Shopping and Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Aberdeen is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Aberdeen

Aberdeen defined by AbbreviationFinder is Northeast Scotland’s largest city and has for centuries been the region’s most important commercial city. There are a number of shops and shopping centers in Aberdeen, to the great pleasure of visiting tourists.

The most visited shopping streets are, of course, the major main streets of Union Street and George Street. Around George Street and St Nicolas Street, there are many trendy and exclusive specialty stores besides the well-known chain stores. And you will find larger and smaller shopping centers almost all over the city.

Shopping centers in Aberdeen

The Mall Trinity – The Mall Aberdeen
One of the largest and most famous shopping centers is the Mall Aberdeen or the Mall Trinity which the shopping center was named until 2006. [See image first in the article]. The Mall Aberdeen is located at 155 Union Street. The center is open every day from 0900 except Sundays. The Mall closes 1730 Monday through Wednesday, 2000 Thursday, 1800 Friday and Saturday. On Sundays, the opening hours are 1100 to 1700. The center is also wheelchair accessible and has several restaurants.

One of the most well-known department stores you’ll find at The Mall Trinity is Debenhams. Debenhams has mostly for children, women and men.

Bon Accord St Nicolas Center
The Bon Accord St Nicolas Shopping Center is probably the largest shopping center in Aberdeen and is now approaching 100 stores under the same roof. You can find it in St Nicholas Street and George Street. Previously, Bon Accord St Nicolas Center was two shopping centers that were then merged. The center is still divided into two buildings. You will find a number of the well-known chain stores here, as well as many exciting specialty stores. The center is open 7 days a week with opening hours such as The Mall Aberdeen.

Souvenirs in Aberdeen

It is possible to visit Scotland and avoid coming home with a kilt, but admit that you are thinking? Alex Scott & Co is a famous souvenir shop with Scottish specialties, including kilts of all shapes and sizes. Alex Scott & Co is located in 43 Schoolhill. Alternatively, you come home with some other bulletproof clothing. When it comes to shopping for traditional Scottish clothing, we recommend Country Ways at 115 Holburn Street. Many hunt for a good bottle of Scotch Whiskey as a souvenir from the Scotland trip. There are several shops selling this noble Scottish drink, but it is best to make a purchase while visiting a whiskey distillery, such as. the local manufacturer Glenfiddich.

Especially shopping in Aberdeen

So-called fair trade shops have become increasingly popular. One such store in Aberdeen is the Third World Center located in Correction Wynd. This is the gift shop for those who want a good conscience.

Travel itinerary shopping tips for Aberdeen!

If you take a half-hour drive from Aberdeen you will find the village of Royal Deeside which is a find for those interested in galleries, crafts and “outlets”.

The fashion-conscious can try Verdict Ladies Designer Wear in Thistle Street. Or if you’re in the Bon Accord St Nicolas Center anyway, visit the Monsoon store.

General shopping in Aberdeen:

The biggest shops and centers in Aberdeen are open seven days a week. Only smaller shops and specialty stores close on Sundays.

And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of 17.5% VAT (at the time of writing) at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Aberdeen

Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Aberdeen has a number of restaurants where all the world’s cuisine is represented. And like everywhere else in Scotland you can of course find yourself a pub and get a reasonably good meal for a cheap money. But remember that not all pubs in Aberdeen serve food during the evening.

Now, Scots are not primarily known for their contributions to international haute cuisine, but if you dare you can try the Scottish specialty haggis. The recipe varies, but the main ingredients are liver and heart from sheep, mixed with onions, flour, fat and salt. Preferably with a scotch of whiskey.

Aberdeen is a bit more expensive than neighboring cities, but it is not that strange, since Aberdeen is both the region’s clearly largest and most international city. But restaurant prices in Scotland do not normally scare Norwegians.

Some selected restaurants in Aberdeen:

The Simpson’s restaurant at 59 Queen’s Road is for those who want to spend some good quality Scottish food. Going to be one of the city’s best restaurants.

If you love French cuisine, try Gerard’s located at 50 Chapel Street. This is a traditional French restaurant. Expensive but high quality. Open all days.

Little Italy logically serves Italian food. You can find the restaurant at 79 Holborn Street. Here you will find all kinds of pasta and pizza dishes that you know before. One advantage of the restaurant is that it remains open until 0200 at night Thursday through Saturday. The rest of the week closes at midnight, except for Sundays where the restaurant is closed all day.

If you want to eat really cheap and at the same time taste arctic fish and chips then go to Ashvale at 46 Great Western Road. It is said that this is the most famous and best fish and chips restaurant in the entire region. Closes late and has plenty of space, 300 seats.

Nightlife in Aberdeen

If you have not visited Scotland before, you have something to look forward to. Here there is a high ceiling and a great atmosphere, almost every day, although things tend to take off on weekends. So it is in Aberdeen. A number of bars and pubs fill up with people drinking their pint and ale and meeting the evening with a good mood.

One of the best pubs is The Prince of Wales. You will find this popular pub on 7 St Nicholas Lane, not far from Union Station. A large selection of beers on both bottles and barrels combined with reasonable prices ensures that the premises are usually packed.

For those a little younger we can recommend Cocky Hunters, located at 504 Union Street. It is popular with students and the pub often offers live music.