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Chalkidiki, Greece

Chalkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki peninsula
Halkidiki is a majestic peninsula that is one of the most attractive areas of northern Greece.
Located south of Thessaloniki , it is a real paradise, untouched by the detrimental effects of modern technology.
According to ancient mythology, in ancient times, titans, rivals of the gods, lived on this peninsula.
In the battle with the titans, the sea god Poseidon lost his trident – this is how the peninsula of Halkidiki arose, similar to the trident of Poseidon.
Chalkidiki consists of three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos (Holy Mount of Orthodoxy).
The northern part of the peninsula borders on the Thessaloniki region, through which communication with mainland Greece is carried out.
The coastline of the peninsula, the length of which is about 520 km, forms four bays.
In the west Termichesky, in the south – Kaasandra and Agion Oros, in the east Strimonsky.
The region of Chalkidiki has an area of ​​2.915 km2. and a population of 80,000 people, in summer it more than doubles.
Chalkidiki is the only region of Greece whose history begins 600,000 years ago, as evidenced by the remains of an ancient man found in the stalactite cave of Petralona.
It is generally accepted that this is the birthplace of the giants and the place of their battle with the Olympic gods for the right to reign on Olympus.
Halkidiki resembles in its shape the mythical trident, the god of the seas Poseidon, piercing the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
The birthplace of Aristotle, Halkidiki is an important tourist center.

Cities and towns in the Halkidiki region:
1. Nea Fokea – a village located on the eastern coast of the Kassandra peninsula with a picturesque bay and its Byzantine tower
at the very edge of the sea.
2. Pevkohorip – translated as “pine village”, one of the best villages on the Kassandra peninsula. It is famous for the only promenade in Halkidiki with a large number of bars.
3. Nea Potidea – a beautiful town with amazing sandy beaches, built on the ruins of the Corinthian colony of the same name.
4. Metamorphosis – a village located on the coast of the Chalkidiki peninsula, beautiful and cozy, with a small number of shops, taverns, hotels and, accordingly, there are not many tourists here, therefore the “night life” is not in full swing.
5. Afytos – the most picturesque village of the Kassandra peninsula, you should definitely visit it.
6. Neos Marmaras is by far the only major settlement in Sithonia. Beautiful with a good promenade, an abundance of places where you can eat and have fun. The village is surrounded by amazingly beautiful bays and pine forests. Nearby are a casino, a golf course and several discos.
7. Kallithea – one of the three largest tourist villages on Kassandra. The name of the village is translated as “beautiful view”, there are beautiful nature, many taverns, restaurants. Here are the largest discos and bowling on the first “finger”.
8. Ouranoupoli – “heavenly city”, so named probably because it borders on the monasteries of Athos. From here, boats with pilgrims leave for the monasteries. From the point of view of “night life” it is of no interest, like the entire third finger of Halkidiki.
9. Chanioti is another village where fans of “hang out” should strive. There are many souvenir shops and taverns.
10. Caries – the capital of the monastic republic of Agion Oros (Athos). The majestic museum of the history of Christianity is famous for its unique icons, books, manuscripts and other ancient exhibits.

Archaeological reserves:

  • Ruins of ancient Arnea
  • Ruins of ancient Mend
  • Ruins of ancient Olynthos
  • Ruins of ancient Thoron
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Stagira
  • Ruins of the ancient city (Polychrono)
  • Cave of Petralona
  • Temple of Zeus Ammon and Nymphs (Kallithea)
  • Ancient Mines (Stagira)
  • Likithos castle with bastions (XVI century)
  • The ruins of the castle and the ancient canal (N. Potidea)


  • Archaeological Museum of Polygyros (exhibits date back to the 1st-5th century BC)
  • Archaeological collection of Lambropoulos (Polygyros)
  • Petralona Cave Museum (prehistory)
  • Ethnographic Museum of Afytos
  • Archaeological collection in Olynthus
  • Museum of shellfish, etc.

Chalkidiki, Greece

Information about Greece

Information about Greece

Most trips to Greece go to the southern parts and the beautiful islands where the subtropical Mediterranean climate promises warmth with radiant sun. The wind from the sea makes the heat comfortable in the coastal areas, but if you prefer a little more moderate temperatures, spring and autumn are best for a visit.

Here you will find practical information and facts about Greece


Weather and best time to travel
Most trips to Greece go to the southern parts and the beautiful islands where the subtropical Mediterranean climate promises warmth with radiant sun. The wind from the sea makes the heat comfortable in the coastal areas, but if you prefer a little more moderate temperatures, spring and autumn are best for a visit. Visit thedresswizard.com for sunny Greece.

In Greece, euros (EUR) are used. The Greek state has for many years fought to get all businesses in the country to pay taxes. This has resulted in stores having a sign at the checkout that says that the customer must demand a receipt for their purchase. However, there are still many shops and restaurants that do not take cards or give receipts. However, there are usually plenty of ATMs in cities and villages, but check what the fee is for cash withdrawals.

However, you are often pleasantly surprised by the cheap prices of both restaurants and hotels that are far below the European average.

