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Shopping and Eating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shopping and Eating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

According to AbbreviationFinder, Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the country of Brazil.

Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

The shoppers will have happy days in Brazil. With the exception of imported goods, prices are generally around a quarter of the corresponding Norwegian prices.

And the selection is impeccable – from huge shopping malls with everything from well-known brands to street markets where everything from vegetables to books are sold from the sellers’ cart wagons. Bargaining is not common in Rio, but it is always allowed to ask for a cash discount or similar.

If you are looking for elegant fashion items and accessories, you should visit Rua Visconde de Piraja on Ipanema, which is the premier shopping street. Here you will find large jewel shops such as H Stern, designer shops and shops selling exclusive leather goods. Many of the fashion chains and designer shops can also be found in Rua Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, at just Copacabana.

If brand names are not so accurate, consider shopping for clothing in Centro, where you can make a bargain at a fraction of the price you will have to pay in the many more touristy and sophisticated beach areas. Try the many supply stores in the Rua Senhor dos Passos street.

Among the typical Brazilian items that can be worth buying in Rio are jewels. Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful gems you can get, and H Stern and Amsterdam Sauer at Ipanema have great showrooms with guided tours in their workshops.

Markets in Rio de Janeiro

In the street markets you should take an extra look at the crafts. Here you can buy special and useful souvenirs such as hammocks, leather sandals, hand-colored sarongs or handmade wooden bowls at good prices. Try the Hippie Market, Feira Hippie, for arts and crafts at Praca General Osorio on Sunday.

If you are looking for more traditional souvenirs, try Feirarte Copacabana. It is open every night on Avenida Atlantica, at Posto 5.

Of course, it is tempting to consider buying a solid carnival costume, but then you have to think about how rare you are going to wear it, and that such costumes are very expensive because of the craftsmanship with long production time.

Of typical carnival items, you might want to consider a samba drum or a pandeiro, a large, decorated tambourine.

Eating in Rio de Janeiro

One thing is sure; you don’t go hungry from a Brazilian restaurant. You will generally receive huge and satisfying portions at prices you as a Scandinavian just smile off. Rio de Janeiro has a wide range of dining options, from the most exclusive French cuisine restaurants to the simplest barbecue trolleys by the beach.


The most typical Rio dish is feijoada. It may not be the first thing you choose, but it should still be tried. It consists mainly of black, cooked beans, tough pork, onion, salt and oil, accompanied by rice with various different flavors.

Casa de Feijoada in Rua Prudente de Morais 10 at Ipanema is one of the city’s specialists on this dish, and for around 100 NOK you can get a full menu including aperitif, appetizer and dessert. The restaurant also has a selection of different caipirinhas. You can get lime, passion fruit, strawberry, kiwi or amazonas guarana. (Don’t try everyone, there are strong things!)

Are you really hungry for meat one day, visit a rodizio. Here you can eat as much as you want of all kinds of meat dishes: pork, beef, lamb and chicken. You can choose ham, beef, fillets, ribs and so on. Of course, rice and salad are included.

East of Copacabana near the beach and street Av. Atlantica offers a number of good quality restaurants. There are also international cuisines all around if tempting. Eg. Italian or Japanese restaurants. Or fast food chains you know before. Two selected restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Marius Degustare

This is a high quality buffet restaurant. Eat as much as you want. And we promise that Marius Deustare is a restaurant where you will too! Eat a lot. The address is Off. Atlantica 290.

Marius Degustare is open from 1200 until midnight throughout the week.

Restaurant Shirley

Food in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A little up from the beach on R. Gustavo Sampaio Street, 610 you will find a seafood restaurant known for its delicious food and wonderful service. Restaurante Shirley offers delicious shellfish, prawns from Honolulu are legendary. Like many other restaurants, they are open every day of the week from 1200 until midnight.

Special tips on restaurants in Rio

A few tips about the restaurants in Rio de Janeiro that you should note: Not everyone takes credit cards, so check it in advance, or bring enough cash. You can also get an appetizer on the table without ordering it. If you touch it, it can appear on the bill at an uncomfortably high price, so ask first or send it back.

Incidentally, Brazilians eat dinner very late; the restaurants do not begin to fill up until the 21st and even later on the weekends.

Drink in Rio

Regarding drinks: Steer clear of tap water. You hardly get sick of it, but the taste is not good. In addition, bottled water is affordable.

The fruit juice is reasonably priced and wonderfully good; take care of you while you can! Freshly squeezed juice from fruits that only grow in the Amazon is not everyday for us Europeans.

Of alcoholic beverages, ice cold beers apply. Brahma, Antarctica, and Skol are the most common local brands, and all are good, light, beer beers.

Wine does not have a foothold in Brazil, and the local brands are not all over the world. But the Argentines are also relatively reasonable, despite imports.

And of course you have to try the national drink caipirinha, which mainly consists of the sugar liquor cachaca, lime and sugar.

Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

According to DigoPaul, Rijeka is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Rijeka

You do not travel to Rijeka defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop haute couture, but rather affordable clothing and shoes. Also, the city is a real find for those who like to hunt for holiday travel souvenirs. Rijeka’s tourism authorities have made some labels to help you as a tourist. Take a trip to the tourist information center on the main street of Korzo and buy products labeled Rijecko izvorno or Osobita quality. It stands for “original from Rijeka” and “exclusive quality”.

Shopping centers in Rijeka

There are some smaller markets in the city that sell books, postcards and other “flea market products”. They are nice to visit, but nothing beyond that. More specifically, however, the Tower Center is on the street Ul. Janka Polic Kamova 81A near the sea and west of the center. This 4-storey mall offers most of the shops, including a variety of cafes, cinema and games room. Open all days of the week until 2100.

Ri Department store in the center of Rijeka from 1974, a number of shops of assorted quality. The address is Riva 6. Ri is closed on Sundays.

ZTC Rijeka is called Rijeka’s newest shopping center. This opened as late as 2012 and is a few miles outside the city. The address is Zvonimirova 3. The concept is simple, here you get everything you need. Open all days of the week until 7 p.m. 2100 (2200 in high season, i.e. July and August).

Mari Cro design studio

If you are looking for Croatian design then head to Mari Cro design studio in the street Šime Ljubica 12. Mari Cro is open every day of the week except Sundays. Here you will find shoes, clothing and accessories from more than fifteen Croatian designers. Buy something exclusive that the neighbor next door does not have.

Eating in Rijeka

Food in Rijeka, Croatia

We were surprised by the large number of restaurants in Rijeka. The specialty is seafood, but of course you get everything you know about international dishes, be it vegetarian or meat dishes. Also, a big city like Rijeka has plenty of fast food chains, and there’s no problem getting pizza, taco or a hamburger.

Rijeka has several cozy restaurants. The price level is reasonable and the width is large enough that you will certainly find a dining place that suits you. If you take a taxi to the cities of Volosko or Opatija west of Rijeka you will also find gourmet class restaurants.

Some selected restaurants in Rijeka

Konoba Nebuloza in Rijeka

If you want to visit a restaurant with “local” specialties served in a rustic atmosphere, then Konoba Nebuloza is in the street Titov trg. 2b a good choice. Konoba Nebuloza is open every day except Sundays. Here you get everything from seafood to pork chops.

Tarsa Restaurant in Rijeka

A slightly different restaurant is Tarsa which is located on Josipa Kulfaneka 10 street, Trsat. Restaurant Tarsa has a variety of dishes on the menu, including several specialties from the Istria peninsula. The locals come here too, which is a good sign. Restaurant Tarsa is open from 1200 until midnight every day of the week.

Shopping and Eating in Riga, Latvia

Shopping and Eating in Riga, Latvia

According to DigoPaul, Riga is one of the largest cities in the country of Latvia.

Shopping in Riga

Shopping in Riga is fun, not least because there is a good selection of international brands at nice prices. Another thing is that the stores are close to each other, so you can use the forces inside the stores and not between them.

Of local goods, Riga and Latvia are known for wood crafts, such as cutlery. Also woolen clothes such as sweaters and socks with Latvian symbols are a specialty. Riga and Latvia are also known for liqueur. One specialty is Black Conditioner. This is drank by the locals in many varieties.

Should you bring a souvenir home, amber is a safe choice. Amber is also called “Baltic Gold”. NB! Make sure you get hold of an original product. Amber is petrified resin, often with insects and spiders encased. They are 20 to 50 million years old and are pressed together into “gems” with a glowing color. In the old days, people believed that amber provided strength, fortune and calming power to their owners.

If you do not care about souvenirs or local products, we can tell you that all international brands can be found in Riga defined by AbbreviationFinder.

All areas of Riga, the capital of Latvia described on Countryaah have their own market. The biggest is right at the main train station. It is called Central market and is located in large hangars that were built in the 1930s and which would accommodate space ships. The market is among the largest in Europe. It is an experience to see the trade in vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat and fish. You will find the center on the south side of the river, between the bus station and the train station.

There are many shopping malls and hypermarkets in Riga. Here’s a selection of the best:

Stockmann and Origo in Riga

The large and well-known Finnish shopping mall chain Stockmann is located in Riga and is open from 0900 – 2200. You get all kinds of products at Stockmann, but the main emphasis of goods is clothing, fashion and perfume. You will also find great restaurants and tailor services here. The address is Janvara Iela 8.

The Origo shopping center is right next to Stockman and is huge with all kinds of shops. The hallmark of the center is a solid bell tower.

Alfa Centrs and Domina Shopping Center in Riga

Perhaps the biggest center in Riga is (at least) Norwegian and is called Alfa Centrs. The address is Brivibas gatve 372.

Another large and popular shopping center is Domina. The address of Domina Shopping Center is Ieriku Iela 3. This is a few kilometers northeast of the Old Town center.


Spice has established itself in Lielirbes Iela. The motto is to offer something for everyone. The center is far from the city center, and we recommend that you take bus 22A from the National Theater or taxi across the river towards the airport. The mall is open from 5 p.m. 1000 to 2200. Spice has palm trees indoors, large Lidor restaurant and many shops, and we guarantee you will stay there for a few hours.

Clothing in Riga
The Spanish chain Zara has a cozy shop on the street Terbata’s Iela 30. This street is north of the Freedom Monument. The street also has several other good shops.

Crafts and jewelry in Riga
If you are going to buy crafts, the Griezi shop on the street Maza Miesnieku 1 is a good alternative. Here you will find beautiful linen, wooden utensils, woolen clothes and jewelry made of different materials. This store has more style than most similar craft shops in Riga.

There are several antique shops in Riga and you can make very good finds here. We recommend the shop Antiqua, located at Valdemara 20. Here you can buy paintings, furniture, porcelain, books, postcards, old coins and much more.

People in Riga (yes throughout Latvia) love sweets. In the old town you will find sweets manufacturer Laima, which has a number of outlets, for example in the street Smilsu 16 and in Miera 22. At Laima you can get guided tours and tastings.

Eating in Riga

Food in Riga, Latvia

The restaurants in Riga are known for good quality and low prices. As in all major European cities, you will also find outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars. Prices are approx. half of what we are used to paying in Scandinavia, and sometimes even lower.

Once in Latvia, eat a real Latvian meal: pork, potatoes and huge portions are typical. Grilled and smoked fish are also common. The cheapest local restaurants have the appearance of being fast food restaurants and often offer Russian food such as pancakes and a Russian kebab variant. The food here is normally better than the one you get at fast food restaurants in Western Europe. Tips are becoming more and more common in Latvia, and it is normal to give 10% of the bill in tips after a nice restaurant visit in Riga.

Everyone loves tea in Riga!

People in Riga love to drink tea, for both pleasure and health. Several tea houses have emerged in recent years. We recommend the Apsare and Zen Tea House, where talented waiters prepare your tea. The location is superb, right by the St. Peters Church in Kungu Iela Street. You can enjoy the cup of tea in quiet and homely surroundings on the ground floor or lay down on the downstairs mattresses.

Another choice is Tea Club Gija, on the street 1a Strelnieku Iela. The interior is Moroccan inspired. Here you can relax on a couch, listen to quiet music and feel peace with yourself. Choose from Chinese, Indian and Moroccan teas. There is also free internet access. On Fridays and Saturdays, the place is open until 10 p.m. 0500 at night (morning).

A selection of restaurants in Riga

Riga has several very good restaurants and you can get a mix of food that is both east and west oriented. You will find Armenian, Russian and Georgian restaurants. Also good Thai restaurants, sushi bars and pizza restaurants can be found in Riga. Normal price is between 5 and 10 lvs (60 to 120 NOK) for a main course.

The most exclusive restaurants are usually associated with the most expensive hotels. The Piramida Restaurant at the Ridzene Hotel and the Seasons Restaurant at the Grand Palace Hotel are among the very best. Main courses here cost from 7 lvs (85 kroner).

We can also recommend restaurants in the old town. One suggestion is the Japanese restaurant Sumo in Kungu Iela 8. Specialties are shushi, noodles, bird and red meat served with good beer or good wine in a pleasant atmosphere. Sumo is a small and charming restaurant. For the more economically conscious we can recommend the Italian restaurant Pomodoro, (located in the street Vecpilsetas Iela), which has traditional Italian dishes and very good pizzas. And we also got very good service!

Specialty and concept restaurants in Riga

Try the Lido restaurants. They belong to a chain that serves varied buffet with local food. You get soups, salads, fruits and desserts. Order the main course (if you want it) next door. Shashlik and grilled salmon are the favorites of most people. Don’t be surprised if the price is under $ 50 for all dishes together.

Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

According to DigoPaul, Rhodes is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Rhodes

You do not travel to Rhodes defined by AbbreviationFinder primarily for shopping. If you want to shop for fashion clothes more than cheap t-shirts and sandals, then the only real option is Rhodes Town.

And when it is true, there are ever better shopping facilities there. There are shops like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, H&M and Mango. Otherwise, there is much of what can easily be called tourist shops, and where the product range focuses on souvenirs and cheap holiday clothes. The old town of Rhodes, and around the tourist centers of the island, you will find plenty of these kind of shops.

In the old town (in Rhodes town) you will also find some bazaars which can be nice to spend time with. One tip is to hear with tailors about the possibility of sewing Clothes in cashmere, worsted or Harristweed. Otherwise, leather goods are reasonably priced and should you have a handbag, wallet or perhaps shoes, then Rhodes may be the place to buy this.

Souvenirs from Rhodes

Apart from food that you can take home, which is typically olive oil or Greek confection, most tourists will buy some Ceramics. In Rhodes you will constantly see outlets offering great ceramic products decorated with animals and birds. Especially appreciated is the pottery from Lindos.

There is also a lot of craftsmanship made of copper and / or brass. Why not bring a great barbecue set home?

Silver and gold jewelry are popular souvenirs to take home. An alternative is to buy bracelets of olive trees. A reasonable souvenir that can be a decent gift.

NB If you are looking for antiques then you can probably find something nice in Rhodes. But keep in mind that export permit is required if the item is from the time before 1821.

Markets in Rhodes

If you take the 5-kilometer walk from Rhodes Town to the beach at Zephyros, towards Kalithea, you will find the largest market in Rhodes. This is called laiki and is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The product range consists of most of what you can think of, but mainly everything is sold from food, vegetables and fruits. The market is located near the large cemetery in Kalithea.

Eating on Rhodes

Food in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes has a number of good restaurants and if you want something more sophisticated than Greek salad and toast on the beach, then it should not be so difficult to find advice on it on this holiday island. However, you will rarely find the best restaurants where tourists are buzzing and multilingual tourist menus offer dishes for a few euros. But even at good restaurants you get affordable lunch and dinner.

First and foremost, Rhodes is known for its seafood. But you also get excellent quality fruits, vegetables and meats. NB! Remember that fish is more expensive than meat.

There are many good restaurants in Rhodes, not least in Rhodes. And do you get tired of Greek food, know that well-known international dishes rarely taste better than here, thanks to the good local ingredients.

Greek dinner includes mezedes or appetizers that give associations to tapas. Rinse with an ouzo or beer. One rule is that you keep your mezedes to either meat or fish, and do not mix these. A local variant and perhaps the most popular mezedes is Pitaroudia. Greek salad and garlic bread are regular accessories.

Some selected restaurants in Rhodes:


In the quaint town of Lindos you will find the restaurant that is perhaps the best value for money in all of Rhodes when it comes to food. The family restaurant Mavrikos has a welcoming atmosphere and fantastic food. The price level is reasonable based on quality.


The Dinoris Restaurant in Rhodes Old Town is the perfect choice for a fish dinner. This is a family restaurant serving the highest quality. And maybe you see a celebrity here too! The price level is high for Rhodes to be.

PS! Here you may want to reserve a table well in advance. The address is Mouseou Square 24a

To Nissaki

The small island, or “two Nissaki” in the local language, is a small tavern located right by the sea. The prices are low and the seafood fantastic.

To Nissaki is a restaurant that takes a little solemnity, except that the staff takes pride in providing you with the best possible food. The restaurant is located at the old port of Kolymbia. Kolymbia is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 25 kilometers from Rhodes Town.


Stroll to the village of Afantou and visit the Mimakos restaurant for homemade moussaka and a variety of other delicious Greek dishes.

Enjoy the house wine and enjoy the sight of the Greek dancers who like to pop in for a show during the evening. The restaurant Mimakis is not far from the golf course in Afantou, about 18 kilometers south of Rhodes Town.

