Shopping and Eating in Liverpool, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Liverpool, U.K.

Liverpool is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Liverpool

The souvenirs that the average Liverpool tourist brings home are often Beatles mousepads, football jerseys, John Lennon coffee mugs, Steven Gerrard posters, George Harrison calendars or Liverpool tattoos. If you want to buy something that is not Beatles- or Liverpool-related, there are plenty of options.

If fashion and designer stores are the most tempting, head for the area around Lord Street and Church Street. Here is also St John’s Shopping Center with over a hundred different shops, eateries and body care studios. Liverpool has some really great shopping centers. You can also visit the Cavern Designer Shopping Center, where you will find the famous Beatles Store, as well as shops such as Kids Cavern, Drome, Cricket and Vivienne Westwood.

Kids will definitely enjoy a trip to the Disney Store, located in Clayton Square Shopping Center, alongside a host of other well-known chains such as Bodyshop and Boots. Liverpool’s residents also use TJ Hughes diligently, so if household items, cosmetics, electronic items and clothing for the whole family are the thing, head to London Road.

If you would rather look through boxes and shelves in storage for storage in search of your private little treasure, Liverpool Palace or Quiggins is the place for you. Here are huge amounts of used clothing, and often clothes with very special designs in addition to plates, books, jewelry and everything else. For souvenirs and crafts, head to Albert Dock, where you will find many small stalls at one of the old restored harbor warehouse buildings at the Tate Museum. These sell everything from simple t-shirts to handmade batik shirts, postcards, candles, jewelry and more.

In the summer of 2007, the new Liverpool One shopping area, the city’s largest, opened. Construction has cost over £ 800 million. This shopping area is located on Paradise Street, between Albert Dock and downtown.

General about Shopping in Liverpool

The stores are generally open from 10am. 0900 to 1700 or 1800 on Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays. And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of the VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Liverpool

Food in Liverpool, U.K.

England may not be primarily known for its contributions to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips or meat with vegetables, but as of 2007 you will find very few restaurants serving only English food.

A local feature is the Dolphin Restaurant at 30-34 Scarisbrick Avenue. Maybe the best place for fish and chips. It’s cheap and far better than it seems. Owned today by the 3rd generation and the restaurant has kept it going since 1957. Open almost every day from 1100 to 0600.

Restaurants in Liverpool

Restaurant Offer in Liverpool defined by AbbreviationFinder has surged over the past decade, and new eateries open almost every week. No city in Europe has had a Chinese population longer than Liverpool, so not surprisingly there are many Chinese restaurants here. You will also find plenty of Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chilean and Japanese eateries here, and of the slightly more quirky variety can be mentioned the Russian restaurant St Petersburg in 7a York Street, complete with Russian dishes on the menu, Russian cabaret and even with Russian karaoke!

Other recommendations from the itinerary are:

Formby Hall
This is a Brasserie belonging to the Formby hall Golf resort, with address Southport Old Road, in Formby. The kitchen is English and of the highest class. The place is very popular, especially in summer. Here you might also meet a Liverpool celebrity, e.g. a football player or two. Formby Hall Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 1230 to 1430 and from 1900 to 2130. Sundays are opening hours from 1230 to 2100. The restaurant is high class and is expensive, but not infrequently you can get affordable lunches including wine.

If you love Thai food then you should definitely try out Chaophraya. Simple and stylish, and decent prices. This chain is in several cities, e.g. Manchester and Leeds, as well as Liverpool. The address in Liverpool is 5-6 Kenyon Steps. Find out why Thailand food is considered among the best in the world.

Il Forno
Go to Chinatown in Liverpool for food from Italy as well. Il Forno is considered one of the most authentic and best Italian restaurants in the whole of England. Check out the very special pizza oven when you visit the restaurant. Prices in all categories, but generally reasonable and value for money. Lunch is from 1200 to 1430, while dinner is available from 1730 to 2300. The address is 132 Duke Street.

Drink in Liverpool

As far as drinks are concerned, Liverpool, like the rest of the UK, has a lively pub culture where the beer stands in a special class. Admittedly, you will find occasional wine bars, and all pubs also have some wine types to offer, but generally the local beer brands Cains, Boddington and John Willie Lees apply. The scousers are also very fond of ale, an unpasteurized, unfiltered dark beer. Mathew Street is a safe choice to start or end your night out. Here, too, lies the Cavern Club, perhaps the world’s most famous music club, thanks to numerous Beatles concerts here in the 60’s.