Shopping and Eating in Bangkok, Thailand

Shopping and Eating in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the country of Thailand.

Shopping in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand described on Countryaah you can buy everything in double version. This means that in addition to the originals, you can also buy copies of copies. For those looking for the typical Thai, silk, handicraft products and jewelry are natural items to buy.

Clothes are cheap in Thailand, and you can get tailors to sew shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses or suits at lower prices than at Her and Mauritz here at home. And you get the suit delivered to the hotel within 24 hours.

Markets in Bangkok

There are many markets in Bangkok defined by AbbreviationFinder and these are experiences in themselves. For first-time visitors, many of the markets are so exciting and exotic that you forget to buy anything. Try the Chatucha k weekend market in Kampaengpet street. Every weekend there is the big market here, in fact so big that some people think it is the world’s largest. You can expect prices to be lower here than in the malls. And you can bargain if you want. But bring water, here it gets hot.

Asiatique The Riverfront opened in May 2012 and is, according to local celebrities, the market that has managed to replace the former night market at Lumpini Park. A considerable amount of money has been invested in Asiatique The Riverfront, and with its modern and good restaurants, various sights and monuments, and not least various scenes of performances and shows, it all seems more than a typical Bangkok market. We definitely get associations with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Here is also a variant of the London Eye, a ferris wheel that gives you a view of Bangkok’s stunning metropolis. If you do not want to take any laps, it will help you to locate the market more easily.

The market is definitely worth a visit and has about 1500 sales stalls. It sells everything from clothes and fashion to handicraft products and jugs. However, this is not the place to go if you are looking for super cheap copy products. Some of this is also there, but there is no traditional pirate market. Some stalls have fixed prices, while others add up for bargaining.

You can easily reach the market by taking the BTS (Skytrain) to Saphan Taksin station southwest of Bangkok. It is not a long walk from the Siam area. From Saphan Taksin, there are free boats on the mighty Chao Phraya River that will take you directly to the market. Asiatique The Riverfront frees thousands of people for free by boat to and from Saphan Taksin every day. If you want to drop the boat then take a tuk-tuk (max 100 bath) to the market. The journey takes 5 – 10 minutes if the traffic is not standing.

Asiatique The Riverfront is open from 1700 until midnight every day. The boats run between the market and Saphan Taksin from 1630 to 2330.

Shopping malls in Bangkok

You will find large (read giant) shopping centers in Bangkok. Perhaps the best area is Siam Square and the surrounding area. Here you will find the large shopping center Siam Center, the elegant Siam Discovery Center and much more. We also should not forget the center of the “King of duty free” King Power, and all the shops in the street Rangnam.

Many people prefer MBK, which is a giant shopping center with more than 2000 stores and 150 larger and smaller restaurants. MBK is located right by Siam Square. Go west along Rama I. Our favorites are Zen and Centralworld. These great shopping centers are located at Ratchapradon, opposite Erewan just off Siam Square. Open from 1000 to 2200 every day.

Along the Chao Phraya River there is a bustling public life and also opportunities to shop anything you desire. River City is Southeast Asia’s largest arts and antique center. You should experience this and the visit can be combined with a boat trip on the river and a visit to one of the good restaurants in the area. River City is located at the famous Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Yota 23 Street.

Even more shopping
If you haven’t had enough yet, we suggest the Patpong area at Silom, not far from Suam Lum. But here are some “throwers” to bars who are fighting for your attention along with all kinds of avid sellers. The alternative is to take a walk between the World Trade Center and the Amari Watergate Hotel. Here you will find everything from pants, shoes, bags and the like.

Eating in Bangkok

Eating in Bangkok, Thailand

One of our best experiences with Bangkok is the food. Not only is Thai food wonderfully good, but the price level is also pleasantly low. The exception is wine, which is quite expensive in Thailand. In Bangkok you will also find kitchens from all parts of the world, so you don’t have to eat Thai food if you don’t want to. Many Bangkok restaurants are of high quality. One tip is to be careful about using ice cubes. You should prefer to accept this only when you are sure of the quality of the restaurant. Also, make sure food that is refrigerated is not in “melted” ice. Remember that the bacterial flora in Bangkok is different than here at home.

Thai food is based on the flavors sweet, sour, salty and creamy. A good thairet is characterized by the right blend of these flavors. Rice is an important ingredient in most dishes. Otherwise, the Thai eat both meat and fish. Seafood dishes and various barbecue dishes are popular.

It is often the hotels that have the best restaurants. Don’t be intimidated by the luxurious appearance of the hotels. The food is less expensive than what you are used to and what you expect. We recommend the Siam area and Sukhumvit street and its side streets. In both of these places, there are an incredible number of high quality restaurants. These restaurants are recommended:

Senor Pico’s

This is a “simple” Tex Mex restaurant, located in the Rembrandt Hotel in side street number 18 (Soi 18) to Sukhumvit. It’s a nice place to visit if you have children. The restaurant serves well-known Mexican dishes such as nachos and fajitas. The Rembrandt hotel also has several other restaurants. If you want Italian food, try the Da Vinci restaurant with the Italian chef.

Hard Rock Cafe

This cafe is an experience. It’s a little rougher than some other recent Hard Rock cafes, but with the same familiar (and for some dear) menu. Hard Rock Cafe has been on Siam Square since 1991 (Siam Square, Soi 11). It will be open from 10am. 1100 in the morning until 7 p.m. 0200 at night.

Benihana chain

We love the Benihana chain with restaurants all over the world. This is a Japanese restaurant, but you don’t just have to eat sushi. Meat and chicken are cooked directly on the table where you sit, by knife experts. Here there is as much show as cooking. You will find the restaurant in Charoen Nakhon 1-3 street at the Marriott Royal Garden.

Sea Food Market

Sea Food Market is located on the side street Soi 89 to Sukhumvit. The respatex-like interior is very special. You pick out the ingredients yourself (such as lobster, fish and accessories) and get it cooked, grilled or fried as you wish.

Cabbagas and Condoms

Cabbagas and Condoms are also located at Sukhumvit, specifically Soi 12. The somewhat strange name is related to a desire to gain control over birth rates and fight AIDS. The restaurant serves excellent Thai food and it is very reasonably priced. Look humorously at being served coffee with a condom. Remember that some of the bill goes to a good cause.