Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Rhodes

You do not travel to Rhodes defined by AbbreviationFinder primarily for shopping. If you want to shop for fashion clothes more than cheap t-shirts and sandals, then the only real option is Rhodes Town.

And when it is true, there are ever better shopping facilities there. There are shops like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, H&M and Mango. Otherwise, there is much of what can easily be called tourist shops, and where the product range focuses on souvenirs and cheap holiday clothes. The old town of Rhodes, and around the tourist centers of the island, you will find plenty of these kind of shops.

In the old town (in Rhodes town) you will also find some bazaars which can be nice to spend time with. One tip is to hear with tailors about the possibility of sewing Clothes in cashmere, worsted or Harristweed. Otherwise, leather goods are reasonably priced and should you have a handbag, wallet or perhaps shoes, then Rhodes may be the place to buy this.

Souvenirs from Rhodes

Apart from food that you can take home, which is typically olive oil or Greek confection, most tourists will buy some Ceramics. In Rhodes you will constantly see outlets offering great ceramic products decorated with animals and birds. Especially appreciated is the pottery from Lindos.

There is also a lot of craftsmanship made of copper and / or brass. Why not bring a great barbecue set home?

Silver and gold jewelry are popular souvenirs to take home. An alternative is to buy bracelets of olive trees. A reasonable souvenir that can be a decent gift.

NB If you are looking for antiques then you can probably find something nice in Rhodes. But keep in mind that export permit is required if the item is from the time before 1821.

Markets in Rhodes

If you take the 5-kilometer walk from Rhodes Town to the beach at Zephyros, towards Kalithea, you will find the largest market in Rhodes. This is called laiki and is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The product range consists of most of what you can think of, but mainly everything is sold from food, vegetables and fruits. The market is located near the large cemetery in Kalithea.

Eating on Rhodes

Food in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes has a number of good restaurants and if you want something more sophisticated than Greek salad and toast on the beach, then it should not be so difficult to find advice on it on this holiday island. However, you will rarely find the best restaurants where tourists are buzzing and multilingual tourist menus offer dishes for a few euros. But even at good restaurants you get affordable lunch and dinner.

First and foremost, Rhodes is known for its seafood. But you also get excellent quality fruits, vegetables and meats. NB! Remember that fish is more expensive than meat.

There are many good restaurants in Rhodes, not least in Rhodes. And do you get tired of Greek food, know that well-known international dishes rarely taste better than here, thanks to the good local ingredients.

Greek dinner includes mezedes or appetizers that give associations to tapas. Rinse with an ouzo or beer. One rule is that you keep your mezedes to either meat or fish, and do not mix these. A local variant and perhaps the most popular mezedes is Pitaroudia. Greek salad and garlic bread are regular accessories.

Some selected restaurants in Rhodes:


In the quaint town of Lindos you will find the restaurant that is perhaps the best value for money in all of Rhodes when it comes to food. The family restaurant Mavrikos has a welcoming atmosphere and fantastic food. The price level is reasonable based on quality.


The Dinoris Restaurant in Rhodes Old Town is the perfect choice for a fish dinner. This is a family restaurant serving the highest quality. And maybe you see a celebrity here too! The price level is high for Rhodes to be.

PS! Here you may want to reserve a table well in advance. The address is Mouseou Square 24a

To Nissaki

The small island, or “two Nissaki” in the local language, is a small tavern located right by the sea. The prices are low and the seafood fantastic.

To Nissaki is a restaurant that takes a little solemnity, except that the staff takes pride in providing you with the best possible food. The restaurant is located at the old port of Kolymbia. Kolymbia is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 25 kilometers from Rhodes Town.


Stroll to the village of Afantou and visit the Mimakos restaurant for homemade moussaka and a variety of other delicious Greek dishes.

Enjoy the house wine and enjoy the sight of the Greek dancers who like to pop in for a show during the evening. The restaurant Mimakis is not far from the golf course in Afantou, about 18 kilometers south of Rhodes Town.