundays.

Tapas restaurant in Seville
Bar Europe is considered among the very best tapas restaurants in Seville. The origin of the bar dates from the mid-20s, but is naturally restored enough to follow time. You can find Bar Europa at Santa Cruz and Plaza Del Pan. Here you will find 5 types of homemade bread and lots of delicious tapas with fish, ham, rice and much more. And the prices don’t scare anyone.

The address of Bar Europa is Calle Siete Revueltas 35.

El Rinconcillo

If you go to Satna Calina Church, the road is short to the legendary El Rinconcillo in Calle Gerona, 40. The place opened in 1670 and offers Tapas and good drinks. Open all days of the week from 1300 to 0130.

Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

Palma is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Palma

Like most Europeans, Spaniards and people in Palma are passionate about fashion, and they dress in style. There are many shops to choose from, and especially leather and leather products are reasonably priced compared to prices in Norway. Typical products purchased by tourists in Palma are bags and shoes.

In Spain they hold siesta, and Mallorca is no exception. Between 1330 and 1700, therefore, many shops are closed. But the biggest malls and some chains stay open all day.

The main shopping areas of Palma defined by AbbreviationFinder are the avinguda Jaume III and Passeig des Born streets. Here you will find everything that is fashionable and trendy. Avinguda Jaume III is only 30 years old, yet has become one of Palma’s most elegant avenues. Here you will find shops with fashion clothes, shoes, jewelery and everything from gift items. There are specialty shops around Placa Major. Porto Pi, located approx. two kilometers from the city center (along the road by the harbor), is the most modern and the largest shopping center in Palma.

In Joan Carles I Street you will find the C&A shopping center, which specializes in affordable clothing for both genders of all ages. Close by you will find the Arlequin store, which is Palma’s most famous toy store. If you love books, go to the Ereso bookstore. Ereso is located in the street Carrer Pelaries. This street is also close to C&A.

The Old Town also has some shopping streets. Try Via Sindicato or San Miguel Street.

Markets in Palma

At Placa Major, there is an outdoor market with mainly craft products every Monday, Friday and Saturday. NB! The market is only open in the morning / morning.

Mercat Olivar with the address Placa de Olivar 4 is a large market hall that offers seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables in large quantities. It is open from early in the morning until 2 pm. 1400 in the afternoon.

The largest flea market in Palma is located in Consell and is open Sundays.

Shops we recommend in Mallorca

Carrer Cordelerai
It is located in the avinguda Rei Jaime II street and sells handmade baskets and bakes of all shapes and prices.

Alpargateria La Concepció
Located on the street C Concepció 17 and has a large selection of affordable shoes.

Licoreria Liofriu
Located on the street of Sant Nicolas 23 and has Palma’s largest selection of beverages. A specialty of Mallorca is the liqueur Hierbas. This is available here in countless variants.

El Corte Ingles
It is Spain’s most famous shopping center. Here you will find all types of products and often at reasonable prices. At Palma, El Corte Ingles has two centers. You will find them at Avenida de Alexandre Rossello 12-16 and Avenida de Jaime III, 15.

Eating in Palma

Food in Palma, Spain

There are countless restaurants in Palma, not least tapas restaurants. The Mallorcan cuisine stands out with plenty of fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil. You get many kinds of sausages and shellfish, as well as most of the meat and fish. Majorca has access to good ingredients, and the island has many renowned chefs.

Some local specialties in Mallorca:

Bocadillo is a baguette or sandwich. The order may be different types of cheese or ham. At bars you get bocadillo and something to drink if you ask for it.

Sobrasada is a famous sausage in Mallorca. It is tasteful, yet gentle. The sausage is used both as a main course, accessories in pots and as tapas.

Perhaps the biggest local favorite is Pa amb Oli, which is Mallorca’s answer to the Italian bruschetta. The dish is a bread slice rubbed with garlic, dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Common toppings are tomato, some cheese and ham. Sometimes it is also served with sardines. It is perfect as a small appetizer.

Some restaurant streets in Palma

The small car-free street of Carrer de la Fàbrica [see photo first in the article] near the harbor promenade and not least the Parque de la Feixina comes alive at night. Here is nice eating for the whole family. Great time to arrive is between 2000 and 2300. Carrer de la Fàbrica has a myriad of restaurants, and ironically most Italian restaurants in addition to typical Mediterranean menus.

Passeig de Mallorca from stylish Hotel HM Jaime III and north has several good restaurants, as well as some affordable tapas restaurants. Passeig de Mallorca is located a few hundred meters north of Parque de la Feixina and not terribly far from well-known tourist places like Placa Major.

Recommended restaurants in Palma

Bon Lloc
The Bon Lloc restaurant goes for being the best vegetarian restaurant in Palma. The only lunch dish served is “Today’s”. Remember to book a table in advance. The restaurant started in 1978 and is located on the street Carrer de Sant Feliu, more specifically in number 7.

Rodeo Grill
Rodeo Grill is one of Palma’s best barbecue restaurants and is a tip for those who like meat. The address is Calle Ramon y Cajal 14.

Making Tapas
This is a popular tapas restaurant, where you pick what you like best while the food goes by on a leash close to where you are sitting. You save on the pins that are in the food. Each stick has its own price. There is a larger restaurant in the basement. NB! It is closed on Sundays.

The address is Calle Brondo No. 5. The phone number of the restaurant is 971 72 00 42.

La Lubina
La Lubina is a good fish restaurant with great views of the harbor. La Lubina is also very popular with the residents, which is often a very good sign. The address is Muelle Viejo, down by the harbor.

Palma at night

There are several entertainment areas in Palma. One of the most popular nightlife areas is the Paseo Maritimo (sea side). Here it is very trendy and you will find several exclusive places where you can have a drink. Several of the nightclubs close late at night. The most popular discos do not expect guests to show up until 1 p.m. 0100 at night or later. The bars are also quite empty before midnight.

The biggest and most famous disco is called Titos and is located in Paseo Maritimo 33. The disco is frequented by all kinds of people and in all age groups. Pacha is another option on the disco front. The address is Paseo Maritimo 43.

A “nightlife zone” in Palma is called Can Barbara. This area is mostly for younger people. The longest tradition for nightlife has the area of ​​Plaza de Gomla. In the old town (near the Gothic building Sa Lionja) you will also find an outdoor area. Music bars and pubs dominate here.

If you want a pub, Hogans can be an alternative. It is located on Calle Monsenor Palmer street in the old town. Another popular place is Bodequita del Medio. This is a Cuban bar with good mojitos. The place is cramped and atmospheric. You will find it just off Placa Reina. The address is Carrer de Vallseca, 18.

Shopping and Eating in Murcia, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Murcia, Spain

Murcia is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Murcia

It is not without reason that Murcia is mentioned as the best shopping area in Costa Blanca / Costa Calida. Every day, more and more people make their shopping trip to the city. For locals, stores like IKEA are popular, while long-term tourists, especially Brits, think it’s good to be able to shop products from home.

You can do more shopping in Murcia, but maybe the street Calle Jabonerias may be the place to start? You will find the street in the center of Murcia and in addition to the regular shops there are many designer shops.

