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Shopping and Eating in Nottingham, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Nottingham, U.K.

Nottingham is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Nottingham

Nottingham defined by AbbreviationFinder is considered one of England’s best cities for shopping, after London and Manchester. Here there are around 1300 shops, six department stores and not least two large shopping centers. The largest is the Victoria Shopping Center, with over 120 stores under the same roof, including a Disney Store, House of Fraser and John Lewis. There is also a large indoor market. Victoria is located northeast of Old Market Square.

The second shopping center, which covers an entire quarter just south of Old Market Square, is Westfield Broadmarsh with nearly 120 stores and eateries spread over 45,000 sqm. The main entrance is from Lister Gate, which is one of Nottingham’s premier shopping streets adjacent to Albert Street, High Street and Clumber Street. Here you will find all the well-known chain stores that you apparently find in every main street in all English cities, such as Marks & Spencer, H&M, Boots and Debenhams.

If you are looking for more exclusive and special clothing and goods, you should rather look at the stores in Victoria Street and Bridlesmith Gate. You can also try Derby Road, northwest of the marketplace, where there are many designer and antique shops. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more alternative items, the Hockley area should be trusted.

If you want to come home from Nottingham with something that is typical and characteristic of the city, then you buy lace, the product that really put Nottingham on the world map in the 18th and 19th centuries. The specialist is the Lace Center located in the old historic Severn buildings at the end of Castle Gate, just off the Robin Hood statue, or Victoria Market.

Nottingham’s markets

The indoor market at the Victoria Shopping Center is open from Monday to Saturday. You can also visit some of the seven traditional outdoor markets in Nottingham:

  • Sneinton market – Mondays and Saturdays
  • Ann’s Market – Tuesdays
  • Bulwell market – Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
  • Hyson Green market – Wednesdays
  • Broxtowe market – Wednesdays
  • Bilborough market – Thursdays
  • Clifton market – Fridays and Saturdays

Opening hours and duty free shopping

The stores are generally open from 10am. 0900 to 1700 or 1800 Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays. Most shops in Broadmarsh and Victoria also open 1000 to 1700 on Sundays. And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of 17.5% VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Nottingham

Food in Nottingham, U.K.

England is not known for its contribution to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding and fish & chips, but today you will find very few restaurants in Nottingham that serve exclusively English fare.

Nottingham primarily has two restaurants that knit the title “Best in town”. Hart’s Restaurant is part of the Hart’s Hotel, located in Standard Hill just north of Nottingham Castle. The menu is described as “Modern British” and a full three course wine for two people will probably cost you close to a thousand dollars.

Hart’s foremost competitor is the World Service, which was named Restaurant of the Year 2007. The owners are even former employees of Hart’s. The restaurant is multicultural, and both menu and interior have touches from all over the world. Here is also an oriental patio garden you can dine in if the weather permits.

Among the more affordable restaurants in Nottingham, Turkish Antalya has become a favorite of the city’s residents. The price level is pleasant, with most of the main courses under the hundred, including several vegetarian dishes. The address is 34 Forman Street, three minutes from Old Market Square.

If you want to stick to the well-known chains, you have both a Hard Rock Cafe at 11 King Street, right on Old Market Square, and a TGI Fridays on South Sherwood Street. If you love Indian food, we highly recommend Kayal at 8 Broad Street, Hockley. The menu is primarily South Indian, which in turn means considerably stronger spicy food than you might be used to from other Indian restaurants, so don’t order the food “Spicy” without knowing what you are doing!

If you want to try something out of the ordinary, maybe the Brazilian restaurant Las Iguanas is an option? There is Latin American music, Brazilian beer and cachaca and a mood that sends you straight to Rio de Janeiro. It is located in Unit B1, Chapel Bar, and the main courses are around 90-130 kroner.

Nottingham’s oldest pubs

Like any university town, Nottingham also has a buzzing nightlife with everything from pubs and rock bars to techno clubs and wine bars. If we are in England, we enjoy the archetypal British pubs best, and you should look at the three oldest ones. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which has served its guests since 1189, ie for around 820 years, is to be England’s oldest pub. The name comes from the Crusaders who must have stopped here en route to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. The back rooms of the pub are carved directly into the mountains directly below Nottingham Castle, and there is also a small museum. Food is served until 1800, but the place is still the place for medieval dinners in the evenings. The address is 1 Brewhouse Yard. Also check out The Bell Inn, licensed back to 1276, andYe Olde Salutation Inn, with roots from 1240, in Hounds Gate, Maid Marion Way.

Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Newcastle

Imagine that in the 1980s there were continuous ferries from Norway to Newcastle defined by AbbreviationFinder. And the main argument for the ferry trip was that we should get the chance to shop in Newcastle. Since then, Newcastle has added many ales as a shopping town, and now you can rightly call the city just that.

There are several shopping areas in Newcastle. The biggest is at Eldon Square Shopping Center. In fact, you won’t find any major shopping complex anywhere else in the UK, and that doesn’t say that much. Here you just have to run into one of the largest Marks and Spencer found outside of London, or the largest Fenwick department store in the world.

Here at Eldon Square there is a continuous round of winding up, launching, renovation and further development, so you just have to come here time after time.

Northumberland Street is perhaps the most important shopping street in Newcastle. In any case, this is the most expensive street for the shops to rent premises, which is often a very good indication of how popular the shopping street is. Once here in Northumberland Street, take the road to Vine Lane as well, because here are the best antique shops.

