Shopping and Eating in Bremen, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Bremen, Germany

Bremen is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Bremen

Bremen defined by AbbreviationFinder is a compact city and it is easy for happy tourists to reach just about what is in store in the city looking for trendy clothes, antiques or bargains. Of course, Bremen cannot compete against metropolises such as Paris, Milan or London when it comes to department stores, shopping malls and specialty shops, but the selection is by no means bad and significantly better than many other cities of similar size.

The area around the market square and the town hall in the center offers many shops and of course markets. Bremen’s most famous and most visited shopping streets are Sögestrasse and Obernstrasse. Sögestrasse is known for its fashion boutiques. But if you are looking for the really trendy and expensive, then you should know that these stores are gathered around Fedelhören, where you will also find antique shops and delicatessens.

The Schnoor district is more than great 16th century architecture. Here you will find specialty shops selling handicraft products, jewelery, food and much more. Schnoor is a popular place for shopping for both tourists and Bremen’s own inhabitants. Schnoor also offers galleries and patisseries. It is nice to know that many of Schnoor’s shops and galleries are open on Sundays, normally between 1100 and 1600 in the period April through December. And if you are looking for souvenirs this is the area to visit.

To many, the Ostertor district east of Am Wall is also a popular place to shop.

Shopping centers in Bremen

There are several major shopping malls and department stores in Bremen. We have made a small selection of the most popular. A large and renowned shopping center is the Huchting Roland Center. This is located in Alter Dorfweg 30.

Bremen’s largest center is the Weserpark shopping center and you can find this at Hans-Bredow-Straße 19. The Weserpark Center is usually open until 2000 every day and is in fact one of Germany ‘s largest shopping centers.

Another very popular department store is the Karstadt Warenhaus located in Obernstrasse 5.

Shop under the roof of Bremen or visit flea markets?

Lloyd Passage in the Große Hundestraße / Kreyenstraße offers a number of exciting shops under the roof. And you will definitely want to visit the Domshof Pass, which offers miles of shopping opportunities under glass roofs. There are many great and expensive shops here.

Remember to visit the Weserflohmarkt, which is a flea market by the river. You can find the flea market at Schlachte and the Weser promenade on Saturdays, while on Sundays you can find the Burgerweide. Normally open from 1000 to 1600. There are often hundreds of sales stalls with all kinds of rarities in addition to the usual of clothing and furniture in these flea markets.

Souvenirs in Bremen

The residents of Bremen love beer and sweets. Why not buy Kluten, a local sweets, with you home from Bremen? The cloth is small peppermint seals. Near the town hall you will find a traditional candy shop called Hachez which has a large selection of Cloth and other sweets.

Bremen is a large maritime city and Antikitaten B&M in the street Fedelhorn 19 sells ship antiques. Make sure the price is in line with the product before you strike. Anyway, this is an exciting store to visit, even if you’re only there to take a look.

Itinerary’s outlet tips in Bremen

The Factory Outlet Center is located in Bremer Strasse in Bremen Brinkum. Here it is open Monday to Friday from 0900 to 2000 and on Saturdays 0900 to 1200. You will find brand clothing from Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Mexx and several others at greatly reduced prices.

Generally about shopping in Bremen

The shops in Bremen are usually open between 0900 and 1900/2000, Mondays to Saturdays. Some major centers and magazines, as well as specialty shops, are also open Sundays.

Eating in Bremen

Food in Bremen, Germany

You who love food and nightlife have something to look forward to in Bremen. After all, the city is a great university town with all that it entails. Tough competition provides high quality, breadth of selection and reasonable prices. And as in almost all German cities, you’ll find plenty of cozy cafes and beer bars where locals eat their food and have a beer or five. Try one of the cafés and eateries in and around Schlachte. Slaughter is popular both among the Bremen residents themselves and visitors.

The Schnoor district is known for slightly more expensive eateries. If you are looking for a little more exclusive, you are here. Otherwise, there are restaurants scattered around the city, but most are along the river and in the downtown core.

Featured dining options in Bremen

We have selected some restaurants with good feedback in Bremen:

Kiefert in Unserer Lieben Frauen Kirchhof 27 is one of the best and most enjoyable food places in Bremen without it being said to be a traditional restaurant. What is it? Yes, a place where you eat the most aretic German there is, a Bratwurst. Kiefert is located just off St. Peter’s Cathedral and has the best sausages in town. Feel free to buy a Hausmacher, a home-made potato salad, as an accessory for your Bratwürst.

There are many Turkish immigrants in Germany and it naturally influences the restaurant life. Try the very popular Tendüre in Bürgermeister-Schmidt-Strasse 82. Hair gives you delicious Turkish food. Tendüre is open from 1200 to 1500 and 1800 to 2400 every day. (Read about Turkey)

A reasonably priced restaurant alternative is Rotkäppchen, located in Am Dobben 97. This bistro-like restaurant has both a chef and waiters who give of themselves and create a pleasant evening for their guests. And don’t close it until 01:00 either.

If you want to eat more exclusively go to the Bestial restaurant in Schwachhauser Heerstrasse 280. Here you have plenty to choose from, from the simplest such as piazza, to gourmet-class dishes. The dishes cost from about NOK 40 to NOK 250.

Nightlife in Bremen

The nightlife of Bremen is lively and many seek out the old traditional beer halls. After all, you are visiting Becks hometown! The beer halls are buzzing with life, where both women and men, young and old alike, crash down large glasses of beer as the most natural thing in life. The atmosphere is always homely and pleasant. A tip might be Paulaner’s on Schlachte 30 at the riverbank in Old Town. Both interior and atmosphere are in the traditional German beer hall style.

For the later night we can recommend the La Habana, Sinatra’s, Rembertiring and Liffass bars at Osterstorsteinweg. Bremen also has plenty of music scenes for all types of music and nightclubs and bars for those who want to find their own favorite place.