Many Scandinavians like to shop at El Corte Ingles, which is perhaps the most famous shopping center in Spain. You will find El Corte Ingles in Avenida de la Libertad street.

Markets in Murcia

There are several local markets in Murcia defined by AbbreviationFinder. And not least, the food markets are for tourist attractions to count. The area around Murcia is known for olives. Both green and black olives are a delight to the palate. It is not without reason that Murcia regularly organizes “olive-stone-spit-competitions”.

Merrcadillo de La Fama, located on the street Avenida de La Fama, is the largest market with more than 600 sales stalls. Here everything is sold, ie shoes, clothes, leashes, meats, fruits, vegetables etc. etc.

Merrcadillo de La Fama is open on Thursdays and from about 0730 to 1400.

On the same day, the Mercao Santa Maria de Gracia market holds sales on Calle Auditorium. Here are about 160 sales stalls and the opening hours are at the same time as Merrcadillo de La Fama.

Veronicas Market is located at Plano de San Francisco. Opening hours are 0900 to 1500, (all days except Sundays). Veronica’s market is a great food market where you can also buy something to eat and drink from the local specialties.

We also include the flea market on Calle Alcalde Gaspar de La Peña, 3. Here you can buy all the marvelous collectibles that you did not know you missed, along with the usual amount of clothes, books, shoes and other debris and fast. Open on Sundays from 0900 to 1400.

Eating in Murcia

Food in Murcia, Spain

Tapas bars and restaurants can be found all over the city, but in the historic center, such as in and near the Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Belluga, you will find the best.

If you want to try out one of the typical dishes of the region, try Gazpacho de Yecia. The dish consists of cooked vegetables added to rabbit, rapeseed chicken or chicken. Lamb chops with garlic are also recommended.

Murcia also has first-class oranges, lemons, apricots and peaches, so choose a fruit salad for dessert!

A safe restaurant choice:

ad Calle Canovas del Castillo 28
tel + 34 968220194

Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Menorca

Hopefully no one is going to Menorca defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop first and foremost. Here you come to enjoy the pleasures of beach life.

But when the sun has done its job and the body needs some rest, there are, believe it or not, plenty of shopping opportunities.

What to do in Menorca

It is quite common to shop for food and drink. Menorcan cheeses and sausages are happy to take home. And a bottle of local gin is a great gift for anyone who “has it all”.

As in Spain, there is a large selection of shoes, and Menorca’s most famous brand is the Avarcas sandals. This is a kind of environmental project where the soles are from recycled car tires and the leather is produced in Valencia. These sandals have now become high fashion!

Local craft products such as embroidery, ceramics, various jewelery and glassware keep good quality at Menorca. And at prices acceptable to the vast majority of the budget.

Shopping center in Menorca

Menorca’s largest shopping center is called Binipreu and is located in Maó (Mahón). The address is carrer Artrutx. Here you will find a lot of locally made products. And a whole floor has food and drink as a priority!

Most and best shops are natural enough in the capital Maó east of Menorca, or in the old capital Ciutadella west of Menorca. If you shop in the commercial center of one of these cities, the selection is modern and exciting, and quite like a small town on the mainland of Spain.

Markets on Menorca

There are many markets in Menorca, especially during the peak season which is from May to September. In fact, every village that is visited by tourists has its small market a day or two a week. Be it Punta Prima, Cala’n Porter, Fornell, Es Castell or Alaior.

The best market in Menorca is reportedly the ” Saturday market ” in Ferreries. Ferreries is located about 20 kilometers east of Ciutadella de Menorca. The Saturday market is open from 0900 to 1300 and the range of craft products is large.

Ferreries also has a night market on Wednesdays in the summer, usually in the period from late June to early September. The night market offers entertainment as well as clothing, souvenirs, craft products and more.

We must also mention the Mercat des Claustra in Maó. The address of this stylish “farmer’s market” is Plaça del Carme, just off major Plaça d’Espanya. The premises were formerly a church monastery.

The old capital Ciutadella has a craft market every single evening from June to September. The address is Carrer de Pere Capllonc and the time is from 1700 to 2400. It remains open even longer during the holidays (including Fridays).

Ciutadella also has an “art market” called FIRAC (Fira d’Art in Cultura) almost every day of the high season along the Portal de la Mar down at the harbor.

In general about shopping in Menorca

Most stores hold siesta. In practice, this means that the stores are open from about 0900 to 1300 and from 1700 to 2000 every day except Sundays.

If you live at a tourist resort along the coast, the typical tourist shops will probably stay open longer, and preferably on Sundays as well.

Eating at Menorca

Food in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is quite so divided for food and restaurants. The typical tourist villages will naturally, during the summer season, prioritize “international” food such as hamburgers, bratwurst (sausages) and anything else you can have fries.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get good food at a tourist resort. First, there are quality differences from one hamburger to another. And secondly, in every town you will find some restaurants that prepare paella and other more local dishes according to all the rules of art.

Since there are many British tourists in Menorca, the typical breakfast is a proper “english breakfast”, which includes eggs and bacon, tea and orange juice. And then you are guaranteed to be well over lunch. And it’s not particularly expensive either.

Local specialties at Menorca

Cheese is something they can do in Menorca. Try Queso de Mahón. Purchased in several stores in (just) Mahón and everywhere else on the island.

Otherwise, it is not a restaurant that does not offer Pa amb oli, which is nothing but white bread with oil. This is considered a snack and is often supplemented with cheese, jamón (bacon ham), or chorizo ​​sausages. Menorca also has its own chorizo ​​variant called Sobrassada. Another local sausage sausage is the Cara-i-xulla peppercorn sausage.

Other local favorites are the lobster stew Caldereta de Llagosta and Tumbet which are a kind of “stuffing” of potatoes, eggplant, squash and tomato sauce.

Of drink, believe it or not, gin is a favorite of Menorca. Naturally introduced by the British. In the summer, ask for a Pomada (gin and lemon). Otherwise, the Balearic Islands have many herbal drinks to offer. Certainly with a high alcohol percentage. Try a Calent liqueur made from wine with the addition of cinnamon, anise seeds and saffron.

Some select restaurants in Menorca

It’s For the Torre Solí Nou

This restaurant is located in a century-old building, and the premises give the entire restaurant a distinctive character that is known throughout Menorca. The menu is extensive and covers grilled fish, meat and vegetables.

The address is Urbanització Torre Soli Nou, in Alaior. Alaior is a small village near the center of Menorca, about 11 kilometers west of Maó (Mahón).

Call for reservation: +34 971 37 28 98


The restaurant with the name you cannot pronounce is recommended by the Michelin Guide. The place is great for a romantic dinner and the menu retrieves its ingredients from local vendors. Also, you can get Menorca’s best hamburger here.

Smoix’s address is Carrer de Sant Isidre 33, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 05 16 for reservation.

Passio Mediterrania

One of Menorca’s best restaurants is Passio Mediterrania. This is the place for a special occasion with great tapas dishes or ready-made menus. And not least tasteful wines. The address is Moll de Llevant, 298 in the port of Mahón. Great feedback. Call +34 971 354 704.