Grainger Street and the area around Grey’s Monument in the Grainger district are also great places to go for shopping. Gosforth and Byker are the places to come for you who for some reason live in the suburbs.

Shopping centers in Newcastle

And in Gateshead you will find Europe’s largest shopping center. It’s called the Metro Center and is located southwest of the center of Newcastle-upon-tyne, along the A1. The Metro Center has a bowling alley and cinema, so it’s a good place to bring the kids.

The stores in Newcastle Gateshead are mostly open all the time. At least it feels like that to us who don’t have a black belt in shopping. Ordinary opening hours are from 0900 to 1700 or 1730, including Sundays, but in addition there are long open Thursdays and Fridays.

NB! On Sundays, however, the shops do not open until 1100 (usually). After all, people have to sleep after Saturday’s departures.

Eating in Newcastle

Food in Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle is a city where you are going and want to have fun. Here are so many restaurants, nightclubs and bars that the city is almost counted as the capital of all the stag parties. Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the city’s nightlife are rated by several, including the Rough Guide, as England’s largest tourist attraction.

Most nightclubs and bars can be found around Quayside in downtown and at Bigg Market. But we might as well have suggested Neville Street, Cllingwood Street or Osborne Road in Jesmond. Or the area around the main train station. Or “The Gate” which is a huge indoor complex with bars, restaurants and clubs. And so on and so forth.

Food at dining places can be found in all facets and from all nationalities. The china restaurants are located close to Stowell Street. Otherwise you will of course find Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, French and Spanish, Greek and Mexican around the city.

What is surprising to many is that there are several good English restaurants. You can of course stumble into a local fast food kitchen and order a large portion of fish and ships for a cheap price. But it is not particularly good. But feel free to try an English quality score. You pay more for dinner, but in return it is very good.

You can find such a restaurant at the Jesmond Dene House hotel which is logically located on Jesmond Dene Road.

If you want to eat reasonably priced “home-cooked” or well-known dishes like hamburgers and the like, then eat your meal at a pub. Firstly, it is a straightforward way to get to know some of the locals, and secondly, it is often here that you get good value for money.

Some selected restaurants in Newcastle:

Fisherman’s Lodge (International / European)
Great place for seafood, whether it is fish or shellfish in typical European style. The address is Jesmond Dene

Solomons (Indian)
One of the best restaurants in the city without being ruined. In the Denton Road street is Solomons, a restaurant that surprises time and time again. Delicious Indian food to suit our palates. The 10-minute walk out of downtown is worth the trouble when you board Solomons.

Cafe Vivo (Italian)
Italian restaurant located “where it happens”, ie in Quayside, more specifically in the street 29 Broad Chare. Classic Italian with a relaxed atmosphere. Plus for good wine!

Shopping and Eating in Manchester, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Manchester, U.K.

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Manchester

Shopping in Manchester is easy, fun and expensive. Easy, because you have most of it within walking distance of downtown. Funny, because the selection is huge and varied, although not quite on the same level as in London it is not far away. And expensive, because most of the items you find here can be found at the same or lower prices at home in Norway. But the Visa card, as you always know, is a bit looser in your wallet when traveling.

Arndale and Marks & Spencer in Manchester

Manchester defined by AbbreviationFinder is a paradise for any “shopping enthusiast” because here are two of Europe’s largest shopping centers. Arndale was severely damaged in the bombing in 1996, but is now over 130,000 square meters and has around 200 stores.

Across the street, connected to Arndale with a footbridge, is the world’s largest Marks & Spencer store. You can find more information about the individual shops, offers and opening hours on the website.

The Trafford Center

Just south of the city center you will find The Trafford Center, which is almost as large as Arndale, and with even more stores, all 280, among them the first Selfridge store outside London. There are also over 40 different restaurants and bars.

Affleck’s Palace

Affleck’s Palace is a large and youthful shopping center on Church Street with stores that gladly have the words Extreme, Space, American, Fashion, Street or Vampire in their name, while the music is pounding out of the speakers everywhere.

In here you will find half the district’s teens, everything from fashion clothing, skateboarding, arcades, CDs, data and DVDs, discos, hairdressing salons and large stores filled with supporter gear such as t-shirts and hoodies for all bands from Westlife to Marilyn Manson.

Open daily from 2 pm 1000 to 1800. The address is 52 Church Street.

Other shopping tips in Manchester

If you find this too difficult, there are plenty of smaller centers in town, such as Debenhams, The Triangle and the Royal Exchange Center. Otherwise, the Market Street pedestrian street is nice to stroll randomly in, with many shops, restaurants and cafes.

You will also find many shops, pubs and restaurants in Deansgate, the busy main street that runs north-south in the center west. Here is also the department store House of Fraser. Also, try the areas between Deansgate and Arndale. There are several exclusive fashion boutiques around St Ann’s Square and Kings Street pedestrian street.

Souvenirs from Manchester

The classic Manchester souvenir that many tourists come home with is various Manchester United effects such as shirts, scarves, posters and mouse pads. If you are concerned about clothes and fashion, you will certainly not come home empty-handed from Manchester.

Eating in Manchester

Food in Manchester, U.K.

England may not be primarily known for its contributions to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips or meat with vegetables, but today you will find almost no restaurants in Manchester that only serve English food.