Shopping and Eating in Reykjavik, Iceland

Shopping and Eating in Reykjavik, Iceland

According to DigoPaul, Reykjavik is one of the largest cities in the country of Iceland.

Shopping in Reykjavik

The only thing that there is no point in buying in Iceland is locally produced articles. Everything else is imported and sold at prices at least as high as in Norway, and the selection is usually no better, on the contrary.

Icelandic wool products such as knitted sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens are among the tourists’ favorite souvenirs, and can be purchased at several outlets in the city center, for example in Laugavegur 64 or the duty free shop at Keflavik Airport.

Skin care products from The Blue Lagoon are also naturally an exclusive Icelandic product and a good gift tip. These can also be found in several shops in the shopping street Bankastræti / Laugavegur [see image first in the article] in the city center.

Laugavegur has a very trendy shoe and clothing store called Kron Kron (can be found in Laugavegur, 101) and is open until 1800 every day except Sundays where it is closed and Fridays which means half an hour longer opening hours.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland described on Countryaah also has a good number of stylish second-hand clothing stores, just so it is said. Also, it is a great place for music lovers. Here are several real record labels. We recommend Lucky Records on the street Rauðarárstígur (cross street to Laugavegur). Lucky Records in Reykjvaik is open every day of the week.

Other areas in Reykjavik defined by AbbreviationFinder for more exclusive shopping are Skólavörthustígur, which runs north from Hallgrimskirkja. If you prefer shopping centers, head for Kringlan, a few miles east of downtown. Here you will find over 130 shops, bars, restaurants, cinema, library and wine sales. More information on Kringlan’s official website.

In Geirsgata, which runs parallel to the harbor, the Kolaportið flea market is organized every Saturday and Sunday morning, where anyone can bring whatever they want to sell. Here you will find everything strange, most of it is used goods, but it is fun to look through and see if you find a gem.

Don’t forget that you can get the Icelandic VAT refunded at the airport for larger purchases!

Eating in Reykjavik

Food in Reykjavik, Iceland

An island nation naturally has seafood as its specialty, and most restaurants offer fresh fish, oysters, shrimp and lobster dishes.

But meat is not a bad option. Icelandic animals live their entire lives and graze freely in areas without chemicals and toxins. The lamb is thus just as tender as you would expect. Traditionally, the Icelanders did not allow any part of the sheep to go to waste, so you can still serve both brain, eyes, head and testicles.

Local Icelandic dishes

The most ambitious can try the notorious Icelandic dish Hákarl, which in practice is rotten shark meat. The shark contains a poisonous acid when fresh, and this problem solved the Icelanders by burying it for months until the acid rotted away. The meat is then dried and often served on small skewers of spirits. The liquor works best as anesthetic before and after you put the shark meat in your mouth. Good appetite!

As the modern society of Reykjavik has gradually become, you will of course find many ethnic restaurants in the city center. So if sheep brain or rat shark does not tempt you, you can always choose Indian, Mexican, Argentine, Italian – or vegetarian food.

We recommend the following restaurants in Reykjavik:

We start by warning about stiff prices in Reykjavik. Forget the restaurant prices in Norway, in Iceland we are beaten. So take a close look at the menu prices before you book, and feel free to use the many nice bars ‘happy hour’ to save a little on your holiday budget.


The name that is as short and descriptive as possible is restaurant Italia in Laugavegur no. 11. You get good (on proper) pizzas here, baked in a pretty authentic pizza oven. It is expensive compared to what you are used to, but not compared to Iceland in general.

A slightly less expensive variant in the same street is Rossopomodorro (red tomatoes). The address is Laugavegur no. 101. The prices are a bit cheaper, the menu the same, but snapped more popular in the style. Then you get to decide if there is a plus and a minus.

Restaurant Meze

In the street Laugavegur you will find restaurant Meze in number 32. The service here is almost always top notch, and the bar is impeccable. The food is also good. Chicken skewers and other light meals can come in handy if you do not want to spend a “weekly salary” as at other restaurants. This is a restaurant that stands out a bit from the crowd of restaurants on this street.


The former restaurant in the multi-house Perlan has moved with Lækjarbrekka and perhaps created the best restaurant in Reykjavik.

The address is Bankastræti 2 and you enter the most legendary premises in Reykjavik when you dine here. Bon Appetit.

Nightlife in Reykjavik

Although beer was actually banned until 1989 (!), Iceland now produces several types of beer, which are consumed in large quantities on Friday and Saturday nights in downtown Reykjavik. You can buy wine at all bars and restaurants, but it is always expensive and imported. The only type of “wine” produced in Iceland is brandy wine, but this is mostly consumed by tourists or Reykjavik’s most weary and sleepy residents.

The local beer is good but expensive. It’s not without reason that people come when it’s happy hour!

There are countless places to start the party. We suggest KEX hospital (for the slightly younger ones). Find the door at Skulagata 26 and take the stairs up to the bar.

For the slightly older, Kaffebarin is the place. The address is crossed Bergstadastrædi and Laugavegur. The place is near legendary. The way we experience the place is a bar with a popular atmosphere and good drinks and friendly service. NB You don’t go here for cocktails!

Later you just have to stroll Laugavegur up and down bars and again bars.

Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

According to DigoPaul, Pula is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Pula

The very main street of Pula, Gardini, carries a market of cheap clothes, football shirts and crimi. The target group is tourists. The same goes for the pedestrian streets Sergijevaca and Kandlerova in the old part of the city. Here you will find souvenir shops of all kinds.

Other shops and markets worth noting in Pula

If you are looking for brand clothing you will find this in the pedestrian street Flanaticka ulica. (between Sergians arc and the sales hall) and in the crossroads of this one. In the Market Hall you will find an impressive view of cheese, meat and fish. Each food with its own department! The building carries a lovely glass roof that you can enjoy a coffee under in the second floor cafe.

The outdoor market is a Croatian farmers market where you can buy products directly from rural farms. Here you will find the lowest prices in the city.

The fish market offers fresh fish at a reasonable price. Take a trip for some delicious seafood, or just to watch life!

General about shopping in Pula

Are you ready for shopping in Pula defined by AbbreviationFinder (in Croatia) then you should know that the city is known for its herbs and oils. If you want to buy something home with you, choose a soothing lavender oil or other aromatic experiences. Delicious soaps, perfumes made from natural ingredients give the scent of a perfect holiday memory.

Eating in Pula

Food in Pula, Croatia

In summer towns like Pula, many of the restaurants will naturally be of the simple variety, but you will also find high-quality eateries. For example, we can recommend the restaurant Fra Kat, located 10 km outside Pula, in Premantura. Here it is a little more expensive than average, but lovely fresh seafood prepared in the best way offers value for money.

For food and restaurants in the city ​​of Pula, check out the area around the Forum and the Cathedral. Are you interested in music then maybe Bura Beach just outside the city could be an alternative? Take a cab, it costs almost nothing.

Some restaurants that may be worth a visit are listed below:

Bistro Mozaik is one of Pula’s best seafood restaurants where both food and decor are simple and rustic. The restaurant is in a crossroads to the popular pedestrian street Sergijevaca.
Address: Maksimijanova 6

The canteen serves Istrian specialties and has a pleasant terrace.
Address: Flanaticka 16

VelaNera is a unique restaurant that offers seafood at its best. The view of the harbor is impressive and creates a romantic atmosphere. Get out early if you want to dine out on the terrace.
Address: Marina Veruda Pula

Scaletta is a hotel restaurant in the middle of town. The restaurant is known for its strong wine and good Italian specialties Address: Flavijevska 26

Pizza Jupiter specializes in pizza and has a wide variety of indigrients. The pizzeria is popular and located near the center of Pula.
Address: Castropola 42

Shopping and Eating in Prague, Czech Republic

Shopping and Eating in Prague, Czech Republic

According to DigoPaul, Prague is one of the largest cities in the country of Czech Republic.

Shopping in Prague

The most popular thing to buy for tourists in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic described on Countryaah is shoes and crystal. In the Old Town you will find countless shops selling the world famous crystal from Bohemia (today’s Western Czech) at prices you can hardly dream of in Norway. You can get a huge chandelier with 20 candles with a diameter of more than one meter to NOK 8-10,000, and then you will be refunded the VAT at the airport. Most people settle for a bowl or a set of wine or champagne glasses.

The area at the bottom of Vaclavska Namesti is teeming with large shopping centers, and in the streets of Na Prikope and Narodni you will find all the well-known department stores and brand shops.

The Czechs are very happy with puppet shows, and you will see many shops selling puppet puppets of all shapes and sizes. Be aware that a real puppet doll costs thousands of dollars, and that most stores sell cheap copies.

On weekdays, most stores in Prague defined by AbbreviationFinder are open from 8am. 0900 to 1800 or later. Saturdays, some of the shops close a little earlier. Sundays are mostly closed everywhere.

Remember that you pay more than 15% VAT in the Czech Republic, and on all purchases over 2000 CZK, or approx. 500 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not every business practices this scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Prague

Food in Prague, Czech Republic

The Czechs are not exactly best known for their contribution to the world’s haute cuisine. The local, traditional dishes are dominated by pork, sauerkraut and dumplings with beer. Since they have no coastline, fish and other seafood are among the exceptions. Trout is considered Christmas food.

However, Prague is developing rapidly, something it has long been, and the desire for innovation and the desire to learn from others is great. You will find more and more restaurants that combine traditional with modern Europe. And it often tastes very good!

But beer can the Czechs, and no one drinks more beer than them. Czech beer has a very long history, and the oldest breweries are around 900 years old. The biggest and most popular brands are Budvar, Gambrinius and Urquell. Budvar has been adopted by the Americans and renamed Budweiser, which is today one of the world’s most famous beer brands. The American variant is considerably lighter and lighter than the original.

And beer is reasonable in Prague ; at the local squatters outside the tourist areas you get a fresh foaming pint for a fifth, while on the outdoor restaurants on Gamlebytorget you need up to around 20-30 kroner.

The Czech wine is not so well known in Scandinavia, but it is relatively popular both in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

Some selected restaurants in Prague

Of the better and most popular restaurants in Prague that serve Czech cuisine, we can mention V Zatisi, which is located in a cobbled side street at Betlemska Square in the Old Town. We recommend that you book a table in advance. V Zatisi is open for lunch, 1200 – 1500 and dinner 1730 – 2300 every day of the week. The address is Liliová 216/1, 110 00 Staré Město.

Cheaper and perhaps more authentic Czech is U Zlateho Tygra or “The Golden Tiger”, in Husova 228/17 Stare Mesto (Old Town). The place serves Czech home cooking and has for years been a favorite of the locals. Opening hours for U Zlateho Tygra are 1500 to 2300 every day of the week. The place has once been visited by former US President Bill Clinton, and we understand the president well, get food and beverages of high quality.

A third classic is the brewery, beer hall and restaurant U Fleku, located in Kremencova 11 in Nove Mesto (Nybyen). Here you should not expect a quiet and tranquil meal, because here is life and stir, cabaret and live folk. The brewery opened in 1499 just a few years after America was discovered. Opening hours are 1000 to 2300 every day of the week.

Restaurant Eska

A modern and stylish restaurant located in the Karlin area northeast of downtown Prague is the restaurant Eska, (see picture first in the article). Here you will find a large open kitchen on the ground floor and a pleasant atmosphere in a casual restaurant on the second floor. Eska serves reasonably priced gourmet food and puts its soul in you to enjoy it. Here you can also get the food accompanied by well-composed wine menus.

A twist the restaurant Eska offers is that two pieces share a 5 course with recommended wine menu. With 5 dishes you will be satisfied anyway, and that makes the price really nice too. The food and wine are often short-traveled and organic, combining traditional Czech with modern Europe. Very tasteful.

Restaurant Eska is located in Pernerova 49, northeast of Prague, more specifically in the Karlin area. You can get maps here and read reviews of restaurant Eska. Opening hours are normally 0900 to 2330 every day of the week.

Special tips about restaurants in Prague

Near the Charles Bridge you will find a so-called Garden restaurant called Hergetova Cihelna. The food is varied and good, and the view you can enjoy on a warm and sunny evening is unforgettable. Alternatively, visit Hergetova Cihelna for a Sunday brunch. Hergetova Cihelna is open from 1130 to 0100 week throughout. The address is Cihelná 2b.

Café culture in Prague,

The café culture in Prague is not much left for the one you, for example. finds in Vienna, (Austria). The itinerary everyone recommends a tour of some of the classic cafes found in the center of Prague. Here you get high-class food, drinks, cakes and desserts, served by white-shirted waiters and neckties. And the prices are very pleasant compared to Norway, here too. We recommend the following places:

Café Imperial

For Café Imperial northeast of downtown, i the range Florenc. The address is Na Poříčí 15. A great stop if you plan to visit the New Jewish Cemetery or shop in Karlin.

Café Imperial is open from 0700 to 2300 every day and offers a wonderful Art Deco interior. And both food and drink hold similar quality. If you are going to visit Imperial’s restaurant for a larger meal, we recommend that you dress up a bit (not shorts and t-shirts). By the way, we recommend that you do at all proper restaurants as well. It’s a little less stiff if you want to sit in the coffee corner of Café Imperial and enjoy a good cup of coffee or chocolate and eat a cake or salad.

Café Imperial is in the list of places frequented by Leo Janacek (composer) and Franz Kafka (author). The walls of Café Imperial date back to 1914. Here you will find maps and read reviews of Café Imperial in Prague.

Shopping and Eating in Poznan, Poland

Shopping and Eating in Poznan, Poland

According to DigoPaul, Poznan is one of the largest cities in the country of Poland.

Shopping in Poznan

In Poland, there is a tradition of markets and small shops where you can buy handicraft products. These are excellent souvenirs and much nicer to get as a gift than traditional Chinese products with the city name sewn on. The best street to buy craft products is Wozna, which originates from the large town square in the center of the old town.

Shopping streets that are famous in Poznan are in addition to Woznan mentioned above, including Polwiejska where also one of the entrances to the shopping center Stary Browar is located.

Markets in Poznan

It is a tourist experience in itself to visit old outdoor markets. And fortunately, Poznan defined by AbbreviationFinder has several of these, many of which are open year-round. Walk to Wielkopolski Square a few minutes walk from the Old Town. Here you buy primarily flowers, vegetables and fruits. Many also visit the market in Bernardynski Square. Also this right near the Old Town and its big square. The Bernardynski market has the same range as the Wielkopolski market.

If you want to take a little exploration, take the tram (no. 5, 8, 14 or 18) to the Lazarski market. Here the locals buy everything from electrical articles and clothes, to food, vegetables and fruits.

Shopping centers in Poznan

This may be something you didn’t expect, but Poznan has some absolutely fantastic shopping centers. The best in Poland, and perhaps all of Europe, is Stary Browar (the old brewery). The brewery has its history from the 1870s. In 2006, a prestige project started, which was to set up a shopping center in the upper class. The main entrance is from the street Polwiejska. Opening hours are from 0900 to 2100 every day except Sundays, where it is open from 1000 to 2000.

An alternative is the shops located in Hotel Bazar, a historic hotel and commercial center in the Old Town.
We must also mention Galeria Malta which is huge. More than 170 shops and restaurants are available and a floor space equivalent to 20 football pitches! Open every day of the week from 0900 to 2100 (Sundays 1000 to 2000). Galeria Malta is located on Lake Malta, a very beautiful area outside the center of Poznan. The address is ul. Abpa A. Baraniaka 8.

If you are not interested in traveling very far to the shopping center, Kupiec Pozanski is just off the main Old Town square. The address is 2 Wiosny Ludów Square. Kupiec Poznanski is open all week from 1000 – 2100 (Sundays from 1100 to 1900).

Eating in Poznan

Food in Poznan, Poland

Forget the trusty Eastern Bloc restaurants and the food of the Transmac. In Poznan, international cousine and good traditional dishes apply, although you can of course find hints of “old days” here as well. Poznan has a reputation for being so good at the food and some very good restaurants are in town.

Most of the food and drink is cheap with our eyes, but here as everywhere else in Europe it costs more money for quality. And tourists-based eateries, of course, take the opportunity to earn a little extra.

But that doesn’t have to mean that you should steer clear of dining with Western tourists. You can afford it, and for our palates it is very likely that the food here tastes best.

Fast Food in Poznan
For you with young children, or even youth (or wish you were), so know that there are of course plenty of fast food chains in Poznan. Be it McDonald’s scattered all over, KFC with its fried chickens, Burger King or Pizza Hut. Subway has a restaurant in the Galleria Malta shopping center, ie the street ul. Abpa A. Baraniaka 8 for those who want a well-known baguette.

Also, remember that the Smoking Act (at the time of writing) has not been fully introduced in Poland. A smoking section and a non-smoking section are common in traditional restaurants. Tell the mayor or waiter what you prefer. At the bar or in the nightclub it will often be allowed to smoke.

Some selected restaurants in Poznan are:

Poznan’s best restaurant (and most stylish?) Can be found at the Blow Up Hall 50 50 hotel, which we have described under Poznan hotels.

The food at Blow Up Hall 5050 can be described as “a traditional Polish diet, but for western palates, and made by top-qualified chefs with access to excellent ingredients”. It is all taken in neo-industrial atmosphere! The address is Ul. Kosciuszki 42.