Can Bep

Restaurant Can Bep is a typical representative of Menorcan cuisine. Besides, you get excellent paella here. The menu is based on homemade recipes that take care of the Mediterranean pantry.

Can Bep’s address is Passeig Sant Nicolau, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 78 15 for reservation.

Generally about restaunter on Menorca

You can also give tips on restaurants in Menorca. Up to 10% of the bill is common. The price level in general must be considered pleasant for us tourists from the Nordic countries.

Shopping and Eating in Mallorca, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Mallorca

Like most Europeans, Spaniards and people in Mallorca are passionate about fashion, and they dress in style. There are many shops to choose from, and especially leather and leather products are reasonably priced compared to Scandinavian prices. Typical products bought by tourists are bags and shoes. In the small inland town of Inca you will find several factory outlets for manufacturers such as Farrutx and Camper, and here you can really make a bargain.

Mallorca defined by AbbreviationFinder is also known for its artificial pearls, and the city of Manacor east of Mallorca has for years been the headquarters of the island’s pearl production. Here beautiful chains, rings and earrings are made from traditions that are hundreds of years old. But be aware that the beads from Majorica are artificial, even if only experts are able to see the difference. You will also come across local artists who create beautiful works of glass, ceramics, sea shells or paintings.

The stores are usually open from 0930 to 1330, and from 1630 to 2000, but this varies. The larger shopping centers in the cities, on the other hand, do not have siesta, but are open continuously from 1000 to 1900 or 2000. For example, the El Corte Ingles center in Palma is open until 2200. Most of them stay closed on Sunday, although some local businesses can to keep open.

Don’t forget that you pay VAT and that on all purchases over a certain amount of euros you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all stores have a VAT refund scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance to buy expensive products. Remember to bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Shopping is done in Palma

If you need to get serious out of the shopping plans while in Mallorca, then you will not be outside Palma town. The most important shopping areas in Palma are the avinguda Jaume III streets [see photo first in the article] and Passeig des Born. Here you will find everything that is fashionable and trendy. Avinguda Jaume III is only 30 years old, yet has become one of Palma’s most elegant avenues. Here you will find shops with fashion clothes, shoes, jewelery and everything from gift items.

In the area around Plaza Major you will find a number of specialty shops. Porto Pi, located approx. two kilometers from the city center (along the road by the harbor), is the most modern and largest shopping center in Mallorca.

In Joan Carles I Street you will find the C&A shopping center, which specializes in affordable clothing for both genders of all ages. Close by you will find the Arlequin store, which is Palma’s most famous toy store. If you love books, go to the Ereso bookstore. Ereso is located in the street Carrer Pelaries. This street is also close to C&A.

The Old Town also has some shopping streets. Try Via Sindicato or San Miguel Street.

Markets in Mallorca

At Plaza Major there is an outdoor market with mainly craft products every Monday, Friday and Saturday. NB! The market is only open in the morning / morning.

Mercat Olivar at Placa de Olivar 4 is a large market hall offering seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables in large quantities. It is open from early in the morning until 2 pm. 1400. Mercat Olivar is located well north of the Old Town and the port area of ​​Palma, not far from Placa d’Espanya and the railway station with the veteran train to Soller.

Eating in Mallorca

Food in Mallorca, Spain

There are countless restaurants throughout Mallorca, not least tapas restaurants. The Mallorcan cuisine stands out with fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil. You get many kinds of sausages and shellfish, as well as most of the meat and fish. Majorca has access to good ingredients, and the island has many renowned chefs.

Some local specialties: Bocadillo is a baguette or bread. The order may be different types of cheese or ham. At most bars you get bocadillo and something to drink if you ask for it.

Sobrasada is a famous sausage in Mallorca. It is tasteful, yet gentle. The sausage is used both as a main course, accessories in pots and as tapas.

Perhaps the biggest local favorite is Pa amb Oli, who is Mallorca’s answer to the bruschetta in Italy. The dish is a bread slice rubbed with garlic, dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Common toppings are tomato, some cheese and ham. Sometimes it is also served with sardines. It is perfect as a small appetizer.

Majorca is not the world’s most famous gourmet destination, but it is reasonably priced to dine outside, and the portions are large and filling. And the food in Spain is good! Of course, there are very good (and expensive restaurants) for those who want a memorable evening at a good restaurant.

Some select dining options in Mallorca

Ca’s Xorc at Sóller attracts holiday super celebrities thanks to Chef Welander’s qualities and restaurant charm. One specialty is mountain goat with spices and vegetables from Mallorca. The address is Carretera de Deià. Call +34 971 63 82 80 for reservations.

On the northwest coast of Mallorca lies a small village called Puigpuñyent (about 20 kilometers from Palma). The Gran Hotel Son Net’s restaurant offers top-class Mediterranean delicacies. A highly acclaimed restaurant with a menu that guarantees great dining experience.

Of course, Palma town has many good restaurants. If you are here for shopping then combine this with going to the Grand Cafe Cappuccino on the Paseo Maritimo 1 promenade for a lunch you will not forget. Try for example. Sobressada sauce and Serrano ham. See also our Palma Travel Guide for more information on eating in Palma.

Wine, beer and nightlife in Mallorca

Mallorca has a long winter tradition, which can be traced two thousand years back in time. Wine production temporarily ended during the Arab dominions, in the 800- to 1200-century. And in the last century, wine production has become a new enemy of tourism, as its citizens realized that it was more money to make. The grapevines expired and very few vineyards continued to keep the tradition alive. But now the trend is turning, as more tourists are interested in trying local wine, which surprises most people positively with their good quality. For example, try the wines from producers like Ferrer, Marcia Batle or Ribas.

Of beer, it is often the Catalan light mushroom Damm you will get served if you do not ask for anything special. San Miguel is also widespread, and of course you get the ubiquitous Heineken and Carlsberg.

Be careful about the drinks, most of the bartenders in Mallorca are far more generous with the amount of alcohol per drink than their Norwegian counterparts.

In general, in Mallorca you will always find a nightclub that is open. Although some bars and pubs close early, you will find nightclubs and discos that don’t close until people start thinking about going to the beach.

Shopping and Eating in Malaga, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Malaga, Spain

Malaga is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Malaga

Shopping in Spain is a dream and Malaga defined by AbbreviationFinder is no exception. The product range is almost always good, and it is almost always a good mix of trendy boutiques, huge shopping malls and old markets. Here you actually get everything! But it is probably not asked whether clothing, shoes and leather goods in general are the products where you make the best purchases.

And then we love El Corte Inglés, Spain’s most famous department store. You will find one in Malaga as well. The address is Avenida de Andalucia 4-6. Every day except Sundays, El Corte Ingles sells you everything from jewelery to the most stylish outfits. In addition, the department store has a rooftop terrace overlooking the city and offers alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks and of course good wine.

In general about shopping in Malaga

Remember that regular shops often have siesta, ie they are closed in the middle of the day. Siesta is not uncommon between 1330 and 1700. Opening hours including siesta times are always looked up at the entrance to the shops.

There are so many great shopping streets in Malaga that it becomes unnecessary to ram them all up. But Calle Marques de Larios just has to be mentioned. This pedestrian street offers the full range of shops, from the most expensive brand stores to local specialty stores. If you have no more money, you can hop on the slopes instead and enjoy the crowds on Calle Marques de Larios.