Beer beer in the Greek archipelago is an experience in itself. Southeast of Athens are idyllic archipelagos. From the lively port city of Piraeus there are countless ferry lines with different levels of price, comfort and destinations. It’s almost like taking the bus with lots of departures and lots of islands to choose from. There is an island for every taste, from the almost packed port of Fira on the popular holiday island of Santorini to the small island of Folegandros where the only ticket office staff has plenty of time to enjoy the view of the quiet port. You can buy the tickets on site, but in high season we recommend that you book and buy your tickets well in advance from home. Like everything else in Greece, the ferries can also be delayed, but take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and follow your ferry on the MyShipTracking app.

If you want to travel around Greece by bus, you will get acquainted with the bus company KTEL which runs all long-distance routes. KTEL has 62 subsidiaries that handle different cities, areas and islands. In the cities, you should be aware that there may be several different bus terminals, but in smaller towns and villages, the bus terminal is sometimes just a stop at a café that also serves as a ticket office. Always arrive well in advance as you do not always keep to the timetable but the bus can run both before and after the timetable.

Trains in Greece are neither modern nor particularly fast, but many routes are known for going through beautiful landscapes. The trains are operated by TrainOSE and most long-distance lines depart from the capital Athens.

In most countries, tips are part of the salaries of employees in the service industry. Therefore, it is good practice (and sometimes directly necessary) to give tips to, for example, cleaning staff, waiters, guides, drivers, etc. depending on the country you are visiting. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much is normally given in tips and to whom before you embark on your journey. Find information on tips in Lonely Planet’s guidebooks.








Lower your shoulders and take it easy
The Greek islands have absolutely fantastic, white sandy beaches. The water is azure blue, crystal clear and calm. The wind waves gently in the palm crowns which gives a streak of shadow on your towel. The pace is more than calm. It is this mentality that you should take with you on your holiday in Greece. The Greeks are a friendly and welcoming people, who prefer not to stress more than is necessary. So forget the Swedish pace and efficiency at home in the desk drawer and only bring the lowered, relaxed shoulders on holiday.

A fantastic kitchen
Fresh feta cheese, juicy kalamata olives, grilled aubergines and crispy tomatoes. Locally produced olive oil in combat streams over the Greek salad or creamy tzatziki. The aroma of the fantastic Greek cuisine whets your appetite, so take a break from the sun and sit in one of the cozy taverns. Maybe you meet some local families, hear when the street musicians play a classic zorba. Almost all taverns serve delicious souvlaki, meat on skewers in Greek marinade. You also have to try surprisingly cheap gyros; super tasty pita bread stuffed with meat, tzatziki with french fries or vegetables.

The addictive island life
Rhodes, Crete, Kos, Corfu and the Cyclades archipelago do not attract many tourists for no reason. The Greek holiday islands in all parts of the country are truly holiday paradise. The sun is blazing on chalk-white beaches with small boats bobbing on the turquoise blue waves. A darker shade of blue is repeated on roofs, fences and chairs in the cozy taverns as a contrast to all the white in the beautiful coastal towns and villages. The price level out on the islands reflects its popularity and it is more expensive there than on the mainland but not close to Swedish prices.

The cradle of civilization
The capital of Greece is called the cradle of civilization. Athens, however, is neither clean, calm or child-friendly as other cradles are. It is not said that one should in any way avoid Athens. The city is incredibly exciting, hectic and authentic with its colorful shops, noisy markets and hectic road users. Here you get an incredible amount of adventure for the money. And so it is with this that it was precisely here that civilization arose, or at least Western democracy as we know it today. This very relevant part of the city’s history is still very much alive in Athens even today. Most popular is to visit is the city landmark Acropolis. But plan your visit carefully so you do not come here when it is the hottest and most tourists.

Poor economy and tax evasion
In 2009, it became known to the whole world that the Greek economy was completely under the ice. Today, it is on the road to recovery. In the big cities, there are still many homeless people and many refugees also come here. Out on the tourist islands, however, it is something completely different. As a tourist, you see the fight against tax evaders. There is a law that says that all stores must have a sign at the cash registers that informs that you as a customer must request a receipt. However, there are still many stores and restaurants that do not accept credit cards and do not provide receipts.

Information about Greece

The 10 top honeymoon destinations

The 10 top honeymoon destinations

A wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in your life. On this day you marry the love of your life and you promise it eternal loyalty, support and affection. But a wedding must also be planned so that it can be a wonderful day and of course the honeymoon also belongs to the wedding.

In order for the honeymoon to be unforgettable, you should talk to your future spouse as early as possible about what ideas you have about the honeymoon and what wishes you would like to fulfill. Sometimes you have to compromise, because not everyone has the same taste. But which countries or cities are particularly suitable for honeymoons? Would you rather go to the sun and the sea or is a city trip the perfect choice for a honeymoon? Below are the top 10 honeymoon destinations.

Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

The remoteness of this island is the perfect place to start your marriage.

Paris, France

It is not for nothing that Paris is called the city of love, because couples who are in love and newlyweds regularly get lost in this city.

Bali, Indian Ocean

In Bali you can also make yourself comfortable on your honeymoon on the white sandy beaches.

Venice, Italy

Venice is also a very romantic city that is often visited during honeymoons. You can sit in one of the gondolas with your spouse and glide through the canals or take a romantic night stroll through the narrow streets.