Ratuszova is the name of a restaurant serving traditional Polish dishes in the Old Town Square. The restaurant has long traditions in Poznan and rumors say that Polish kings ate here in the 1600s. If you are searching and tough you taste duck blood and eel. Of course, if you are more traditional, there are many dishes for you too.

Ratuszova provides value for money. Open from 1100 to 2300 every day. The address is Stary Rynek 55.

Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe
Probably you will visit the Stary Browar shopping center and then you will know that included here you will find Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe. This is the place for pasta, fish and meat based on inspiration from Italy. Lovely atmosphere and very popular place in Poznan.

Open all week from 1200 to 2300 (2400 Sundays). The address is ul. Polwiejska 42, (Stary Browar Shopping Center).

Sushi 77
Japanese food and not least shushi have become popular all over Europe, and in Poznan you will also find good versions of such restaurants. Sushi 77 is a favorite of many and offers imported beer and sake in addition to rice and raw fish. Plus, they should also have a decent wine list. The address is ul. Wozna 1.

Special tips for restaurant in Poznan

Visit Gospoda Pod Koziolkami for a look back at the elegance and magnificence of early times. Here, local quality food is served in an atmosphere that almost brings to mind TV shows from when candles were the only source of light.

The barbecue food is excellent! Gospoda Pod Koziolkami is easily accessible with its location on Old Town Square, the address is Stary Rynek 95.

Nightlife in Poznan

It is often the case in Poland that bars and pubs do not close until the last guest decides to go home, or rather stumble out. The same is true in Poznan. Most nightclubs and bars can be found in and around the Old Town’s main square. Both tourists and locals come here. You will find typical pubs that are both Irish and German in style. The hotels have stylish bars, for example. both the Sheraton with its Someplace Else bar and the hotel’s cocktail bar Blow Up 50 50. NB! These hotel bars are rarely particularly cheap!

A slightly special place that in its simple rustic and perhaps ugly style still appears a bit stylish, is Meskalina. The address is excellent, Stary Rynek 6. Meskalina is not the place you visit alone, but for good reason it is a great place for chatting and drinking, and watching the cool people of Poznan. Open from 1300 to 0300 Fridays and Saturdays and from 1300 to 0200 for the rest of the week.

If you are in your early twenties, you may also want to test night spots on the streets ul. Taczaka and ul. Nowowiejskiego which are typical goals for students.

Shopping and Eating in Pisa, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Pisa, Italy

According to DigoPaul, Pisa is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Pisa

If you manage to get home from Pisa defined by AbbreviationFinder without a replica of The Leaning Tower in some form, you are good at resisting the perpetual hassle of souvenir sellers.

The highly-selling vendors will offer you candles, lamps, lighters, pictures, postcards, hourglasses, pots, pens, thermoses and bottles, all shaped like, or with a picture of, the omnipresent tower.

The Tuscany area is world famous for its wine and food tradition, so many tourists take the opportunity to buy Italian ham, cheese, coffee and salami sausages. The food and wine shops in Pisa offer the highest quality products. Look especially for olive oil, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Pisa’s main shopping streets are the two north-southbound main streets on either side of the Ponte di Mezzo bridge. Corso Italia south of the bridge is the new and modern pedestrian street, where you will find everything from bookshops, perfumery, ristorantes, clothing stores and pharmacies. There is also a Zara store and Benetton, most other major international chains are shining with their absence.

North of the bridge, Borgo Stretto passes through the city’s old medieval sections, also with shops and newsstands on each side. At Piazza Sant Omobono just west of Borgo Stretto there is always a lively market in progress.

General about shopping in Pisa

The stores are usually open from 10am. From 0930 to 1330 and from. 1530 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although there are exceptions. On Mondays, some shopping centers and clothing stores open later, but most close early on Thursdays.

Tax Free Shopping in Pisa

Don’t forget that you pay 20% VAT and on all purchases over 155 euros, or approx. 1500 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sale, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

NB! It might be tempting to buy a copy of a brand from one of the many African illegal immigrants that you are sure to come across. But be aware that in many places Italian police have given up trying and fining the sellers, as they often have neither money nor ID papers.

But it has YOU. Civilian-clad policemen are therefore keeping a close eye on street vendors, and if they see that you are buying a pirate copy of, for example. a Louis Vutton case or Rolex watch at a fraction of the price, you should expect to receive a staggering fine of the order of $ 25,000-30000.

Eating in Pisa

Food in Pisa, Italy

The Tuscan region has a varied kitchen, and traditionally there are simple dishes with the best ingredients. Olive oil, bread and fresh vegetables are solid ingredients.

The top for many is the dish Fiorentina, a piece of meat from the cure chianina, which is world renowned for its great quality. Fiorentina can be purchased at any restaurant in Pisa and Tuscany. Italians eat dinner very late compared to Scandinavians, and many restaurants do not open until about 20 o’clock.

If you get hungry between 7 p.m. 15 and 20, you will struggle to find anything other than fast food. And even chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King are looking for a long time in Pisa.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is both good and exciting and consists of much more than pizza. A meal begins with antipasti, which in short are appetizers. Starters can also be called primi piatti. The next dish is Secondi, which is the main course, either fish or meat.

When you buy a main course, you must order vegetables, potatoes and the like as well. Finally, order cheese or fruit (cheese is called formaggi), before ending it with dolci (dessert). The house wine is called vino de la casa (red wine is rosso, while white wine is bianco). This wine is usually served in liter or semi-liter scaffold, and is good and reasonable.

Please note that most restaurants in the immediate vicinity of Piazza dei Miracoli are a few notches more expensive than the rest of the city, and often intended for tourists. If you walk five to ten minutes southeast toward the city center, you will find several cheaper and better traditional restaurants.

Recommended restaurants in Pisa

If you want to eat real local food (and no, you don’t go to Italy and order cheeseburgers or tacos) you can try one of these restaurants, for example:

Antica Trattoria da Bruno is located in Via Luigi Bianchi, a few hundred meters east of the Leaning Tower, and has served traditional Tuscan cuisine to tourists and residents for 30 years. Recommended in the Michelle guide.

Osteria dei Cavalieri is located in Via San Frediano, just south of Piazza dei Cavalieri, in an old 13th-century tower. Traditional Italian cuisine with moderate price levels.

Of the better and cheaper you have the local favorite restaurant La Tana, right next to Osteria dei Cavalieri. Pizza, pasta, meat, bird and fish, mostly at very nice prices. Simple interior and helpful controls who gladly translate the Italian menu into English.

Shopping and Eating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Shopping and Eating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

According to AbbreviationFinder, Phnom Penh is one of the largest cities in the country of Cambodia.

Shopping in Phnom Penh

Asia is always a winner if you have the “dilla” on shopping. And Phnom Penh in Cambodia is no exception. In recent years, shopping has become much better. And the products are both cheap and of good quality. And then it is exotic to shop here then.

General about shopping in Phnom Penh

The most fun thing is to go to one of the big markets in the Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia described on Countryaah. An increasing number of stores accept credit cards, but if you want to use cash, this is obviously not a problem. ATMs are now commonplace in Phnom Penh. Prices are often quoted in US dollars and stores gladly accept that currency. And the ATMs are just as happy to pay out dollars.

You don’t usually bargain in larger shops and shopping malls. In local markets and smaller shops, however, “negotiations” about the price are common between the seller and the customer.

Be careful if you are buying jewelry or antiques. There is the danger of being fooled. However, it is not if you want a tailor made outfit when you are first in Phnom Penh. Most tailors here can do whatever it is. The local tailors are not as used to tourists as those who work in shops, but the goodwill is great. They have a lot of knowledge and can copy almost anything if the favorite outfit starts to wear a little.

Markets in Phnom Penh

The night market is relatively new and intended for tourists and visitors. Here you will find a large selection of silk, crafts, small tips and souvenirs. Almost everything sold here is made locally and not imported, and it is worth appreciating.
opening hours 5 pm to midnight, Friday-Sunday.

The address is: Preah Mohaksat Treiyani Kossamak (0.6 km from Wat Phnom)

The Russian market dates from the early 1980s when most of the tourists in Phnom Penh came from Russia. The market has a large selection of souvenirs, crafts and is the best market in the city if you are looking for clothes and fabrics. Yes, not just that. The Russian market in Phnom Penh is a huge tourist attraction too!

The address for the Russian market in Phnom Penh is Street 155, south of the city. The locals call the market for Phsar Toul Tom Poung and “everyone” knows where it is.

Central Market in Phnom Penh was once the largest market of them all Asia. Opened in 1937, it has a unique Art Deco style and serves as a landmark in Phnom Penh. The locals call the market for Psah Thom Thmey. Opening hours are 0700 to 1700 every day. The address is Kampuchea Chrome, 128 Street.

Shopping center in Phnom Penh

Sorya Shopping Center (see picture first in the article) is located near the “Central Market” in Phnom Penh and offers 8 floors with various shops. In 2016, the center will be refurbished for reportedly $ 5 million (which is a lot of money here). Sorya Shopping Center targets tourists as much as locals. Address: 11-13 Preah Trasak Paem Street.

Eating in Phnom Penh

Food in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodian food (Khmer) has great similarities to other South Asian food with dishes of curry, fish, noodles and rice. The only significant difference is that the food you serve here is rarely strong. In addition to the local food, there is a large selection of barbecue, soups and foods with French and American influence.

If you want to try a popular traditional dish, Amok is worth a try. Here you get fish cooked in coconut and curry served in a fresh coconut!

A dinner at a restaurant costs from 20 NOK and up, and a beer around a five. If you want to do a good job while eating a fabulous good meal, visit the Friends restaurant, run by an idealistic foundation. Most people who work at the restaurant are rehabilitated street children. Friends are located just behind the National Museum, at 215 Street 13.

Here is a selection of other restaurants in Phnom Penh:

Bai Thong has white tablecloths and fantastic service. Here you will be served French cuisine, authentic Thai, Vietnamese and traditional Khmer cuisine.
Address: # 100-102, Sothearos

Tell is Phnom Penh’s oldest family-run restaurant and is very popular. Here you can eat good Asian dishes as well as Swiss and German specialties. Good service and nice surroundings.
Address: # 13, 90th Street,

Aria D’Italia Pizzeria has the best pizza in town!
Address: # 9, 254 Street

Chocolate by The Shop has lovely Belgian chocolate, made in Cambodia. Here’s everything you could want from coffee, cakes, teas, ice creams and milkshakes.
Address: # 35, 240 Street

Café Samen has authentic Khmer food and is located right on the Russian market. The restaurant also serves Western cuisine.
Address: # 26AEo, 446 Street

Shopping and Eating in Perth, Australia

Shopping and Eating in Perth, Australia

According to DigoPaul, Perth is one of the largest cities in the country of Australia.

Shopping in Perth

Western Australia doesn’t really have much else to offer than natural products and animal products. Gold, pearls and opal jewelery are among the most common tourist purchases, as are sheepskin jackets and boots. Artisans of the Sea is a shop on the corner of Marine Terrace and Collie Street that specializes in jewelry of pearls from Australia’s South Sea, with great success.

Perth defined by AbbreviationFinder has many shopping malls, several of which are connected to each other by walkways that allow you to stay indoors with air conditioning. Hay Street Mall is the first stop. It has been reserved for pedestrianized pedestrians since the 1970s. Here you will find hundreds of booksellers, music stores, jewelers and jewelers, duty free shops, clothing stores and designer outlets. All while musicians and street performers entertain on the street outside.

In the past few years, new pedestrian streets in Murray Street / Forrest Place have become a competitor to Hay Street, with its terraces, shopping malls, small stalls and entertainment areas. If you prefer to shop in markets, you also have many options in Perth. Subiaco Pavilion Market in Robeky / Roberts Road sells Indian-inspired articles and great leather goods. Station Street Market is popular with artists and bohemians, where you will find crystals, antiques, crafts, books and separate garments.

Every Sunday, Canning Vale Market is held at Randford and Bannister Road, and among over a thousand different stalls, you can look for your own treasure in the piles of used books, clothes, plates and old dusty basements and attics.

Most stores in Perth are open from 8am. 0900 to 1800 on weekdays. On Saturdays, the shops often close a little earlier. Sundays are mostly closed everywhere. Remember that you pay 10% VAT, and on all purchases over $ 300, or approx. 1450 NOK, you can get a refund of VAT on departure. Not every business practices this scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Perth

Food in Perth, Australia

If you are going out and eating in Perth, you are likely to end up in the Northbridge district, which is just across the Horseshoe Bridge from the city center. This is a relatively quiet area during the day, but when darkness falls, it is transformed into Perth’s nightlife and entertainment center. Here it is teeming with pubs and bars, nightclubs and cafes, tattoo shops and bowling alleys.

Here is also an excellent selection of restaurants, which truly reflects Perth’s position as the crucible of all nationalities and cultures. You can pick and choose from Italian, French, Vietnamese, African, Thai, Chinese, Mexican or Turkish cuisine, and because of the fierce competition, most restaurants are reasonably priced.

It is difficult to give examples of typical Australian food, since most Australians are from a different place and have brought the food culture from their roots, but the grilling is strong. Most parties and social gatherings at one time or another include the ritual grilling of juicy steaks. Most parks have large gas grills where, for cheap money, you get connected to gas, and the grilling of most Australian animal species starts. Kangaroo, camel, crocodile, rabbit or emu, everything has to be grilled and gnawed at the Great Aussie Barbeque.

Australian wine and beer
Australian wines have in a short time gained a solid popularity worldwide, and wines such as Lindemans and Jacob’s Creek are among the best sellers in Norway. Australians are also very loyal and patriotic to their beer, including the bright arrow brand Fosters, which is sold all over the world. In Perth, residents are particularly loyal to their Emu, Swan and the darker Red Ant.

A strange phenomenon seen with Norwegian eyes is that restaurants that do not have a license to serve alcohol are happy to advertise with BYO (Bring Your Own). You can then bring your own beer or wine and pay a small symbolic sum to the restaurant for the use of glasses and openers.

Shopping and Eating in Parma, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Parma, Italy

According to DigoPaul, Parma is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Parma

Parma defined by AbbreviationFinder is a prosperous city, and it may look like most of the many elegant editions of the city’s residents love spending afternoons and weekends wandering around hunting or clothing or gift items in the city’s many cozy little streets.

As in a number of other cities in Italy, you will also find in Parma the best places for shopping in and around the city’s historic center. There are many pedestrian streets in Parma’s historic center, often paved with cobblestones, and surrounded by colorful houses.

Along the main street Via G. Garibaldi, which passes, among other things, the Opera House Teatro Regio and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata, you will find several shops. The best shopping street for most people is probably Via Cavour, which runs parallel to Via G. Garibaldi.

Start from Via Goffredo Mameli Street just south of the Basilica and follow Via Cavour north. Here it boasts of clothing stores, both international chain stores and more local specialty stores. If you follow Via Cavour all the way to the dome (located at the Piazza Duomo, where else?) You will also find Kiehl’s, a very well-known cosmetics and pharmacy store, and not least the old bookstore Fiaccadori.

Via della Repubblica is another great shopping street in Parma. And here in number 8 you will find an elegant Max Mara shop. Ladies should run and buy (if they can afford). Max Mara is headquartered in Reggio Emilia, which is the region of Parma.

Remember to visit Piazza Steccata where you will find several old historic shops. Located directly behind the Basilica of Santa Maria. If you like treasure hunting for ancient antiques, visit the district around Borgo Giacomo Tommasini and Via Nazario Sauro Street.

Outlet in Parma

If there are no stores in Parma town, then head to the village of Fidenza where you will find several outlet shops. It is the place where you can buy haute coutoure and brand clothing at greatly discounted prices. Fidenza is located approx. 30 kilometers away from Parma, in the direction of Milan. You can easily take a train, bus or car to Fidenza.

Souvenirs in Parma

From Parma, most people buy parmask and cheese with them, for example. and Parmigiano Reggiano. These are gifts that everyone wants, and besides, there are food products with durability. The wine you buy must of course be a Lambrusco wine or a bottle of sparkling Malvasia. Otherwise, Acqua di Parma, the city’s own perfume, is something many bring.

Markets in Parma

Every Thursday there is the antique market in Strada d’Azeglio. Here it is absolutely possible to find something old and unique.

In general about shopping in Parma

Remember that Parma is a genuine city not designed for tourists. That is, typical Italian traditions are followed, including siesta, which is usually held between 1330 and 1530. Most shops open at 1000 and close in 1930, but then of course with lunch break in the middle of the day. In addition, several stores are closed on Mondays until the afternoon session.

Larger shopping centers and some chain stores deviate from the traditional opening hours in Parma.

Eating in Parma

Food in Parma, Italy

As everyone knows, Parma is one of the most important food cities in Italy, including statues by being the headquarters of the European Food Safety Authority. Still, the reality is that food-loving tourists end up in Bologna, also known by the name of the thick lady.

However, we know that Parma is in no way left for major cities in Italy and can actually fight with the “neighbor” Bologna to be the best in Italy. The Emilia-Romagna region is not without reason known as the “food valley” and home to a number of signal dishes from Italy, and the cities of this region offer quality food that few others can match.

You should not have been in Italy long before you get to know the cheese Parmigiano Reggiano or the ham Prosciutto di Parma. Products that are as natural to see in Parma as it is to see teenagers with their heads down in a smartphone.