The Paseo del Muelle Uno at the marina in the center of Malaga is also worth a visit. The marina promenade starts at the Parque de Malaga and takes you to the lighthouse towards Malagueta Beach. Along the Paseo del Muelle Uno there are also shops selling everything from clothes, shoes, bags and other things that most people are interested in buying, also a number of tourist restaurants and a bustling public life.

Of course, a good alternative is to browse the old town and find small specialty shops that sell things you didn’t know you just had. In addition to great souvenirs from Andalucia, you will find many fine shoe stores.

Shopping centers and markets in Malaga

One of the best shopping malls in Malaga is Galerias Goya, located at Plaza Uncibay 3 in the city center. Just make sure your credit card doesn’t go up in smoke!

Most people still visit Center Commercial Larios on Avenida de la Aurora 25. It is said that the center is visited by close to 15 million people a year! But then there are also more than 150 stores gathered here, most of the well-known brand stores that most shopping people love.

If you love markets, you go to Mercado central Atazanas. First of all, there are fruits, vegetables, meats and fish you find here. It is so wonderful to see the fresh colors, take part in the crowd and feel the smells. This must be experienced! And you can take some Serrano ham with you home.

Eating in Malaga

Food in Malaga, Spain

Spanish food is tapas and paella, gazpacho and salads. In Andalucia, tomato soup gazpacho, served cold, is a traditional dish and is served in a variety of restaurants.

If you want to taste gazpacho then we suggest the restaurant Lo Gueno which is a rustic garlic restaurant hanging down the walls. Of course, they also offer a number of other Andalucian specialties. The address is Calle Marin Garcia 9. Opening hours from 1200 to 2400.

We also add that you must of course taste churros when in Malaga. You get this in several places in town. What is it? It is toast dipped in coffee or chocolate.

Food for both eyes and stomach is provided in the amazing Mercado Atarazanas in the street of the same name. And outside the market there is the opportunity to sit down to enjoy a Spanish light dish with something good in the glass. Mercado Atarazanas does not stand for example. La Boqueria in Barcelona. The street Atarazanas is the street that takes you from the Old Town to the Malaga business district and which sends you straight to the El Corte Ingles shopping center.

Mostly, there is an informal atmosphere that characterizes the restaurants. By that we mean that most eateries have a popular appearance. Of course, you will find some very exclusive restaurants that offer the best European chefs to offer.

Cafe de Paris

If you want gourmet food and stiff hoof master’s buck instead of a jovial “hello” in the door, then we suggest Café de Paris. This is a Michelin restaurant and one of the best eateries in Spain. Cafe de Paris has the address Calle Vélez-Málaga, 8 and serves lunch from 1300 to 1600 and dinner from 2000 to 2300. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Other selected restaurants in Malaga

El Tapeo de Cervantes

When in Spain you must of course eat tapas. Hardly any place in Malaga is better suited than El Tapeo de Cervantes in Calle Cárcer, 8, a street a little north of downtown Malaga. Dinner is served from 1930 to 2330 every day of the week except Mondays where the restaurant is closed. El Tapeo de Cervantes is not among the cheapest restaurants, but the food is of high quality. NB! El Tapeo de Cervantes is also open for lunch, (1300 to 1530).

Café Central

Is it possible to find a reasonably priced and cozy eatery with long historical heritage in Malaga? Absolutely, and one of the answers is Café Central, which is one of the city’s oldest cafes. Delicious pasta dishes and other simple meals are available here.

And coffee lovers are going to like the place especially well. Open from early morning to 2400 every day, except Sundays which are closed. The address is Plaza de la Constitucion. Click here for maps and reviews of Café Central.

Bodega El Pimpi

El Pimpi is closest to a tourist attraction to rain in Malaga. Take a look at the walls and you’ll understand why. Here there is also from time to time shows and shows in the spirit of flamenco dance. Bodega El Pimpi’s address is Calle Granada 62. Open until 0200 every weekday!

Restaurants Terre Mie

Do you like Italian food then the restaurant Terre Mie in the street Calle Molina Lario, 3 is a great choice. Here it is as informal and easy as only Italians get, without compromising on atmosphere, charm or quality of food. Nice prices, too.

The pizza is Neapolitan, and the entire restaurant has the character of Naples. Terre Mie is located in the middle of the old town, so you often have to wait a few minutes for free tables. But it’s worth it. Open from 1230 to 0030 all week!

Tourist strip in Malaga

If you are looking for good and well-known food that fits the whole family, take a walk along the Paseo del Muelle Uno down the harbor promenade. Here are the tourist restaurants in a row. They offer well-known food from all the world’s kitchens, Indian, Mexican, Greek, etc.

Nightlife in Malaga

The nightlife in Malaga is fierce. And then we do not necessarily think of the hundreds of bars and pubs that are both on the beaches and in the historic center. No, here are also trendy clubs and huge discos. Sala Wengé on Calle Santa Lucia can be an example. But if you are a good adult then maybe you should leave this podium to the youth?

Pubs, tapas bars and pubs can be found near La Merced and Calle Luis de Velazquez and Calle San Agustin streets.

Malaga’s best rooftop terrace can be found at AC Marriott Hotel on the street Calle Cortina del Muelle, 1. Here you can of course enjoy all year round with good drinks, even if you do not live in the hotel.

Shopping and Eating in Madrid, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Madrid

In Madrid defined by AbbreviationFinder you can find everything possible while on a shopping trip. Madrid offers the most, from the latest in fashion and design to all kinds of antics in the flea markets.

Leather products are clearly cheaper in Madrid than in Norway, and the quality is high. It may be worthwhile to buy products such as shoes, bags and the like. Calle de Serrano is the best street for such products, but also the street Calle de Fuencarral has shops with good selection.

If you are looking for clothes and fashion and looking for “outlets” we recommend Calle de Serrano in the Salamanca area. The real fashion conscious should shop in Calle del Almirante and the surrounding areas.

You will also find a large selection of porcelain products in Madrid, the capital of Spain described on Countryaah. Take a look along Gran Via, especially between Plaza de España and Plaza de Callao.

You will find many antique shops on Calle del Prado. There is much art and galleries in the Salamanca area. This area is also known for shops selling Spanish quality wines and exclusive food.

El Corte Inglés and Zara in Madrid

You will find Spain’s most famous shopping mall chain, El Corte Inglés, among others in the streets of Calle de Preciados and Calle de Serrano. Here the selection is large and the prices low. If you are looking for local Spanish music, try the music department at El Corte Inglés.

Perhaps the most famous Spanish clothing chain in the world is Zara. You will find Zara stores in Gran Via 32 and in Calle de Preciados 20.

Markets in Madrid

You will find markets in several places in Madrid. On Sundays it may seem like half of Madrid is at El Rastro (open 0800-1400). This is a flea market that has stalls from Plaza de Cascorro to Calle de los Embajadores. Here you will find everything possible.

An alternative is the Mercado de Motores. This special market is located in a train museum in the south of Madrid. Here you will find food, clothing, interior and art / antiques and other spin-off prints. The address is Museo del Ferrocarril, Paseo de las Delicias, 61 and opening hours are 1100 – 2200 Saturdays and Sundays.

