Shopping and Eating in La Paz, Bolivia

Shopping and Eating in La Paz, Bolivia

According to AbbreviationFinder, La Paz is one of the largest cities in the country of Bolivia.

Shopping in La Paz

You don’t go to La Paz to shop. What is sold in La Paz is often cheap, but the range of international brands is limited. Most of it is sold on the street, and the “brands” you see are copies. Copies are also sold in seemingly decent stores. The most interesting items to buy in La Paz are handmade art objects and llama wool.

The Witch Market – Witches’ Market in La Paz
One of the real attractions is the Witch Market, freely translated from the Mercado de Hechiceria or Mercado de las Brujas as it is called. The market is located on Calle Jiminez and Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz. Here you will find stalls selling everything from Lama fetuses and dried frogs, which are used to speed up everything from love life to things we should not talk about.

Of course, you will find less foreign things, for example. a number of herbs and props about everything that can contribute to spiritual contact. It is not impossible that you will see a so-called yatiri, or witch doctor, wandering the market. They are easily recognizable by their black hats and coca bags.


Sagarnaga is a street that extends from the San Francisco Church. This place is one of the few places in La Paz where there are many tourists. Here you can buy various handmade products such as llama wool, woven rugs and other handmade items. Prices are high at La Paz level.

El Alto

In El Alto there is a market every Thursday and Sunday. This market is incredibly large and is designed for Bolivians. Here everything from meat to furniture is sold via cars. If you find something of interest here you can rest assured that you traded at Bolivia’s cheapest price.

San Miguel

In Zona Sur there are shops with western brands. The range is poor compared to what you are used to from Europe and the US, but if you have a pair of genuine Nike shoes this is the place to look.

Eating in La Paz

Food in La Paz, Bolivia

The food in Bolivia has not impressed European gourmets, so there are not many Michelin stars La Paz can boast. The best food offer is “Almuerzo”. Almuerzo is served between 12 and 15. This is usually a three-course dinner consisting of soup, main course and dessert. There are many hundreds of places serving this in La Paz and new places are coming all the time while old ones are being shut down. The Almuerzoo costs between 10 and 15 bolivianos, which is about the same in Norwegian kroner.

Most eateries with an international menu are in the street «20. octubre »in Soppocachi and of course also in the Zona Sur area. In “October 20,” we recommend:

A short distance down the “20 October” at Plaza Abaroa is Vizzio. The place is run by Palestinians and serves pasta, meat dishes and Arabic food at a relatively reasonable price.

La Comedie
La Comedie is located in a detour from “October 20”. This is a typical gringo site that is full of Americans. The restaurant serves mainly French cuisine. But the llama here is also exquisite and should be tried.

In the street between Plaza Abaroa and Plaza Isabella Catolica lies Mongos. This is also a typical gring site. The place serves food from 6pm and for a while into the evening before being turned into a disco. It is said that Mongos has the best burgers in town.

Maphrao On
This restaurant is located on Calle Hermanos Manchego Street, number 2586, one block below Plaza Isabella Catolica. Maphrao On serves mostly Indian dishes.