Chalkidiki, Greece

Chalkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki peninsula
Halkidiki is a majestic peninsula that is one of the most attractive areas of northern Greece.
Located south of Thessaloniki , it is a real paradise, untouched by the detrimental effects of modern technology.
According to ancient mythology, in ancient times, titans, rivals of the gods, lived on this peninsula.
In the battle with the titans, the sea god Poseidon lost his trident – this is how the peninsula of Halkidiki arose, similar to the trident of Poseidon.
Chalkidiki consists of three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos (Holy Mount of Orthodoxy).
The northern part of the peninsula borders on the Thessaloniki region, through which communication with mainland Greece is carried out.
The coastline of the peninsula, the length of which is about 520 km, forms four bays.
In the west Termichesky, in the south – Kaasandra and Agion Oros, in the east Strimonsky.
The region of Chalkidiki has an area of ​​2.915 km2. and a population of 80,000 people, in summer it more than doubles.
Chalkidiki is the only region of Greece whose history begins 600,000 years ago, as evidenced by the remains of an ancient man found in the stalactite cave of Petralona.
It is generally accepted that this is the birthplace of the giants and the place of their battle with the Olympic gods for the right to reign on Olympus.
Halkidiki resembles in its shape the mythical trident, the god of the seas Poseidon, piercing the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
The birthplace of Aristotle, Halkidiki is an important tourist center.

Cities and towns in the Halkidiki region:
1. Nea Fokea – a village located on the eastern coast of the Kassandra peninsula with a picturesque bay and its Byzantine tower
at the very edge of the sea.
2. Pevkohorip – translated as “pine village”, one of the best villages on the Kassandra peninsula. It is famous for the only promenade in Halkidiki with a large number of bars.
3. Nea Potidea – a beautiful town with amazing sandy beaches, built on the ruins of the Corinthian colony of the same name.
4. Metamorphosis – a village located on the coast of the Chalkidiki peninsula, beautiful and cozy, with a small number of shops, taverns, hotels and, accordingly, there are not many tourists here, therefore the “night life” is not in full swing.
5. Afytos – the most picturesque village of the Kassandra peninsula, you should definitely visit it.
6. Neos Marmaras is by far the only major settlement in Sithonia. Beautiful with a good promenade, an abundance of places where you can eat and have fun. The village is surrounded by amazingly beautiful bays and pine forests. Nearby are a casino, a golf course and several discos.
7. Kallithea – one of the three largest tourist villages on Kassandra. The name of the village is translated as “beautiful view”, there are beautiful nature, many taverns, restaurants. Here are the largest discos and bowling on the first “finger”.
8. Ouranoupoli – “heavenly city”, so named probably because it borders on the monasteries of Athos. From here, boats with pilgrims leave for the monasteries. From the point of view of “night life” it is of no interest, like the entire third finger of Halkidiki.
9. Chanioti is another village where fans of “hang out” should strive. There are many souvenir shops and taverns.
10. Caries – the capital of the monastic republic of Agion Oros (Athos). The majestic museum of the history of Christianity is famous for its unique icons, books, manuscripts and other ancient exhibits.

Archaeological reserves:

  • Ruins of ancient Arnea
  • Ruins of ancient Mend
  • Ruins of ancient Olynthos
  • Ruins of ancient Thoron
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Stagira
  • Ruins of the ancient city (Polychrono)
  • Cave of Petralona
  • Temple of Zeus Ammon and Nymphs (Kallithea)
  • Ancient Mines (Stagira)
  • Likithos castle with bastions (XVI century)
  • The ruins of the castle and the ancient canal (N. Potidea)


  • Archaeological Museum of Polygyros (exhibits date back to the 1st-5th century BC)
  • Archaeological collection of Lambropoulos (Polygyros)
  • Petralona Cave Museum (prehistory)
  • Ethnographic Museum of Afytos
  • Archaeological collection in Olynthus
  • Museum of shellfish, etc.

Chalkidiki, Greece