Shopping and Eating in New York City, USA

Shopping and Eating in New York City, USA

According to AbbreviationFinder, New York City is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in New York

New York City has everything, regardless of product and regardless of whether you are an avid fan of markets, department stores or specialty stores. New York City is also a fashion hub with some of the finest designers and trendsetters in the world. In all parts of Manhattan there are good shopping opportunities.

Together with London and Paris, New York City is the shoppers’ paradise. Despite the city being full of attractions, shopping may still be the main attraction.

As mentioned, you can buy everything, but there are still some products where it is easier to make good purchases than others. The range of clothing is incredibly large and many brands are sold reasonably. And in New York you get all sizes, so whether you are tall, low, thick or thin, you will find something that fits. Electrical products or computer equipment are other examples of products where you can make bargains. Music and books are also products where you can make a bargain.

5th Avenue is the fashion street. Walk 5th Avenue from Midtown, past Times Square and up towards Central Park, and you’ll see stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hugo Boss, or skyscrapers like Trump Tower with fashionable stores, department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks or specialty stores like The Apple Store upstairs at Central Park. NB! H&M has established itself with a giant store at 51st Street and 5th Avenue.

Markets and specialty stores in New York

For markets and specialty shops you should visit Soho. Here you will find designer shops, gourmet food shops and street markets. Not least, try Canal Street, which separates Soho from TriBeCa. If you are looking for cheap electronic articles, you get it here. For fashion lovers, and primarily fashion lovers under 40, check the streets between Thompson Street and Broadway.

Are you looking for shopping malls and department stores, we suggest Macy’s, which is possibly the world’s largest business, even though Macy’s might be more of an attraction than where you actually shop? If you have good advice, visit Barney’s on Madison Avenue and 61st Street. Every two years Barney’s has major cleanup sales. Check their website for sales when you visit.

You can find outlet stores in New York. The best-kept secret that is not a secret is Century 21. The address is 22 Cortland Street at the Financial District and Ground Zero. There are a lot of people here at times, but you get brands at very good prices.

Eating in New York

Food in New York City, USA

You don’t have to be afraid to go hungry in New York City. Very generous portions are served at everything from popular little cafes to fashionable restaurants. And you can eat your three daily meals at different new places and every single day of your life without having to show up twice at the same eatery. The quality is generally good, regardless of the number of stars at the eatery.

Every Manhattan neighborhood has great restaurants. In addition comes an endless array of bakeries, breakfast houses and “hot-dog” stalls. And we do not forget the even longer range of fast food chains and American restaurants, be it McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, Hard Rock, Burger King and Motowns. Hard Rock is located in Time Square, and the place regularly offers live entertainment, surprisingly good food and lots of souvenirs. Take time for a drink, if nothing else.

New York has all the ethnic cuisines represented, but is especially good when it comes to tex-mex, jewish, cinematic and italian. The last two logically enough with influence from Chinatown and Little Italy.

It is not very cheap to eat in New York, but it is considerably cheaper than in Norway. At least if you combine the meal with good wine and a ‘fore drink’. Of course, you can find simple and very affordable places, and also top-class restaurants when it comes to quality.

Tips when eating in New York

Remember that drinking is important when eating in New York. You must forget about Norwegian “tips / drinking culture”. For many waiters, it is almost the “drink” that is the salary. You are therefore expected to spend 20% or more on the restaurant’s bill.

Some suggestions for good restaurants with decent prices in New York are the following:

French: La Bonne Soupe, a rustic and charming French restaurant in Midtown, 48 West 55th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.

Italian: Lombardi’s is New York’s oldest and most authentic pizzeria in Little Italy [see photo first in article]. The pizzas are lovely and the wine is reasonably priced. Maybe it’s because Americans drink beer for their pizza? The address is 32 Spring Street, Mott Street Mulberry Street.

Swedish: At the time of writing, Smörgås has three restaurants in different locations in New York. Nice, informal and good food for the money. We suggest the small and charming restaurant down at the corner of 283 West 12th Street. Here are special prices for good wine and happy hour every night from 7pm. 1700 to 1900. Read more about Smörgas.