Ethnic eateries have flourished everywhere, with the bulk of Chinese or Indian food. Manchester has England’s largest Chinatown, and in these quarters southwest of Piccadilly Gardens you will find hundreds of Chinese eateries.

Great prices for food in Manchester

Despite razor-sharp competition, prices are not particularly low, accounting for around NOK 120-150 for a full dinner. Pearl City at 33 George Street and Yang Sing at 34 Princess Street are considered the top two restaurants.

In the eastern part of the city center, the Indian and Pakistani restaurants are packed together on the so-called Curry Mile in Rusholme, and here fierce competition has led to a pleasing quality increase, with several very good tandoori restaurants. A taxi from downtown to Rusholme should normally cost no more than around 60-70 kroner.

Out of Western dining, the fashionable and newly opened 110 Restaurant in Circus Casino on Portland Street has received excellent reviews, and Le Mont in the Urbis building is also considered one of the city’s best, and at the same time, most expensive, restaurants.

Drink in Manchester

As for beverages, Manchester, like the rest of the UK, has a lively pub culture where the beer stands in a special class. Admittedly, you will find occasional wine bars, and all pubs also have some wine types to offer, but in general Manchester’s local beers are Boddington, Hydes and John Willie Lees.

Try an exceptionally cheap pint at Old Wellington or Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, located next to each other in Shambles Square, right by the cathedral, in the city’s oldest buildings of the 1550s.

Shopping and Eating in London, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in London, U.K.

London is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in London

Shopping in London defined by AbbreviationFinder can be compared to shopping in both New York and Paris. London has literally everything. Here you will find flea markets and second hand shops, great shopping malls and department stores as well as designer shops and small specialty shops.

Oxford Street in London

Oxford Street is perhaps the most famous shopping street in the world. In this elongated street there are over 300 shops! There are also well over 50 eateries in Oxford Street. The street extends from Tottenham Court Road and all the way to Marble Arch. Opening hours Oxford Street: Monday-Wednesday & Friday-Saturday: 1000-1900, Thursday: 1000-2000, Sunday: 1200-1800

Selfridges in Oxford Street are particularly well known for their great designer clothes, cosmetics and not least their wide selection of international foods.
Nearest Subway Stop: Bond Street

Knightsbridge in London

Knighsbridge also has a good selection of shops. Most famous is Harrods magazine. London’s and England’s largest and most famous department stores. There are over 400 departments and close to 5000 employees. Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday 1000 – 1800, Wednesday – Saturday 1000 – 1900. Harrods has address 87 – 135 Brompton Road. Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge

Design shops and outlet stores in London

You will find designer stores in Sloane Street and Old Bond Street. Also New Bond Street has designer stores with a good selection of juvel- and trinket shops.

You will find ooutlet stores and brand stores in Regent Street. An exciting store is the Paul Smith Sale Shop located at 23 Avery Row just behind Bond Street. This outlet store sells outbound models and other sorting to Paul Smith (one of England’s best-known clothing designers) at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Music and bookshops in London

At Piccadilly you will find mainly British craft and tailor shops. However, for many tourists, and maybe the guys in particular (?), Zavvi at 14 Oxford Street will be the place to spend time. For those who remember Virgin Megastore, Zavvi is the one who has taken over. In other words, a must for anyone looking for DVD movies, music, games and electronics in general. Otherwise you will find lots of music in central London and Soho and bookstores at Covent Garden.

Stanford’s (see photo first in article) is perhaps the world’s largest travel bookstore. And certainly one of the finest. Everything about the house is dedicated travel, and better gift shops are hard to find. Seems we now. You can find Stanfords at 12-14 Long Acre at Covent Garden. Stanford’s is open seven days a week.

Markets in London

Markets are popular in London, the capital of United Kingdom described on Countryaah. The largest antique market on Portobello Road is located in the Notting Hill district. This market is open every Saturday. Another market, Camden Market, has all sorts of clothes and various oddities. East Street Market in Blackwood Street is also a popular market. It has been around for over 150 years and many famous people have been visiting here. The market is open on Sundays.

Don’t forget to read more about markets, shopping and more about London on our London Travel Articles page. There you can, for example. read more about Spitafields Market, Greenwich Market, Camden Market and more.

Eating in London

Food in London, U.K.

London is known for its many thousands of restaurants, and all the world’s cuisine is represented in the city. The restaurants range from pub food to gourmet of the world’s finest. The diversity and breadth of food and drink is so great in London that hardly any city in the world can challenge London on this. We have made a small selection of restaurants that are recommended both in terms of quality and price.

If you love Asian-Indian cuisine, Café Spice Namaste is the place to be. The restaurant gets a lot of praise for its Indian specialties. There are new menus every week. The restaurant is located at 16 Prescott Street. The street is just north of Tower Bridge. Table bookings can be made on tel. 020 7488 9242. Read more about Café Spice Namaste and get maps for the restaurant !

Many people prefer Italian cuisine. One tip is Zafferano, considered one of London’s very best Italian restaurants, but it’s not exactly low-budget prices. The restaurant is located at 15 Lowndes Street, just south of Hyde Park. Bookings are recommended well in advance (tel. 020 7235 5800). read more aboutZafferano here and get maps for the restaurant !

What is a trip to London without a classic meal of fish and chips? We can recommend the traditional fish and chips restaurant Fish Central. It has good food at nice prices. It is located at 151 Central Street, (King’s Square). You can take the bus to Old Street and walk from there to the restaurant. For reservations, call 020 7253 4970. Read more about Fish Central and get a map for the restaurant !