Mercado de San Micuel
Just as much a tourist attraction as a market is the Mercado de San Micuel. You come here just as much to eat as to shop for food and drink at home.

Eating in Madrid

Food in Madrid, Spain

Food is important for people in Madrid and you should enjoy your food. Breakfast at the hotel is usually served until 10:00. 1100. Both lunch and dinner consist of many dishes. Dinner is eaten from 7 p.m. 2200, and the nightclubs seem like they never close.

Madrid and Spain have great food traditions

Madrid is influenced by other regions’ food traditions, and you get the best the nation has to offer, whether it’s paella, larger fish dishes or the fantastic Spanish hams. In recent years, other nations’ cuisine has also gained a certain degree in Madrid, but we believe that when you are first in Madrid, you should eat Spanish! Spanish food is good and in our circumstances reasonable.

Spanish wine is also good and you get it in all types and price levels. White wine is called vino blanco, and red wine is called vino tinto. At lunch, it is common to buy house wine (vino de la casa), either in liter or semi-liter.

Smaller bars offer tapas (light meals) or bocadillos (spring roll-like dishes with different contents). At small and simple eateries, you can eat well and saturated with larger tapas menus. Such eateries are often called cervezerias, tabernas and bodegas. Restaurants are called restaurantes. If the restaurant specializes in seafood, it can call itself marisqueria.

Restaurants we recommend in Madrid

Casa Labra

Popular and reputable restaurant just off Calle de Mayor which dates back to 1860. Opening hours are 1100 – 1530 and 1800 – 2300. Siesta between 1530 and 1800. Here you come for typical Spanish food, eg. tapas dishes or the cold soup gazpacho, bacalao and Ibérico ham. It also serves more traditional food. You get another three course menu, seen with our eyes, at a reasonable price.

Casa Labra was the venue for the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and is widely known for it. The address is Calle Tetuán, 12.

La Paella de la Reina

This is something as extraordinary as a good paella restaurant in Madrid. This typical Valencia dish is probably best made in the city right here at La Paella de le Reina.

If you choose the original, you take the version with rabbit, chicken and beans. The address is Calle Reina, 39. Open for lunch from 1300 – 1600 and dinner from 1930 to 2330 (2400 Fridays / Saturdays).

Corral de la moreria Restaurant

A little special experience is what you get at Corral de la moreria (see photo above). There are flamenco shows every day. And this is not a pure tourist trap, but a place that has quality in both food and dance.

The address of Corral de la moreria is Calle de la Moreria, 17 and opening hours from 1830 to 2400.

Casa Lucio

This restaurant is an attraction in itself. Casa Lucio is probably the world’s most famous tapas bar. Don’t be surprised if you see a celebrity or two among all the residents and tourists. The egg dish huevos rotos is something you just have to test!

The address of Casa Lucio is Calle Cava Baja 35. Opening hours from 1300 – 1600 and 2030 to 2400.

Sometimes you go to tourist traps too…

Mercado de San Micuel

This is probably the largest and most famous “market” in Madrid. The original market here was created back in 1916, but investors who took over in 2003 have completely renovated the market and turned it into a kind of tapas heaven. More than thirty tapas offer you the best of olives, ham, pastries, wine, beer and cava.

The address of the Mercado de San Micuel is of course Plaza San Miguel, within walking distance of the famous Plaza Mayor. The San Miguel Market is open from 1000 until midnight or later.

Shopping and Eating in Las Palmas, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Las Palmas, Spain

According to AbbreviationFinder, Las Palmas is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Las Palmas

Take an early stroll to the nice market hall in Vegueta, or Mercado Vegueta as the market is really called. It is located in the Old Town, not far from the Cathedral. The address is Calle de Mendizábal, 1.

Early in the day there are not many customers here, and you can stroll around and taste your way through most of the culinary delicacies that Gran Canaria has to offer. Be it fruits and vegetables, cheeses from the mountains and not least different sausages and hams. And of course the small, crooked canary bananas.

Know that there are “like” markets in several places in Las Palmas. You have the Mercado Puerto at the very end of Playa de Las Canteras. You also have the Mercado Centro in Calle Galicia, 24, located between the Old Town and Playa de Las Canteras, not far from Plaza Espana.

Shopping streets in Las Palmas

The Triana Street, Calle Mayor de Triana, is a lively pedestrian street that extends from Vegueta and about a mile north. Many of the fashion boutiques have moved to the more modern shopping street Avenida Mesa y Lopez, but what it wins with large department stores loses its charm on what Triana offers.

Take a stroll on Triana Street Calle Mayor and you’ll see beautiful, historic buildings with small specialty shops in the side streets. Here are also some pubs and eateries. Plenty of fashion boutiques are there too. If you love shoes, visit the shoe chain Lopez in this particular street.

The seafront Paseo las Canteras also has many shops, most sunglasses, clothing and fashion, but also some specialty shops.

Around Parque Santa Catalina, which is more of a plaza than a park, there are a number of shops selling everything from electronics, including cameras, gadgets, games and the like.

The streets of Calle Tomás Miller, Calle Luis Morote and Calle Alfredo L. Jones were all part of the original shopping district of Las Palmas, before the shopping centers took over. In some of these slightly chaotic and crowded bazaar-like shops, it is still possible to bargain. The streets are not far from Playa Las Cantereas or Parque Santa Catalina.

In the city center you will of course find – and fortunately – El Corte Ingles, Spain’s most famous department store chain. Take the popular Avenida Mesa y Lopez shopping street to number 18 and find it.

If you are a man and want to avoid hours at El Corte Ingles you will receive a special tip. Head to Calle Juan Duran Gonazales No. 4 (a few hundred meters south of El Corte Ingles) and you will find the Ducati store in Las Palmas. Here are many stylish motorcycles!

Best shopping malls in Las Palmas

The best shopping malls in Las Palmas are the 7 Palmas which you will find on the GC-3 motorway, direction Tamarceite. The address is Avenue Pintor Felo Monzón, 44.

Las Arenas is perhaps the most famous shopping center. Las Arenas is located at the Alfredo Kraus Concert Hall. The address is Ctra. del Rincón and it is a few miles northwest of the center of Las Palmas. Take a taxi!

El Muelle is located at the cruise ship port of Puerto de la Luz. The address is Muelle Sta. Catalina and it’s right by the AC Hotel and Parque Santa Catalina.

All of the aforementioned shopping centers are open at least from 1000 to 2200 every day.

Food and drink in Las Palmas

Before you go home, you can buy some food or drink with you. Visit a Hipercor store, which often has great deals on food and wine. A suggestion for “Souvenir” is the island’s local space, Arehucas or Artemiche. You can find Hipercor in Avenida Pintor Felo Monzón, among others. You can also buy clothes and household items at very good prices here!

General about shopping in Gran Canaria and Las Palmas

Most stores in Gran Canaria can only “open” for 72 hours a week. The stores often open at 1000 and close at 2000. Siesta is still common, and it usually lasts from 1300 to 1700. Most shops are closed on Sundays, but chain stores and shopping centers are open.