Markets, festivals and food specialties in Parma

If you are a bit lucky about the timing of your visit, it is not impossible that there is a market in the city, or for that matter a festival in honor of the ham and cheese (and wine). Probably the best food market is held at Piazza Ghiaia. The time is Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This is a market dating back to the 13th century. Today’s selection is lots of ham (what else?) Cheese, balsamo, pasta and other local goodies. The address is Piazza Ghiaia.

The festival for the ham mad is the Festival del Prosciutto di Parma in September. For those who just love food in general, the festival Gola Gola is recommended. It will be held in June. Then Parma celebrates all of Emilia-Romagna’s specialties.

Parma is also a wonderful coffee village. Here you get quality coffee in all varieties and desserts. And pasta of course. Parma claims they are the city that invented stuffed pasta, e.g. tortelli d’erbetta and anolini in brodo.

For example, try the pasta specialty at ai due platani. The city’s perfect eatery for this dish is the legendary Trattoria and the Osteria Ai du Platani, located seven kilometers from the city center. Well worth the taxi ride. But be sure to reserve a table to avoid a bomb trip.

Yes, we should not forget the desserts and sweets so quickly. Pasticceria Cocconi is the name of one of several good bakery outlets in Parma. These sweets outlets are food for the soul, so forget about calories for a while.

Here at Pasticceria Cocconi you will find at least 80 different cookies, bowls and other good. All freshly baked and fresh. Try a cannoli or their own specialty; a cannoncini, (which is a cream and chocolate filled donut). Ordered naturally with a strong espresso. Pasticceria Cocconi’s address is Strada della Repubblica 22.

Parma has several “gourmet outlets” where you can buy delicious dishes for your apartment, hotel room or a bench nearby. One such place is Salumeria Garibaldi. Here you can also sit down and dine on site. The drivers are known for their good service and can gladly explain to you a little about the food and the wine.

Salumeria Garibaldi is very informal, but without this in any way detracts from the quality of the food. Salumeria Garibaldi has been open since 1829. The address is Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi 42.

Featured restaurants

La Greppia

It looks a bit undesirable where it is located in the slightly worn street Strada Guiseppe Garibaldi 39. Inside, La Greppia reveals a small room that seats 8 – 12 tables, all with white tablecloths. The kitchen is easily visible because the wall separating the restaurant is made of glass. There you can see how professionals treat knives, kettles, pans and everything that comes with it.

The headmaster and waiters are of course experienced guys who provide impeccable service. Most importantly, the chef is one who knows his subject at his fingertips and who gives his guests the best of what the region can offer. Eat 30 months of ripened Parma ham, locally brewed beer or short-lived wine, truffles picked nearby and home-made pasta stuffed with chestnuts. Or how about veal with meat from a farm just a few miles away, supplemented with fresh potatoes and delicious red wine sauce?

No wonder we long for La Greppia. Great value for money since the price is very reasonably priced, seen from our customers’ point of view.

Shopping and Eating in Paris, France

Shopping and Eating in Paris, France

According to DigoPaul, Paris is one of the largest cities in the country of France.

Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris, the capital of France described on Countryaah is an all-day occupation. There are countless exclusive stores, and although much is less expensive than in Norway, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and YSL are also expensive in Paris defined by AbbreviationFinder.

The best shopping streets are Avenue Montaigne, Rue du Fauborg Saint-Honore and Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Those who are more trendy should try Rue Bonaparte and nearby streets.

Perhaps the most exclusive shopping malls are Galeries Lafayette and Printemps at the Grand Boulevards area. Galeries Lafayette is normally open at 0900-1930 every day, but closed Sundays. The address is 40 Boulevard Haussmann.

Printemps is located at 64 boulevards Haussmann.

The area around Les Halles is packed with shopping arcades. These arcades are originally from the early 19th century.

Food, books and furniture in Paris

The choice is simple when it comes to grocery stores. Then you must visit Hediard, which opened as early as in 1880. The main shops to Hediard in Paris in the streets 21 Place de Madeleine and 31 Avenue George V. Hediard offers everything from exclusive food and drink.

Shakespeare & Co has grown from being a bookstore to becoming an institution. There is a huge selection in this bookstore and it is easy to find where it is located in the Latin Quarter. Address 31, rue de la Bucherie.

The Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, which runs between Bastille and Nation, has been Paris’ furniture street since the 1400s. In the narrow passageways there are many craft companies with furniture sellers and carpenters.

Markets in Paris

There are three major flea markets in Paris, all worth a visit. Originally, the word flea market originated from the time when the court disposed of old clothing, which was then sold on the market. These clothes were usually infested with fleas. The flea markets are located in the old parts of Paris, where you can find absolutely all kinds of products.

NB! Remember to arrive early in the morning and watch out for the pickpockets! Saint Ouen is located at the Porte de Clignancourt. Click here for maps. You will find the other major flea markets at Porte de Montreuil (metro 9) and Porte de Vanves (metro 13). The markets are open on weekends and Mondays.

Eating in Paris

Food in Paris, France

Let’s say it right away. There is a great deal of good food to be bought in Paris. French cuisine is perhaps the best in the world, and many countries have been inspired by it.

French cuisine offers a variety of dishes. What about snails, mussels, duck, turkey or oysters? The dishes tend to have good vegetables (find out how a good tomato should taste) and mushrooms. Desserts are often ice cream, sorbeer or crème brulée, individually or together.

French wines are good, and although not all wine cellars and masters are offended if you order wine from other countries, we think you can stick to French wine in France. The selection is huge and is happy to ask the waiter for advice. They have generally great competence in wine.

In Paris you will find a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, but you do not have to indulge in exclusive restaurants. There are also many affordable bistros and restaurants. And if you want to taste other cuisine than the French, it is also possible. Not least, there are several good restaurants in Paris that specialize in Eastern food. We can recommend both the Indonesian restaurant with the logical name Indonesia in 12, rue Vaugirard in the Latin Quarter, and the little Indian Shenaz in 11, rue Houdon in Montmartre.

Different types of restaurants in Paris

A restaurant can call itself so many in Paris. You have brasseries, bistros, restaurants and cafes. The cafes are open late at night, but have often closed Sundays or Mondays. The restaurants close earlier, and you should have ordered your food before 22:00 in the evening. If you go to an exclusive restaurant, you are expected to dress up a bit.

At the Champs-Elysees and the surrounding area you will find the fashionable cafes and restaurants. In the Marais area there are more charming cafes and restaurants. A good tip is to choose the eatery in the area by the most beautiful square in Paris. We naturally think of Place des Vosges. Dine in one of the restaurants by the square. Place des Vosges is located in the Marais area, south of the Louvre.

The Chinese Quarter and especially the avenues de Choisy and Ivry are the area for Thai restaurants and other Eastern food. The Latin Quarter has cheap and simple bars and restaurants. At Rue de la Huchette at Place St. Michel you will find many tavernas, bistros and disco bars.

There are plenty of upscale restaurants, but try the Mabillion area at St. Germain. The trendiest cafes and restaurants are at Abbesses Metro in Montmatre.

Featured dining options in Paris

Brasserie Berthillon
Berthillon is really a retail chain owned by the famous Chauvin family that sells luxury ice cream and sorbet. The main sale is in a bistro in Ile Saint-Louis and people flock here in the summer. The address is 29-31 rue Saint-Louis en l’île, not far from Notre Dame.

Chez Michel
An absolute favorite of connoisseurs and people living in Paris is Chez Michel. It’s not particularly expensive either, although the food tastes heavenly. The address is 10 rue de Belzunce, about two kilometers southeast of Sacre-Cour in 10th Arr. NB Here it is closed Saturday and Sunday, and even lunch Monday. The food is classic French!

Buddha Bar Paris
A small tourist trap, but what does it do? The food at Buddah Bar is as good as when the restaurant / bar / lounge started in 1996. The food is wonderfully Asian and the atmosphere is über cool and relaxed. The interior ensures that you are guaranteed to take pictures and post on social media.

The address is 8-12 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, just off Place de la Concorde.

Nightlife in Paris

If you are looking for nightclubs and music clubs, we suggest Rue de Lappe in the Bastille area. The youth should go to Sorbonne and the student community. Here are many affordable night spots. A good alternative for nightlife and food is the Vavin junction at Montparnasse.

Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Palma, Spain

According to DigoPaul, Palma is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Palma

Like most Europeans, Spaniards and people in Palma are passionate about fashion, and they dress in style. There are many shops to choose from, and especially leather and leather products are reasonably priced compared to prices in Norway. Typical products purchased by tourists in Palma are bags and shoes.

In Spain they hold siesta, and Mallorca is no exception. Between 1330 and 1700, therefore, many shops are closed. But the biggest malls and some chains stay open all day.

The main shopping areas of Palma defined by AbbreviationFinder are the avinguda Jaume III and Passeig des Born streets. Here you will find everything that is fashionable and trendy. Avinguda Jaume III is only 30 years old, yet has become one of Palma’s most elegant avenues. Here you will find shops with fashion clothes, shoes, jewelery and everything from gift items. There are specialty shops around Placa Major. Porto Pi, located approx. two kilometers from the city center (along the road by the harbor), is the most modern and the largest shopping center in Palma.

In Joan Carles I Street you will find the C&A shopping center, which specializes in affordable clothing for both genders of all ages. Close by you will find the Arlequin store, which is Palma’s most famous toy store. If you love books, go to the Ereso bookstore. Ereso is located in the street Carrer Pelaries. This street is also close to C&A.

The Old Town also has some shopping streets. Try Via Sindicato or San Miguel Street.

Markets in Palma

At Placa Major, there is an outdoor market with mainly craft products every Monday, Friday and Saturday. NB! The market is only open in the morning / morning.

Mercat Olivar with the address Placa de Olivar 4 is a large market hall that offers seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables in large quantities. It is open from early in the morning until 2 pm. 1400 in the afternoon.

The largest flea market in Palma is located in Consell and is open Sundays.

Shops we recommend in Mallorca

Carrer Cordelerai
It is located in the avinguda Rei Jaime II street and sells handmade baskets and bakes of all shapes and prices.

Alpargateria La Concepció
Located on the street C Concepció 17 and has a large selection of affordable shoes.

Licoreria Liofriu
Located on the street of Sant Nicolas 23 and has Palma’s largest selection of beverages. A specialty of Mallorca is the liqueur Hierbas. This is available here in countless variants.

El Corte Ingles
It is Spain’s most famous shopping center. Here you will find all types of products and often at reasonable prices. At Palma, El Corte Ingles has two centers. You will find them at Avenida de Alexandre Rossello 12-16 and Avenida de Jaime III, 15.

Eating in Palma

Food in Palma, Spain

There are countless restaurants in Palma, not least tapas restaurants. The Mallorcan cuisine stands out with plenty of fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil. You get many kinds of sausages and shellfish, as well as most of the meat and fish. Majorca has access to good ingredients, and the island has many renowned chefs.

Some local specialties in Mallorca:

Bocadillo is a baguette or sandwich. The order may be different types of cheese or ham. At bars you get bocadillo and something to drink if you ask for it.

Sobrasada is a famous sausage in Mallorca. It is tasteful, yet gentle. The sausage is used both as a main course, accessories in pots and as tapas.

Perhaps the biggest local favorite is Pa amb Oli, which is Mallorca’s answer to the Italian bruschetta. The dish is a bread slice rubbed with garlic, dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Common toppings are tomato, some cheese and ham. Sometimes it is also served with sardines. It is perfect as a small appetizer.

Some restaurant streets in Palma

The small car-free street of Carrer de la Fàbrica [see photo first in the article] near the harbor promenade and not least the Parque de la Feixina comes alive at night. Here is nice eating for the whole family. Great time to arrive is between 2000 and 2300. Carrer de la Fàbrica has a myriad of restaurants, and ironically most Italian restaurants in addition to typical Mediterranean menus.

Passeig de Mallorca from stylish Hotel HM Jaime III and north has several good restaurants, as well as some affordable tapas restaurants. Passeig de Mallorca is located a few hundred meters north of Parque de la Feixina and not terribly far from well-known tourist places like Placa Major.

Recommended restaurants in Palma

Bon Lloc
The Bon Lloc restaurant goes for being the best vegetarian restaurant in Palma. The only lunch dish served is “Today’s”. Remember to book a table in advance. The restaurant started in 1978 and is located on the street Carrer de Sant Feliu, more specifically in number 7.

Rodeo Grill
Rodeo Grill is one of Palma’s best barbecue restaurants and is a tip for those who like meat. The address is Calle Ramon y Cajal 14.

Making Tapas
This is a popular tapas restaurant, where you pick what you like best while the food goes by on a leash close to where you are sitting. You save on the pins that are in the food. Each stick has its own price. There is a larger restaurant in the basement. NB! It is closed on Sundays.

The address is Calle Brondo No. 5. The phone number of the restaurant is 971 72 00 42.

La Lubina
La Lubina is a good fish restaurant with great views of the harbor. La Lubina is also very popular with the residents, which is often a very good sign. The address is Muelle Viejo, down by the harbor.

Palma at night

There are several entertainment areas in Palma. One of the most popular nightlife areas is the Paseo Maritimo (sea side). Here it is very trendy and you will find several exclusive places where you can have a drink. Several of the nightclubs close late at night. The most popular discos do not expect guests to show up until 1 p.m. 0100 at night or later. The bars are also quite empty before midnight.

The biggest and most famous disco is called Titos and is located in Paseo Maritimo 33. The disco is frequented by all kinds of people and in all age groups. Pacha is another option on the disco front. The address is Paseo Maritimo 43.

A “nightlife zone” in Palma is called Can Barbara. This area is mostly for younger people. The longest tradition for nightlife has the area of ​​Plaza de Gomla. In the old town (near the Gothic building Sa Lionja) you will also find an outdoor area. Music bars and pubs dominate here.

If you want a pub, Hogans can be an alternative. It is located on Calle Monsenor Palmer street in the old town. Another popular place is Bodequita del Medio. This is a Cuban bar with good mojitos. The place is cramped and atmospheric. You will find it just off Placa Reina. The address is Carrer de Vallseca, 18.

Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

Shopping and Eating in Palanga, Lithuania

According to DigoPaul, Palanga is one of the largest cities in the country of Lithuania.

Eating in Palanga

Food in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga defined by AbbreviationFinder is a typical tourist town. And with a bunch of happy summer guests, the most sophisticated restaurants are necessarily the focus. On the other hand, you have countless opportunities in places where you can meet other party-tuned people. And even if you can’t find gourmet restaurants over a low shoe, the selection is wide and wide. And the prices are, by our scale, pleasantly low.

The local food consists mainly of meat dishes of different kinds, often with thick sauces. Slightly superficial, the food can be characterized as a bit dull and bland. The menus of Lithuanian restaurants also logically tend to contain a lot of food from Russian cuisine. But typical fast food chains are spread, and with it also food we know well from home. Local drinks, on the other hand, are always popular. Be the Lithuanian vodka and liqueur, or beer of the highest quality.

Most restaurants can be found on the Basanavičiaus parade. And it’s just walking in the tourist trap. There is not much else to choose from, and the quality of many of the restaurants on this tourist street is perfectly fine!

Featured restaurants in Palanga

The DeCuba restaurant in Basanavičiaus 28 is in many ways Palanga in a nutshell, and it all talks about. The restaurant is open from 1000 to 0100 year-round, and despite the name, has nothing to do with Cuba. The food is of the local variety. Informal and popular is DeCuba, and here adults and children all around almost from morning to late at night. Take a trip to the restaurant’s garden, which is an exotic tourist experience in itself.

If you like pizza, we can suggest Čili Pica at Basanavičiaus 45. This is the best pizza you will get in Lithuania, and the location near the sea is not bad at all. Eat out if the weather is good and enjoy yourself. So nice service is a plus!

You get a cheap pub meal at Devintam Danguj in Basanavičiaus 14. The food is simple but good. Grab a kebab and relax with a beer. Open from 1200 to 2400.

One of Palanga’s best restaurants is reportedly Feliksas, located on the street Vytauto 116. Here the cuisine is international and the atmosphere is often high in the evening. Feliksas is located just outside the city center and is open from early morning until midnight every day.

Nightlife in Palanga

PalangaNightlife is often practiced on high gear. Are you here in the summer will the large intake of thirst fromRussia and the nation’s own people from other places in Lithuania, make sure a more or less cheerful drink layer never far away. But there are also a lot of families with children here, so it’s not completely wanted.

Vodka and beer are consumed in quantities, and Palanga also has its own microbreweries. Do you have a sense of beer then head to Pas Juozą where the family has been producing high quality beer since 1995. There are countless opportunities to get involved beyond drinking beer. See, among other things, the spectacular sculpture park, play basketball or ride a horse. The address is Žibininkų which is located about 7 kilometers northeast of Palanga.

If you are 18 or want to be there again, we finally recommend the slightly legendary Laukinių Vakarų Salūnas on the main street Basanavičiaus 16. Here Miss Wet T-shirt competitions and beer relays are arranged over a low shoe. And the place will definitely close later than we can keep ourselves awake. Ie 0600 in the morning. And after a shower and a quick breakfast, you can almost come back when it opens for the next day, three hours later (0900 in the morning). Good luck!

