Climate of New Caledonia

Climate of New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory with a special status. Since 1998, New Caledonia has received a large number of powers from France, with a number of matters still being regulated by France. A new referendum will ultimately have to decide on full independence. New Caledonia is located in the Pacific Ocean, east of Australia. With almost a quarter of a million inhabitants, New Caledonia is one of the most populous archipelagos in the region. New Caledonia has no fewer than 25 airports, which are mainly used for domestic flights.

The tropical climate of New Caledonia is tempered by the incessant influence of the seawater and has two seasons. On an annual basis, there is an average of 1000 to 1200 millimeters of precipitation. Because the rain showers often have a very local character, the precipitation sum in New Caledonia can be very different from place to place every year.

The wet season

In the course of December, the chances of precipitation increase and there is more frequent rainfall. The intensity of the rainfall is also increasing. This more changeable weather pattern continues into April. The warmer season also falls approximately equal to this period, with maximum temperatures often approaching or around thirty degrees. At night, the mercury usually does not drop below about 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. There is a risk of hurricanes during the wet season. These tropical storms, known locally as cyclones, can be accompanied by extremely high wind speeds, with peaks exceeding 250 kilometers per hour. Not infrequently, a hurricane is accompanied by an exorbitant amount of rainfall.

The dry season

The chances of precipitation decrease from May. Locally they speak of the dry season. In fact, they mean the drier season, because just like during the other months, it can also rain in this season. What you do see is that both the frequency and the intensity of the rain showers decrease on average, that the monthly precipitation amounts decrease and that the temperatures are a few degrees lower. This season lasts until mid-December.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

Maximum temperature Minimum temperature Hours of sunshine per day Days of rainfall per month Water temperature
January 29℃ 23℃ 7 14 26℃
February 29℃ 23℃ 7 12 27℃
March 29℃ 23℃ 6 16 27℃
April 27℃ 21℃ 7 13 26℃
May 25℃ 19℃ 6 14 25℃
June 24℃ 18℃ 5 15 24℃
July 23℃ 17℃ 6 14 23℃
August 23℃ 17℃ 7 11 23℃
September 24℃ 17℃ 7 9 23℃
October 26℃ 19℃ 8 9 23℃
November 27℃ 20℃ 8 10 25℃
December 28℃ 22℃ 8 11 26℃

Best time to visit New Caledonia

Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to New Caledonia? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not directly related to the weather and that can influence the best travel periods for a travel destination. Think, for example, of holidays or festive periods, which makes traveling more interesting or not, because daily life comes to a standstill as a result. When you talk about tropical paradises, the Maldives, the Seychelles, French Polynesia and the Caribbean islands quickly come to the fore. There are also a number of tropical destinations that are less obvious. One such destination is New Caledonia. Located east of Australia, this archipelago is a French overseas territory with special status. The climate of New Caledonia is tropical and under oceanic influence. An important feature of the weather on the islands of New Caledonia is that there is almost always a noticeable trade wind blowing. New Caledonia has two seasons, a warmer wet season and a somewhat cooler dry season. The wetter season has maximum temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius and there are regular showers or thunderstorms. During the drier season, the amount of rain decreases and temperatures drop slightly. With afternoon temperatures averaging 22 to 25 degrees, it is still very pleasant. It is then just warm enough for a sun holiday, especially if you are out of the wind.

Most pleasant months

The best time to travel to New Caledonia is from September to November. This period has the best mix in terms of temperatures, precipitation and sunshine. From November, there is a chance of tropical cyclones coming near New Caledonia. This will remain so until about April/May. On the main island of Grande Terre, July and August are generally good travel periods for a holiday in New Caledonia.

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