Shopping and Eating in Las Palmas, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Las Palmas, Spain

According to AbbreviationFinder, Las Palmas is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Las Palmas

Take an early stroll to the nice market hall in Vegueta, or Mercado Vegueta as the market is really called. It is located in the Old Town, not far from the Cathedral. The address is Calle de Mendizábal, 1.

Early in the day there are not many customers here, and you can stroll around and taste your way through most of the culinary delicacies that Gran Canaria has to offer. Be it fruits and vegetables, cheeses from the mountains and not least different sausages and hams. And of course the small, crooked canary bananas.

Know that there are “like” markets in several places in Las Palmas. You have the Mercado Puerto at the very end of Playa de Las Canteras. You also have the Mercado Centro in Calle Galicia, 24, located between the Old Town and Playa de Las Canteras, not far from Plaza Espana.

Shopping streets in Las Palmas

The Triana Street, Calle Mayor de Triana, is a lively pedestrian street that extends from Vegueta and about a mile north. Many of the fashion boutiques have moved to the more modern shopping street Avenida Mesa y Lopez, but what it wins with large department stores loses its charm on what Triana offers.

Take a stroll on Triana Street Calle Mayor and you’ll see beautiful, historic buildings with small specialty shops in the side streets. Here are also some pubs and eateries. Plenty of fashion boutiques are there too. If you love shoes, visit the shoe chain Lopez in this particular street.

The seafront Paseo las Canteras also has many shops, most sunglasses, clothing and fashion, but also some specialty shops.

Around Parque Santa Catalina, which is more of a plaza than a park, there are a number of shops selling everything from electronics, including cameras, gadgets, games and the like.

The streets of Calle Tomás Miller, Calle Luis Morote and Calle Alfredo L. Jones were all part of the original shopping district of Las Palmas, before the shopping centers took over. In some of these slightly chaotic and crowded bazaar-like shops, it is still possible to bargain. The streets are not far from Playa Las Cantereas or Parque Santa Catalina.

In the city center you will of course find – and fortunately – El Corte Ingles, Spain’s most famous department store chain. Take the popular Avenida Mesa y Lopez shopping street to number 18 and find it.

If you are a man and want to avoid hours at El Corte Ingles you will receive a special tip. Head to Calle Juan Duran Gonazales No. 4 (a few hundred meters south of El Corte Ingles) and you will find the Ducati store in Las Palmas. Here are many stylish motorcycles!

Best shopping malls in Las Palmas

The best shopping malls in Las Palmas are the 7 Palmas which you will find on the GC-3 motorway, direction Tamarceite. The address is Avenue Pintor Felo Monzón, 44.

Las Arenas is perhaps the most famous shopping center. Las Arenas is located at the Alfredo Kraus Concert Hall. The address is Ctra. del Rincón and it is a few miles northwest of the center of Las Palmas. Take a taxi!

El Muelle is located at the cruise ship port of Puerto de la Luz. The address is Muelle Sta. Catalina and it’s right by the AC Hotel and Parque Santa Catalina.

All of the aforementioned shopping centers are open at least from 1000 to 2200 every day.

Food and drink in Las Palmas

Before you go home, you can buy some food or drink with you. Visit a Hipercor store, which often has great deals on food and wine. A suggestion for “Souvenir” is the island’s local space, Arehucas or Artemiche. You can find Hipercor in Avenida Pintor Felo Monzón, among others. You can also buy clothes and household items at very good prices here!

General about shopping in Gran Canaria and Las Palmas

Most stores in Gran Canaria can only “open” for 72 hours a week. The stores often open at 1000 and close at 2000. Siesta is still common, and it usually lasts from 1300 to 1700. Most shops are closed on Sundays, but chain stores and shopping centers are open.

NB Don’t be fooled when shopping in Gran Canaria. It is especially in the field of electronic products tourists are being scammed and fooled.

Eating in Las Palmas

Food in Las Palmas, Spain

There are countless restaurants and tapas bars in Las Palmas. And the price level is generally nice set with eyes from Norway and Scandinavia. Do as locals and start the day with a cortado. Cortado is espresso coffee with a little steamed milk. As an accessory, grab a bocadillo – the Spanish version of the sandwich.

Mercado Vegueta is one of many places where you can successfully sit down at a bar for cortado and bocadillo. Or why not take a relaxing lunch along with Paseo Las Canteras (see photo).

Lunch in Las Palmas means eating tapas. Eat Pata de cerdo, which is delicious thin-sliced ​​ham. One suggestion is Restaurante El Herreño in Calle Mendizábal 5. The restaurant can be very reminiscent of a canteen, but don’t let the look fool you. The place is also known for housing celebrities. Waiters in white shirts, among other things, serve papas arrugadas, ie small fresh potatoes cooked dry in sea salt.

A reasonable dish is Ropa vieja, which means “old clothes” and which can best be compared to our “puddle in the pan”. Quite precisely what the dish consists of depends, naturally, on what the restaurant served for dinner the day before.

Dinner can be enjoyed at international restaurants, or typically Spanish restaurants. The price level covers the entire price range, and is happy to say something about the quality of the restaurant. But even the most inexpensive restaurants tend to have ingredients of the best brand.

Some select restaurants in Las Palmas

El Novillo Precoz in the street Calle Portugal 9 (tel. 34 928 221 659) is known for its steaks. El Novillo Precoz is a family restaurant that offers meat from Uruguay and you certainly do not regret when roasted tenderloin is cut into slices on stone slabs. For those who want something completely different, be brave and order a large plate of assorted food. It’s a local specialty.

Rias Bajas in the street Calle Simon Bolivar, 3, (tel: +34 928 271 316) just north of the Parque de Santa Catalina is an excellent Spanish restaurant. The prices are quite stiff, but the quality is ditto high.

If you want Japanese food, then the choice is definitely the Sakura restaurants that are available in several editions. Why not try Sakura I in the street Nestor de la Torre, 1, (tel: +34 928 248 221), right near El Corte Ingles.

Or maybe Sakura No. 2 in the street with the enjoyable name Calle Olof Palme?. Calle Olof Palme is right near Plaza Espana.

Hamburgers and football!
At Plaza Espana you will also find sports bars that have an outdoor restaurant, large sports TV screens (read football) and wonderful burgers at reasonable prices. Our 200 gram burger of Angus meat at Geiser at Plaza Espana was worth every penny!

Featured eatery in Las Palmas

A different eatery is Bodegon Biberan with its musical interior. Very elaborate! The location is in Calle Pedro Castillo Westerling 15. Don’t be fooled by the side street and the bodega’s plastic sign and anonymous doors.

Night food (and drinks) in Las Palmas

For those who want something to eat, or maybe a small drink at night, head to Moye Deportivo or the “Sports Harbor” where there are a number of nice cafes. This is a popular spot for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while you hear the sea breeze in the evening darkness.

Disco and nightclub
Disco Bahia in Calle Gomera 6 right on Playa de Las Canteras beach is open until 0400 every day except Mondays where it is closed.

Hippest is probably The Paper Club in the Triana district. The address is Calle Remedios. Open until 0400 Thursdays through Sundays.