Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Rijeka

You do not travel to Rijeka defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop haute couture, but rather affordable clothing and shoes. Also, the city is a real find for those who like to hunt for holiday travel souvenirs. Rijeka’s tourism authorities have made some labels to help you as a tourist. Take a trip to the tourist information center on the main street of Korzo and buy products labeled Rijecko izvorno or Osobita quality. It stands for “original from Rijeka” and “exclusive quality”.

Shopping centers in Rijeka

There are some smaller markets in the city that sell books, postcards and other “flea market products”. They are nice to visit, but nothing beyond that. More specifically, however, the Tower Center is on the street Ul. Janka Polic Kamova 81A near the sea and west of the center. This 4-storey mall offers most of the shops, including a variety of cafes, cinema and games room. Open all days of the week until 2100.

Ri Department store in the center of Rijeka from 1974, a number of shops of assorted quality. The address is Riva 6. Ri is closed on Sundays.

ZTC Rijeka is called Rijeka’s newest shopping center. This opened as late as 2012 and is a few miles outside the city. The address is Zvonimirova 3. The concept is simple, here you get everything you need. Open all days of the week until 7 p.m. 2100 (2200 in high season, i.e. July and August).

Mari Cro design studio

If you are looking for Croatian design then head to Mari Cro design studio in the street Šime Ljubica 12. Mari Cro is open every day of the week except Sundays. Here you will find shoes, clothing and accessories from more than fifteen Croatian designers. Buy something exclusive that the neighbor next door does not have.

Eating in Rijeka

Food in Rijeka, Croatia

We were surprised by the large number of restaurants in Rijeka. The specialty is seafood, but of course you get everything you know about international dishes, be it vegetarian or meat dishes. Also, a big city like Rijeka has plenty of fast food chains, and there’s no problem getting pizza, taco or a hamburger.

Rijeka has several cozy restaurants. The price level is reasonable and the width is large enough that you will certainly find a dining place that suits you. If you take a taxi to the cities of Volosko or Opatija west of Rijeka you will also find gourmet class restaurants.

Some selected restaurants in Rijeka

Konoba Nebuloza in Rijeka

If you want to visit a restaurant with “local” specialties served in a rustic atmosphere, then Konoba Nebuloza is in the street Titov trg. 2b a good choice. Konoba Nebuloza is open every day except Sundays. Here you get everything from seafood to pork chops.

Tarsa Restaurant in Rijeka

A slightly different restaurant is Tarsa which is located on Josipa Kulfaneka 10 street, Trsat. Restaurant Tarsa has a variety of dishes on the menu, including several specialties from the Istria peninsula. The locals come here too, which is a good sign. Restaurant Tarsa is open from 1200 until midnight every day of the week.