Among chains and concept restaurants we recommend Benihana. This Japanese restaurant chain is found all over the world. It serves classic dishes and shushi. The chefs cook the food at your table. It’s informal, nice and good! But it is not very cheap, but you do not often get to experience the cuisine of many places in many places either.

In London, Benihana has three restaurants. They are located in Chelsea, at Picadilly and at Swiss Cottage.

Rules Restaurant

London’s oldest restaurant still in operation is the venerable Rules in Covent Garden (see photo first in article also). Established by Thomas Rule in 1798, the restaurant serves traditional British cuisine, including pies and puddings. The food is good, there is very stylish and arch British high service as well as an interior that testifies to class and gives a deep dive into history and famous people.

And you won’t be ruined here either. Remember to book a table. The address is 34-35 Maiden Lane. Read more about Rules and get maps for the restaurant !

Joe Allen Restaurant

Join New York, then. A true theater bistro by the Strand is only natural with its location near a number of well-known theaters. The Joe Allen Restaurant has been around for a long time, but in 2019 moved its premises a few hundred meters down to No. 2 Burleigh Street, and is now in the old Palace Hall Hotel’s breakfast room. But (in principle) fortunately Joe Allen has kept his own interior.

The prices at Joe Allen Restaurant are reasonable, the food is good, the atmosphere popular and the service good. Pianist is what he hears and should be here too. Read more and get Joe Allen Restaurant maps.

Eating with children in London

A resturant that may be worth a visit for families with children is Rainforest Cafe.

Rainforest offers a varied menu consisting mainly of American and tropical dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Combined with the very unique and unique atmosphere and decor, this makes a visit to The Rainforest Cafe a memorable experience.

This is a great place for parties, birthdays and other celebrations. Here you will find an exciting animated wildlife combined with the many sounds and great views of the rainforest, as well as a number of special effects to the great delight of the little ones. Read more about The Rainforest Cafe and get maps here !

Nearest Subway Stop: Piccadilly Circus. Address is 20 Shaftesbury Avenue.

Pub in London

Pub is part of British culture. The age limit for serving beer is 18 years, but youth down to 16 can drink beer or sides along with a meal if there is room for dining. Children under 14 are not really allowed to enter a pub unless the pub has a so-called “childrens certificate” and the child is accompanied by adults.

The website 10best.com ranks everything between heaven and earth. According to the website, these are among the very best pubs in London:

  • Cow Dining Room(Bayswater) 89 Westbourne Park Road, tel. 20 7221 0021
  • Grenadier(Belgravia) 18 Wilton Row, Belgrave Square, tel. 20 7235 3074
  • Lots Road Pub and Dining Room(Chelsea) 114 Lots Road, tel. 20 7352 6645
  • Royal Oak(Southwark) 44 Tabard Street, tel. 20 7357 7173
  • Seven Stars(Aldwych) 53-54 Carey Street, tel. 20 7242 8521
Shopping and Eating in Liverpool, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Liverpool, U.K.

Liverpool is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Liverpool

The souvenirs that the average Liverpool tourist brings home are often Beatles mousepads, football jerseys, John Lennon coffee mugs, Steven Gerrard posters, George Harrison calendars or Liverpool tattoos. If you want to buy something that is not Beatles- or Liverpool-related, there are plenty of options.

If fashion and designer stores are the most tempting, head for the area around Lord Street and Church Street. Here is also St John’s Shopping Center with over a hundred different shops, eateries and body care studios. Liverpool has some really great shopping centers. You can also visit the Cavern Designer Shopping Center, where you will find the famous Beatles Store, as well as shops such as Kids Cavern, Drome, Cricket and Vivienne Westwood.

Kids will definitely enjoy a trip to the Disney Store, located in Clayton Square Shopping Center, alongside a host of other well-known chains such as Bodyshop and Boots. Liverpool’s residents also use TJ Hughes diligently, so if household items, cosmetics, electronic items and clothing for the whole family are the thing, head to London Road.

If you would rather look through boxes and shelves in storage for storage in search of your private little treasure, Liverpool Palace or Quiggins is the place for you. Here are huge amounts of used clothing, and often clothes with very special designs in addition to plates, books, jewelry and everything else. For souvenirs and crafts, head to Albert Dock, where you will find many small stalls at one of the old restored harbor warehouse buildings at the Tate Museum. These sell everything from simple t-shirts to handmade batik shirts, postcards, candles, jewelry and more.

In the summer of 2007, the new Liverpool One shopping area, the city’s largest, opened. Construction has cost over £ 800 million. This shopping area is located on Paradise Street, between Albert Dock and downtown.

General about Shopping in Liverpool

The stores are generally open from 10am. 0900 to 1700 or 1800 on Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays. And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of the VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Liverpool

Food in Liverpool, U.K.

England may not be primarily known for its contributions to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips or meat with vegetables, but as of 2007 you will find very few restaurants serving only English food.

A local feature is the Dolphin Restaurant at 30-34 Scarisbrick Avenue. Maybe the best place for fish and chips. It’s cheap and far better than it seems. Owned today by the 3rd generation and the restaurant has kept it going since 1957. Open almost every day from 1100 to 0600.

