Shopping and Eating in Chicago, USA

Shopping and Eating in Chicago, USA

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in Chicago

Chicago is undoubtedly a great shopping city, both in terms of quality and quantity of shops. The city calls itself in typical American style as the best shopping city in the entire world United States, New York City included.

The fact is, in any case, that Chicago is a city where most of the best-known dealers and department stores in the country are located.

Popular shopping streets and areas of Chicago

State Street and Michigan Avenue are a matter of course for the shopping crowds. The same goes for the Wicker Park and Lincoln Park areas, not least for those looking for upscale stores with the latest trendy products. Here you will find everything from antiques, food and jewelry, to fashion shops with clothes and shoes.

Michigan Avenue is popularly called “the Magnificent Mile” on the crowds, not least because of its more than 450 stores offering everything the heart desires. We can also recommend Oak Street right on Michigan Avenue. If you go to the River North Gallery District you will also find more than 60 galleries for those looking for art and antiques.

Typical shopping in Chicago

If you are first in Chicago defined by AbbreviationFinder then there are two things everyone buys with them. One is the sovereignty of the city’s pride in American sports. Typical souvenir shops with sporting goods can be found in several places. The alternative is Niketown Chicago at 669 N. Michigan Avenue, which is a flagship of Nike stores. And of course open 7 days a week.

The other archetypal to buy is denim clothing, or olabaks and olajaks in good Norwegian. One tip, then, might be The Original Levi’s Store on Michigan Avenue (N 600). Here you get everything that Levis produces, whether you are big or small, boy or girl.

Chicago’s best department stores and shopping malls

Americans love department stores and shopping malls, and in Chicago you will find several worth visiting. Among other things, we mention:

Bloomingdales is located at 900 N. Michigan Avenue and has 6 floors of clothing and shoes for everyone in the family. Stick to the information on the 2nd floor so it is not impossible that you get to participate in the magazine’s promotional activities, and most often this is a gift given to you as a merchant.

You must also visit Chicago Place which is open seven days a week, normally from 1000 to 1900. Sundays open to Chicago Place 1200 and close at 1700.

In partially the same street, at Micihigan Avenue and Fifth Avenue, you will find Saks offering top quality when it comes to shoes, boots and bags.

Marshall Field & Co. or now more commonly known as Macy’s is a Chicago shopping legend dating back to 1852. The address for today’s major department store is State Street in the Downtown Loop neighborhood.

Remember to test the chocolate department in the basement where you can taste the unique Frango chocolate (mint) sold only here. This is also the mall with the well-known corner clocks that were first installed in 1879.

Outlets near Chicago

Outlets, ie stores that sell branded and designer clothing at discounted prices due to small cosmetic or discounted models, are popular in the United States and there is hardly a better opportunity to get top quality items for lower prices.

In Chicago, you won’t get outside of Chicago Premium Outlets with its 120 outlet stores, be it Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Gap Outlet, Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sony, or more. The address is west of downtown Chicago, turn off at Aurora Farnsworth Avenue North. Calculate a 45 minute drive. Open all days of the week, but may be closed at holidays.

Special stores in Chicago

Regardless of your special interests, you will most likely find a store in Chicago that meets your needs. In any case, we think the following slightly special stores may be worth visiting:

What would the United States have been without popcorn? Why not visit the popcorn heaven embodied through the Garrett Popcorn Shop in the great Michigan Avenue shopping street? (N 670). Here even popcorn is sold in their own gift boxes.

Brimfield is an independent specialty store located at 5219 N Clark Street (Uptown) and is a dream for anyone who loves interiors, cattage chic and vintage style.

If you love fashion, clothing and accessories, visit the Luxury Garage Sale at 1658 N Wells Street near Lincoln Park. Here you will find Chanel bags and McQueen creations alternating. It’s expensive, but cheap… If you understand.

Shopping with or for children in Chicago

If you are traveling with children or are shopping for gifts for children, of course, a visit to Chicago’s huge The Disney Store is a natural choice. The Disney Store is also located on Michigan Avenue (N 717) with all the well-known and beloved characters we all know from Disney’s movies and books.

For little girls, American Girl Place at 111 E. Chicago Avenue will be the dream. Here the American girl dream is brought to life. Maybe a little too American for some, but clearly something that gets the little girls a hundred!

Eating in Chicago

Food in Chicago, USA

Of course, in a city the size of Chicago, you have a huge selection of eateries, from the simplest street stalls to the most exclusive gourmet restaurants.

And there are so many of them that you rarely need to queue, unless you absolutely MUST enter the city’s Hard Rock Cafe or Rainforest Cafe, there are plenty of options close by.

Resturant tips for Chicago

It may not be so easy to find food and restaurants that are distinctive to Chicago, but the city’s residents are happy to take the credit for inventing Deep Pan Pizza. Another local specialty is the spicy sausage type Maxwell Street Polish.

Be aware that you may want to get a sneak peek from any serious sausage seller if you ask for ketchup, as opposed to banned on gourmet sausages. The same applies to a great deal of strong mustard, which they believe destroys the taste of the main ingredient; meat.

And to top it all, the Americans are very fond of their Steakhouses, and among the foremost in Chicago are Mike Ditka’s Restaurant, Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse and Gibson’s Steakhouse.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

This is the most famous Deep Pan Pizza restaurant chain in the world. They claim (of course) that they have the world’s best pizza. You should check it out yourself too, because it is actually very good! You will find a number of Lou Malnati’s in Chicago. Among others, you’ll find one at 805 S State Street, another at 439 N Wells Street and a third at 1120 N State Street.

Lou Malnati’s is usually open from 1100 until midnight, and usually an hour longer on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Signature Room in Chicago

The Signature Room is undoubtedly the most distinctive restaurant experience you can have in Chicago. Located on the 96th floor of the Hancock Center, this restaurant, and if you book a table well in advance, you have a completely unmatched view of Chicago and Lake Michigan. It is not very cheap, the main courses cost around 250 kroner, but unless there is dense fog, you will probably not regret the expenses. Of course, the restaurant has a solid wine selection.

Food from all over the world in Chicago

Chicago has countless ethnic restaurants, often located in their respective neighborhoods, which increase internal competition, and eateries with poor service or poor quality of food thus quickly succumb. Chicago has one of America’s largest and liveliest Chinatown, and there is also a Little Italy, Ukrainian Village, Greek Town, Little India, etc. Around Lincoln Square and Albany Park, there are many restaurants serving South Korea, Germany or Central East.

Food Festival in Chicago

Every food lover should take part in the annual Taste Of Chicago, the world’s largest food festival, which takes place in Grant Park for ten days around National Day, July 4th. Over three million people visit the event every year, where there is also music and entertainment from several stages.