Shopping and Eating in Agadir, Morocco

Shopping and Eating in Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is one of the largest cities in the country of Morocco.

Shopping in Agadir

Eating in Agadir, Morocco

We already inform you here and now that you have a limit on how many kilos of luggage you can carry on the plane. It’s easy to forget when visiting Morocco. The market in Agadir defined by AbbreviationFinder, which is the city’s big souk, is a popular place to shop for tourists. No wonder, considering all the gift options the product range here offers. Besides, it’s a pretty pretty bazaar.

If there is anything merchants in Morocco can do, then it is to negotiate price. Don’t think you are a world champion in “haggling”, he usually stands on the opposite side and should sell you his products. On the large souk you can trade everything from jewelry to carpets. Add everything from spices, ceramics and leather goods so you understand what kind of product range the market has.

An alternative is the smaller Medina Souvenirs shop which offers Moroccan handicraft products and souvenirs. The laughter is often decorative wood carvings, small rugs and jewelry. You will find Medina Souvenirs near the large souk, more specifically in Massira Street. If you are unsure of the road, talk to one of the city’s many taxi drivers.

Of other major shopping centers in Agadir we suggest the Marche Municipal and Agadir’s Central Market. The prices at Marche Municipal are usually slightly above what you can negotiate on the souk. But the whole thing is a little more tourist friendly. You will find the Marche Municipal between the avenues Des Far and Sifi Mohammad.

Also visit the Le Medina d’Agadir Cocco Pollizzi shopping arcade. It is also called just Medina Cocco Pollizzi and offers many great products. The architect behind this shopping arcade is fromItaly.

General about shopping in Agadir

There are many shops in Agadir and it seems that most are there for tourists. The sellers of us who come from the north ofEurope canSeems very active, but don’t take it personally. Since many are trying to find happiness in “fooling” tourists, you should be a bit skeptical of the quality of the craft products. And don’t pay the price they ask for the first time. Price you must negotiate!

When it comes to small practical products you need for life on the beach, there are plenty of shops that offer such. For general retail, and if you want wine or similar, visit the Uniprix store, located in the “Moroccan” part of town. Right next to this you will also find a bookstore (Crown English Bookshop) that sells English-language books, if you need reading material.