Shopping and Eating in Oslo, Norway

Shopping and Eating in Oslo, Norway

According to DigoPaul, Oslo is one of the largest cities in the country of Norway.

Shopping in Oslo

Few people will conclude that Oslo, the capital of Norway described on Countryaah is a shopping paradise, unless you come from another Scandinavian small town. Everyone else will probably find that most of the goods you can get at cheaper prices in your home country, and especially in the areas around Karl Johan and Aker Brygge, many will probably get a price shock if you have not been to Norway before.

On the other hand, it should be said that no other cities have a larger selection than in Oslo defined by AbbreviationFinder. Here are the biggest centers, the most exclusive shops and also the most exciting, if you bother to walk a little outside the tourist strip.

Souvenirs in Oslo

The most common tourist souvenirs include small trolls, knitted sweaters and lice, and craftsmanship with Norse or Sami design. But this is generally very expensive, and if you find, for example, a lice scarf for a couple of hundred patches, a machine-made copy product is guaranteed.

Oslo’s shopping areas

Oslo’s shopping mainly takes place in and around three streets. Most central is Karl Johans gate. The pedestrian zone from Egertorget and down to the Jernbanetorget has close with stores on both sides, including well-known clothing chains such as H&M and Vero Moda. At the Railway Square, at the end of Karl Johan, is Oslo’s largest shopping center, Oslo City.

Just east of Egertorget you will find the old venerable and well-known department store Sten & Strøm (Nedre Slottsgate 8). Between Egertorget and the Castle you will find modern large shopping centers such as the Palèet, with the mega-large bookstore Tanum. Tverrgaten Universitetsgaten houses Norway’s largest Norli bookstore, perhaps even bigger than Tanum on Karl Johan.

Karl Johan’s parallel street, Stortingsgaten, also has several good shops, including famous Ferner Jacobsen in Stortingsgaten 14. Akersgaten which crosses Karl Johan at Egertorget (upper side of the Storting). Here you will find some very exclusive brand stores. Probably most for window shopping.

The other popular shopping area is located on Majorstua, in Bogstadveien which eventually changes its name to Hegdehaugsveien. This is considered a more exclusive and trendy area, and most stores also reflect the price level.

The third area is Markveien on Grünerløkka, where design shops have emerged as mushrooms in recent years.

Eating in Oslo

Food in Oslo, Norway

Oslo has gained a reputation for being an extremely expensive restaurant city. Although this is somewhat true, much of this rumor is due to the fact that most tourists arrive at Oslo Central Station, stroll up Karl Johan and end up at Aker Brygge or Holmenkollen. And those who sit here and order dinner or a pint will often get a little shock when they get the bill. They also do not want so many local Oslo citizens around, they usually go to less expensive places.

Traditional Norwegian food

Although traditional Norwegian food is fish dishes such as smoked salmon and lutefisk, and meat dishes such as mutton cabbage and smalahove, the few Norwegians go to a restaurant to serve this. Not least because of the high price level, this is usually limited to Christmas and holiday.

The most popular eateries are still Italian restaurants serving pizza and pasta, and Indian and Chinese restaurants. On Karl Johans gate are the American chains such as Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays, where it is almost always full.

Some selected restaurants in Oslo

If you want to try traditional Norwegian food, you can set the course for the fish restaurant Lofoten on Aker Brygge for the upper price scale or Stortorvets Gjestgiveri right in the center, which is located in a listed farm from the 18th century. Stortorvets Gjestgiveri has a slightly cheaper price level. The restaurant at Holmenkollen undoubtedly has the best view, but the prices do not necessarily match the quality of the food. Here you go as much for the nature experience as for the dinner.

A local favorite with good prices is the Thai restaurant YaYas, located in Munkedamsveien just behind Aker Brygge, and in Industrigata on Majorstua. This is like traveling to a beach restaurant in Thailand, with aluminum cutlery and menus in plastic bags, speakers on the reggae and regular 20-second power outages and thunderous noise.

Another restaurant that is also recommended by many Oslo residents is the Chinese Dinner restaurant in Stortingsgata 22 at the National Theater. And finally, we have to mention the traditional Justice in Møllergata 15 in one of Oslo’s oldest farms. This is a favorite of both the politicians who are around the corner on Youngstorget and the government quarters, and for artists like David Bowie.

Shopping and Eating in Nottingham, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Nottingham, U.K.

According to DigoPaul, Nottingham is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Nottingham

Nottingham defined by AbbreviationFinder is considered one of England’s best cities for shopping, after London and Manchester. Here there are around 1300 shops, six department stores and not least two large shopping centers. The largest is the Victoria Shopping Center, with over 120 stores under the same roof, including a Disney Store, House of Fraser and John Lewis. There is also a large indoor market. Victoria is located northeast of Old Market Square.

The second shopping center, which covers an entire quarter just south of Old Market Square, is Westfield Broadmarsh with nearly 120 stores and eateries spread over 45,000 sqm. The main entrance is from Lister Gate, which is one of Nottingham’s premier shopping streets adjacent to Albert Street, High Street and Clumber Street. Here you will find all the well-known chain stores that you apparently find in every main street in all English cities, such as Marks & Spencer, H&M, Boots and Debenhams.

If you are looking for more exclusive and special clothing and goods, you should rather look at the stores in Victoria Street and Bridlesmith Gate. You can also try Derby Road, northwest of the marketplace, where there are many designer and antique shops. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more alternative items, the Hockley area should be trusted.

If you want to come home from Nottingham with something that is typical and characteristic of the city, then you buy lace, the product that really put Nottingham on the world map in the 18th and 19th centuries. The specialist is the Lace Center located in the old historic Severn buildings at the end of Castle Gate, just off the Robin Hood statue, or Victoria Market.

Nottingham’s markets

The indoor market at the Victoria Shopping Center is open from Monday to Saturday. You can also visit some of the seven traditional outdoor markets in Nottingham:

  • Sneinton market – Mondays and Saturdays
  • Ann’s Market – Tuesdays
  • Bulwell market – Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
  • Hyson Green market – Wednesdays
  • Broxtowe market – Wednesdays
  • Bilborough market – Thursdays
  • Clifton market – Fridays and Saturdays

Opening hours and duty free shopping

The stores are generally open from 10am. 0900 to 1700 or 1800 Monday to Saturday, often with a long day on Thursdays. Most shops in Broadmarsh and Victoria also open 1000 to 1700 on Sundays. And don’t forget that for larger purchases you can get a refund of 17.5% VAT at the airport upon departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Nottingham

Food in Nottingham, U.K.

England is not known for its contribution to international haute cuisine. The most famous English dishes are probably Yorkshire pudding and fish & chips, but today you will find very few restaurants in Nottingham that serve exclusively English fare.

Nottingham primarily has two restaurants that knit the title “Best in town”. Hart’s Restaurant is part of the Hart’s Hotel, located in Standard Hill just north of Nottingham Castle. The menu is described as “Modern British” and a full three course wine for two people will probably cost you close to a thousand dollars.

Hart’s foremost competitor is the World Service, which was named Restaurant of the Year 2007. The owners are even former employees of Hart’s. The restaurant is multicultural, and both menu and interior have touches from all over the world. Here is also an oriental patio garden you can dine in if the weather permits.

Among the more affordable restaurants in Nottingham, Turkish Antalya has become a favorite of the city’s residents. The price level is pleasant, with most of the main courses under the hundred, including several vegetarian dishes. The address is 34 Forman Street, three minutes from Old Market Square.

If you want to stick to the well-known chains, you have both a Hard Rock Cafe at 11 King Street, right on Old Market Square, and a TGI Fridays on South Sherwood Street. If you love Indian food, we highly recommend Kayal at 8 Broad Street, Hockley. The menu is primarily South Indian, which in turn means considerably stronger spicy food than you might be used to from other Indian restaurants, so don’t order the food “Spicy” without knowing what you are doing!

If you want to try something out of the ordinary, maybe the Brazilian restaurant Las Iguanas is an option? There is Latin American music, Brazilian beer and cachaca and a mood that sends you straight to Rio de Janeiro. It is located in Unit B1, Chapel Bar, and the main courses are around 90-130 kroner.

Nottingham’s oldest pubs

Like any university town, Nottingham also has a buzzing nightlife with everything from pubs and rock bars to techno clubs and wine bars. If we are in England, we enjoy the archetypal British pubs best, and you should look at the three oldest ones. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which has served its guests since 1189, ie for around 820 years, is to be England’s oldest pub. The name comes from the Crusaders who must have stopped here en route to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. The back rooms of the pub are carved directly into the mountains directly below Nottingham Castle, and there is also a small museum. Food is served until 1800, but the place is still the place for medieval dinners in the evenings. The address is 1 Brewhouse Yard. Also check out The Bell Inn, licensed back to 1276, andYe Olde Salutation Inn, with roots from 1240, in Hounds Gate, Maid Marion Way.

Shopping and Eating in Nice, France

Shopping and Eating in Nice, France

According to DigoPaul, Nice is one of the largest cities in the country of France.

Shopping in Nice

In Nice defined by AbbreviationFinder, you will find most of the large and well-known chain stores and the typical French shopping centers. The city has also given place to the famous designers and a number of good marketplaces. A big plus for Nice is that most of the shops and markets are located together, so you don’t spend a lot of time finding your favorite stores.

Most of the shops are open from 10am. 0900 to 1900 from Tuesday to Saturday. Mondays have many shops closed half or all day, and those who are still open, usually take an extended lunch break between noon. 1200 and 1400.

In the Rue Massena pedestrian zone you will find popular chain stores as well as a number of small specialty shops, including shoes. In the side street of Rue Paradis you will find designer shops such as Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton. If you want cheaper stores, you will find chains like H&M, Zara and the like in Avenue Jean Medecin. Here you will also find Galeries Lafayette, which has most of the latest fashion from the designer world.

In the old town there are a number of markets and a good selection of small shops selling everything from clothes to souvenirs and olive products. There are also many good art galleries and art shops.

Cours Salaya market in Nice

Cours Saleya is probably the most visited market in Nice and is located in the heart of the old town. Cours Saleya is home to four different markets. Most famous is the Marché aux Fleurs (flower market) and which is open every day except Mondays. The same applies to the fruit and vegetable market. In practice, the flower and fruit and vegetable markets are one and the same market. The stalls with fruits and vegetables close approx. 1330, while the flower stalls last until 1730.

Mondays are the day of antiques and “fleas” at Cours Saleya. Check out furniture, books, used clothing, jewelry and some prints.

In june there comes a fourth market, namely Marché artisanal nocturne. There is an evening market where art and craft products are sold. This market runs from June to September.

It has become popular to buy a variety of products for Nice cooking – perhaps in the hope of recreating the good taste of the restaurants when you get home? You can buy different types of oils, truffles and spices in specialty stores all over Nice.

In general about shopping in Nice and France

Don’t forget that you can get a refund when you shop in France at the airport when you are on your way home. The requirement is that you have traded for at least (at the time of writing) 175 euros (approximately NOK 1500) and have completed a VAT refund form. Not all stores have this scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance before dragging your credit card.

Eating in Nice

Food in Nice, France

Nice is a great destination for food lovers. The cuisine is heavily influenced by neighboring Italy, and you will find good varieties of pasta on just about every menu. Seafood is also represented at most restaurants.

Do you want a light meal for example. at lunch there is a good selection of cafes selling sandwiches with typical Provencal ingredients such as fresh basil, olives, olive oil, goat cheese and mesclum. Of course, there is also a good selection of French baked goods such as croissants, pain au chocolat and similar that are worth tasting.

You will find good restaurants all over Nice. In the old town there are restaurants in almost every street, and many of them also have places outside, despite the narrow streets. Cours Saleya, Place Pierre Gautier and Place Rosetti offer a good selection, and here is the bustling life of well over midnight.

If you want to treat yourself to a good fish meal, there are several good restaurants in the harbor areas. You have to expect to pay a little extra at these restaurants, but it might be worth it. Le Café Turin at 5 Place Garibaldi is considered one of the best seafood restaurants, and the slightly less expensive Chez Pistol next door also has a good reputation.

If you have selected a restaurant during the day’s sightseeing, where you would like to dine in the evening, it is recommended that you go in and book a table. Especially if you are in Nice during the high season and want to have dinner after 10 pm. 2000.

Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

Shopping and Eating in Newcastle, U.K.

According to DigoPaul, Newcastle is one of the largest cities in the country of U.K..

Shopping in Newcastle

Imagine that in the 1980s there were continuous ferries from Norway to Newcastle defined by AbbreviationFinder. And the main argument for the ferry trip was that we should get the chance to shop in Newcastle. Since then, Newcastle has added many ales as a shopping town, and now you can rightly call the city just that.

There are several shopping areas in Newcastle. The biggest is at Eldon Square Shopping Center. In fact, you won’t find any major shopping complex anywhere else in the UK, and that doesn’t say that much. Here you just have to run into one of the largest Marks and Spencer found outside of London, or the largest Fenwick department store in the world.

Here at Eldon Square there is a continuous round of winding up, launching, renovation and further development, so you just have to come here time after time.

Northumberland Street is perhaps the most important shopping street in Newcastle. In any case, this is the most expensive street for the shops to rent premises, which is often a very good indication of how popular the shopping street is. Once here in Northumberland Street, take the road to Vine Lane as well, because here are the best antique shops.

Grainger Street and the area around Grey’s Monument in the Grainger district are also great places to go for shopping. Gosforth and Byker are the places to come for you who for some reason live in the suburbs.

Shopping centers in Newcastle

And in Gateshead you will find Europe’s largest shopping center. It’s called the Metro Center and is located southwest of the center of Newcastle-upon-tyne, along the A1. The Metro Center has a bowling alley and cinema, so it’s a good place to bring the kids.

The stores in Newcastle Gateshead are mostly open all the time. At least it feels like that to us who don’t have a black belt in shopping. Ordinary opening hours are from 0900 to 1700 or 1730, including Sundays, but in addition there are long open Thursdays and Fridays.

NB! On Sundays, however, the shops do not open until 1100 (usually). After all, people have to sleep after Saturday’s departures.

Eating in Newcastle

Food in Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle is a city where you are going and want to have fun. Here are so many restaurants, nightclubs and bars that the city is almost counted as the capital of all the stag parties. Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the city’s nightlife are rated by several, including the Rough Guide, as England’s largest tourist attraction.

Most nightclubs and bars can be found around Quayside in downtown and at Bigg Market. But we might as well have suggested Neville Street, Cllingwood Street or Osborne Road in Jesmond. Or the area around the main train station. Or “The Gate” which is a huge indoor complex with bars, restaurants and clubs. And so on and so forth.

Food at dining places can be found in all facets and from all nationalities. The china restaurants are located close to Stowell Street. Otherwise you will of course find Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, French and Spanish, Greek and Mexican around the city.

What is surprising to many is that there are several good English restaurants. You can of course stumble into a local fast food kitchen and order a large portion of fish and ships for a cheap price. But it is not particularly good. But feel free to try an English quality score. You pay more for dinner, but in return it is very good.

You can find such a restaurant at the Jesmond Dene House hotel which is logically located on Jesmond Dene Road.

If you want to eat reasonably priced “home-cooked” or well-known dishes like hamburgers and the like, then eat your meal at a pub. Firstly, it is a straightforward way to get to know some of the locals, and secondly, it is often here that you get good value for money.

Some selected restaurants in Newcastle:

Fisherman’s Lodge (International / European)
Great place for seafood, whether it is fish or shellfish in typical European style. The address is Jesmond Dene

Solomons (Indian)
One of the best restaurants in the city without being ruined. In the Denton Road street is Solomons, a restaurant that surprises time and time again. Delicious Indian food to suit our palates. The 10-minute walk out of downtown is worth the trouble when you board Solomons.

Cafe Vivo (Italian)
Italian restaurant located “where it happens”, ie in Quayside, more specifically in the street 29 Broad Chare. Classic Italian with a relaxed atmosphere. Plus for good wine!

Shopping and Eating in New York City, USA

Shopping and Eating in New York City, USA

According to AbbreviationFinder, New York City is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in New York

New York City has everything, regardless of product and regardless of whether you are an avid fan of markets, department stores or specialty stores. New York City is also a fashion hub with some of the finest designers and trendsetters in the world. In all parts of Manhattan there are good shopping opportunities.

Together with London and Paris, New York City is the shoppers’ paradise. Despite the city being full of attractions, shopping may still be the main attraction.

As mentioned, you can buy everything, but there are still some products where it is easier to make good purchases than others. The range of clothing is incredibly large and many brands are sold reasonably. And in New York you get all sizes, so whether you are tall, low, thick or thin, you will find something that fits. Electrical products or computer equipment are other examples of products where you can make bargains. Music and books are also products where you can make a bargain.

5th Avenue is the fashion street. Walk 5th Avenue from Midtown, past Times Square and up towards Central Park, and you’ll see stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hugo Boss, or skyscrapers like Trump Tower with fashionable stores, department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks or specialty stores like The Apple Store upstairs at Central Park. NB! H&M has established itself with a giant store at 51st Street and 5th Avenue.

Markets and specialty stores in New York

For markets and specialty shops you should visit Soho. Here you will find designer shops, gourmet food shops and street markets. Not least, try Canal Street, which separates Soho from TriBeCa. If you are looking for cheap electronic articles, you get it here. For fashion lovers, and primarily fashion lovers under 40, check the streets between Thompson Street and Broadway.

