Shopping and Eating in Bratislava, Slovakia

Shopping and Eating in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is one of the largest cities in the country of Slovakia.

Shopping in Bratislava

Bratislava defined by AbbreviationFinder is a very decent city to spend your time shopping. Here are great shopping centers and markets as well as souvenir shops. The largest shopping malls are more reminiscent of pleasure centers where the whole family spends time together (and usually includes a meal at the center’s restaurant before leaving home). You also have access to good outlet stores in Austria.

Souvenirs from Bratislava

There are, of course, many souvenir shops in the old town, at Bratislava’s main square. You will also find several editions of the same type of shops in front of the Slovak National Theater, more specifically on Hviezdoslavovo Square.

If you are going to buy traditional handicraft products then head to the pedestrian street Obchodna. Otherwise, wine is something you must bring from here. The best wine shops can be found in and around Michalska. A well-known store is Trunk, located on Hurbanovo námestie 8.

Also recommended is the wine shop Wined in Palisády 23. Open from 1100 to 1830 on weekdays and 1100 to 1400 on Saturdays.

Shopping centers in Bratislava

There are several major shopping centers in and outside Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia described on Countryaah. We concentrate on the city center and propose Aupark which is on the other side of the Old Town river and Polus located in Vajnorska. In addition to lots of shops, these centers also have cafes and cultural events on their program.

If you are planning on shopping on the way to the airport in Bratislava then visit Avion Shopping Park or the Shopping Palace. These are in the right direction! Avion Shopping park is located in Ivanská cesta 16 and is perhaps Slovakia’s largest shopping center. 35000 square meter the Shopping Palace is located at the address Cesta na Senec 2 / A.

Various specialty shops

In the walking zone of Laurinska you will find the shop Rona which sells good quality glass and crystal. Be sure to bring the department to the left of the showcase. This is a separate entrance. Rona is open all week and gives you quality value!

If you are looking for sporting goods and sports souvenirs then visit Spitalska street. If you want cheap brands then the outlets are the right choice.

The nearest major outlet center is called the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Center and is located in Austria. No, we haven’t gone crazy, it’s shorter here than you think. Opening hours are 0930 to 1900 every weekday and from 0900 to 1800 on Saturdays. NB! Check the websites before making the trip. Although the journey is only 40 kilometers, it is boring to get a “bomb ride”.

Eating in Bratislava

Food in Bratislava, Slovakia

As elsewhere in Slovakia, restaurant life in Bratislav is changing in a more western direction. If you are looking for traditional Slovak food or for that matter Pressburg specialties, finding good restaurants is becoming increasingly difficult. New restaurants often represent ethnic specialties and offer food from eg. Italy, Thailand, China and Japan.

In addition, Slovak food itself is naturally strongly influenced by other nations, not least from Hungary, which has dominated Slovakia for many years.

Slovak dishes are often well seasoned, and often with red pepper and paprika spices. Potatoes are the most common accessories and often for pork and beef. In response to our lutefish, the Slovak can serve Bryndzové halusky. It is a dish consisting of goat cheese noodles and crispy bacon.

Eastern Europeans are fond of Crepe, or put another way, “advanced pancakes”. These thin pancakes are usually fried on both sides and are filled with everything from mushrooms, cold meats, bacon and berries to different sweets, depending on what you serve it for. They are eaten in a roll, or folded like tortillas, with knife and fork. You will find crepes in several places in town and you will definitely find a personal favorite pancake on the menu.

Restaurants with traditional cuisine

The best area to visit when it comes to eateries that offer traditional Slovak food claims many are Hviezdoslavovo namestie. Here, traditional dishes are prepared, though at quite high prices, but usually to the same quality. Click here for maps to Hviezdoslavovo namestie.


One of the most recommended restaurants for Pressburg food, ie food influenced by Austria and Hungary, is Leberfinger, located across the Danube from the Old Town. Combine your restaurant visit with a great walk!

Leberfinger has the address Viedenská cesta 257 and is usually open from 1100 until midnight every day of the week. Read more about Leberfinger and see the map here !

Traja Musketieri

An alternative is the Traja musketieri which you can find on Sladkovicova, not far from the presidential palace. Traja Musketieri gets very good feedback. Just make sure you don’t go there Sundays and Mondays. Then it is usually closed. Otherwise during the week the opening hours are usually from 1100 to 2200. Read more about Traja Musketieri and see the map here!

Staroslovenska krcma

A good travel tip is to eat the food where the locals eat. Here it is usually both reasonable and good food. It is logical, then, to propose “The Old Slovak Pub” or Staroslovenska krcma as it is called in Slovak.

You can find the restaurant on the pedestrian street Michalska No. 387. In the winter, you eat the food in their beautiful cellar, while in the summer you can enjoy the food outside. Read more about Staroslovenska krcma and see the map here!

International restaurants in Bratislava

Pizza Mizza

For the largest pizza in town, visit Pizza Mizza, located behind Comenius University in Tallerova. The place is popular and is quickly filled with people.

Pizza Mizza’s address is Tobrucká 82/5 and opening hours are 1100 to 2200 and one hour longer Fridays and Saturdays. Read more about Pizza Mizza and get maps on the spot!

Govinda Restaurant

If you are looking for vegetarian food you should definitely visit Govinda Restaurant on Obchodna street. This Indian-inspired restaurant is run by a Slovak Hare Krishna Association and offers good and cheap food. Stop by for a lunch! Open from 1100 to 1630 and closed Saturdays and Sundays. Read more about Govinda Restaurant and get maps!

San Marten

Not far from the banks of the Danube you will find the restaurant San Marten, which offers typical European cuisine with Mediterranean influences. San Marten is also open until very late Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise during the week the opening hours are 1130 to midnight. The feedback from guests is very good.

The address is Panská 172. Read more about San Marten and get maps for the restaurant.

Beer in Bratislava

Why not try out some new beer brands during the holidays? Slovak beer is found in great diversity and is good. The beer-curd type was invented in Plzen, in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, so it is natural for Slovakia to have strong influences from this. Slovak beer consists mainly of two categories, Vetle which is light beer and tmave which then logically is dark beer. The light beer is a bit bitter, while the dark beer is a little sweeter and has less aftertaste.

Zlaty Bazant is the most common pillar type in Slovakia and belongs to the swetle category. You will find it at a number of Bratislava’s pubs and bars. If you like Guinness but want an alternative, try “Velvet” which is a tmave beer that is also popular at the city’s nightlife venues.