NB Don’t be fooled when shopping in Gran Canaria. It is especially in the field of electronic products tourists are being scammed and fooled.

Eating in Las Palmas

Food in Las Palmas, Spain

There are countless restaurants and tapas bars in Las Palmas. And the price level is generally nice set with eyes from Norway and Scandinavia. Do as locals and start the day with a cortado. Cortado is espresso coffee with a little steamed milk. As an accessory, grab a bocadillo – the Spanish version of the sandwich.

Mercado Vegueta is one of many places where you can successfully sit down at a bar for cortado and bocadillo. Or why not take a relaxing lunch along with Paseo Las Canteras (see photo).

Lunch in Las Palmas means eating tapas. Eat Pata de cerdo, which is delicious thin-sliced ​​ham. One suggestion is Restaurante El Herreño in Calle Mendizábal 5. The restaurant can be very reminiscent of a canteen, but don’t let the look fool you. The place is also known for housing celebrities. Waiters in white shirts, among other things, serve papas arrugadas, ie small fresh potatoes cooked dry in sea salt.

A reasonable dish is Ropa vieja, which means “old clothes” and which can best be compared to our “puddle in the pan”. Quite precisely what the dish consists of depends, naturally, on what the restaurant served for dinner the day before.

Dinner can be enjoyed at international restaurants, or typically Spanish restaurants. The price level covers the entire price range, and is happy to say something about the quality of the restaurant. But even the most inexpensive restaurants tend to have ingredients of the best brand.

Some select restaurants in Las Palmas

El Novillo Precoz in the street Calle Portugal 9 (tel. 34 928 221 659) is known for its steaks. El Novillo Precoz is a family restaurant that offers meat from Uruguay and you certainly do not regret when roasted tenderloin is cut into slices on stone slabs. For those who want something completely different, be brave and order a large plate of assorted food. It’s a local specialty.

Rias Bajas in the street Calle Simon Bolivar, 3, (tel: +34 928 271 316) just north of the Parque de Santa Catalina is an excellent Spanish restaurant. The prices are quite stiff, but the quality is ditto high.

If you want Japanese food, then the choice is definitely the Sakura restaurants that are available in several editions. Why not try Sakura I in the street Nestor de la Torre, 1, (tel: +34 928 248 221), right near El Corte Ingles.

Or maybe Sakura No. 2 in the street with the enjoyable name Calle Olof Palme?. Calle Olof Palme is right near Plaza Espana.

Hamburgers and football!
At Plaza Espana you will also find sports bars that have an outdoor restaurant, large sports TV screens (read football) and wonderful burgers at reasonable prices. Our 200 gram burger of Angus meat at Geiser at Plaza Espana was worth every penny!

Featured eatery in Las Palmas

A different eatery is Bodegon Biberan with its musical interior. Very elaborate! The location is in Calle Pedro Castillo Westerling 15. Don’t be fooled by the side street and the bodega’s plastic sign and anonymous doors.

Night food (and drinks) in Las Palmas

For those who want something to eat, or maybe a small drink at night, head to Moye Deportivo or the “Sports Harbor” where there are a number of nice cafes. This is a popular spot for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while you hear the sea breeze in the evening darkness.

Disco and nightclub
Disco Bahia in Calle Gomera 6 right on Playa de Las Canteras beach is open until 0400 every day except Mondays where it is closed.

Hippest is probably The Paper Club in the Triana district. The address is Calle Remedios. Open until 0400 Thursdays through Sundays.

Shopping and Eating in Ibiza, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Ibiza

With so many movie stars and jetset people visiting Ibiza defined by AbbreviationFinder, we realize that we can shop for the latest fashion and accessories on this island. Not least, we think many (young and old) girls are very pleased when they see the range of jewelery and other accessories.

We do not know a better place to buy bikinis, t-shirts, sunglasses and the like than in Ibiza. Otherwise, Spain and the Balearic Islands are known for their shoes and leather products. You will find many specialty shops for that kind in Ibiza as well.

In Ibiza town is probably the most common start and end point for the shopping port area. Here it crosses the street markets with all kinds of products you expect to see. The more respected shops can be found in the streets Avg. d’Isidor Macabich and Passeig Vara de Rey.

Hippie markets in Ibiza

Everyone who visits Ibiza visits the Hippie market Es Canar. This market in Las Dalias at Sant Eularia east of Ibiza is organized on Wednesdays during the summer season. Opening hours are usually from 10am to 7pm. An alternative is the Hippi market Las Dalias in San Carlos. Not so well known, but okay. The time for this is Saturdays.

Souvenirs on Ibiza

Typical souvenirs and other products you bring home are olive oil of all kinds and various craft products. The Hippies settled in Ibiza in the 1960s and some of them are still alive. Several of these make underfunded clothes and sips that one is easily tempted to buy. Even today, the new hippies come here. For Ibiza is a liberal and inclusive island that provides space and space for all kinds of people.

Food, and primarily ham, is also something to buy home. and wine of course. And youngsters surely appreciate music or movies from Café del Mar or one of the larger clubs on the island. Chill out music is typical of Ibiza.

Special Tips!
Take a trip to Sant Antoni and the La Puerta Olvidada store, or ‘The Forgotten Door’. If you need something for your house or apartment that is guaranteed not to be next door, then you go here.

Eating on Ibiza

Food in Ibiza, Spain

Foods in Spain include tapas, paella, delicious seafood, ham and barbecue dishes that provide mouth watering. Not many other countries can compare with the variety of food that Spain possesses. As a favorite holiday destination, it is no wonder that Ibiza offers a number of very good restaurants. Even on several of the beaches, you will find restaurants that take great pride in cooking, and not just “skipping” the tourists for euros.

In Ibiza town there is plenty to choose from both bars and restaurants along the central Vara de Rey street. However, you will find something to eat or drink everywhere else in the city if you do not presumably find this particular street.

However, the “food town” of Ibiza is not Ibiza town, but Santa Eulalia east of the island. Here the selection is large and the food excellent. One restaurant that may appear to be a favorite here is the Cardamom Club Indian Restaurant. Romantic and good! Better not get Indian food.

As you understand, there are a number of international restaurants in Ibiza, so there is plenty to choose from, even if you want Italian, Indian or Chinese food. But first and foremost, there are local Spanish restaurants that attract us, with inspiration from both “Mediterranean” and Catalan cuisine.

A local dessert that must be tasted is Flaoens, a pastry originating in Menorca. Flaons de Morella, for example. filled with cottage cheese. Often they are sweetened with sugar or honey. Keep in mind that these cakes have a history dating back to the 13th century. Alternatively, take an ensaimada for cos, these are available everywhere, just seek out a pastelerias or a bar.

Best restaurant in Ibiza!

The ultimate restaurant in Ibiza is probably Can Bigotis, located just off Cala Mastella beach, in Sant Carles. The menu is seafood and the food is always fresh and the quality high. Here you have to book a table, literally. It must also be made personal. So take the trouble to stop in for a table reservation and look forward to a late-night restaurant visit.

Here is a selection of simple but good restaurants we recommend in Ibiza:

The Curry Club
If you are in Sant Antoni (San Antonio) then you should visit The Curry Club. A beautiful restaurant with lovely food. Add ok prices and a friendly service, then you will understand that most things should be arranged for a successful evening.

