Shopping and Eating in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shopping and Eating in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is one of the largest cities in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shopping in Sarajevo

Of course, Sarajevo defined by AbbreviationFinder cannot be compared to neither Paris nor Milan when it comes to shopping. But then we don’t think many people come here to look at clothes and fashion either. But the comparison is not completely foolish, because in this region there are few cities, if any, that can compare with Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina described on Countryaah when it comes to shopping. There are several large department stores and shopping centers in the city, but it is probably the more exotic markets and bazaars that attract tourists.

One fashion tip you should follow is to visit Bata, one of the world’s leading – and largest – shoe manufacturers. Among other things, they have sales in the streets of Ćemaluša 3 and Kurta Šorka 7. Great shoes for women, and the prices are difficult to match elsewhere. We also recommend a trip to Oviesse, an outlet store that sells Italian fashion clothing for women, men and children. You can also get some interior products here.

Souvenirs and Craft Products

Many tourists and barracks seek the trip to the street Kazandziluk bb. This street is known for its many copper outlets. These are the best brands. Buy antiques and handmade souvenirs here. The street is the best in the old town for this kind of goods. The location is just off the famous Baščaršija market area.

Baščaršija in Sarajevo

Hookahs and craft products are sought after souvenirs. Feel free to buy some local art with you too. Sarajevo is still cheap for Western tourists.

Baščaršija, or Başçarşı as it is called in Turkish, is one of the main streets of Sarajevo and an important landmark through its “Turkish” market. The word Baščaršija means, freely translated, the main market. The street is in the old town of Sarajevo and contains among other things a bazaar with all kinds of goods. The market dates back to the 16th century.

This popular market area is surrounded by many narrow alleys, all offering countless specialty shops selling rugs, antiques and handicrafts. Here are also more traditional souvenir shops. The area is more than a little exotic and gives you a memorable shopping experience. You will also find cafes and mosques everywhere in this part of the city.

Major markets in Sarajevo

There are several other major markets in Sarajevo. Visit the Ciglane market, which is a mix of fruits and vegetables mixed with typical flea market products. Or maybe the Otoka market with the food and clothing combination fits better? We also include the Markale Market which is an Eldorado for those who want to see, taste and smell the fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Shopping centers in Sarajevo

No one is over and no one is next to BBI Centar when it comes to shopping malls in Sarajevo. We’re talking about more than 40,000 square feet of stores. The center is impressive both inside and out. Opening hours at BBI Centar are from 0900 to 2200 and Sundays from 0900 to 2100. Here it is also nice to stop by for a hot summer day to cool off with the city’s best air conditioning system. The address is Trg Sarajev.

Bookstore in Sarajevo

Do you need something to read, a good map or maybe you are interested in Bosnian writers, or rather want to get to know one? Take a trip to the Buybook on the street Radićeva 4 for English-language literature. And a host of other languages. This is a bookstore as there are far too few of home in Norway! Open from 0900 to 2200 every day, except Sundays where the opening hours are from 1000 to 1800.

Eating in Sarajevo

Food in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you love meat food then you love Sarajevo. This is a fact! In Bosnia and Herzegovina, traditional meat is on the table. Of course, you as a vegetarian can also visit the city and still get food interesting enough. But it is the meat eaters among us who get the best Sarajevo has to offer.

During your visit to Sarajevo you must visit a buregdzenica and eat one of the famous pita dishes burek, zeljanica, sirnica or krompirusa. This has been the traditional meal since the Ottomans ravaged here. Burek is a type of meat pie, Zeljanica consists of spinach and cheese, Sirnica is made from homemade cheese, while Krompirusa is made of spicy potatoes.

You will probably be asked if you want the pavlaka on top. Pavlaka is a type of cream that fits perfectly with pita. Alternatively, you buy beverages that you take for your pita meal. It is very rare that eateries that sell this type of food also serve alcohol. The countless eateries that sell burek usually sell the meat by weight, or the number of slices. The price is very reasonable from our point of view.

Those who are fond of meat must stop by an omnipresent rostiljnica, a type of restaurant that serves all types of grilled meats. Here you get chicken, lamb, pig or cattle. The meat comes from the mountains around Sarajevo, and in almost all cases the meat is from free-range animals without hormone supplements or other modern pigs.

Some typical meat dishes in Sarajevo are:

  • Cevapi, sausages made of lamb or mixed meat, served with onions and pita bread.
  • Teletina is veal
  • Jagnjetina is grilled lamb
  • Musaka is a meat pie
  • Suho Meso is dried meat from either pig or cattle
  • Prsut is dried ham, similar to prosciutto in Italy

Sarajevo is the place for cheese lovers

Cheese is also a specialty in Sarajevo and in the rest of the country. The variations from one cheese to the other are great, so be “brave” and curious, and taste your favorite. Travnicki is a white fetal-like cheese from the Travnik district in central Bosnia. The cheese has a slightly salty taste. Vlasicki is a cheese from the Highlands and is very similar to Travnicki.

Mladi Sir is, as the name implies, a young cheese. Freely translated, that is what Mladi Sir means. The cheese is soft and unsalted and is often served with a creamy sauce. The cheese is considered to be healthy. An entirely different type of cheese is Livanjski. This is a dry cheese reminiscent of cheeses you get on the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia. Very flavorful and also a precious cheese seen from the eyes of Sarajevo residents.

Some select restaurants in Sarajevo

Buregdžinica Bosna
Buregdžinica Bosna is a restaurant that is germane. Here you come to eat pita dishes. Air conditioning a staircase up if it is hot. Opening hours from 0700 to 2200. The address is Bravadžiluk 9

Perhaps the city’s most famous restaurant? Avlija is located in a garden, protected from the outside world. Eat a pepper steak with fried potatoes or a muckalicka which is a spicy beef steak. Opening hours are from 0800 to 2300. Closed Sundays. The address is Sumbula Avde 2.

Dr Food
Dr Food is known for serving Sarajevo’s best food. Lobster salad, tuna salad, large tender steaks and much more are what the restaurant has to offer. Also add location on the Miljacka River, nice waiters and good wine menu. Can you ask for more? The address is Obala Kulina Bana 10. Opening hours are from 1100 to 2400. Closed Sundays.

You can also dine at typical international restaurants. Be it Italian, Mexican or other countries cuisine. Two renowned restaurants are:

Caballero is a Mexican restaurant located close to the embassies of France and Austria. The food is not at all a bad copy of what you get in Mexico. Choose from enchiladas, tostadas and burritos. Many options for vegetarians as well. The restaurant has a Latin bar which is also suitable for a Corona beer or two. Opening hours from 0800 to 2300.

Hot Wok
Feel free to try the Hot Wok restaurant in the street Totova 12 for the closest you get to real Thai food in Sarajevo. It serves mango chicken, noodles and other well-known Thai dishes. Probably you have the company of diplomats and bureaucrats in the restaurant, as it is known to an international clientele. Opening hours 1000 to 2300 all week except Sundays.

In general about food and nightlife

Remember that in Sarajevo you smoke everywhere. You have to search for a long time before finding a non-smoking restaurant. But many restaurants and cafes have patios that are comfortable options if the heat is not too crowded. Breakfast in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not necessarily exactly what you are used to from home. But dishes with eggs, such as. Omelettes are available at most hotels and restaurants.

For a beer in the evening, visit Sarajevo Brewery located just off the Latin Bridge. The large bar offers a variety of beers, all brewed on site.