Shopping and Eating in Aarhus, Denmark

Shopping and Eating in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is one of the largest cities in the country of Denmark.

Shopping in Åarhus

With its proximity to continental Europe combined with high quality of its own design, shopping in Denmark is very exciting and trendy. And one of Denmark’s best shopping towns is Århus defined by AbbreviationFinder. Not least you will find Bazar West here, a world of tastes and experiences. This nearly 20,000 square meter bazaar is Scandinavia’s largest of its kind. Experience exotic dining, Turkish bakeries and Oriental grocers. The address is Edwin Rahrs Road 32. The Bazar West is open Tuesday to Sunday from 1000 to 1800. Mondays closed.

You can buy souvenirs in the Old City, i.e. the open-air museum in Aarhus. Here, the many museums have good quality ceramics and other local crafts.

The main shopping street in Aarhus is exactly the same as with big brother Copenhagen, Strøget. The street in Århus is a 900 meter long street with about 150 shops on each side. The street goes from Bruun’s Gallery right by the railway station to Store Torv at Aarhus Cathedral. Remember to cross the pedestrian streets Fredriksgade and Sct. Clemens Strait. If you visit Aarhus in the winter, know that there is heat in the street, so it is dry all year.

Vestergade is the name of one of the most beautiful streets in Aarhus. The shops here sell everything from “technological dipping things” to sports equipment. Don’t forget to take a detour down Grønnegade and see Møllestien for a great walk among the old beautiful houses.

The Latin Quarter is the name of the oldest area in Aarhus. The mind goes to Southern Europe when you see all the cozy cafes and cobbled streets. The Latin Quarter is known for its many specialty shops. Here you go shopping for clothes and crafts. Maybe you make the big find right here?

The Fredriksbjerk district consists of the streets MP Bruunsgade, Jægergårdsgade and Fredriks Allé and is popularly called “the pantry of Aarhus”. The reason, of course, is the many specialty stores that sell food, fruits, vegetables and beverages. If you get tired of shopping then this is also the place to stop for a proper Danish lunch at one of the many inns.

Some selected shopping centers in Aarhus

Bruun’s Gallery
The address for this 90 store mall is MP Bruuns Gade 25. The center is open 1000 to 1900 Monday to Thursday, 1000 to 2000 Fridays and 1000 – 1700 Saturdays. In addition, Bruun’s Gallery is open one Sunday of the month from 1100 to 1600.

Illums Bolighus
There is hardly a nicer interior center to visit than Illums? Get inspiration and possibly Purchase with any home, whether it’s for a bathroom, kitchen or living room. There is always lots of exciting to find at Illums. The address is Vintervej 7 and opening hours are Monday to Thursday 1000 to 1730, Fridays 1000 to 1900 and Saturdays from 1000 to 1600.

Storcenter Nord
Storcenter Nord is a large center located on Helsingforsgade. Here you will find everything from shops, whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, technical products or interior products. Opening hours are Monday to Thursday 1000 to 1800, Fridays 1000 to 1900 and Saturdays 1000 to 1600.

City Vest
City Vest is an exciting center with 65 specialty shops and 2 supermarkets. At least take the tour if you are interested in food and wine. Open Monday to Thursday from 1000 to 1800, Fridays from 1000 to 1900 and Saturdays from 0930 to 1500. City West is located on Gudrunsvej a little west of the city center.

Eating in Aarhus

Eating in Aarhus, Denmark

Imagine Århus on the map and you understand that the food is “short traveled”. Here you are in close proximity to both sea, forest, fields and meadow. It will be good food. Newly caught fish are bought at the harbor, potatoes (potatoes) and vegetables come from Samsø and other fresh ingredients from the moors in Djursland. Aarhus is de facto one of the most sought after places for Denmark’s best restaurateurs and the city can, for example, offer Ferdinand Hotel and Brasserie which in 2009 was named Brasserie of the Year in Denmark.

Danish cuisine is known for being innovative and many of the better restaurants in Aarhus have an experimental menu. Wild herbs and plants are sourced directly from nature and combined with excellent meat and fish products. Taken together, it gives a wonderful new taste for us happy food. Århus is much more than red sausages, large portions of minced beef and other things we Norwegians associate with Denmark. Here you can just as well taste musk oxen from Greenland and “the world’s best” oysters from the Limfjord. And Aarhus is more than gourmet food. It can be just as nice to pop into one of the many cafes or taverns for a delicious sandwich, perfect for a lunch or late breakfast. In Denmark, it is also allowed to take a “small one” early in the day as well. Also, there are plenty of outlets for “sandwiches”in every conceivable combination. Not only are they reasonable, they are good too!

In Aarhus, you can also not avoid all the international fast food chains, the ubiquitous pizzerias and Chinese restaurants, and all the dream of hungry food – the kebabs. No one, absolutely no one, needs to go hungry in Aarhus!

Some selected restaurants in Aarhus:

Hotel & Brasserie Ferdinand

This is an exclusive and modern brasserie located in the center of Aarhus, not far from the harbor. Here at Brasserie Ferdinand, local produce is used to conjure up quality dishes. This is your opportunity to get the finest of Danish cuisine for a significantly cheaper money than what you had to pay at the very well-known gourmet restaurant Prince Ferdinand, located in the Old City of Aarhus. PS! Do you have any advice, Hotel Ferdinand can be a very good accommodation tip. The address is Åboulevarden 28.

Malling Inn

If you go to Malling, about 12 kilometers south of Aarhus, you will find Malling Kro, an inn that combines the traditional with the innovative. Malling Kro was awarded a star for high quality kitchens and three “wine glasses” for outstanding wine selection by The Danish Dining Guide. If you do not have a car, or do not want to drive (maybe you want to taste the wine?) Know that the railway station is just off Malling Kro, and that there is a train connection to Aarhus. Also, the bus connections are good. The address is Station 2, (Malling).

The old Dairy

This gourmet restaurant is known for serving its guests excellent service. The Old Dairy menu is adapted to raw materials and seasons, and you will surely have a great dining experience. Open for lunch Wednesdays and Sundays (1200 to 1500) and for lunch and dinner Thursday to Saturday (1200 – late). The beautiful building with the good restaurant can be found on Vilhelmsborg Bedervej 101 in Mårslet.


Is there a better name for an Italian restaurant than Italy? This restaurant provides affordable and good Italian food for the whole family. In fact, Italy was voted the best family restaurant in Aarhus in 2008. And it’s just as cozy here without the family in tow. The address is Åboulevarden 9.

The Green Corner

Maybe you should just try a buffet restaurant while in Aarhus? Don’t be fooled by the facade of the Green Corner where it is located at Frederiksgade 60 in Aarhus. Here you get quality! Choose freely between lamb, chicken, salads and cheeses. And lots of delicious fruit and cakes. If you are hungry then this is the place to go to get a solid position food at reasonable price. NB! Drinks are not included in the buffet price.