El Pirata The
craving for a pizza? Then we suggest El Pirata at the port of Ibiza Town! Some claim this is the island’s best pizza. Investigate yourself!

Moorea Grill Restaurant
Here you typically get food from the Mediterranean region. Moorea Grill is open almost 24 hours a day and very popular. It is centrally located at Playa d’en Bossa. Beach terrace for those who want to enjoy the view.

A popular restaurant is Flippers. A Spanish gentleman with an English wife runs this beach restaurant at Cala Llonga. The style is casual and can easily be described as an English pub mixed with a Mexican Nachos bar. Excellent barbecue food and also a possible starting point for a proper Sangria vorspiel!

Some also use Flippers as a fixed breakfast room. The large Flipper breakfast (from 1000) is popular!

Shopping and Eating in Formentera, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Formentera, Spain

Formentera is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping at Formentera

Fortunately, there are no shopping malls or department stores at Formentera defined by AbbreviationFinder. This beautiful holiday island is not hampered by that kind. That does not mean that there is nothing to shop at Formentera.

Here are sophisticated specialty shops and expert sales of spin prints and craft products scattered around the island. In addition, Formentera, like its big sister, Ibiza, has a proper hippie market.

Hippie Market or Fira Arte Sanal

Located just outside El Pilar de la Mola, Artisans’ is the hippie market with big H on Formentera and just as much a tourist attraction for the family as a ‘must’ for the shopping savers. And while this can be categorized as a tourist trap, there is astonishingly good quality here. Artisans’ market is open Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

Blink Formentera

in Sant Francesc there is a small shopping area that houses a really cool shop; Blink Formentera. You can shop interior products from hand-picked Italian designers and music from the island’s best DJs. Here you will find the gifts of the one who has everything! The address of Blink Formentera is Calle Ramon Llull, 11.

Full Moon

If you are looking for handbags, sun hats, shawls, t-shirts or anything else to put it on, whether at the beach or the beach bar, then the Full Moon store in the town of Sant Francesc is the place.


If, like everyone else, you get extra romantic after a few days at Formentera, then just visit the Majoral jewelry store in the La Mola area. The store’s name is taken after the owner Enric Majoral, a jewelry designer who creates the most beautiful jewelry inspired by nature at Formentera.

These are top quality products and something that every woman (and man) will wear with pride and joy.
The address La Mola (at the top of a hill).

Eating at Formentera

Food in Formentera, Spain

Formentera must live forever in the shadow of his big sister Ibiza, also on the restaurant side. But the food at Formentera is sensationally good. Often local produce that is grown organically.

Most of the island’s establishments honor their food in an alluring way. They know that good food tastes good for both eyes and stomach.

You will find the restaurants concentrated on the main beaches and in the port city and the administrative headquarters of La Savina. But some restaurants are also more or less strategically located on the island. Then you’re on a journey of discovery, so don’t be afraid to try a local tavern.

Several of the restaurants are expensive, but the quality is usually in style. And as mentioned earlier. You do not travel here if you are on a budget. However, it should be said that there are plenty of beach bars and simple eateries if you want something simple. And in markets you can buy the best raw materials for a very reasonable amount of euros. If you have an apartment with a kitchen, you are free to make something good yourself.

Some selected restaurants at Formentera

Juan y Andra
Perhaps the most famous restaurant at Formentera is the one found at the beautiful postcard beach of Platja de ses Illetes. The restaurant is called Juan y Andrea and is an institution on the island. Feel free to have a lunch here and see and be seen!

Can Carlo
Can Carlos is a popular Italian restaurant.

Beach Club 10.7 The
restaurant with the fancy name Beach Club 10.7 is located on the beach Platja Migjorn.

Boca Salina Boca Salina
restaurant at Es Pujols and Carrer des Fonoll Marí street, 2. With a lovely location right on the beautiful beach, this is a perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s also short of the hippie market at Formentera so why not combine the restaurant visit with some souvenir shopping too? NB! Bliss (and service) can be cramped in high season. Short distance from Hotel Tahiti.

Want a simple and good pizza, Neapolitan like that? Take a trip to PanPerFocaccia in La Savina, right by the harbor.

Shopping and Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona defined by AbbreviationFinder is fun. Prices are reasonable with our eyes, and the supply of goods is great. Barcelona probably does not have the same product offerings as London and New York, and is probably not as trendy as Paris and Milan. But Barcelona is not far behind and it is easy to find good shops.

Most people buy clothes, shoes and leather goods when in Barcelona. But the city also has a good selection of shops selling quality food and drinks. You can also make good purchases of art or antiques if you are interested.

Along the La Rambla are the tourist traps. But at the top of La Rambla, at Placa de Catalunya, you will find Barcelona’s largest, El Corte Ingles. It is the most famous department store in Spain. Here you will find all kinds of goods, including clothes and shoes. Sales start in early January and early July. At Placa de Catalunya is also FNAC, which has everything from books in addition to a lot of music and movies.

The best shopping area in Barcelona is on the streets of Carrer de la Llibreteria, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria and Carrer del Call in the Barri Gotic area. Also check out the area around Passeig de Gracia and Placa de Sant Josep Oriol.

If you are looking for antiques, you will find good selection in the Carrer and Banys Nous street in the Barri Gotic area.

Markets in Barcelona

Perhaps the most popular market in Barcelona is La Boqueria, which is just off the main street of La Rambla.

You can also visit the Fira de Bellcaire market, located at Placa de les Glories Catalanes, not far from the Sagrada Familia. This market is officially called Els Encants Vells and is open all day Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Here you can find “all” types of products.

Some selected shops / magazines in Barcelona

  • El Corte Ingles (at Placa de Catalunya), Spain’s most famous department store.
  • FNAC (at Placa de Catalunya), huge bookstore that also has “everything” of music and film / DVD.
  • Heron City (by Passeig de Andreu Nin), huge shopping mall. Read more here!
  • Zara (at Avenue Puerta del Angel, 24), popular clothing store for kids and adults

Eating in Barcelona

Eating in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has every opportunity to give you memorable restaurant visits. The range of eateries is large and the quality is generally high. Choose from tapas in tapas bars or traditional restaurants, or try both options over a weekend. The Catalan version of tapas is called picapica.

Remember that people in Barcelona (and Spain) eat late at night. Lunches are often between 1400 and 1600, which is why it is often noon as late as between 2100 and 2400. However, the most touristy areas open for dinner earlier, as the visitors often have different dining habits than the locals in Barcelona.

Easily find a good eatery in the downstairs areas of La Ribera Harbor or the Barri Gotic area. Try a restaurant that specializes in Catalan food. Catalan food is based on ingredients typical of the Mediterranean. There can be fresh vegetables, olive oil, cheeses, pork, mushrooms, and several types of fish.

It’s not often we recommend Hard Rock Cafe, but the one you find in Barcelona is worth a visit if you want a hamburger or sandwich type meal. You’ll find the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona on the large Placa de Catalunya, at the top of La Rambla.

Local restaurants in Barcelona

Three of the best local restaurants are in the Barri Gotic area.