Are you looking for shopping malls and department stores, we suggest Macy’s, which is possibly the world’s largest business, even though Macy’s might be more of an attraction than where you actually shop? If you have good advice, visit Barney’s on Madison Avenue and 61st Street. Every two years Barney’s has major cleanup sales. Check their website for sales when you visit.

You can find outlet stores in New York. The best-kept secret that is not a secret is Century 21. The address is 22 Cortland Street at the Financial District and Ground Zero. There are a lot of people here at times, but you get brands at very good prices.

Eating in New York

Food in New York City, USA

You don’t have to be afraid to go hungry in New York City. Very generous portions are served at everything from popular little cafes to fashionable restaurants. And you can eat your three daily meals at different new places and every single day of your life without having to show up twice at the same eatery. The quality is generally good, regardless of the number of stars at the eatery.

Every Manhattan neighborhood has great restaurants. In addition comes an endless array of bakeries, breakfast houses and “hot-dog” stalls. And we do not forget the even longer range of fast food chains and American restaurants, be it McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, Hard Rock, Burger King and Motowns. Hard Rock is located in Time Square, and the place regularly offers live entertainment, surprisingly good food and lots of souvenirs. Take time for a drink, if nothing else.

New York has all the ethnic cuisines represented, but is especially good when it comes to tex-mex, jewish, cinematic and italian. The last two logically enough with influence from Chinatown and Little Italy.

It is not very cheap to eat in New York, but it is considerably cheaper than in Norway. At least if you combine the meal with good wine and a ‘fore drink’. Of course, you can find simple and very affordable places, and also top-class restaurants when it comes to quality.

Tips when eating in New York

Remember that drinking is important when eating in New York. You must forget about Norwegian “tips / drinking culture”. For many waiters, it is almost the “drink” that is the salary. You are therefore expected to spend 20% or more on the restaurant’s bill.

Some suggestions for good restaurants with decent prices in New York are the following:

French: La Bonne Soupe, a rustic and charming French restaurant in Midtown, 48 West 55th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.

Italian: Lombardi’s is New York’s oldest and most authentic pizzeria in Little Italy [see photo first in article]. The pizzas are lovely and the wine is reasonably priced. Maybe it’s because Americans drink beer for their pizza? The address is 32 Spring Street, Mott Street Mulberry Street.

Swedish: At the time of writing, Smörgås has three restaurants in different locations in New York. Nice, informal and good food for the money. We suggest the small and charming restaurant down at the corner of 283 West 12th Street. Here are special prices for good wine and happy hour every night from 7pm. 1700 to 1900. Read more about Smörgas.

Shopping and Eating in New Orleans, USA

Shopping and Eating in New Orleans, USA

According to AbbreviationFinder, New Orleans is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in New Orleans

Although New Orleans is not a fashion metropolis in line with e.g. New York City or Paris, by far most people will be happy with the offer of shopping. Not least, you can find wonderful markets, whether it’s for fruits and vegetables, used items, masks and costumes or for that matter voodoo items.

New Orleans also offers great galleries and large shopping malls. And, of course, you should know that if you shop in special stores, you will be refunded the value added tax. Foreigners are trading tax-free in New Orleans.

Tax Free shopping in New Orleans

In Louisiana you get reimbursed sales tax and sometimes also local tax. Not all stores can offer such services, so look for the brand with Tax Free. You must have a valid passport and not be on a trip that lasts longer than 90 days to have your taxes refunded.

The two places you will be refunded the tax are at Louis Armstrong International Airport and The Riverwalk Shopping Center. Meet up well before the flight leaves and remember your receipts if you want to try to get the tax refunded for what you have shopping!

Royal Street in New Orleans

Not far from the tourist magnet Bourbon Street you will find the street Royal Street with all its antique shops, jewelers and art galleries. If you have good advice, you may also be staying in a hotel located on this street. Or maybe you have dinner at one of the good restaurants here. Regardless, Royal Street is one of the finer areas of the French Quarter, and a street worth a visit whether you are shopping or not.

Magazine Street in New Orleans

This huge street is full of so-called boutiques, with fashion clothes and other trendy, as well as craft shops and antique shops. Magazine Street has always attracted both the wealthy and the more bohemian residents. Together, these people groups and the mix of shops, cafes and nightlife creates an atmosphere that shopping tourists love! This is also a nice place to be to feel the pulse of New Orleans.

Especially shopping in New Orleans

Voodoo Stores in New Orleans
When in New Orleans, of course, you have to bring something that bears witness to the city’s long voodoo history. Many souvenirs are naturally linked to Mary Laveau, read more at New Orleans attractions. A select voodoo store is Marie Laveau House of Vodoo. You can find this store at 739 Bourbon Street in French Quarter.

Costume Stores in New Orleans
Something else that is special about New Orleans is all the mask and costume stores. It is not for nothing that the great Mardi Gras is just celebrated in New Orleans. Visit Masks & Make Believe in 1 Poydras Street, Level C in The Riverwalk Mall or the Le Garage Antiques and Clothing store at 1234 Decatur Street, French Quarter.

The best vegetable and food market in New Orleans is probably the Crescent City Farmers Market. Here are delicacies and great ingredients everywhere. Local chefs showcase and demonstrate their talents with accompanying tastings to visitors. At Crescent City Farmers Market there is always life and touch and the market is worth a visit too as a small tourist attraction.

Shopping Centers in New Orleans

The Riverwalk Shopping Center
The Riverwalk Shopping Center was once part of the World Exhibition held in Louisiana in 1984, but in 1986 became a thoroughbred and solid shopping center. The address is 1 Poydras Street on the Mississippi River.

Jax Brewery
Jax Brewery is a landmark in New Orleans. Once upon a time, this was a brewery, (for Jax Beer of course). Today, Jax Brewery is a shopping center with renowned shops, as well as housing a brewery museum. Many consider this shopping center one of the best in the United States. The address is 600 Decatur Street in the French Quarter.

Canal Place
333 Canal Street in French Quarter is the address of this shopping center. Canal Place is next door to the large Aquarium of the Americas and therefore frequently visited by tourists on their way to or from the aquarium. Here are enough shops for everyone in the family.

Eating in New Orleans

Food in New Orleans, USA

If there is a special kitchen for the United States then it must be the local food you get in Louisiana and thus also in New Orleans. For centuries, immigrants from different cultures and nations, not least African slaves and French immigrants, have contributed to this southern state getting its ‘Louisiana cooking’.

Louisiana cooking is fragments of Creole and Cajun cuisine. Originally, the former turned out to be a bit nicer, since it was developed by Africans who cooked the food of wealthy plantation owners. The Cajun kitchen was, after all, “just” pawns with French ancestry.

Louisiana food is characterized by being strong, but it is in no way comparable to the food you, for example. sheep in India. Peppers, chili, celery, onions and, not least, garlic, are almost mandatory ingredients in local New Orleans food.

What to Eat in New Orleans?

In New Orleans ‘s something for everyone. And this time it’s more than a fool. For you will of course find all the usual fast food chains and international restaurants, and also the same boring hotel food, here in New Orleans as in every other big city. But you also get delicious dishes from the local Louisiana cuisine. Spicy cajun sausages are a must.

And of course, you have to taste the dish that personifies the food in New Orleans, namely ‘ Jambalaya ‘. Jambalaya is a dish of shrimp, chicken, ham, rice and the ever-present ingredients of celery, onion and chili. Jambalaya is a very good dish that you get at “all” cajun restaurants.

For dessert you just have to choose Bananas Foster which naturally consists of bananas. These are bathed in butter, fried, sugared and applied with a dose of e.g. cinnamon, cognac, yes you read correctly, and vanilla ice cream.

Featured restaurants in New Orleans

Café Amelie
Here you will find simple dishes such as salad and sandwich. However good it is and the place is popular. The restaurant is beautifully located in the French Quarter, in an old venerable house. The address is 912 Royal Street. Here both locals and tourists come!

Steamboat Natchez
How to combine a 2-hour cruise with dinner? The food is served accompanied by glad jazz. The noon cruise departs at 1900 from Toulouse Street Wharf directly into Jackson Square. The dress code is casual.

Ralph’s on the Park
This restaurant has countless awards for its very good local New Orleans cuisine. Real Southern hospitality meets you from the first moment and the breadth of the menu is great. The restaurant is next door to the New Orleans City Park. Address 900 City Park Avenue.

Red Fish Grill
You can’t be in New Orleans without eating seafood. Then there is hardly a better choice than Red Fish Grill at 115 Bourbon Street, a street you will find yourself in. The restaurant has the same owner as Ralph’s on the Park and many restaurant critics claim this is New Orleans’ best seafood restaurant for you who want to eat without eating Put on a suit or dress and spend your entire holiday budget on food.

Cafe du Monde
This is perhaps the most famous night out in New Orleans. Cafe du Monde means something like the World Café and has appeared in a number of novels, including the author James Lee Burke. The address of the original outdoor cafe is 800 Decatur Street. NB There are several other Café du Monde in New Orleans.

Shopping and Eating in New Delhi, India

Shopping and Eating in New Delhi, India

According to AbbreviationFinder, New Delhi is one of the largest cities in the country of India.

Shopping in New Delhi

In New Delhi, you can generally get mostly between heaven and earth at very good prices, although imported articles are rarely particularly affordable than in Europe. In New Delhi, the capital of India described on Countryaah. you will find exclusive, state-of-the-art shopping malls with all the well-known brand stores, and street markets with live animals, vegetables, flowers, spices and souvenirs.

The city’s inhabitants are frequent users of the markets. Chandni Chowk is one of the most famous. It is located in Old Delhi and is really considered a wholesale sale to shop owners. Here, mainly fresh produce, such as meat and fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers are sold. Factories are sold in rolls, spiced in hectares and rice in fifty silk bags.

If you shop at one of the modern shopping centers, the prices are relatively high, taxable and fixed. Besides, the product range is about the same as in Europe, and you miss the fun of India’s unofficial national sport, which is haggling. But by all means, prices are still significantly lower than in Europe.

Among the merchandise that most tourists come home with is craftsmanship, often ornate wooden boxes of various sizes, from jewelry boxes to larger chests. Rugs can be another bargain, often in the same style as the more well-known Persian or Turkish rugs. But beware; It is easy for an inexperienced buyer to be fooled. All of silk and other fabrics are considerably cheaper than in Europe, and of course precious metals such as gold and silver.

Most tourists want great fun shopping at Dilli Haat in southern New Delhi. Here you will find clothing and fabrics from all over India, jewelery and crafts, souvenirs and food at very good prices. The atmosphere here is considerably less stressful and hurried than in the central markets.

Many of the bazaars have their specialties. If you are interested in clothing, take the course for Paharganj or Sarojini Nagar. At Janpath Market you can shop for jewels and jewelery, souvenirs and juggles. At Sunder Nagar Market you will find antique dealers. Please note that any item older than 100 years requires special permission from the Indian government to be legally brought out of the country. Make sure you get the necessary documentation if you buy something here.

Eating in New Delhi

Food in New Delhi, India

The food is India’s most successful export item, and most of us already have good knowledge of Indian food after visiting Indian restaurants in Norway or abroad. The selection in New Delhi is of course even better. Indians have over a hundred different ways of cooking meat and almost twice as many ways of cooking vegetables.

Speaking of meat, it’s pretty limited what kind of meat you can expect to find on the menu. Beef you should look for a long time since the cow is sacred in India and strolls around the city streets rather than being on the menu. Pork is also not served in many places, so mainly you will be offered chicken or lamb.

In New Delhi you can indulge in many different dishes. You can try one of the many northern dishes with chappati, a thin loaf of bread, next door. Or try one of the southern strong curries with rice or vegetables, Gujarati thalis in its myriad vegetarian varieties or even delicate freshwater fish from Bengal. If you order the right bombay duck, you may be surprised when the dish is served. It does not consist of duck you may think, but of dried fish.

Most of the better hotels have Indian cuisine on the dining menu, but the smaller restaurants are also well worth a visit as they offer a more authentic local atmosphere than the luxury hotels.

New Delhi’s own residents eat many of their meals from the street stalls that stand in close proximity along the busiest shopping streets. Among the most popular dishes is pav bhaji, a type of tasty loaf stuffed with vegetables and spices. Chinese food is also very popular.

Indian food can be spicy, especially the curries from the Goa district. From here comes the famous vindaloo. Talk to the waiter in advance if you are not comfortable with strong spicy food.

The desserts are perhaps the sweetest made for Scandinavian palates, with all their cakes infused with sugar and honey, but the kulfi ice cream is the exception. It is more creamy than western ice cream, often made from boiled water buffalo milk. It is available in several flavors like mango, cardamom or pistachio.

Shopping and Eating in Naples, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Naples, Italy

According to DigoPaul, Naples is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Naples

The shopping enthusiasts have a lot of fun to look forward to. Those looking for branded clothing and exclusivity will find all the well-known designers in stores in the streets of Via Calabritto and Via dei Mille and the square Piazza dei Martiri with prices that are pretty much below what you are used to here at home. There are sales in the period July to September and around New Year.

Naples main shopping street is Via Roma, which is by no means as exclusive or expensive as the above. Here are all the well-known chains that you can find in almost every major city in Europe, which sells clothing, music, electronics, shoes, books and so on. The largest shopping center is the Centro Direzionale di Napoli, with over thirty stores under the same roof. Also try the busy Corso Umberto street which stretches southwest from Piazza Garibaldi, where there are also many affordable shops.

If you prefer to look for your own tax in markets, Naples has plenty to offer. The biggest is Pignasecca, located in Via Dante. There is also antique market every Sunday on Corsa Malta. The fish market every morning down at Porta Nolana is also a lively tackle.

Naples defined by AbbreviationFinder is known for its china, and the small hand-painted jewelry and ornaments are perhaps the most typical you can bring home from the region. But it is a relatively expensive souvenir, which can easily be destroyed during transport. The Italians are known for their clothes and shoes, and although Milan is considered the country’s fashion capital, you will find many bargains in Naples as well.

In general about shopping in Naples

The stores are usually open from 10am. From 0930 to 1330 and from. 1530 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although there are exceptions. On Mondays, some shopping centers and clothing stores open later, but most close early on Thursdays.

Tax Free Shopping

Don’t forget that you pay quite a bit of VAT / VAT when you shop and on all purchases over a certain amount of money you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sale, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

NB! It might be tempting to buy a copy of a brand from one of the many African illegal immigrants that you are sure to come across. But be aware that in many places Italian police have given up trying and fining the sellers, as they often have neither money nor ID papers. But it has YOU. Civilian-clad policemen are therefore keeping a close eye on street vendors, and if they see that you are buying a pirate copy of, for example. a Louis Vutton case or Rolex watch at a fraction of the price, you should expect to receive a staggering fine of the order of $ 25,000-30000.

Eating in Naples

Food in Naples, Italy

If you’ve ever watched the TV series Sopranos, you’ve probably noticed that food is very much the focus of Italian culture, and all kinds of pasta and lasagna are constantly being cooked. This is not far from reality, and Naples is considered the source of the food you get served in all the hundreds of thousands of Italian restaurants you find around the world. The people of the city are very convinced that they have the best food culture in the world.

In Naples you do not get away from Italy’s most famous dish, the pizza, which historically originated right here in Naples. The original pizza type, Pizza Margherita, was named after Queen Margherita who visited Naples in 1889, and was served a dish consisting of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. This was to represent the Italian flag in white, red and green.

Read article about the best pizzarians in Naples along with it That’s where they invented pizza Margherita!

The traditional pizza will be roasted in a special oven, and only pizza restaurants approved by a separate committee can boast this on their menus and advertisements.

Naples is more than Pizza

But Italian cuisine is both good and exciting and consists of much more than pizza. A meal begins with antipasti, which in short are appetizers. Starters can also be called primi piatti. The next dish is Secondi, which is the main course, either fish or meat. When you buy a main course, you must order vegetables, potatoes and the like as well. Finally, order cheese or fruit (cheese is called formaggi), before ending it with dolci (dessert). The house wine is called vino de la casa (red wine is rosso, while white wine is bianco). This wine is usually served in liter or semi-liter scaffold, and is good and reasonable.

If you want to try real local food (and no, you don’t go to Italy and order cheeseburgers or tacos) you can try one of these restaurants at either end of the price range:

Restaurant Grapalu in Via Toledo 16 has one of the country’s best selection of Italian wines, as well as excellent service and high quality local cuisine.

Pizzeria Pellone is located on Via Nazionale 53 at the train station. Not the most beautiful area of ​​the city, but the pizzas here have attracted locals for years, and no one knows better than those where you get the best pizza in town.

Shopping and Eating in Murcia, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Murcia, Spain

According to DigoPaul, Murcia is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Murcia

It is not without reason that Murcia is mentioned as the best shopping area in Costa Blanca / Costa Calida. Every day, more and more people make their shopping trip to the city. For locals, stores like IKEA are popular, while long-term tourists, especially Brits, think it’s good to be able to shop products from home.

You can do more shopping in Murcia, but maybe the street Calle Jabonerias may be the place to start? You will find the street in the center of Murcia and in addition to the regular shops there are many designer shops.

Many Scandinavians like to shop at El Corte Ingles, which is perhaps the most famous shopping center in Spain. You will find El Corte Ingles in Avenida de la Libertad street.