Greece has a lot of pages that are ideal for a beautiful honeymoon. You can spend your honeymoon, for example, on islands like Rhodes with their cute white houses and blue shutters, or you can visit a cosmopolitan city with a history like Athens.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

No place is better suited for a dreamlike and heavenly honeymoon than the Maldives.

Rome, Italy

If you read Roma the other way around, it’s called Cupid and that’s why this impressive city is also suitable for a honeymoon.

New York City, United States

If you love the big city flair, New York is the perfect honeymoon destination.


In the Caribbean, you can forget all your worries during your honeymoon and enjoy a few heavenly weeks by the sea.

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is not only useful for a short-term wedding, but also for the subsequent honeymoon, because here you can test your fresh luck directly in a casino.

Las Vegas, United States

Shopping and Eating in Thessaloniki, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Thessaloniki

Of course, Thessaloníki defined by AbbreviationFinder is not like Milan or Paris, but the city is by no means a bad resort for those who like to shop. And in many ways it feels more shopping-like here than in the bigger fashion cities.

Fashion clothes and other trendy items are purchased at Proxenou Koromila, Mitropoleos and Tsimiski. Along the Tsimiski Street you will find shops such as Zara and Marks & Spencers. Here you will also find the city’s most famous jewelry store, Mil – Or in number 24.

For affordable clothing then go to Egnatia Street. If you are looking for food then the place is still the Modiano Market. At one time the market was owned by a wealthy Jewish family, ie the Modiana family. At that time it was mainly meat sold here, and the Modiano market was the city’s only food market. Today it is no longer so. The market is a multitude of goods, and you can buy fish, fresh olives and much more.

Otherwise, the streets of Venizelou, Ermou and Mitropoleo are good shopping streets. And not least Agias Sofias who also offers cozy breaks for a cappuccino or similar.

Mega Outlet is the name of – yes, precisely – a mega outlet store. You will find it south of Kalamaria, towards the airport, about 3 km outside the center of Thessaloniki. Here you will find a number of well-known brands with up to 50% discount spread over 15000 square meters of shops.

Puma also has a mega outlet store in the center of Thessaloniki. You will find the shop between the major streets of Aiou Dimitriou and Egnatias.

Mediterranean Cosmos

Mediterranean Cosmos [see image first in article] opened in October 2005 and at that time went on to be the largest center in southeastern Europe. And of course there is more than shopping on the poster. Here are coffee houses, restaurants, bars, a church (Greek Orthodox as such), amphitheater and multiplex cinema!

The center is 5 kilometers from Thessaloniki International Airport, not far from the suburb of Kalamaria.

In general about shopping in Thessaloniki

The stores are normally open Tuesdays and Thursdays (and some Fridays) from about 0900 to 2000. And Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 0900 to 1500. Larger centers and department stores have extended opening hours.

Remember that if you have to in the bank then they normally close early, ie at 1400 week through.

What is cheap to buy are usually leather products, jewelry made by local artisans and antiques. Some markets have cheap clothes and shoes, and sometimes you will also be able to make good purchases at the well-known brand stores.

Eating in Thessaloniki

Food in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greek cuisine is starting to become reasonably familiar to most of us, since Greek tavernas are practically found in every small town in Norway. But for those unfamiliar with it, prepare for lots of delicious seafood, delicious dressings and top quality vegetables. And not least grilled meats of all kinds.

In Thessaloniki has naturally also influences from Macedonia, and besides, the city influenced by Asian cuisine.

Octopus, grilled sardines and other deep-fried seafood are available at all tavernas. For food you drink water, wine and ouzo. In Greece you have a good time at the dining table, and the main meal is a social celebration for everyone who participates.

Ladadika, the old Jewish quarter down by the harbor area and the Leof road. Nikis is an area of ​​Thessaloniki where you will find a whole slew of local food restaurants. And bars and clubs. So here you can be all evening. Along with the said Leof. Nikis and its parallel street offer countless opportunities to make the evening a success.

If you go to Ana Poli and on to the Greek Orthodox Church of David, you will be by the Byzantine walls. There are also several nice restaurants and many overlooking Thessaloniki. A good restaurant is the Wall Wall restaurant or Τοίχο Τοίχο. It is located in the street Stergiou Poliderou No. 1, not far from Alysseos Tower. Wall Wall is open throughout the week from 0900 to 0300. An unpaved Mediterranean restaurant with good prices and good feedback.

Manitari Magiko Bit Bazaar is an eatery with soul and atmosphere. Often live music and a good selection of drinks for the food, both ouzo and tzipouro. The address is Prosfigikis Agoras 32-34 at the Venizelou – Olympou and Tositsa arcades.

And the area around Venizelou and Olympou and Tositsa (with the Tositsa arcades) is well stocked with restaurants, cafes and bars. Also, it is just off the Roman Forum and its associated museum.

Several selected dining options in Thessaloniki

Kitchen Ba r is a combination of restaurant and bar, located in the port area of ​​Thessaloniki. The outdoor area of ​​the Kitchen Bar offers sea views, and inside the restaurant you get an attempt to recreate a genuine feeling of being in a dock.