One is Agut in the street Gignas 16. Agut is an institution in Barcelona and the Agut family has run it since 1924. The lunch menu here offers incredible value for money. The dinner menu is more expensive, but of course the best quality. Opening hours are 0130 to 1600 and 2000 to midnight. Closed Sunday afternoon and all Monday. Phone for reservation is 93 315 17 09.

Cafe de l’Academia in the street Lledo1 is another option. And what an alternative! Cafe de L’Academia is the meeting place of intellectuals in Barcelona and the food here is praised by locals and tourists. Open (usually) from 1300 to 1530 and from 2000 to 2300 every day except Saturdays and Sundays when closed.

The third option is Can Culleretes, located in the street Carrer d’en Quintana 5 and which has paella as a specialty. Can Culleretes is said to be Barcelona’s oldest restaurant. Feedback on food and drink is brilliant. Open from 1330 to 1600 and from 2100 to 2300. Closed on Sunday evening and all Mondays.

Tapas bars in Barcelona

There are a variety of tapas bars to choose from. A good choice in Barcelona is El Xampanyet in the street Monticada 22. The location is close to the Picasso Museum in Barri Gotic. This is a classic restaurant with tapas and good drinks.

Cal Pep at Placa de les Olles is perhaps Barcelona’s most famous tapas bar. Cal Pep is not a traditional tapas restaurant, but rather a traditional restaurant that draws inspiration from tapas restaurants. Here you will share plates, flavors and visual impressions. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from about 1300 – 1545 and from 1930 to 2330. Closed Sundays and only open on Mondays.

Alternatively, try the Sol Solet, which offers traditional tapas at reasonable prices. It is located on the Placa del Sol in the Montjuic area.

Other (good) restaurants in Barcelona

Along the harbor area there are many restaurants to choose from. One of the best fish restaurants is Can Majo in the street L’Almirall Aixada 23. On hot days the terrace is perfect as a choice of restaurant. Can Majo is normally open from 1300 to 1530 for lunch and from 2000 to 2330. Closed on Sunday evening and all Mondays. Table reservations can be made from the Can Majo homepage, where you can choose English as your language.

If you want to visit a real Spanish family restaurant, you can try El Quim in the street La Rambla 91, literally in the Boqueria market. Open from 0700 to 1600 Monday to Thursday and one hour longer Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, El Quim is closed. There is no reservation. Master of the mill, etc. Specialties include homemade meatballs and today’s fish dish.

Perhaps the best restaurant in Barcelona is La Dama. The address is Avenue Diagonal 423 in the Eixample area. The restaurant is starred in the Michelin Guide. La Dama is an experience for more than the palate.

Open throughout the week, including Sundays, from 1300 to 0200. Call 932 096 328 for reservations. NB! After being closed in 2015, La Dama has now reopened and with it also got a cocktail bar you probably haven’t seen in the lobby.

Shopping and Eating in Alicante, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Alicante, Spain

Alicante is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Alicante

Few people go to Alicante just for shopping, as this is by no means comparable to London, Paris or Milan. But the prices are good compared to the Scandinavian level, and you can do some bargaining in Alicante. The most common products tourists travel home with are toys and dolls for the children, while adults often buy shoes and leather products such as bags and jackets for themselves.

Of popular gift items we find the local sweet turrón, which is made of almonds and honey. Chocolate, dates and locally produced wine are other common choices. You may also be interested in visiting the two nearby villages of Biar and Agost, which for centuries have been known for the best pottery art in the region.

The best shopping areas in Alicante

The most popular shopping areas of Alicante defined by AbbreviationFinder are located in and around the two north / south-walking main streets of the city center, Ramblas and Avenida Federico Soto / Doctor Gadea. Also in Avenida de Maisonnave there are close to famous shopping chains, and two large shopping arcades, where you also find the department store El Corte Ingles.

Also, stop in at the large leisure and shopping center Panoramis, located down by the harbor marina on the western end of Explanada.

Of the more traditional and everyday shops, we have Alicante’s old Mercado Centrale, in a beautiful building from 1921, where locals are constantly buying their fresh produce and flowers. The address is Avenida de Alfonso X El Sabio, 8.

Opening hours and tax-free in Alicante

The stores are normally open from 0930 to 1330, and from 1630 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although some local businesses may find that they are open. The largest shopping centers do not have siesta, and are open continuously from 1000 to 1900 or 2000.

Don’t forget that you pay VAT and that on all purchases over a certain amount of euros you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sales, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some expensive products and bring you a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Alicante

Eating in Alicante, Spain

Alicante has been serving tourists for a number of years, so here you will find everything you expect from food and dining. From McDonald’s and Burger King via Spanish tapas bars and pizzerias to stylish international restaurants. And once you are here you must of course try the dish that has put the Valencia region on the international food map; paella.

The word paella is valentian for frying pan, and tells a little about how this dish is cooked. It is based around meat or fish, cooked in a pan with vegetables, added rice, olive oil and saffron. Paella is traditionally eaten on Sundays and cooked in large quantities in connection with festivals. If you want to try making paella yourself, you can find a recipe in English here.

Many small restaurants and tapas bars can be found in the pedestrian street Calle Mayor, which in the evening changes from the shopping street to the restaurant street. Here, hundreds of tables appear outside the many eateries. While the waiters rush to and fro, street musicians with Spanish guitars and sombreros pass by to entertain and earn some euros. Also on the piers outside Plaza Puerto del Mar, it is teeming with dining, most of the modern, trendy type.

Generally about eating in Alicante

Remember that people in Alicante (and Spain) eat late at night. Lunches are often between 1400 and 1600, which is why dinner is usually as late as between 2100 and midnight, and many of the restaurants do not open until the evening before 1900 or 2000. However, the most tourist-infested areas open for dinner earlier, when the travelers often have different dining habits than the locals in Alicante.

Some select restaurants in Alicante

A renowned restaurant is Restaurante Casa Pepe, located by Avd. de Cataluña, 14, Playa de San Juan, Alicante, phone 965 154 523 for reservation.

Family restaurant with reasonable prices and top quality. Here you get both fish and meat, and not least delicious paella dishes.

The restaurant is small, so the danger is that you will not get a table unless you have reserved a table. The Al Medina restaurant is said by many to struggle to serve the best Paella in Alicante with Casa Pepe. Al Medina can be found in the Old Town, more specifically Piazza Santissima Faz 1. But there is a tourist trap too, so expect things to take time.

Do you like Italian food? Then try Ristaurante Spiga in Calle Mayor 11. Popular restaurant that suits you with normal holiday budget. Restaurant Spiga gets good feedback as long as you stick to the simple classic dishes. Affordable wine on sale!

Special food tips in Alicante

If you have access to a rental car or want an excursion, try a real Spanish family restaurant. Call 96573 0629 and reserve a table at Casa Canto located in Benida’s Avenida Pais Valencia.

Casa Canto is a traditional family business that has been run by a married couple and their two sons with success since 1983, and is very popular with Alicante’s locals. NB! Closed Mondays. At Casa Canto you can get a five course dinner for two including wine and mineral water for about NOK 600 if the exchange rate is good for you.