Restaurants in Liverpool

Restaurant Offer in Liverpool defined by AbbreviationFinder has surged over the past decade, and new eateries open almost every week. No city in Europe has had a Chinese population longer than Liverpool, so not surprisingly there are many Chinese restaurants here. You will also find plenty of Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chilean and Japanese eateries here, and of the slightly more quirky variety can be mentioned the Russian restaurant St Petersburg in 7a York Street, complete with Russian dishes on the menu, Russian cabaret and even with Russian karaoke!

Other recommendations from the itinerary are:

Formby Hall
This is a Brasserie belonging to the Formby hall Golf resort, with address Southport Old Road, in Formby. The kitchen is English and of the highest class. The place is very popular, especially in summer. Here you might also meet a Liverpool celebrity, e.g. a football player or two. Formby Hall Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 1230 to 1430 and from 1900 to 2130. Sundays are opening hours from 1230 to 2100. The restaurant is high class and is expensive, but not infrequently you can get affordable lunches including wine.

If you love Thai food then you should definitely try out Chaophraya. Simple and stylish, and decent prices. This chain is in several cities, e.g. Manchester and Leeds, as well as Liverpool. The address in Liverpool is 5-6 Kenyon Steps. Find out why Thailand food is considered among the best in the world.

Il Forno
Go to Chinatown in Liverpool for food from Italy as well. Il Forno is considered one of the most authentic and best Italian restaurants in the whole of England. Check out the very special pizza oven when you visit the restaurant. Prices in all categories, but generally reasonable and value for money. Lunch is from 1200 to 1430, while dinner is available from 1730 to 2300. The address is 132 Duke Street.

Drink in Liverpool

As far as drinks are concerned, Liverpool, like the rest of the UK, has a lively pub culture where the beer stands in a special class. Admittedly, you will find occasional wine bars, and all pubs also have some wine types to offer, but generally the local beer brands Cains, Boddington and John Willie Lees apply. The scousers are also very fond of ale, an unpasteurized, unfiltered dark beer. Mathew Street is a safe choice to start or end your night out. Here, too, lies the Cavern Club, perhaps the world’s most famous music club, thanks to numerous Beatles concerts here in the 60’s.

Shopping and Eating in Glasgow, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Glasgow, U.K.

Glasgow is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Glasgow

There is a great selection of shops in Glasgow defined by AbbreviationFinder. You will find a good overview of shops and addresses on this website: See Glasgow. Glasgow has well-known fashion houses and designers, but also offers national products such as whiskey, cashmere, tweed and Celtic jewelry.

On Sundays, stores are usually closed. The streets of Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street are often referred to as the best in shopping in Glasgow.

The best shopping centers in Glasgow

The best shopping centers are Buchanan Galleries and St Enoch Center.

Buchanan Galleries is a relatively new shopping center. Getting there from anywhere in Glasgow is easy. Here you will find the latest fashion when it comes to clothes, bags, shoes and gift items of all kinds.

St. Enoch Center is the largest shopping center in all of Scotland. Here you will also find several good restaurants. The address is St Enoch Square, right on the Argyle Street shopping street.

The London-based shopping malls Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are other good choices when it comes to shopping. If you are looking for art or furniture, try Savoy Shopping Center. The place has a great deal. The address is Sauchiehall Street No. 170.

Specialty Shops in Glasgow

At Princes Square and The Italian Center there are more specialized shops. At Princes Square, the most elegant shops are under one roof. The Italian Center is located in the Merchant Center area, not far from the city center. The center is surrounded by exclusive buildings with bold architecture. You will find a large selection of luxurious fashion clothes as well as trendy cafes and fine restaurants.

If you are looking for gold and diamonds, The Argyll Arcade is the place for you. The entrance is at 30 Buchanan Street. Here are 32 goldsmith shops in one place. With the purchase you get a unique architecture that is also worth a look.

Slaters are definitely a place to visit if shopping includes men’s clothing. Slaters are mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records.

They sell 8,000 suits a week and with most of the world. With prices that are normally 25-50% lower than in other stores, there is a good chance of making a good trade. The address is 165 Howard Street., Tel. 0141 552 7171.

Markets in Glasgow

The Barras Market is a market full of life and touch, and it offers many products, both new and used. It’s allowed to bargain. Even if you are not going to shop, the market is an experience in itself. The market is located in Gallowgate Street, in the East End.

Eating in Glasgow

Food in Glasgow, U.K.

Glasgow was formerly known for its Indian restaurants. In recent years, the city has become equally known for its diversity of restaurants. And especially Italian cuisine dominates. Glasgow formally abounds with pizzerias and restaurants.

The national dish in Scotland is haggis, which consists of liver, lung and heart from sheep. The intestines are ground and seasoned with kidney fat, flour, onions and cooked in the sheep’s stomach. You can buy haggis all over Glasgow.

The other local specialties are usually seafood, lamb and bird. The dishes are often served with fresh vegetables, including potatoes and carrots. Cheese is also popular, and in Galloway cheddar cheese is produced. Also remember that it is mandatory to taste Scottish whiskey during the trip.

Food and drink tips in Glasgow

We give you a small selection of restaurants, which are recommended both for quality and price.

Click the link to read more about dining options in Glasgow.

Mother India
If you love Asian food, Mother India is the place for you. The restaurant is located right in the center, at 28 Westminster Terrace, Sauchiehall Street, tel. +44 141 221 1663. It is named one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK.