Kitchen Bar is the place for a casual meal with e.g. hamburger, pasta or simple barbecue. Affordable and nice. The Kitchen Bar is located right next to the contemporary museum at the far end of the pier, in the street Navarchou Votsi. Kitchen Bar is open from 0900 to 0200.

Skyline Bar
If you’re not too excited about the bill, head to the Skyline Bar in the OTE Tower (formerly ‘Purgos Ute’) and the city’s best views. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees to give you a panoramic view of Thessaloniki from all directions during one and a half coffee cups. The address is Egnatia 154. The place is open from 1000 to over midnight throughout the week.

Feel free to visit an ouzeri, also to eat. Perhaps the best is by Aristotelus square and is called Odos Aristotelous. The address is Aristotelous No. 20. You can also try some of the Croatian restaurants, but replace ouzo with raki when you are at one of these.

Of course, there are also restaurants with an international menu, but most of them hold maximum quality, and often cost more than it tastes.

Some specialties in Thessaloniki

A good and special salad is the politki which consists of shredded cabbage and jam. Otherwise, Greeks in general, and people in Thessaloniki in particular, are very fond of sweets. You will find cakes and sweets all over the city. Definitely worth tasting some local specialties.

For snacks or a delicious unhealthy snack, eat a Bugatsa pie. [see picture first in article] Available with different fill, so find your special favorite.

Nightlife in Thessaloniki

If we talk about nightlife it is almost not dangerous where you go, because in Thessaloniki there are bars and clubs everywhere.

The harbor promenade and the large town square Aristotelous are two very popular places. Let us also propose the Ladadiki district and for that matter the pedestrian street Iktinou.

Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Rhodes

You do not travel to Rhodes defined by AbbreviationFinder primarily for shopping. If you want to shop for fashion clothes more than cheap t-shirts and sandals, then the only real option is Rhodes Town.

And when it is true, there are ever better shopping facilities there. There are shops like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, H&M and Mango. Otherwise, there is much of what can easily be called tourist shops, and where the product range focuses on souvenirs and cheap holiday clothes. The old town of Rhodes, and around the tourist centers of the island, you will find plenty of these kind of shops.

In the old town (in Rhodes town) you will also find some bazaars which can be nice to spend time with. One tip is to hear with tailors about the possibility of sewing Clothes in cashmere, worsted or Harristweed. Otherwise, leather goods are reasonably priced and should you have a handbag, wallet or perhaps shoes, then Rhodes may be the place to buy this.

Souvenirs from Rhodes

Apart from food that you can take home, which is typically olive oil or Greek confection, most tourists will buy some Ceramics. In Rhodes you will constantly see outlets offering great ceramic products decorated with animals and birds. Especially appreciated is the pottery from Lindos.

There is also a lot of craftsmanship made of copper and / or brass. Why not bring a great barbecue set home?

Silver and gold jewelry are popular souvenirs to take home. An alternative is to buy bracelets of olive trees. A reasonable souvenir that can be a decent gift.

NB If you are looking for antiques then you can probably find something nice in Rhodes. But keep in mind that export permit is required if the item is from the time before 1821.

Markets in Rhodes

If you take the 5-kilometer walk from Rhodes Town to the beach at Zephyros, towards Kalithea, you will find the largest market in Rhodes. This is called laiki and is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The product range consists of most of what you can think of, but mainly everything is sold from food, vegetables and fruits. The market is located near the large cemetery in Kalithea.

Eating on Rhodes

Food in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes has a number of good restaurants and if you want something more sophisticated than Greek salad and toast on the beach, then it should not be so difficult to find advice on it on this holiday island. However, you will rarely find the best restaurants where tourists are buzzing and multilingual tourist menus offer dishes for a few euros. But even at good restaurants you get affordable lunch and dinner.

First and foremost, Rhodes is known for its seafood. But you also get excellent quality fruits, vegetables and meats. NB! Remember that fish is more expensive than meat.

There are many good restaurants in Rhodes, not least in Rhodes. And do you get tired of Greek food, know that well-known international dishes rarely taste better than here, thanks to the good local ingredients.

Greek dinner includes mezedes or appetizers that give associations to tapas. Rinse with an ouzo or beer. One rule is that you keep your mezedes to either meat or fish, and do not mix these. A local variant and perhaps the most popular mezedes is Pitaroudia. Greek salad and garlic bread are regular accessories.

Some selected restaurants in Rhodes:


In the quaint town of Lindos you will find the restaurant that is perhaps the best value for money in all of Rhodes when it comes to food. The family restaurant Mavrikos has a welcoming atmosphere and fantastic food. The price level is reasonable based on quality.


The Dinoris Restaurant in Rhodes Old Town is the perfect choice for a fish dinner. This is a family restaurant serving the highest quality. And maybe you see a celebrity here too! The price level is high for Rhodes to be.

PS! Here you may want to reserve a table well in advance. The address is Mouseou Square 24a

To Nissaki

The small island, or “two Nissaki” in the local language, is a small tavern located right by the sea. The prices are low and the seafood fantastic.

To Nissaki is a restaurant that takes a little solemnity, except that the staff takes pride in providing you with the best possible food. The restaurant is located at the old port of Kolymbia. Kolymbia is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 25 kilometers from Rhodes Town.


