Shopping and Eating in London, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in London, U.K.

London is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in London

Shopping in London defined by AbbreviationFinder can be compared to shopping in both New York and Paris. London has literally everything. Here you will find flea markets and second hand shops, great shopping malls and department stores as well as designer shops and small specialty shops.

Oxford Street in London

Oxford Street is perhaps the most famous shopping street in the world. In this elongated street there are over 300 shops! There are also well over 50 eateries in Oxford Street. The street extends from Tottenham Court Road and all the way to Marble Arch. Opening hours Oxford Street: Monday-Wednesday & Friday-Saturday: 1000-1900, Thursday: 1000-2000, Sunday: 1200-1800

Selfridges in Oxford Street are particularly well known for their great designer clothes, cosmetics and not least their wide selection of international foods.
Nearest Subway Stop: Bond Street

Knightsbridge in London

Knighsbridge also has a good selection of shops. Most famous is Harrods magazine. London’s and England’s largest and most famous department stores. There are over 400 departments and close to 5000 employees. Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday 1000 – 1800, Wednesday – Saturday 1000 – 1900. Harrods has address 87 – 135 Brompton Road. Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge

Design shops and outlet stores in London

You will find designer stores in Sloane Street and Old Bond Street. Also New Bond Street has designer stores with a good selection of juvel- and trinket shops.

You will find ooutlet stores and brand stores in Regent Street. An exciting store is the Paul Smith Sale Shop located at 23 Avery Row just behind Bond Street. This outlet store sells outbound models and other sorting to Paul Smith (one of England’s best-known clothing designers) at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Music and bookshops in London

At Piccadilly you will find mainly British craft and tailor shops. However, for many tourists, and maybe the guys in particular (?), Zavvi at 14 Oxford Street will be the place to spend time. For those who remember Virgin Megastore, Zavvi is the one who has taken over. In other words, a must for anyone looking for DVD movies, music, games and electronics in general. Otherwise you will find lots of music in central London and Soho and bookstores at Covent Garden.

Stanford’s (see photo first in article) is perhaps the world’s largest travel bookstore. And certainly one of the finest. Everything about the house is dedicated travel, and better gift shops are hard to find. Seems we now. You can find Stanfords at 12-14 Long Acre at Covent Garden. Stanford’s is open seven days a week.

Markets in London

Markets are popular in London, the capital of United Kingdom described on Countryaah. The largest antique market on Portobello Road is located in the Notting Hill district. This market is open every Saturday. Another market, Camden Market, has all sorts of clothes and various oddities. East Street Market in Blackwood Street is also a popular market. It has been around for over 150 years and many famous people have been visiting here. The market is open on Sundays.

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Eating in London

Food in London, U.K.

London is known for its many thousands of restaurants, and all the world’s cuisine is represented in the city. The restaurants range from pub food to gourmet of the world’s finest. The diversity and breadth of food and drink is so great in London that hardly any city in the world can challenge London on this. We have made a small selection of restaurants that are recommended both in terms of quality and price.

If you love Asian-Indian cuisine, Café Spice Namaste is the place to be. The restaurant gets a lot of praise for its Indian specialties. There are new menus every week. The restaurant is located at 16 Prescott Street. The street is just north of Tower Bridge. Table bookings can be made on tel. 020 7488 9242. Read more about Café Spice Namaste and get maps for the restaurant !

Many people prefer Italian cuisine. One tip is Zafferano, considered one of London’s very best Italian restaurants, but it’s not exactly low-budget prices. The restaurant is located at 15 Lowndes Street, just south of Hyde Park. Bookings are recommended well in advance (tel. 020 7235 5800). read more aboutZafferano here and get maps for the restaurant !

What is a trip to London without a classic meal of fish and chips? We can recommend the traditional fish and chips restaurant Fish Central. It has good food at nice prices. It is located at 151 Central Street, (King’s Square). You can take the bus to Old Street and walk from there to the restaurant. For reservations, call 020 7253 4970. Read more about Fish Central and get a map for the restaurant !

Among chains and concept restaurants we recommend Benihana. This Japanese restaurant chain is found all over the world. It serves classic dishes and shushi. The chefs cook the food at your table. It’s informal, nice and good! But it is not very cheap, but you do not often get to experience the cuisine of many places in many places either.

In London, Benihana has three restaurants. They are located in Chelsea, at Picadilly and at Swiss Cottage.

Rules Restaurant

London’s oldest restaurant still in operation is the venerable Rules in Covent Garden (see photo first in article also). Established by Thomas Rule in 1798, the restaurant serves traditional British cuisine, including pies and puddings. The food is good, there is very stylish and arch British high service as well as an interior that testifies to class and gives a deep dive into history and famous people.

And you won’t be ruined here either. Remember to book a table. The address is 34-35 Maiden Lane. Read more about Rules and get maps for the restaurant !

Joe Allen Restaurant

Join New York, then. A true theater bistro by the Strand is only natural with its location near a number of well-known theaters. The Joe Allen Restaurant has been around for a long time, but in 2019 moved its premises a few hundred meters down to No. 2 Burleigh Street, and is now in the old Palace Hall Hotel’s breakfast room. But (in principle) fortunately Joe Allen has kept his own interior.

The prices at Joe Allen Restaurant are reasonable, the food is good, the atmosphere popular and the service good. Pianist is what he hears and should be here too. Read more and get Joe Allen Restaurant maps.

Eating with children in London

A resturant that may be worth a visit for families with children is Rainforest Cafe.

Rainforest offers a varied menu consisting mainly of American and tropical dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Combined with the very unique and unique atmosphere and decor, this makes a visit to The Rainforest Cafe a memorable experience.

This is a great place for parties, birthdays and other celebrations. Here you will find an exciting animated wildlife combined with the many sounds and great views of the rainforest, as well as a number of special effects to the great delight of the little ones. Read more about The Rainforest Cafe and get maps here !

Nearest Subway Stop: Piccadilly Circus. Address is 20 Shaftesbury Avenue.

Pub in London

Pub is part of British culture. The age limit for serving beer is 18 years, but youth down to 16 can drink beer or sides along with a meal if there is room for dining. Children under 14 are not really allowed to enter a pub unless the pub has a so-called “childrens certificate” and the child is accompanied by adults.

The website ranks everything between heaven and earth. According to the website, these are among the very best pubs in London:

  • Cow Dining Room(Bayswater) 89 Westbourne Park Road, tel. 20 7221 0021
  • Grenadier(Belgravia) 18 Wilton Row, Belgrave Square, tel. 20 7235 3074
  • Lots Road Pub and Dining Room(Chelsea) 114 Lots Road, tel. 20 7352 6645
  • Royal Oak(Southwark) 44 Tabard Street, tel. 20 7357 7173
  • Seven Stars(Aldwych) 53-54 Carey Street, tel. 20 7242 8521