Ubiquitios Chop
Are you in the mood for a real full evening of traditional Scottish and international cuisine, Ubiquitios Chip is the place. The restaurant is located at 12 Ashton Lane, a very special alley in the city’s West End, tel. 0141 334 5007. The restaurant is one of the best in Scotland and if you are only going to one restaurant while in Glasgow, this is the place.

You may find the best seafood in City Merchant. The address is 97-99 Candleriggs.

Italian food in Glasgow

During the Second World War many of the Italian prisoners of war ended up in Scotland. Some of these prisoners thrived so well that they found Scottish ladies and stayed there. Some started restaurants. Therefore, Glasgow should have good Italian restaurants.

L’Ariosto Ristorante
If you prefer Italian cuisine, L’Ariosto Ristorante is the place. The restaurant, which has been running for over 30 years, is known for its great food. The address is 92-94 Mitchell Street, tel. 0141 221 0971. In addition to good food, there is often live entertainment at the weekend, with the opportunity to try out the dance foot. Informal, nice and good food.

Pubs in Glasgow

Pubs are part of Scottish culture. It is said that since it rains so often in Glasgow, there is a pub at each bus stop, so you can go in and have a pint and wait until the rain has settled. Now this is a truth with some modifications, but it is an undeniable fact that there are many pubs to choose from in Glasgow.

The itinerary we recommend the beer garden to popular West located in the Templeton building in Glasgow Green (East End). There is also the opportunity to eat.

Also try Glasgow’s oldest pub, Old College Bar, at 219 High Street. Such is a proper brown pub. And yes, Old College Bar doesn’t have live music right as it is either.

An alternative tip is to take the “back alley” to Ashton Lane, refer to the tip about the Ubiquitios Chip restaurant on the previous page. There are plenty of exciting pubs in Ashton Lane that you can actually stay in this stump all night.

Shopping and Eating in Edinburgh, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Edinburgh, U.K.

Edinburgh is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Edinburgh

Edinburgh defined by AbbreviationFinder is a great place for shopping and has a good selection of shopping centers and department stores. Here you will find all the major chains that you will find in all other major cities in the UK, with pretty much the same range and prices.

Edinburgh has several smaller specialty shops selling the distinctive Scottish. Most tourists buy some garments in shotgun designs. These patterns are called tartans, and are found in over 2000 variants, which are linked to different clans. An expert can see where in Scotland the garment belongs. The whole thing can be compared to our costumes, just a lot more complex.

Kilt and bagpipes in Edinburgh

The classic is of course a real kilt, but it will cost you many thousands of dollars to sew your own kilt in the traditional way. Fortunately, they are available in considerably less expensive editions, without people at home ever wanting to make a difference. The King of Kiltmaker is Geoffrey (Tailor) Highland Crafts, which also sells everything else you associate with Scotland.

The bagpipe is next to the kiln the most archetypal Scottish imaginable, although the Irish also use bagpipes, and the ancient Romans had their variation of the instrument. But again, a real and good bagpipe will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and since you’re unlikely to spend it much, you might as well go for a cheaper copy that looks just as good when hanging on the wall. But if you are serious, then visit Bagpipes Galore in 82 Canongate on the Royal Mile.

Scottish whiskey is also a sovereign classic, though it rarely lasts as long as the kilts. It is teeming with whiskey shops with a solid selection and sellers with high knowledge of the brands. For example, try Royal Mile Whiskeys at 379 High Street, Robert Graham Ltd at 194a Rose Street or Edinburgh Gift & Whiskey Shop at 515 Lawnmarket.

If you are content with more traditional shopping, you should visit the world’s oldest independent department store. Jenners is an institution in Edinburgh. The department store opened its doors in 1838 on Princes Street, where it is still located. Jenners was run as a family business until 2005, when the chain House of Fraser bought it up.

Main shopping streets in Edinburgh

The main shopping street is probably Princes Street with all its chain stores, department stores and shopping malls. Also try cross streets and parallel street George Street.

The street stump Mulltrees Walk is a find for those who have extra spending money and want to use these in fashion. This stump goes from St Andrew Street (just off major St Andrew Square) to Elder Street.

In general about shopping in Edinburgh

The stores are usually open from 0900 to 1700 or 1800 on Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays.

And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of the VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Edinburgh

Food in Edinburgh, U.K.

Like its neighbors Ireland and England, Scotland has not left its mark on international haute cuisine. Scottish national law haggis probably falls under the category of “especially interested”. Haggis consist of liver, lung and heart from sheep. The intestines are ground and seasoned with kidney fat, flour, onions and cooked in the sheep’s stomach.

The other local, and more common specialties, are most often seafood, lamb and bird. The dishes are often served with fresh vegetables, including potatoes and carrots.

There are plenty of restaurants serving traditional Scottish food, but if this is not tempting then finding Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican or French eateries in most price categories is no problem. All along the Royal Mile and the side streets are teeming with restaurants, but most Scots would advise you to steer clear of the local eateries here, as they are mainly aimed at tourists who do not know better.

If you want to try one of the city’s most renowned restaurants, starred in the Michelin Guide, you need to get out of the city center. Martin Wishart Restaurant is located by the harbor in the Leith district, serving lunch from 1200 to 1400 and dinner from 1900 to 2200 Tuesday through Saturday.