Stroll to the village of Afantou and visit the Mimakos restaurant for homemade moussaka and a variety of other delicious Greek dishes.

Enjoy the house wine and enjoy the sight of the Greek dancers who like to pop in for a show during the evening. The restaurant Mimakis is not far from the golf course in Afantou, about 18 kilometers south of Rhodes Town.

Shopping and Eating in Kos, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Kos, Greece

Kos is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Kos

Of course, the shopping crazy of us gets something to spend our money on, also here in Kos defined by AbbreviationFinder. Kos is not as trendy as Milan or Paris, nor Athens, but if you are looking for traditional handicraft products, handmade clothing or leather goods, then you have something to look forward to.

You will of course find plenty of good food and drinks that you can buy home with you. And there are some outlets with fashion clothing around the island and in Kos Town in particular, which sells products from leading European fashion designers in so-called outlet stores for a reasonable amount of money.

Small markets and shops can be found all over Kos, but it should not be put under a chair that it is in Kos town most and best shopping opportunities exist. Remember that not all antiques are what they are described as, just like elsewhere. But in general, it is quite safe to buy jewelry, antiques and other expensive items in Kos.

The most well-known market is the Agora market [see image first in the article] in the center of Kos town. Once upon a time, this was a very well-known market in Europe !

The central shopping area of ​​Kos Town is not very large, so you will quickly become familiar with the various shops. Most stores accept credit cards.

Eating at Kos

Food in Kos, Greece

In Greece, take your time with the food, socialize with dinner guests and just have fun. Drink and eat whatever your stomach pleases. On our trips in Greece, we have often been pleasantly surprised by the opposite. And if you order moussaka on the biggest tourist shoppe in the most populous tourist street, well then you have to blame yourself.

In Kos, as elsewhere, the rule is that where you find the locals, the food is best. And in Kos the rule also applies that if you eat with a view of the marina or the sea, yes then you pay a little extra. And there’s nothing wrong with that?

Local specialties

Lamb is top, not least in Greece and Kos. Why not try a proper lamb stew called kleftiko, or a lamb skewer with lamb? And Greek salad naturally tastes best in Greece (Greece). And the tzatziki that you get for everything is good. There are other accessories as well. For the raw materials when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the quality is always very high.

If you want something simple and inexpensive, then taste a pita gyros. You get this Greek toast at all restaurants for under 30 kroner (or so) and it tastes absolutely excellent.

Drink on Kos!

Traditional beverages are Ouzo or a Metaxa. The latter is a Greek brandy which is perfectly OK. If you order ouzo you usually get a glass of extra or a small pitcher of water. Mix water with ouzo until it has a milky white mixture. It’s not meant to be tough to drink the ouzo unmixed. Not only is it strong, it’s also not as good as when you mix it with water.

Some selected restaurants in Kos:

Elijah in the Old Town of Kos
Rumors say that this is where you get the island’s best racomela. The menu otherwise consists of well-known dishes from all over Greece. Most popular is (of course) meze. Elijah is centrally located in the Old Town, right next to the bus route station. The address is Apellou 27.

Opening hours for Elijah are mostly from 1230 to 0030 every day of the week. The vast majority of guests are charmed by this fine eatery.

Rainbow in Kefalos
Rainbow is a restaurant that provides excellent feedback. The atmosphere is nice and the service good. The view is impeccable. Rainbow is located on the beach and overlooks the islands of Kastro and Nisyros. This is the place you eat your kleftiko ! (lamb pot). The address is Kamari Bay in Kefalos.

Plaza Beach Restaurant
In Kos Town and Sokratous Street 9, you can dine at one of the best restaurants in Kos. The restaurant is called Plaza Beach Restaurant and they serve delicious seafood (and much else good). Location, food and service are good here. Please call +30 2242 027059 for reservations.

Avli restaurant in Kardamena
Avli restaurant is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Kardamena. The restaurant is in the city center next to the Rio hotel.

The Avli restaurant is a family restaurant and is located in one of the first houses built in the city. The food is a combination of Greek tradition and typical international cuisine.

Shopping and Eating in Crete, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Crete, Greece

Crete is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Crete

Few people set out on a flight to Crete with shopping as their main activity. With the exception of the larger cities of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno, you will find minimal stores, shopping centers or designer shops in Crete.

The most traditional gift items and souvenirs from Crete are crafts. Ornaments with beautiful wood carvings, pottery and embroidery are produced and sold in many of the mountain villages as well as in the larger cities and tourist sites. In particular, villages such as Kritsa (west of Agios Nikolaos), Zaros (southwest of Heraklion) and Anogia (far east in the Rethymno region) have made this an industry.

You also get high quality leather products, terracotta items, bronze and copper items. Some villages produce great handmade wicker chairs, but these are maybe a little worse to get on the plane? Also, handmade knives are a specialty in Crete, and the people of Crete defined by AbbreviationFinder have a history of knives that can be traced back to the Minos. Knives are a natural part of the Greek national costume, and are sold at the craft stores. Do not carry the knife in your hand luggage when you return home.

Crete is known for its excellent honey, the cheeses are in demand throughout Greece, and the olive oil is perhaps the largest export item and of excellent quality. You will probably also be offered wine from Crete, but it has a highly variable quality, so taste first, unless you just want to bring a nice souvenir bottle home.

