Shopping and Eating in Boston, USA

Shopping and Eating in Boston, USA

Boston is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in Boston

The main reason why Americans even visit Boston is shopping. When we know that for centuries Boston has been a market town that has attracted merchants and merchants, everything should cater for the merchant.

Most are heading directly for Newbury Street, where you will find all kinds of shops scattered on both sides of the street over eight blocks.

The other major shopping district is Downtown Crossing, located right by Boston Common Park. This is an old town with pedestrian streets full of shops, market stalls and department stores.

Downtown’s most famous store is Filene’s Basement, two floors below the ground that sells tons of surplus goods from the chain of the same name. Here you can find everything from designer clothes and perfume to wedding dresses and jewels at dumping prices.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston

We also do not get outside the tourists’ favorite area, the traditional Faneuil Hall Marketplace. [See image first in article]. Here you can spend hours looking through the offerings of sovereign stalls and carts, while jugglers, jugglers and other street performers are attracting the attention of many visitors. There are also many fun stores indoors, such as the upper floors of Quincy Market.

If you want a slightly less tourist-oriented market, try Haymarked just around the corner, which is open Fridays and Saturdays.

Souvenirs in Boston

The most typical souvenir of the Boston tourist is probably war antiques. Boston and New England are the oldest region in the United States, and you will find many galleries and antique shops where you can purchase items from both the Civil War and the War of Independence. The area at Beacon Hill should be the first stop if tempted.

Generally about shopping in Boston

Most shops are open from 1000 to 1900 every day except Sundays. Some of the largest department stores close even later, and of course have Sundays open.

Tax-free shopping in the United States is a chapter for itself, and sales tax varies from state to state. In Massachusetts, for example, there are no taxes and taxes on clothing and fabrics, and only 5% sales tax on other items. If you buy something expensive, you should investigate in advance whether the sales tax is refundable, but often this can be a complicated affair that requires the goods to be exported where you live.

Eating in Boston

Food in Boston, USA

Boston defined by AbbreviationFinder has a good selection of eateries in all price categories. Thanks to a population of roots from all over the world, you will find countless ethnic restaurants, be it Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Caribbean, Chinese or Russian restaurants in Boston.

Boston has food for everyone, and you can easily find restaurants in the wide avenues of Back Bay and in North End’s narrow alleyways. A safe place for restaurants in the north end of Boston is Hannover Street, [see photo first in article].

Seafood in Boston

Boston has always been known for its many good seafood restaurants, and the best of these are naturally located down by the harbor. Legal Sea Foods is a chain of nearly ten restaurants in Boston that has a very good reputation. You will find Legal Sea Foods at 255 State Street, 26 Park Plaza and 100 Hungtington avenue.

You also have a very large selection of eateries at Quincy Market, a historic 1820s building at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Here you will find both exclusive restaurants and cheap fast food stalls serving everything from lobster to shish kebab.

And always there are street performers who entertain in the square outside. Yes, it is aimed at the tourists, and there are always a lot of people here, but definitely an entertaining experience. The address of Faneuil Hall Marketplace is Market Street.

Chinese food in Boston

If you love Chinese food, you’ll find a number of authentic Chinese restaurants in Boston’s Chinatown, located in the streets of Washington Street, Beach Street, Essex Street and Kneeland Street, southeast of Boston Common Park.

The East Ocean City restaurant at 27 Beach Street is considered one of the best, but the fierce competition means that many of the restaurants keep high quality and low prices.

Exclusive restaurants in Boston

The slightly more trendy and upscale restaurants are located in the theater district of the South End. Also in Back Bay you will find several of the better (and more expensive) eateries, such as L’Espalier at 774 Boylston Street and the stylish Excelsior at 272 Boylston Street. At both places a reservation is usually required.

Pub and nightlife in Boston

The many Irish who emigrated to America have made a definite mark on Boston’s nightlife, for there are many genuine Irish pubs, unlike the many like-Irish pubs you find around the world. Boston also boasts of having America’s oldest pub that has been in continuous operation. At 45-55 Union Street is Bell In Hand Tavern, which celebrated its 200th anniversary as early as 1995.

Bell In Hand is open until 0200 every day of the week.

Although Monty Python has forever and ever made sure to give American beer words for being thin and tasteless (“Like making love in a canoe; it’s f *** ing close to water”), Boston can turn in the table of producing the beer that has been voted the best in the United States on several occasions; Samuel Adams. In good American spirit, you actually have to confirm that you are over 21 years of age to enter your date of birth before you are allowed to visit their website at all.

No, we have not forgotten the TV series and the world success Cheers. It is inspired by the Bull and Finch Pub, located on Beacon Hill, specifically at 84 Beacon Street. This one is not at all similar to the bar you know from the TV, but it definitely does the replica located in Faneuil Hall in Market Street.