Shopping and Eating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shopping and Eating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

According to AbbreviationFinder, Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the country of Brazil.

Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

The shoppers will have happy days in Brazil. With the exception of imported goods, prices are generally around a quarter of the corresponding Norwegian prices.

And the selection is impeccable – from huge shopping malls with everything from well-known brands to street markets where everything from vegetables to books are sold from the sellers’ cart wagons. Bargaining is not common in Rio, but it is always allowed to ask for a cash discount or similar.

If you are looking for elegant fashion items and accessories, you should visit Rua Visconde de Piraja on Ipanema, which is the premier shopping street. Here you will find large jewel shops such as H Stern, designer shops and shops selling exclusive leather goods. Many of the fashion chains and designer shops can also be found in Rua Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, at just Copacabana.

If brand names are not so accurate, consider shopping for clothing in Centro, where you can make a bargain at a fraction of the price you will have to pay in the many more touristy and sophisticated beach areas. Try the many supply stores in the Rua Senhor dos Passos street.

Among the typical Brazilian items that can be worth buying in Rio are jewels. Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful gems you can get, and H Stern and Amsterdam Sauer at Ipanema have great showrooms with guided tours in their workshops.

Markets in Rio de Janeiro

In the street markets you should take an extra look at the crafts. Here you can buy special and useful souvenirs such as hammocks, leather sandals, hand-colored sarongs or handmade wooden bowls at good prices. Try the Hippie Market, Feira Hippie, for arts and crafts at Praca General Osorio on Sunday.

If you are looking for more traditional souvenirs, try Feirarte Copacabana. It is open every night on Avenida Atlantica, at Posto 5.

Of course, it is tempting to consider buying a solid carnival costume, but then you have to think about how rare you are going to wear it, and that such costumes are very expensive because of the craftsmanship with long production time.

Of typical carnival items, you might want to consider a samba drum or a pandeiro, a large, decorated tambourine.

Eating in Rio de Janeiro

One thing is sure; you don’t go hungry from a Brazilian restaurant. You will generally receive huge and satisfying portions at prices you as a Scandinavian just smile off. Rio de Janeiro has a wide range of dining options, from the most exclusive French cuisine restaurants to the simplest barbecue trolleys by the beach.


The most typical Rio dish is feijoada. It may not be the first thing you choose, but it should still be tried. It consists mainly of black, cooked beans, tough pork, onion, salt and oil, accompanied by rice with various different flavors.

Casa de Feijoada in Rua Prudente de Morais 10 at Ipanema is one of the city’s specialists on this dish, and for around 100 NOK you can get a full menu including aperitif, appetizer and dessert. The restaurant also has a selection of different caipirinhas. You can get lime, passion fruit, strawberry, kiwi or amazonas guarana. (Don’t try everyone, there are strong things!)

Are you really hungry for meat one day, visit a rodizio. Here you can eat as much as you want of all kinds of meat dishes: pork, beef, lamb and chicken. You can choose ham, beef, fillets, ribs and so on. Of course, rice and salad are included.

East of Copacabana near the beach and street Av. Atlantica offers a number of good quality restaurants. There are also international cuisines all around if tempting. Eg. Italian or Japanese restaurants. Or fast food chains you know before. Two selected restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Marius Degustare

This is a high quality buffet restaurant. Eat as much as you want. And we promise that Marius Deustare is a restaurant where you will too! Eat a lot. The address is Off. Atlantica 290.

Marius Degustare is open from 1200 until midnight throughout the week.

Restaurant Shirley

Food in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A little up from the beach on R. Gustavo Sampaio Street, 610 you will find a seafood restaurant known for its delicious food and wonderful service. Restaurante Shirley offers delicious shellfish, prawns from Honolulu are legendary. Like many other restaurants, they are open every day of the week from 1200 until midnight.

Special tips on restaurants in Rio

A few tips about the restaurants in Rio de Janeiro that you should note: Not everyone takes credit cards, so check it in advance, or bring enough cash. You can also get an appetizer on the table without ordering it. If you touch it, it can appear on the bill at an uncomfortably high price, so ask first or send it back.

Incidentally, Brazilians eat dinner very late; the restaurants do not begin to fill up until the 21st and even later on the weekends.

Drink in Rio

Regarding drinks: Steer clear of tap water. You hardly get sick of it, but the taste is not good. In addition, bottled water is affordable.

The fruit juice is reasonably priced and wonderfully good; take care of you while you can! Freshly squeezed juice from fruits that only grow in the Amazon is not everyday for us Europeans.

Of alcoholic beverages, ice cold beers apply. Brahma, Antarctica, and Skol are the most common local brands, and all are good, light, beer beers.

Wine does not have a foothold in Brazil, and the local brands are not all over the world. But the Argentines are also relatively reasonable, despite imports.

And of course you have to try the national drink caipirinha, which mainly consists of the sugar liquor cachaca, lime and sugar.