Shopping in selected cities in Crete

Heraklion is Crete’s largest city, and of course also the city with the largest range of products. Here you will find everything from shoe shops, brand shops, art galleries, delicatessens, craft shops and jewelers. The main shopping street is the pedestrian street Dedalou. If you want genuine Cretan jewelry, you should visit the jewelry store Labyrinth, which can design jewelry and jewels according to your wishes, preferably in combination with Greek folk art. It’s not particularly cheap, but the quality is high.

Rethymno has more tourists than Heraklion, and this is also noticed in the product range. Here you will find even more souvenir shops, handicraft shops and antique shops, especially along the harbor promenade, while the slightly more sophisticated shops are located on the street Arkadiou. Every Thursday a market is held at Dimitrakaki, where you can buy everything from fresh agricultural products and fish, goats and chickens, clothing and art, books and maps.

Chania is known for its leather shops, so here you set the course for the street with the aptly named Lærgaten, (Odhos Skridhlof) by the cathedral. The main street is Halidon, where the more modern shops have gathered.

At Roka Carpets you can buy handmade carpets, manufactured in the same way as the Minos developed. The store is located in Zambeliou 61. Every Saturday morning, an interesting market is held at Minoos with meat and seafood, fruits and vegetables, local crafts and clothing. At the old port is Crete Gold, a traditional goldsmith who has been producing Greek jewelry and jewelery for about 30 years.

Eating in Crete

Food in Crete, Greece

Most of us have a certain relationship with Greek food, and have tried both moussaka and souvlaki. But a full Greek meal usually consists of several small starters, a main course with grilled lamb or goat meat, preferably in a stew, possibly fish, with vegetables and salad. The dessert often consists of cheese or sweet cakes topped with honey.

Although there are not many vegetarians in Greece, nor many clean vegat restaurants, there will still be alternatives for you who do not eat meat. The Orthodox Greeks traditionally fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, and many restaurants, especially outside the larger cities, only serve vegan dishes these days.

A completely different food culture in Crete

The Greek food culture is quite radically different from the one we have in Norway. The average Greek hardly eats breakfast, but a hearty lunch during the day. Dinner rarely comes to the table until after 2100. For this reason, many restaurants close in the afternoon, opening only from 2000 onwards. Dinner should be spent a long time, with wine and raki.

Leaving the tourist areas and heading to one of the villages further inland, you can get real Greek dining experience at one of the local tavernas. Here you should not expect any menu, you will usually get what they happen to make that day. In the cities and tourist areas there is a good selection of places to eat, and if you prefer Italian, Indian, Chinese or tex-mex one evening, it is always possible to drive up.

Drink in Crete

No country in Europe has produced wine longer than the Greeks, and their wine history can be traced back at least 6500 years. The most famous is probably the white Retsina wine with a characteristic pine flavor, which has been produced for over 2700 years. In Crete, the Minoans made wine 4000 years ago already, and the Greek wine god Dionysos has his worshipers to this day. The wine in Crete is often homemade and sweet, and is usually served in pitchers rather than bottles. True, much of Crete is less good and something that the Vinmonopoly would not dream of importing. But some exceptions exist.

You will probably also get over the liquor raki, or tsikoudia, but unlike the Turkish national drink of the same name, the Cretan variant does not taste anise. And although the Greek national drink ouzo does not originate in Crete, you will find it everywhere. It is often served as an aperitif before a meal, but is rarely drank afterwards. Then there is more wine that applies.

Two brands of beer are produced in Greece, Alpha and Mythos, and both are tasty, light beer. The ubiquitous Carlsberg, Heineken and Amstel are also available everywhere.

Selection of Crete’s Better Restaurants:

Vasilis, Nearchou 10, at the old harbor in the town of Rethymno. This is a great seafood restaurant that has served both Greek and international celebrities for a number of years, with a very talkative and hospitable owner who will undoubtedly roam your table and charm your company. Prices around 140-220 NOK for a main course.

Much less expensive, but at least as good food you get right down the street, at Taverna Pontos in Melissinou street. It serves home-made specialties, in a very pleasant restaurant with a great atmosphere. The restaurant has not yet been discovered by the large tourist crowds, probably because it is not located along the harbor.

In Heraklion, consider Loukoulos in Korai 5, which has gained a very good reputation with both residents and visitors in recent years. In addition to traditional Greek cuisine, made from organically grown ingredients, French and Italian dishes are also offered.

Set in a picturesque 13th-century house by the port of Chania, Amphora restaurant offers traditional Cretan food of the highest quality, with professional service and highly acceptable prices. Wonderful vegetarian dishes. Amphora is also the name of a hotel and a popular bar with wicker chairs right on the water’s edge.

Shopping and Eating in Corfu, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Corfu, Greece

Corfu is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Corfu

Corfu’s shops are open for a long time, especially on the main tourist streets, and during peak season there is no difference between holidays and weekdays.

Shops that are primarily frequented by the residents usually stay open every day except Sundays until 2100. Wednesdays and Saturdays the shops close 1500. The shops have their Greek “siesta” between 1400 and 1700.

