Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Newcastle

Imagine that in the 1980s there were continuous ferries from Norway to Newcastle defined by AbbreviationFinder. And the main argument for the ferry trip was that we should get the chance to shop in Newcastle. Since then, Newcastle has added many ales as a shopping town, and now you can rightly call the city just that.

There are several shopping areas in Newcastle. The biggest is at Eldon Square Shopping Center. In fact, you won’t find any major shopping complex anywhere else in the UK, and that doesn’t say that much. Here you just have to run into one of the largest Marks and Spencer found outside of London, or the largest Fenwick department store in the world.

Here at Eldon Square there is a continuous round of winding up, launching, renovation and further development, so you just have to come here time after time.

Northumberland Street is perhaps the most important shopping street in Newcastle. In any case, this is the most expensive street for the shops to rent premises, which is often a very good indication of how popular the shopping street is. Once here in Northumberland Street, take the road to Vine Lane as well, because here are the best antique shops.

Grainger Street and the area around Grey’s Monument in the Grainger district are also great places to go for shopping. Gosforth and Byker are the places to come for you who for some reason live in the suburbs.

Shopping centers in Newcastle

And in Gateshead you will find Europe’s largest shopping center. It’s called the Metro Center and is located southwest of the center of Newcastle-upon-tyne, along the A1. The Metro Center has a bowling alley and cinema, so it’s a good place to bring the kids.

The stores in Newcastle Gateshead are mostly open all the time. At least it feels like that to us who don’t have a black belt in shopping. Ordinary opening hours are from 0900 to 1700 or 1730, including Sundays, but in addition there are long open Thursdays and Fridays.

NB! On Sundays, however, the shops do not open until 1100 (usually). After all, people have to sleep after Saturday’s departures.

Eating in Newcastle

Food in Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle is a city where you are going and want to have fun. Here are so many restaurants, nightclubs and bars that the city is almost counted as the capital of all the stag parties. Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the city’s nightlife are rated by several, including the Rough Guide, as England’s largest tourist attraction.

Most nightclubs and bars can be found around Quayside in downtown and at Bigg Market. But we might as well have suggested Neville Street, Cllingwood Street or Osborne Road in Jesmond. Or the area around the main train station. Or “The Gate” which is a huge indoor complex with bars, restaurants and clubs. And so on and so forth.

Food at dining places can be found in all facets and from all nationalities. The china restaurants are located close to Stowell Street. Otherwise you will of course find Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, French and Spanish, Greek and Mexican around the city.

What is surprising to many is that there are several good English restaurants. You can of course stumble into a local fast food kitchen and order a large portion of fish and ships for a cheap price. But it is not particularly good. But feel free to try an English quality score. You pay more for dinner, but in return it is very good.

You can find such a restaurant at the Jesmond Dene House hotel which is logically located on Jesmond Dene Road.

If you want to eat reasonably priced “home-cooked” or well-known dishes like hamburgers and the like, then eat your meal at a pub. Firstly, it is a straightforward way to get to know some of the locals, and secondly, it is often here that you get good value for money.

Some selected restaurants in Newcastle:

Fisherman’s Lodge (International / European)
Great place for seafood, whether it is fish or shellfish in typical European style. The address is Jesmond Dene

Solomons (Indian)
One of the best restaurants in the city without being ruined. In the Denton Road street is Solomons, a restaurant that surprises time and time again. Delicious Indian food to suit our palates. The 10-minute walk out of downtown is worth the trouble when you board Solomons.

Cafe Vivo (Italian)
Italian restaurant located “where it happens”, ie in Quayside, more specifically in the street 29 Broad Chare. Classic Italian with a relaxed atmosphere. Plus for good wine!