Drink in Edinburgh

Like Irish and English, the Scots have been thoroughly respectful when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Scotch whiskey is considered the best in the world, and whiskey is referred to only as Scotch in the United States. The production of whiskey is a science of its own, and a tour of one of the region’s whiskey distilleries is almost mandatory for a tourist with respect for himself. For your convenience, visit the Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center on Castle Hill.

Edinburgh has an almost legendary nightlife, thanks to many tourists, stag parties on tour, and not least the over 23,000 students at the city’s university, one of the largest in the UK. Especially the area around Cowgate is popular with students. Most pubs in Edinburgh close later than the rest of the UK, and the first one opens again at 0500. It’s called The Black Penny and is located at Waverley Station.

Shopping and Eating in Bristol, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Bristol, U.K.

Bristol is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Bristol

Shoppers have it very easy and convenient in Bristol defined by AbbreviationFinder. Not only is there a good selection, but the main shopping districts are also close to each other. And with a record low pound rate, it’s easy to pull the Visa card an extra time.

Broadmead is located in the heart of Bristol city ​​center, just northeast of Old Town, and is a magnet for shopping enthusiasts from across south-west Britain. Here is The Mall Galleries, a huge shopping center with over a hundred stores on three floors, including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Boots.

Plus on the streets around The Mall, such as Broadmead itself, Merchant Street, Wine Street, Union Street and The Horsefair, you have over 300 shops to explore.

Other major shopping centers in Bristol

The other major shopping center is The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, which on its 4 floors has around 135 shops and 17 restaurants. This is just off Bristol, on the M5 and is open every day. At the time of writing, it is under construction to have a new shopping center ready for opening in the fall of 2008. Cabot Circus will be the name, and it will have around 230 stores, including a large four-storey House Of Fraser. This is located just east of Templemead.

Are you looking for the more fashionable designer brand stores, then head for the steep Park Street. Or you can head to the west of Clifton, where most of Bristol’s galleries, antique shops and wine bars have gathered around Clifton Village and Whiteladies Road. This is a finer old residential area with many Georgian mansions and villas, and you can combine this with the obligatory visit to Bristol’s foremost tourist attraction, the Clifton Suspension Bridge Bridge.

Markets in Bristol

If you enjoy markets better than department stores, you can look forward to Saint Nicholas Market, which is open six days a week. Here are a plethora of specialty retail stores under roof between St Nicholas Street and Corn Street. The market is located in the middle of the old town and has been a permanent feature of the cityscape since 1743. In addition, every Wednesday there is a Farmers Market that sells locally produced food, and on Fridays and Saturdays there are lively street markets in Corn Street. The first Sunday of the month is a Slow Food Market, a dream for every food lover.

You should also look at the special Christmas Steps, which was once a steep and narrow street between Colston Street and Lewins Mead. There are several small specialty shops, galleries, cafes and craft shops where you can find gift items out of the ordinary. And, as a matter of fact, the most special thing you can bring home from Somerset is undoubtedly Bristol Blue Glass products. Bristol Blue Glass is a glass factory that has a retail center right where you can see the products being produced on site by traditional glassmakers performing their craft.

The stores are generally open from 10am. 0900 to 1700 or 1800 Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays. Most shops in Broadmead and The Mall Galleries are also open on Sundays. And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of 17.5% VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Bristol

Food in Bristol, U.K.

England is not primarily known for its contributions to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding and fish & chips, but today you will find very few restaurants in Bristol serving exclusively English fare.

Multiethnic food traditions in Bristol

Due to its centuries-old history as one of the most important port cities in England, Bristol has a more multi-ethnic population than most other cities, which contributes significantly to a good and varied selection of restaurant services. However, Bristol’s immigrants are also more integrated than in other cities, and for that reason you will not find your own Chinatown or Little India in Bristol such as you. do in London, Manchester or Liverpool.

Among the better and most romantic restaurants in Bristol, we highlight The Glassboat, a 1924 boat that has been at Welsh Back, right on the Bristol Bridge for the past twenty years.

Here you will find European-inspired food, mainly French cuisine with English ingredients for candlelight and a brilliant view. The Swedish flag hanging on the back of the boat is due to the owner’s nationality.

A little further down the street, in The Grove, is the modern Severnshed restaurant in an old boat house built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the 19th century. It also Visit the restaurant’s rotating bar.

We can recommend the Nepali / Indian Kathmandu restaurant located in Colston Street. It is very popular and table booking is a good idea, especially for weekend dinners. Bristol’s restaurant offerings are constantly evolving, so check out the latest additions to our Bristol holiday links page.

Beverages and nightlife in Bristol

As for drinks, Bristol, like the rest of the UK, has a lively pub culture. But where other cities pay tribute to their ale, lager or stout, cider is the focus of Bristol and the rest of southwest England. The world’s second largest cider producer, Gaymer, is based in Somerset, making local favorites including Blackthorn and Olde English. Also try Scrumpy Jack, which is significantly more tasteful, and stronger, than the other ciders.

Bristol has an exceptionally exuberant nightlife that we in Travelplanet have hardly seen since the time we visited Dublin. On weekends, the pubs are full of mornings if there is football on TV, and in the evenings, it is teeming with cheerful stag parties, most wearing more or less dressy Playbunny or pirate costumes. Pubs and clubs can be found just about everywhere, but most draw to the lively pub streets of King Street and Corn Street, or to the slightly more fashionable Park Street and Whiteladies Road. And, of course, the countless cafes and restaurants at Harborside are popular.