It is the typical Greek shop in Corfu as well, and popular souvenirs are traditional leather or ceramic handicraft products. Tourists who want something in the food industry typically buy enough olive oil or honey products. Most of the tourist shops can be found in Corfu town. If you are really interested in such products it will probably be more exciting to rent a car and visit one of several small shops with associated “home factory” which there are one or more of at each major road.

A special tip is wood products. With nearly 4 million olive trees on the island, there is no getting away from the fact that there are some souvenirs from this tree as well. Take a walk to Agios Spyridon Street in the Old Town and find souvenir shops selling just that. Not least, you will find wooden toys that put a smile on the mouth of every child.

Shopping in Corfu Town

No other cities in Corfu defined by AbbreviationFinder have the same variety as Corfy. But don’t expect a fashion mecca. Corfu town is mostly a place where you shop souvenirs and “tourist juggle”. Of course, there are regular shops and some smaller shopping centers, especially in the modern part of town.

But it is the old town that attracts most tourists. There are so many small shops that it is not possible to distinguish one from the other. We recommend everyone to visit the market, preferably early in the morning, which is open all days except Sundays. Here fruits, vegetables, herbs, fresh fish and much more are sold from dawn to lunch.

Other shopping places in Corfu

South of Corfu Town you will find the village of Moraitika which, in addition to a long beautiful beach, some tavernas and bars, also has a main street that has everything a tourist is looking for. You may not find the Paris and Milan fashion clothes, but you will certainly find the perfect summer t-shirt from Greece, the one you just have to wear!

Moraitika is located about 20 kilometers from Corfu and is a good place to spend a few days.

If you visit the village of Makrades there are a number of shops selling food products such as olives, jam and honey, and various types of local wine. Why go here, you may ask? Well, here is the quality of the best varieties, which is not necessarily the tourist resort where you live.

But, do not think that it is only you who are going here. Many people know about Makrade’s “shopping secrets”.

Eating in Corfu

Food in Corfu, Greece

It is not at all bad to eat out in Corfu. There are many good restaurants and tavernas, and the price level is nice. Of course, there are tourist traps here like other places where tourists flock together. So don’t forget the classic rules; quality usually costs a little more, and see where the residents eat! A great tip! Relax at the restaurant and do not get grumpy because you have to wait a bit for the waiter or it takes time before the food is on the table. You are in Greece now.

Greeks love social gatherings in general, and gatherings in combination with food and drink in particular. A larger Greek meal, preferably a lunch, starts with a selection of Mezes, which for us uninitiated can be reminiscent of tapas. There are light dishes served on large plates and can be olives, various cheeses, salads, vegetables, deep fried squid and various “dips” such as Tzatziki. You wash this down with what you want from a drink, and why not an ouzo too?

Main courses at tavernas and restaurants in Corfu usually consist of a mix of Greek specialties and internationally renowned dishes. If you are a dessert lover then know that dessert menus are not a priority in Corfu. But what you get is good enough. Among the specialties is the “almond cake” Baklava which is served with syrup or honey. Ice cream is natural enough too. For the recipe for Baklava!

NB! Breakfast in Corfu will in most cases say something simple, preferably bread with honey or jam. And juice. And coffee – or tea.

Some selected restaurants in Corfu:

Perhaps the most recognized restaurant in Corfu is Etrusco with its Greco-Italian chef. Here’s a view of a kitchen that has nothing to hide. Quality food is produced and served by willing service. Etrusco restaurant is located at Kato Korakiana on the east side of Corfu, about 13 kilometers north of Corfu Town.

Khryssomallis (aka Babis)
Take the street to Nikifórou Theotóki 6 In the old town and the sign zythopsitopolío you have come to a very traditional restaurant in the old town. If you want to taste the mousakás (and you should) then this is the place. Khryssomallis has been dating from hundreds of years back in time and the atmosphere indicates that we hope the restaurant lives for hundreds more years. Open all days.

Akamatra Zythopoleio
In the Spiliá district you will find Akamatra Zythopoleio, a small but very popular eatery where we recommend you try the bean soup for lunch. Beer-happy tourists and locals come here too, because the brands sold are many and good. Usually open all days except Sundays. The address is Odos Prosaléndou 8-10.

NB! Remember that restaurants can change owners or shut down at short notice. A good tip is to contact the restaurant in advance to check if it is far from your hotel.

Simple food in Corfu

If you fancy pancakes, (Crepes) sandwiches, lettuce, pita gyros or maybe a simple night meal that you bring with you, there are a number of options for tourists. If you spend your holidays in Moraitika, then the “bar” is recommended 24 Hours. Open as the name implies around the clock in high season. Even in winter, the restaurant closes as late as 0300 at night in midweek and at 0700 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nightlife in Corfu

It was probably a more intense nightlife in Corfu a few years ago. The financial crisis leaves its mark. But it is still possible not to lie down in Corfu. And whether you are a lion, a family daddy or a pub goer, you can taste Tsitsibeera. Corfu has imported ginger beer from the British and their “Greek” version Tsitsibeera is simply good. Must taste at a restaurant near you!

One popular night out alternative to the discos is Café del Arte, which you will find at Kandoúni Bízi 23. Acoustic music is presented live Thursdays through Saturdays.