Markets in Murcia

There are several local markets in Murcia defined by AbbreviationFinder. And not least, the food markets are for tourist attractions to count. The area around Murcia is known for olives. Both green and black olives are a delight to the palate. It is not without reason that Murcia regularly organizes “olive-stone-spit-competitions”.

Merrcadillo de La Fama, located on the street Avenida de La Fama, is the largest market with more than 600 sales stalls. Here everything is sold, ie shoes, clothes, leashes, meats, fruits, vegetables etc. etc.

Merrcadillo de La Fama is open on Thursdays and from about 0730 to 1400.

On the same day, the Mercao Santa Maria de Gracia market holds sales on Calle Auditorium. Here are about 160 sales stalls and the opening hours are at the same time as Merrcadillo de La Fama.

Veronicas Market is located at Plano de San Francisco. Opening hours are 0900 to 1500, (all days except Sundays). Veronica’s market is a great food market where you can also buy something to eat and drink from the local specialties.

We also include the flea market on Calle Alcalde Gaspar de La Peña, 3. Here you can buy all the marvelous collectibles that you did not know you missed, along with the usual amount of clothes, books, shoes and other debris and fast. Open on Sundays from 0900 to 1400.

Eating in Murcia

Food in Murcia, Spain

Tapas bars and restaurants can be found all over the city, but in the historic center, such as in and near the Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Belluga, you will find the best.

If you want to try out one of the typical dishes of the region, try Gazpacho de Yecia. The dish consists of cooked vegetables added to rabbit, rapeseed chicken or chicken. Lamb chops with garlic are also recommended.

Murcia also has first-class oranges, lemons, apricots and peaches, so choose a fruit salad for dessert!

A safe restaurant choice:

ad Calle Canovas del Castillo 28
tel + 34 968220194

Shopping and Eating in Munich, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Munich, Germany

According to DigoPaul, Munich is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Munich

Let’s say it right away. Shopping in Munich is fun. There is a myriad of shops and everyone in the family gets theirs! Typical souvenirs are beers of various types. For example, the trip to the wonderful beer hall Hofbräuhaus then you can buy beer seals for several thousand kroner each! Cheaper versions are of course available.

There are also a number of souvenir shops near Hofbräuhaus. Many people buy craft products of wood or porcelain from Nymphenburg. Do you really want to have a memory for life then we suggest one. Lederhosen. Unbeatable, and perfect when you don’t know what to wear when going out on the town. Maybe the perfect gift for someone who thought he had everything? If you are a woman then you buy Dirndl, this typical South German costume used by Bavarian women when they go out on a Friday night.

Shopping streets in Munich

The main shopping street in Munich defined by AbbreviationFinder is really the sum of the streets Neuhauser straße and Kaufinger straße which starts with the latter if you are on the Marienplatz square and goes all the way to Karlsplatz square. From Marienplatz to the west, the specialty shops and department stores are located in close proximity. The Kaufinger Straße pedestrian street has been one of the busiest shopping streets in Munich since the 1970s. The vast majority of people go to the nearby Arcade. In the same slab you visit Sendlinger Straße with all its smaller specialty shops, not least art galleries and poster shops. Sendlinger Straße goes southwest from Marienplatz to the medieval gate Sendlinger Tor.

If you are one of many people who like to visit exciting bookstores and have the opportunity to sit down on a cozy squeeze when it suits you, visit the streets Schellingstraße north of Altstadt and Türkenstraße. Here the price level is reasonable and the atmosphere a little quieter. If antique shops are the most tempting, you will find them in Schellingstraße and also Theatinerstraße.


Go to Leopoldstraße and turn right and you are in Schwabing with all its second hand shops, bookshops, jewelry stores and other specialty shops including the Elisabethmarkt market, which is fun to visit. No wonder this is the favorite area for students and artists. You can find a lot of wonder on several streets in Schwabing. We tip about the streets of Kaiserstraße, Hohenzollernstraße, Ainmillerstraße and Franz-Joseph-Straße.

Trendy and innovative in Munich

If you are quality conscious, have good advice and want something more avant garde then the shops in Maximilianstraße and Theatinerstraße are for you. Theatinerstraße is located just north of Marienplatz, while Maximilianstraße is not far north-east. Here you must also visit one of Munich’s newest shopping centers, Fünf Höfe. Exclusive and stylish. It has also become trendy and innovative in the Glockenbach neighborhood. Take the Hans-Sachs-Straße street and you will find very unique specialty shops. More and more young designers are opening stores in the area here.

Markets in Munich

There are several markets in Munich, with Viktuelienmmarkt being perhaps the best known. You will find Viktuelienmmarkt just off Marienplatz, where it has existed since 1807. Open every weekday from 1000 to 1800 and Saturdays from 1000 to 1500. You also have Elisabethmarkt with its cheeses, wine, fish, fruit, flowers and herbs. The market can be found at Elisabethstraße and Nordendstraße in Schwabing.

Shopping malls in Munich

You will find several major shopping malls in Munich, as well as all the well-known department stores. The largest center in all of Bavaria is called the Olympia Einkaufszentrum and has more than 130 shops and good restaurants. In the public domain, the center goes only under the name OEZ and it was built in connection with the Olympiad in 1972. The address is Hanauer Straße 68, just west of the Olympic Park itself.

Riem Arcaden
This 120-store shopping mall is one of the most popular in Munich. Here you will find many good clothing stores among many other things. You reach Riem Arcaden by taking metro U2 or U7 to Messestadt-West. You can also use bus numbers 38, 91, 263 or 264 to the shopping center.

General about shopping in Munich

The stores are usually open from 0900 to 2000 every weekday and from 0900 to 1800 Saturdays. Smaller shops can stay closed around lunch, like a kind of mini-siesta. These stores also usually close much earlier on Saturdays, e.g. at 1200.

Eating in Munich

Food in Munich, Germany

German food does not have the words to be a world leader, but there are generous portions and tasty dishes. Often the menu is dominated by meat and sausages, often with cabbage, sauces and other filling. Typical dishes in Munich are Weisswurst, Leberkaese and Schweinebraten. And food inspired from Austria. Eg. Jungschweinbraten (fried young pig) and Steirischem Backhendl salad (baked chicken salad). But you can get more sophisticated food if you want. Although the vast majority of eateries are local restaurants, international cuisine is well represented in Munich. And Munich is one of the few cities in Europe which has several restaurants with three Michelin stars.

We strongly recommend that you try a kebab while in Munich. It is no joke, because there are several genuinely real kebabs around the train station (Hauptbahnhof). In addition to a number of affordable hotels, this area has also attracted immigrants from among others. Turkey. This results in many kebab places where the food is very good and cheap.

When it comes to drinks, it is mainly beer, be it Löwenbräu, Augustiner or another of the local breweries. And beer is consumed by everyone, regardless of age and gender. But there is plenty of good wine available, whether it is German or imported. Beer costs about half of what we are used to from Norway, and beer is often served in liters in the beer gardens.

Some selected restaurants in Munich

This restaurant has been an institution since it opened in 1971. The honors are many, whether they are stars in the Michelin Guide or design awards. For a thousand dollars you get a fantastic five course dinner. And afterwards, relax with a cocktail and cigar in the restaurant’s bar area. The address is Johann-Fichte-Strasse 7, north of Schwabing.

With the best location in the city, in the middle of Marienplatz, you will find this great restaurant with history from 1874. The food is from Bavarian cuisine and you can hardly get this better anywhere else. Are you a whole bunch on tour, then contact the restaurant to get your own stüberl (own room). Open from 1000 to 2400.

Schnitzelwirt in Spatenhof
Wienersnitzel is something everyone loves. And it is very good in Munich. And very best at Schnitzelwirt in Spatenhof. And the variations are many. You can get pork, calf or turkey. The classic version can also be replaced with one with clam sauce and noodles. And the schnitzelen is enjoyed in cozy surroundings.
The address is Neuhauser Straße 39.

Al Pacino
There are many Italian restaurants in Munich and it is a good option if you want a reasonably priced meal. Al Pacino is a stylish name for an Italian restaurant, and it is also on a great street in a pleasant area, more specifically Leopoldstrasse 87 in Schwabing.

Schwabing is also an area where restaurants are crowded. The quality, however, is generally so, but here the youth come in droves and probably for the atmosphere and atmosphere, rather than to enjoy gourmet food.

Generally about eating in Munich

The price level is not bad at all. If you go to local restaurants or a pizzeria it is not uncommon for you to have dinner and drinks for a hundred. Usually you give between 5% and 10% in tips. Very many restaurants have about the same menu for lunch as for dinner. But the lunch price is often significantly lower.

The Biergarten in Munich

You can dine at a Biergarten. Of course, depending on the weather and temperature, but it is suitable for eating out, there is little to pay a visit to a beer garden. Some selected beer gardens are:

Chinese Tower in Englischer Garten
Large beer garden in the middle of the huge park Englischer Garten. In addition, there is often entertainment on the weekends.

This is no less than Munich and the world’s largest beer garden with its 8,000 seats. Located in Neuhausen a little outside Munich city center.

Augustiner is one of Munich’s most popular beer gardens. Located in Arnulfstraße 52.

Dropp Hard Rock Cafe which is right next to the Hofbräuhaus and instead go into this huge tourist party with 3500 seats and which has a mini-edition of Oktoberfest all year round. The address is Am Platzl 9, just off Marienplatz. Definitely worth a visit, and the prices are still nice enough that the place attracts plenty of local residents.

Shopping and Eating in Mumbai, India

Shopping and Eating in Mumbai, India

According to DigoPaul, Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the country of India.

Shopping in Mumbai

In Mumbai defined by AbbreviationFinder, you can get everything between heaven and earth at very good prices, although imported articles are rarely particularly cheaper than in Europe. Here you will find exclusive, state-of-the-art shopping centers with all the well known brand shops and street markets with live animals, vegetables, flowers, spices and souvenirs.

Younger customers like to shop in Linking Road or Fashion Street, perhaps also in Causeway Road, which is the main street in Colaba. Breach Candy, Warden Road and Napean Sea Road attract the more quality conscious audience.

The town’s residents are frequent users of the huge indoor market Crawford Market or Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market, as it is also called. It was built in 1869, and is easily recognizable due to its 42-meter-high bell tower which overlies the entrance. Here mainly fresh products are sold, such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

If you shop at one of the modern shopping centers, the prices are relatively high, taxable and fixed. Furthermore, the product range is about the same as in Europe. Here you will miss the fun of India’s unofficial national sport, the bargaining, which you otherwise experience every time you show a hint of interest in an item.

Among the crafts most tourists come home with are crafts, often ornate wooden boxes of various sizes and larger chests. Rugs can be another bargain, often in the same style as the more well-known Persian or Turkish rugs. All of silk and other fabrics are considerably cheaper than in Europe and of course precious metals such as gold and silver. But beware. It is easy for an inexperienced buyer to be fooled.

Bazaars in Mumbai
Many of the bazaars have their specialties. If you are interested in leather and leather goods, head for the Dhaboo Street Bazaar. At Zaveri Bazaar you can shop for jewels and jewelery, while Mutton Street is the place for furniture, souvenirs and juggling. At the Chor Bazaar you will find antique dealers. Please note that all goods older than 100 years require special permission from Indian authorities to be legally brought out of the country. Be sure to bring the necessary documentation if you are buying antiques.

Eating in Mumbai

Food in Mumbai, India

The food is India’s most successful export item, and most of us already have good knowledge of Indian food from Indian restaurants in Norway. The selection in Mumbai is of course even bigger. Indians have over a hundred different ways of cooking meat and almost twice as many ways of cooking vegetables. The restaurants in Mumbai also have a lot of seafood on the menu as opposed to much of the rest of the country.

Speaking of meat, it is quite limited what kind of meat you can expect to find on the menu. Beef you should look for a long time since the cow is sacred in India. Pork is also not served in many places, so mainly you will be offered chicken or lamb.

In Mumbai you can try several of the dishes from the northern part of India with chappati next, you can try strong curries from the southern part of India with rice or vegetables, the dish gujarati thalis with its numerous vegetarian varieties or delicate freshwater fish from Bengal.

Most of the better hotels have Indian dishes on the menu, but the smaller restaurants are also worth a visit as they offer a more authentic, local atmosphere than the luxury hotels.

Mumbai’s own residents eat many of the meals from the street stalls, which stand in close proximity along the busiest shopping streets. Among the most popular dishes is pav bhaji, a type of tasty loaf stuffed with vegetables and spices. Chinese food is also very popular.

If you order the Bombay duck dish, you may be surprised when the dish is served. It does not consist of duck as one would think, but of dried fish.

Most people are well aware that Indian food can be spicy, so ask the waiter in advance if you are not comfortable with it. The curries from Goa district in particular are extremely strong; from here comes the famous vindaloo.

The desserts may be the sweetest made for Scandinavian palates with all their cakes infused with sugar and honey, but kulfi ice cream is the exception. It is more creamy than western ice cream, often made from boiled water buffalo milk. It is available in several flavors like mango, cardamom or pistachio.

Shopping and Eating in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shopping and Eating in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to DigoPaul, Mostar is one of the largest cities in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shopping in Mostar

Mostar defined by AbbreviationFinder is tempted by narrow streets with small shops, and it’s like being set back in time. Crafts made from ancient traditions in the form of rugs, jewelery and paintings are exciting memories to take home. It’s easy to see why people have come across the Neretva River for hundreds of years to shop.

On the west side of the river are several restaurants along the riverbank with great views of the old bridge. The area is called Kujundziluk, after the many brass smiths (kujundzije) who lived here, together with artists, tanners, tailors and other craftsmen. The stores in the stone houses are still dominated by these professions, and here you can do a bargain on the jewelry front.

On the eastern side of the bridge lies a network of several idyllic stone-paved streets that swirl between natural stone houses with restaurants, small shops and cafes, over rivers and under bridges.

If you prefer to shop at the mall you can also do this.

Biosphere shopping center in Mostar

The best shopping mall in Mostar is the Biosphere shopping center, and is a modern shopping center of high standard.
The center is to the left of the Neretva River, a few hundred meters from the old bridge.

In addition to shopping, the center offers SPA and wellness center, restaurants, and rooftop bar should you need a break from shopping.

Eating in Mostar

Food in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar’s traditional cuisine is close to Turkish cuisine, but has also been influenced by Central Europe. Some of the typical dishes are börek (stuffed dough – often with cheese, feta, vegetables or meat), moussaka (gratin dish with either meat or vegetables) and dolma (stuffed wine leaves).

A selection of eateries in Mostar

Affordable restaurants in Mostar
Jami Burek – in the old town, offer a local bar at a reasonable price.
adr: M.Balorde

Palma, A. Santica – just outside the old town, close to the Neretva River offers bright goods, affordable cakes and ice cream. The place also has air-conditioning if you need some cooling air on a hot day.

Medium price of restaurants in Mostar
Dado, 7rg 1 Maja bb, Good traditional Bosnian food. Great prices on 3 courses including wine.
phone +387 36 552 043.

Hindin Han, Yusovina bb,
phone +387 36 581 054.

Expensive restaurants in Mostar
Veranda, the restaurant in the Biosphere Shopping Center

Shopping and Eating in Moscow, Russia

Shopping and Eating in Moscow, Russia

According to DigoPaul, Moscow is one of the largest cities in the country of Russia.

Shopping in Moscow

Be warned right away; you are not traveling on a shopping trip to Moscow. If you think that it is cheap in Eastern Europe, and that you can thus save a lot of money on shopping in Moscow, the capital of Russia described on Countryaah, then you are seriously mistaken. Moscow is expensive, expensive, expensive! With the exception of some locally produced items, such as vodka and caviar, you will usually have to pay more in Moscow than for a similar product in Norway.

Occasionally you can almost believe that there has been a zero too much on the price tag by mistake. If you find something that looks sensationally cheap, it’s probably a pirate. And you can also offer pirated copies at a shopping center as in a street stall.

Shopping centers in Moscow

And shopping centers can be found in many of today’s modern Moscow defined by AbbreviationFinder. The largest and oldest is the state-owned GUM, which occupies most of the east side of the Red Square, in a sensational building from the 1890s. This was the shopping paradise for the wealthy upper class during the Soviet era. There are now about 200 different stores here, and these are open Monday to Saturday from 0830 to 2030, and 1100 to 1900 on Sundays.

Just north of the Kremlin and Red Square is the large underground shopping center Okhotny Ryad, which was built in the 1990s. In the large square Manezhnaya ploshchad you see a large and ornate glass dome with statues protruding from the ground, and the center is below it. Of shopping centers we also mention the new and modern Atrium in Kitay-Gorod, which is generally a bit less expensive than the competitors around the Red Square.

Moscow shopping streets

The main shopping street is undoubtedly Tverskaya, and here are many of the same international chains you find in most European cities, with about the same goods at slightly higher prices. Those who want exclusive designer clothes can head for the Teatralny proezd street, which runs from the Bolshoi Theater to Lubyanka. Here, most are gathered, from Armani and YSL to Chanel and Dior.

Also look at the Petrovsky district, which is just north of the city center. This is Moscow’s most fashionable shopping district, where the newly acquired Russians buy their Dior and Cartier products. And stalls and shops selling the typical tourist souvenirs abound in the pedestrian street Arbat.