Shopping and Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Aberdeen is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Aberdeen

Aberdeen defined by AbbreviationFinder is Northeast Scotland’s largest city and has for centuries been the region’s most important commercial city. There are a number of shops and shopping centers in Aberdeen, to the great pleasure of visiting tourists.

The most visited shopping streets are, of course, the major main streets of Union Street and George Street. Around George Street and St Nicolas Street, there are many trendy and exclusive specialty stores besides the well-known chain stores. And you will find larger and smaller shopping centers almost all over the city.

Shopping centers in Aberdeen

The Mall Trinity – The Mall Aberdeen
One of the largest and most famous shopping centers is the Mall Aberdeen or the Mall Trinity which the shopping center was named until 2006. [See image first in the article]. The Mall Aberdeen is located at 155 Union Street. The center is open every day from 0900 except Sundays. The Mall closes 1730 Monday through Wednesday, 2000 Thursday, 1800 Friday and Saturday. On Sundays, the opening hours are 1100 to 1700. The center is also wheelchair accessible and has several restaurants.

One of the most well-known department stores you’ll find at The Mall Trinity is Debenhams. Debenhams has mostly for children, women and men.

Bon Accord St Nicolas Center
The Bon Accord St Nicolas Shopping Center is probably the largest shopping center in Aberdeen and is now approaching 100 stores under the same roof. You can find it in St Nicholas Street and George Street. Previously, Bon Accord St Nicolas Center was two shopping centers that were then merged. The center is still divided into two buildings. You will find a number of the well-known chain stores here, as well as many exciting specialty stores. The center is open 7 days a week with opening hours such as The Mall Aberdeen.

Souvenirs in Aberdeen

It is possible to visit Scotland and avoid coming home with a kilt, but admit that you are thinking? Alex Scott & Co is a famous souvenir shop with Scottish specialties, including kilts of all shapes and sizes. Alex Scott & Co is located in 43 Schoolhill. Alternatively, you come home with some other bulletproof clothing. When it comes to shopping for traditional Scottish clothing, we recommend Country Ways at 115 Holburn Street. Many hunt for a good bottle of Scotch Whiskey as a souvenir from the Scotland trip. There are several shops selling this noble Scottish drink, but it is best to make a purchase while visiting a whiskey distillery, such as. the local manufacturer Glenfiddich.

Especially shopping in Aberdeen

So-called fair trade shops have become increasingly popular. One such store in Aberdeen is the Third World Center located in Correction Wynd. This is the gift shop for those who want a good conscience.

Travel itinerary shopping tips for Aberdeen!

If you take a half-hour drive from Aberdeen you will find the village of Royal Deeside which is a find for those interested in galleries, crafts and “outlets”.

The fashion-conscious can try Verdict Ladies Designer Wear in Thistle Street. Or if you’re in the Bon Accord St Nicolas Center anyway, visit the Monsoon store.

General shopping in Aberdeen:

The biggest shops and centers in Aberdeen are open seven days a week. Only smaller shops and specialty stores close on Sundays.

And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of 17.5% VAT (at the time of writing) at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Aberdeen

Eating in Aberdeen, U.K.

Aberdeen has a number of restaurants where all the world’s cuisine is represented. And like everywhere else in Scotland you can of course find yourself a pub and get a reasonably good meal for a cheap money. But remember that not all pubs in Aberdeen serve food during the evening.

Now, Scots are not primarily known for their contributions to international haute cuisine, but if you dare you can try the Scottish specialty haggis. The recipe varies, but the main ingredients are liver and heart from sheep, mixed with onions, flour, fat and salt. Preferably with a scotch of whiskey.

Aberdeen is a bit more expensive than neighboring cities, but it is not that strange, since Aberdeen is both the region’s clearly largest and most international city. But restaurant prices in Scotland do not normally scare Norwegians.

Some selected restaurants in Aberdeen:

The Simpson’s restaurant at 59 Queen’s Road is for those who want to spend some good quality Scottish food. Going to be one of the city’s best restaurants.

If you love French cuisine, try Gerard’s located at 50 Chapel Street. This is a traditional French restaurant. Expensive but high quality. Open all days.

Little Italy logically serves Italian food. You can find the restaurant at 79 Holborn Street. Here you will find all kinds of pasta and pizza dishes that you know before. One advantage of the restaurant is that it remains open until 0200 at night Thursday through Saturday. The rest of the week closes at midnight, except for Sundays where the restaurant is closed all day.

If you want to eat really cheap and at the same time taste arctic fish and chips then go to Ashvale at 46 Great Western Road. It is said that this is the most famous and best fish and chips restaurant in the entire region. Closes late and has plenty of space, 300 seats.

Nightlife in Aberdeen

If you have not visited Scotland before, you have something to look forward to. Here there is a high ceiling and a great atmosphere, almost every day, although things tend to take off on weekends. So it is in Aberdeen. A number of bars and pubs fill up with people drinking their pint and ale and meeting the evening with a good mood.

One of the best pubs is The Prince of Wales. You will find this popular pub on 7 St Nicholas Lane, not far from Union Station. A large selection of beers on both bottles and barrels combined with reasonable prices ensures that the premises are usually packed.

For those a little younger we can recommend Cocky Hunters, located at 504 Union Street. It is popular with students and the pub often offers live music.