Shopping and Eating in New Orleans, USA

Shopping and Eating in New Orleans, USA

According to AbbreviationFinder, New Orleans is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in New Orleans

Although New Orleans is not a fashion metropolis in line with e.g. New York City or Paris, by far most people will be happy with the offer of shopping. Not least, you can find wonderful markets, whether it’s for fruits and vegetables, used items, masks and costumes or for that matter voodoo items.

New Orleans also offers great galleries and large shopping malls. And, of course, you should know that if you shop in special stores, you will be refunded the value added tax. Foreigners are trading tax-free in New Orleans.

Tax Free shopping in New Orleans

In Louisiana you get reimbursed sales tax and sometimes also local tax. Not all stores can offer such services, so look for the brand with Tax Free. You must have a valid passport and not be on a trip that lasts longer than 90 days to have your taxes refunded.

The two places you will be refunded the tax are at Louis Armstrong International Airport and The Riverwalk Shopping Center. Meet up well before the flight leaves and remember your receipts if you want to try to get the tax refunded for what you have shopping!

Royal Street in New Orleans

Not far from the tourist magnet Bourbon Street you will find the street Royal Street with all its antique shops, jewelers and art galleries. If you have good advice, you may also be staying in a hotel located on this street. Or maybe you have dinner at one of the good restaurants here. Regardless, Royal Street is one of the finer areas of the French Quarter, and a street worth a visit whether you are shopping or not.

Magazine Street in New Orleans

This huge street is full of so-called boutiques, with fashion clothes and other trendy, as well as craft shops and antique shops. Magazine Street has always attracted both the wealthy and the more bohemian residents. Together, these people groups and the mix of shops, cafes and nightlife creates an atmosphere that shopping tourists love! This is also a nice place to be to feel the pulse of New Orleans.

Especially shopping in New Orleans

Voodoo Stores in New Orleans
When in New Orleans, of course, you have to bring something that bears witness to the city’s long voodoo history. Many souvenirs are naturally linked to Mary Laveau, read more at New Orleans attractions. A select voodoo store is Marie Laveau House of Vodoo. You can find this store at 739 Bourbon Street in French Quarter.

Costume Stores in New Orleans
Something else that is special about New Orleans is all the mask and costume stores. It is not for nothing that the great Mardi Gras is just celebrated in New Orleans. Visit Masks & Make Believe in 1 Poydras Street, Level C in The Riverwalk Mall or the Le Garage Antiques and Clothing store at 1234 Decatur Street, French Quarter.

The best vegetable and food market in New Orleans is probably the Crescent City Farmers Market. Here are delicacies and great ingredients everywhere. Local chefs showcase and demonstrate their talents with accompanying tastings to visitors. At Crescent City Farmers Market there is always life and touch and the market is worth a visit too as a small tourist attraction.

Shopping Centers in New Orleans

The Riverwalk Shopping Center
The Riverwalk Shopping Center was once part of the World Exhibition held in Louisiana in 1984, but in 1986 became a thoroughbred and solid shopping center. The address is 1 Poydras Street on the Mississippi River.

Jax Brewery
Jax Brewery is a landmark in New Orleans. Once upon a time, this was a brewery, (for Jax Beer of course). Today, Jax Brewery is a shopping center with renowned shops, as well as housing a brewery museum. Many consider this shopping center one of the best in the United States. The address is 600 Decatur Street in the French Quarter.

Canal Place
333 Canal Street in French Quarter is the address of this shopping center. Canal Place is next door to the large Aquarium of the Americas and therefore frequently visited by tourists on their way to or from the aquarium. Here are enough shops for everyone in the family.

Eating in New Orleans

Food in New Orleans, USA

If there is a special kitchen for the United States then it must be the local food you get in Louisiana and thus also in New Orleans. For centuries, immigrants from different cultures and nations, not least African slaves and French immigrants, have contributed to this southern state getting its ‘Louisiana cooking’.

Louisiana cooking is fragments of Creole and Cajun cuisine. Originally, the former turned out to be a bit nicer, since it was developed by Africans who cooked the food of wealthy plantation owners. The Cajun kitchen was, after all, “just” pawns with French ancestry.

Louisiana food is characterized by being strong, but it is in no way comparable to the food you, for example. sheep in India. Peppers, chili, celery, onions and, not least, garlic, are almost mandatory ingredients in local New Orleans food.

What to Eat in New Orleans?

In New Orleans ‘s something for everyone. And this time it’s more than a fool. For you will of course find all the usual fast food chains and international restaurants, and also the same boring hotel food, here in New Orleans as in every other big city. But you also get delicious dishes from the local Louisiana cuisine. Spicy cajun sausages are a must.

And of course, you have to taste the dish that personifies the food in New Orleans, namely ‘ Jambalaya ‘. Jambalaya is a dish of shrimp, chicken, ham, rice and the ever-present ingredients of celery, onion and chili. Jambalaya is a very good dish that you get at “all” cajun restaurants.

For dessert you just have to choose Bananas Foster which naturally consists of bananas. These are bathed in butter, fried, sugared and applied with a dose of e.g. cinnamon, cognac, yes you read correctly, and vanilla ice cream.

Featured restaurants in New Orleans

Café Amelie
Here you will find simple dishes such as salad and sandwich. However good it is and the place is popular. The restaurant is beautifully located in the French Quarter, in an old venerable house. The address is 912 Royal Street. Here both locals and tourists come!

Steamboat Natchez
How to combine a 2-hour cruise with dinner? The food is served accompanied by glad jazz. The noon cruise departs at 1900 from Toulouse Street Wharf directly into Jackson Square. The dress code is casual.

Ralph’s on the Park
This restaurant has countless awards for its very good local New Orleans cuisine. Real Southern hospitality meets you from the first moment and the breadth of the menu is great. The restaurant is next door to the New Orleans City Park. Address 900 City Park Avenue.

Red Fish Grill
You can’t be in New Orleans without eating seafood. Then there is hardly a better choice than Red Fish Grill at 115 Bourbon Street, a street you will find yourself in. The restaurant has the same owner as Ralph’s on the Park and many restaurant critics claim this is New Orleans’ best seafood restaurant for you who want to eat without eating Put on a suit or dress and spend your entire holiday budget on food.

Cafe du Monde
This is perhaps the most famous night out in New Orleans. Cafe du Monde means something like the World Café and has appeared in a number of novels, including the author James Lee Burke. The address of the original outdoor cafe is 800 Decatur Street. NB There are several other Café du Monde in New Orleans.