Many of the discos are located around the tourist town of Dassia on the north coast of Corfu. The nightlife strip west of the new port of Corfu may no longer be the way it was, but the Au Bar is still cooking. This is a disco as we remember it from southern Europe, and if you have never experienced “disco fever” then go here for an evening or night.

Shopping and Eating in Athens, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece described on Countryaah is not Europe’s premier shopping destination when it comes to fashion clothing and design products. Many of the imported goods are also not much cheaper than in Scandinavia. But you can make a bargain on some locally made goods, and gold is considered a bargain in Athens. The chain Lilas Lalaounis is reputable and has several outlets spread throughout the city.

Athens defined by AbbreviationFinder is also considered a good place to buy antiques, but be careful not to get caught up in the airport upon departure. If you are stopped by something that could possibly come from one of the archaeological sites, you will have a major explanation problem and will probably not reach your plane home.

Athens Shopping Areas

The shopping streets of Athens are mostly pedestrian streets, yet filled with the hustle and bustle of people. The different industries tend to flock together, so you can find e.g. many shoe stores in one place, bookstores in another place, gold and silver outlets in third place, etc. This makes it easy to compare prices.

Most shops are located in the old town of Plaka, which is also the tourists’ favorite area. But you should also look at Monastiraki, which is known for its many antique shops. Every Sunday, big markets are organized in both of these districts.

If you are looking for shoes or clothes, try the pedestrian street Ermou at Syntagma, where you will find most of the major chains. Also try the slightly less expensive Eolou cross street. More fashionable and exclusive is in the Kolonaki district, where the shops offer the latest in fashion.

Opening hours and VAT refund in Athens

On weekdays, the stores are generally open from 0900 to around 2000, but usually close for a few hours in the afternoon, between 1400 and 1600. This does not apply to the larger department stores. Saturdays close most 1500, and Sundays are mostly closed.

Don’t forget that you pay 19% VAT and that on all purchases over 120 euros, or about NOK 950, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all stores have a VAT refund scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance to buy expensive products. Remember to bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eat in Athens

Eating in Athens, Greece

Most of us have a certain relationship with Greek food, and have tried both moussaka and souvlaki. But a full Greek meal usually consists of several small starters, a main course with grilled lamb or goat meat, preferably in a stew, possibly fish, with vegetables and salad. The dessert often consists of cheese or sweet cakes topped with honey.

Although there are not many vegetarians in Greece, nor many clean vegat restaurants, there will still be alternatives for you who do not eat meat. The Orthodox Greeks traditionally fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, and many restaurants, especially outside the larger cities, only serve vegan dishes these days.

Greek food culture is quite radically different from Norwegian. The average Greek hardly eats breakfast, but a hearty lunch during the day. Dinner rarely arrives on the table until after 2100. For this reason, many restaurants close in the afternoon, opening only from 2000 onwards. Dinner should be spent a long time, with wine and raki.

Plaka district of Athens

If you are going out and eating in Athens, you do not have to look for a restaurant long if you are going to the Plaka district. Here, it is teeming with both dining and bars. Admittedly, many are aimed solely at tourists, with not too much focus on the gastronomic, so look for a place with more Greeks than Scandinavians.

Among Athens’s better restaurants we can mention Hermion in Pandrossou 15. Far from the city’s cheapest place, but well worth a few extra euros.

Monastiraki in Athens

Plaka is a great area, but prices are often higher than other districts because of all the tourists. If you want to try something more local and authentic, visit the Monastiraki district, where quality food can be served at a very reasonable price in the many tavernas in the streets around the main square, Plateia Monastirakou.

Special restaurants in Athens

Dinner in the Sky

This is an experience you just have to experience is the claim of many tourists in Athens. A dinner at Dinner in the Sky is not cheap. But you get a panoramic view of Athens and the Acropolis. The menu is fixed and costs about 1500 kroner. But with the dining table 40 feet up in the air, you get a meal you haven’t experienced before.

The address is Technopolis, located west of the Acropolis and close to the ” Ermou and Pireos ” park. Opening hours are 1900 to 2300 every day. It is recommended (of course) to reserve a table in advance. Click here for the Dinner in the Sky website.

Climate data Ταβέρνα Κληματαριά

Klimataria restaurant is a family restaurant dating back to 1927. Here you will find Greek food, Greek dance and Greek music. Gossip at Klimataria is of course the barbecue dish (tis caused) with good wine to. The prices are also nice at Klimataria.

The address is Pl. Theatrou 2, located near the flea market in Monastiraki. You can download maps and read more about Tavern Klimataria here.
Opening hours are from 1200 to 0200 all days / nights.

Beverages in Athens

No country in Europe has produced wine longer than the Greeks, and their wine history can be traced back at least 6500 years. The most famous is probably the white Retsina wine with a characteristic pine flavor, which has been produced for over 2700 years.

You will probably also come across the Greek national drink ouzo. This anise liquor is often served as an aperitif before a meal, but is rarely drank afterwards. Then there is more wine that applies.

Two brands of beer are produced in Greece, Alpha and Mythos, and both are tasty, light beer. The ubiquitous Carlsberg, Heineken and Amstel are also available everywhere.