Markets in Moscow

A little more special is undoubtedly trading in the markets, and if you only have to visit one market, make sure it is Vernisazh. This is a weekend market located at Izmailovsky Park in the eastern parts of Moscow. Here you can find exciting products such as fur hats, handmade chessboards, wooden dolls, blankets, Lenin statues, Soviet army items, etc. from all the old Soviet states, from Siberia via Uzbekistan to Estonia. The market is close to Izmailovskaya metro station, and if you shop here you should bargain hard.

Also be prepared that it may take time to do some shopping in Moscow. In many places, you still have to bring what you want to buy to the counter where you get a note that you have to take to the cash register. Once you have paid, you will receive a receipt that you return to the first or a new disk, where you will eventually be delivered the goods after showing the receipt. With a queue in each disk, and perhaps a coffee break, some text message writing or nail file checkout, you realize this is not done in two minutes.

Souvenirs in Moscow

It is hardly possible to find a more arch-Russian sovereign than a food giant, these hollow wooden dolls of ever smaller size inside each other. Traditionally, dolls represent babooshchka ‘s, old wives, but in recent and modern variants, Russian presidents, footballers, Simpsons or Harry Potter characters are just as likely. The prices of course depend on the size and detail.

It may be tempting to buy real Russian caviar with you while in Russia, but keep in mind that there are clear limits on how much caviar you can take with you out of the country, and that caviar is a fresh product. If the caviar is in the sun at a souvenir booth on the street, you have no guarantee that it is edible before you are home.

If you find the caviar cheaper than 300 to 400 kroner for a box (usually 112 grams), then it is probably either out of date or a synthetic caviar copy. If you want to be safe, buy fresh caviar from a supermarket on your departure day if you want it home.

Opening hours and VAT

The opening hours of the shops vary, but many of the shops in the center are open from 1000 to 2000 every day. Some are open even longer, but close earlier on Sundays. In most goods there is a 20% sales tax, but in Russia there is no system for refunding VAT at the airport as in Western Europe. Admittedly, there are some duty-free shops for tourists in the city center and at the airports, but it has to be said whether it is actually any less expensive for that reason.

Eating in Moscow

Food in Moscow, Russia

Russian cuisine has not exactly taken the world by storm, and Russian restaurants abroad are still a curiosity. But this may not be so strange since the Russians traditionally had no restaurant culture. During the Soviet era, people did not go out to eat unless at the local cafeteria. The restaurants in the city center were reserved for the tourists, which resulted in poor quality at high prices.

After the glass nostrils, this has changed at an astonishing pace, and today you will find countless PECTOPAHs from many nations in Moscow’s central areas. There are still most Russian restaurants and you should try one of these when you are visiting Russia after all. The most archetypal Russian law is actually Ukrainian and is called borshch. This is a soup based on beets, cabbage meat and sometimes potatoes. It is served both hot and cold, traditionally seen with dark bread. The Russian national soup is called solyanka, but it is a boring potato and vegetable soup a la beta soup, and was home-cooked for poor farmers.

The Russians are also happy in their bliny, a kind of pancake, often with cheese or meat, eaten as breakfast, appetizer and dessert, and sold from street stalls almost everywhere.

Russian caviar and desserts in Moscow

Russian caviar has always been considered as perhaps the ultimate delicacy around the world, but times have changed, and the caviar is nowhere near as expensive or exclusive as it once was. Black caviar from the stork is considered the best, while the red caviar from the salmon is the cheap version.

The desserts in Russia are very sweet and often consist of ice cream or cakes.

Exotic food and fast food in Moscow

If Russian cuisine doesn’t tempt you, you can try some of the other old Soviet states. You will find many Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani restaurants in Moscow, and the food here is closer to Turkish and Persian dishes, with its shish kebabs, rice and nan-like bread. We enjoyed Kishmish in Novy Arbat ulitsa 28 – permanently closed, which prides itself on importing all ingredients and interiors directly from Uzbekistan, and the price level is comfortable. Vegetarians also have good selection here.

If you find this too exotic, you have Europe’s second largest Hard Rock Cafe at Arbat, and at Tverskaya is the tourist classic American Bar & Grill. Read more about American Bar & Grill here. And of course, there are several McDonald’s restaurants in the downtown area. You even have a Swedish restaurant, Scandinavia, closed permanently if the homesickness should take over. The address is Maly Palashevsky Pereulok 7.

Vodka and beer in Moscow

Vodka is a Russian cultural institution and is to be drunk. It is available in countless variants and generally holds a high standard. But beer (pivo) has taken over the place as the Russians’ favorite drink, and the Baltika beer from St. Petersburg is very popular. It is available in ten different variants, from alcohol-free via light-colored beer to a strong 8% -containing version. You can buy alcohol in the shops around the clock, but nothing stronger than beer and wine at night.

Shopping and Eating in Milan, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Milan, Italy

According to DigoPaul, Milan is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Milan

If you love shopping, Milan is the place for you. Here there is a huge selection of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, perfume and jewelry, both for women and men. All the fashion houses are in Milan defined by AbbreviationFinder. In addition, the city is a find if you are looking for beautiful interiors and kitchen products.

The exclusive shopping areas where your credit card will really go hot are first and foremost in and around the streets of Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Borgospesso and Via Monte Napoleone. Specialty stores are primarily concentrated around Corso de Porta Ticinese, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires.

The exclusive in Milan

Armani’s department store is a tourist attraction in itself. We couldn’t afford anything but a napkin holder, but it’s always nice to be able to dream. The address is Via Manzoni 31. Also try La Rinascente which is floor on floor with clothes, perfume and also toys if you have with the children. The address is Piazza Duomo G Lorenzi. Gucci is many people’s favorite and the biggest Gucci store is naturally located in Milan. This Gucci Center can be found on Via Monte Napoleone Street.

Two special tips should be included in the purchase. Dmagazine is an outlet store where you get haute-coutore for a fraction of the price.

True enough, last year’s models or B-goods, but still the goods are something for themselves. The address is Via Monte Napoleone. For the gentlemen, we recommend Dolce & Gabbana’s own menswear store. The address is Corso Venezia.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

An amazing shopping arcade with a very special atmosphere and lots of nostalgia is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The location is also special, vis a vis Il Duomo, the very Milan district itself. For information, here it is expensive.

The popular in Milan

In the Brera and Navigli artist quarters you will find cheaper (and more cozy) shops, often without the very latest, but often at discounted prices. You will also find many good food and wine shops here. Try Rossi & Grassi in the Brera area, which is a fantastic grocery store with all the good Italy has to offer with sausages and ham. The address is Via Ponte Vetero 4.

In general about Shopping in Milan

The stores are usually open from 10am. From 0930 to 1330 and from. 1530 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although there are exceptions. On Mondays, some shopping centers and clothing stores open later, but most close early on Thursdays.

Tax Free Shopping

Don’t forget that you pay 20% VAT and on all purchases over 155 euros, or approx. 1250 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sale, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

NB! It might be tempting to buy a copy of a brand from one of the many African illegal immigrants that you are sure to come across. But be aware that in many places Italian police have given up trying and fining the sellers, as they often have neither money nor ID papers. But it has YOU. Civilian-clad policemen are therefore keeping a close eye on street vendors, and if they see that you are buying a pirate copy of, for example. a Louis Vutton case or Rolex watch at a fraction of the price, you should expect to receive a staggering fine of the order of $ 25,000-30000.

Eating in Milan

Food in Milan, Italy

What characterizes dishes from the Lombardio region to which Milan belongs, compared to much else in Italy, is the use of rice. A traditional and popular dish is Risotto alla Milanese. Another local “world law” that everyone likes is cotoletta alla milanese. You may know it better as wienerschnitzel? A third local winner is Cassöuela which is a traditional meat dish.

Milan is packed with restaurants, both local cuisine and other ethnic cuisines, whether Asian or other European, so they are all well represented. Just remember that some restaurants in Milan not only look expensive, they are expensive too. This is largely due to the large number of multinational companies based in Milan, not least the financial industry, and there are large representation accounts.

For the regular tourist we recommend looking for simple and small trattorias and ristorants. Here the food is just as good, the service more popular and not least, you get much more value for money.

As mentioned, there is no shortage of places to eat in Milan. Popular areas for dinner and some drinks are the areas of Brera, Navigli (eg along the Navigli Grande canal) and of course near the Milan Cathedral.

Some restaurant recommendations in Milan are:

10 Corso Como

Among bush growths and lattice gates, you enter 10 Corso Como, which strangely brings a wonderful blend of shopping and food, iced art and culture. 10 Corso Como was started by renowned gallerist Carla Sozzani and evolved from bookstore and gallery through a small hotel and fashion store. Today you also get delicious food both indoors and in the atrium garden.

10 Corso Como is worth a visit. Great food in incredible surroundings. The kitchen can be described as modern European with a lot of use of vegetables and fish. The address is in the name and the street is near Porta Nuova. Read review and get maps of 10 Corso Como here.

Rita & Antoni

Just as you would imagine a good Italian restaurant is Rita & Antoni in Via Giacomo Puccini, just off the Teatro Dal Verme and close to Castello Sforzesco. White tablecloths, stylish waiters, some well over the years, and a casual folk atmosphere without compromising seriousness and quality.

Rita & Antoni has perhaps Milan’s best Cotoletta alla Milanese, and certainly the biggest and flatest. Lovely. Run and get tables. Open all days except Mondays. Dinner is served from 1900 to 2330 and lunch from 1200 to 1430. See reviews and get maps of Rita & Antoni here:

Al Matarel Signora Elide

Al Matarel Signora Elide is a classic (and historic restaurant) serving local (Italian) cuisine with pride. The restaurant is located near the intersection of Corso Garibaldi and Via Laura Solera Mantegazza 2. Not far from the Brera area. Click here to get a map and review of Al Matarel Signora Elide.

One suggestion for those on a budget is Thai and Chinese restaurant Ju Bin, located in Via Paolo Sarpi No. 11 in Milan’s Chinatown. This goes on to be one of the best Asian restaurants despite very reasonable prices. See reviews and get a map of Ju Bin here!

Café and nightlife in Milan

Most Italians love cafes, and the Milanesians are no exception. Whether it is coffee (espresso) or ice cream (gelato), the selection is large and the quality high. Everyone knows that Italian ice cream is the best in the world? We recommend Victoria Cafe in the old town, in particular Via Clerici 1.

Or you can get acquainted with the cave by visiting Cova located in Via Monte Napoleone. However, here you have to take care of your cup so that you do not spill on someone’s dress or jacket. They are usually very expensive.

The nightlife in Milan is elegant and for some may feel more impersonal than in other cities in southern Europe. This impression will probably be reinforced if you choose nightclubs like Martini Bar at Dolce & Gabbana in Corso Venezia 15. Here it is about doing good looking and being seen. The hottest bar at the time of writing is Shu in the street Via Molino delle Armi. Here you go straight into a science fiction movie. The place also has restaurant and happy hours, without you necessarily thinking it’s so cheap.

Visit the bars in and around the Brera (slightly north of the Duomo) and Navigli (southwest of Milan). Both of these areas appear to have a very popular atmosphere to be in Milan and food and drink are also priced at nice low prices. Often there are “happy hours” between 1800 and 2100. This not only means that you get cheaper drinks, but also that buffet food is served free or very reasonably priced for those who buy drinks.

The Brera area is for those who like narrow streets and nice bars and outdoor cafes. Navigli is characterized by a place where the nightclubs have been recently restored and the canal area is just as nice, with a little Aker Brygge feel, just with many more night spots.

Special tips for the romantic:

Sayonara is an exclusive 1930s-style piano bar and bonsai trees in a kind of “Europe meets Japan” style. High quality of service, good quality of the pianists and quality food on the menu. In addition, exciting drinks come. It costs, but it actually makes quality! The address is Via Nievo 1.

Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

According to DigoPaul, Menorca is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Menorca

Hopefully no one is going to Menorca defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop first and foremost. Here you come to enjoy the pleasures of beach life.

But when the sun has done its job and the body needs some rest, there are, believe it or not, plenty of shopping opportunities.

What to do in Menorca

It is quite common to shop for food and drink. Menorcan cheeses and sausages are happy to take home. And a bottle of local gin is a great gift for anyone who “has it all”.

As in Spain, there is a large selection of shoes, and Menorca’s most famous brand is the Avarcas sandals. This is a kind of environmental project where the soles are from recycled car tires and the leather is produced in Valencia. These sandals have now become high fashion!

Local craft products such as embroidery, ceramics, various jewelery and glassware keep good quality at Menorca. And at prices acceptable to the vast majority of the budget.

Shopping center in Menorca

Menorca’s largest shopping center is called Binipreu and is located in Maó (Mahón). The address is carrer Artrutx. Here you will find a lot of locally made products. And a whole floor has food and drink as a priority!

Most and best shops are natural enough in the capital Maó east of Menorca, or in the old capital Ciutadella west of Menorca. If you shop in the commercial center of one of these cities, the selection is modern and exciting, and quite like a small town on the mainland of Spain.

Markets on Menorca

There are many markets in Menorca, especially during the peak season which is from May to September. In fact, every village that is visited by tourists has its small market a day or two a week. Be it Punta Prima, Cala’n Porter, Fornell, Es Castell or Alaior.

The best market in Menorca is reportedly the ” Saturday market ” in Ferreries. Ferreries is located about 20 kilometers east of Ciutadella de Menorca. The Saturday market is open from 0900 to 1300 and the range of craft products is large.

Ferreries also has a night market on Wednesdays in the summer, usually in the period from late June to early September. The night market offers entertainment as well as clothing, souvenirs, craft products and more.

We must also mention the Mercat des Claustra in Maó. The address of this stylish “farmer’s market” is Plaça del Carme, just off major Plaça d’Espanya. The premises were formerly a church monastery.

The old capital Ciutadella has a craft market every single evening from June to September. The address is Carrer de Pere Capllonc and the time is from 1700 to 2400. It remains open even longer during the holidays (including Fridays).

Ciutadella also has an “art market” called FIRAC (Fira d’Art in Cultura) almost every day of the high season along the Portal de la Mar down at the harbor.

In general about shopping in Menorca

Most stores hold siesta. In practice, this means that the stores are open from about 0900 to 1300 and from 1700 to 2000 every day except Sundays.

If you live at a tourist resort along the coast, the typical tourist shops will probably stay open longer, and preferably on Sundays as well.

Eating at Menorca

Food in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is quite so divided for food and restaurants. The typical tourist villages will naturally, during the summer season, prioritize “international” food such as hamburgers, bratwurst (sausages) and anything else you can have fries.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get good food at a tourist resort. First, there are quality differences from one hamburger to another. And secondly, in every town you will find some restaurants that prepare paella and other more local dishes according to all the rules of art.

Since there are many British tourists in Menorca, the typical breakfast is a proper “english breakfast”, which includes eggs and bacon, tea and orange juice. And then you are guaranteed to be well over lunch. And it’s not particularly expensive either.

Local specialties at Menorca

Cheese is something they can do in Menorca. Try Queso de Mahón. Purchased in several stores in (just) Mahón and everywhere else on the island.

Otherwise, it is not a restaurant that does not offer Pa amb oli, which is nothing but white bread with oil. This is considered a snack and is often supplemented with cheese, jamón (bacon ham), or chorizo ​​sausages. Menorca also has its own chorizo ​​variant called Sobrassada. Another local sausage sausage is the Cara-i-xulla peppercorn sausage.

Other local favorites are the lobster stew Caldereta de Llagosta and Tumbet which are a kind of “stuffing” of potatoes, eggplant, squash and tomato sauce.

Of drink, believe it or not, gin is a favorite of Menorca. Naturally introduced by the British. In the summer, ask for a Pomada (gin and lemon). Otherwise, the Balearic Islands have many herbal drinks to offer. Certainly with a high alcohol percentage. Try a Calent liqueur made from wine with the addition of cinnamon, anise seeds and saffron.

Some select restaurants in Menorca

It’s For the Torre Solí Nou

This restaurant is located in a century-old building, and the premises give the entire restaurant a distinctive character that is known throughout Menorca. The menu is extensive and covers grilled fish, meat and vegetables.

The address is Urbanització Torre Soli Nou, in Alaior. Alaior is a small village near the center of Menorca, about 11 kilometers west of Maó (Mahón).

Call for reservation: +34 971 37 28 98


The restaurant with the name you cannot pronounce is recommended by the Michelin Guide. The place is great for a romantic dinner and the menu retrieves its ingredients from local vendors. Also, you can get Menorca’s best hamburger here.

Smoix’s address is Carrer de Sant Isidre 33, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 05 16 for reservation.

Passio Mediterrania

One of Menorca’s best restaurants is Passio Mediterrania. This is the place for a special occasion with great tapas dishes or ready-made menus. And not least tasteful wines. The address is Moll de Llevant, 298 in the port of Mahón. Great feedback. Call +34 971 354 704.

Can Bep

Restaurant Can Bep is a typical representative of Menorcan cuisine. Besides, you get excellent paella here. The menu is based on homemade recipes that take care of the Mediterranean pantry.

Can Bep’s address is Passeig Sant Nicolau, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 78 15 for reservation.

Generally about restaunter on Menorca

You can also give tips on restaurants in Menorca. Up to 10% of the bill is common. The price level in general must be considered pleasant for us tourists from the Nordic countries.