Shopping and Eating in Beijing, China

Shopping and Eating in Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the largest cities in the country of China.

Shopping in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing is a pleasure for everyone. The range of goods is huge if you know where to go, and the stores offer both Western brands and of course brands that come from manufacturers in China and the rest of the country. The price level is pleasantly low compared to Western Europe, and besides, Chinese sellers are less intrusive than elsewhere in the East. Chinese markets cannot in any way be compared to street vendors in India, in a positive sense.

Design and luxury
It should be said that if you are looking for designer products, Shanghai has a better selection, but this luxury segment can also be covered in Beijing, the capital of China described on Countryaah. Try the embassy district at Jianguomen-wai and Sanlitun Street. The best 5 star hotels also have great shops.

Centers For those of us who enjoy shopping on a more popular level, Wangfujing Dajle Street, which is about as long as the Forbidden City, has plenty to offer. Here you will find shopping centers and specialty shops. Wangfujing Dajle is located approx. 1 mile east of the Tiananmen Square. A shopping center here is Oriental Plaza. It is huge and in addition to all types of goods has several good restaurants. Here you can spend all day. Click here for maps.

China World Shopping Center
What do you say to 60,000 square meters of stores? In addition to the China World Shopping Center shopping center, it also has an ice rink. The address is at the China World Trade Center at Jianguomenwai Avenue 1.

Let’s also mention the real giant, Jin Yuan. This was the first shopping center to reach Western standards in Beijing. Today, Jin Yuan is considered the world’s second largest shopping center, but is expected to be bypassed by other shopping centers in China in a short time. Jin Yuan has more than 1,000 stores and is located between the 3rd and 4th ring road west of Beijing.

Antiques and markets
More or less less real antiques you buy first and foremost in the street Liulichang, which is located just west of Dashilar. Here you should not simply take the prices for granted, but use your best bargain properties. We can also recommend Bijing Curio City in Dongsanhuan Nanlu Street. Curio City offers giftware, ceramics and much more over four floors. Alternatively, you have the Beijing Arts & Crafts Central Store in the famous Wangfujing Dajle shopping street.

The most common and well-known markets for copying and a number of good Chinese products are the pearl market in the south of Chongwen and the silk market in the Chaoyang district. The pearl market can be found at Tiyuguan Lu and Hóngqiáo Shìchang streets. The silk market is located at Yonganli Subway Station along Dongdan Street. The address is Xiùshui Shìchang. Dongdan goes straight ahead starting at the very southeast end of the Forbidden City. The distance to both these two markets from the Forbidden City is approx. 4 kilometers.

A third and newer copy market with approx. 4 floors with all types of goods (main emphasis on clothes and shoes) is Ya Xiu Silk Market in Sanlitun Street. Here you will also find good and cheap Chinese products.

Eating in Beijing

Eating in Beijing, China

Chinese cuisine is an experience with its diversity. The Chinese themselves love to sit at the table for a long time, and eating is a great social event. There are four main categories of cuisine in China, and Beijing cuisine is one of these. However, in a big city like Beijing, you will find restaurants that offer all types of Chinese food, as well as international cuisine. There are, of course, everything from western fast food chains in Beijing, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Subway, McDonalds, TGF, KFC and more.

Once in Beijing defined by AbbreviationFinder, try to eat Chinese. In most restaurants you get the knife and fork if you ask, but it is not that hard to eat with sticks if you really try. And we can promise you that it will quickly become a habit. The menus do not always have English text, but very often pictures of the dish.

However, it is common to order many dishes, so if there is one or two you do not particularly like, leave it on the table. The normal thing is that the waiters continuously serve the dishes so you finally have every single dish on the table, and everyone eats from the “bowls” that contain what they like best.

Quanjude restaurants

The dish everyone is talking about is of course peking duck, and the Quanjude restaurant is a good choice for enjoying this dish. Quanjude can be found at Qianmen Dajie Street. The whole other is eaten, both skin and meat. The highlight is when the chef cuts thin slices of the duck breast before rolling it like a Mexican wrap along with a tasty sauce.

Food and beverages are cheap in Beijing, and you usually get lots of delicious dishes and plenty of drinks before passing the centenary. Restaurants are everywhere, in different quality and types. Still, the most common thing is to visit specific streets or areas where the eateries are concentrated. Also finer shopping centers usually have good and affordable restaurants that are worth a visit.

Houhai Nanyan in Beijing

You will find an area with many good restaurants around Lake Houhai (Houhai Nanyan). This nightlife area offers a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants and has a very pleasant atmosphere. This is our favorite place in the evening.

Two frequently recommended restaurants are:

Tiandí Yijiá
Tiandí Yijiá, address is Nanchizi Dajie. Expensive to be a Chinese restaurant in Beijing, it has a great garden restaurant and more banquet-like halls indoors that frame a good meal. Here you can get Dim Sum, shark fin soup and many other specialties from all over China.

Serve the People
This lunch and dinner restaurant is Beijing’s trendiest Thai restaurant. It is very popular and can be a nice alternative to all the cinema. The address is 1 San Li Tun Xi Wu Jie.