Shopping and Eating in Copenhagen, Denmark

Shopping and Eating in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the largest cities in the country of Denmark.

Shopping in Copenhagen

If you like to shop, then Copenhagen is a good place to be. Fill up your wallet and make sure you have enough time. Much is concentrated around Strøget when it comes to shops. The area is filled with small squares and side streets. Here you will find specialty shops with rarities and fashion shops with the highest in haute couture.

The pedestrian zone in Copenhagen defined by AbbreviationFinder has an expensive side and a less expensive side. The most reasonable site is from Nygade to City Hall Square. The (even) more expensive side goes from Kongens Nytorv to Vimmelskaftet. Here you will find watches and jewelery, bags, shoes, clothes and exclusive department stores.

The pedestrian street Fiolstræde (starting from Strøget) passes through the Latin Quarter and is the street for those who like antiques and bookshops. You will also find shops that sell clothes and fashion, but if this is the most important thing for you, the pedestrian shopping street Kømagergade (also starting from Strøget) may be a better choice. Here you will also find good food and wine shops. The smaller streets usually have the most exciting specialty shops. For example, try the streets Studiestræde and Larsbjørnsstræde near the town hall square.

Let’s also mention that Vesterbrogade (in Vesterbro) has many good shops of all kinds. If you want exotic shops, go to Vesterbros Torv. The best food street is also on Vesterbro and is called Værnedamsvej, not far from Frederiksberg.

Shopping centers in Copenhagen

The department store / shopping center Fields has approx. 150 stores and located in Arne Jacobsen’s Allé 12. The center has closed Sundays, but is otherwise open until 2000 on weekdays and at. 1700 on Saturdays.

Fisketorvet shopping
This is perhaps the best located shopping center in Copenhagen with the address Havneholmen 5. The center has approx. 120 stores, but also 10 movie theaters. In addition, of course, come restaurants and cafes. The center has a wonderful architecture, and the name comes from its location.

This was originally the old fish market in Copenhagen. Read more about the fishing rope and shopping here.

The New Illum
This is a new and modern, centrally located shopping center. The address is Østergade 52. New Illum will be open between 1000 and 1900 every day, except Fridays (closes at 2000) and Saturdays (closes at 1700). On Sunday the center is closed.

The center aims to be the leading lifestyle center in Copenhagen and strives for high service from its employees.

Other shops in Copenhagen

Flea markets and second hand trade

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark described on Countryaah has always had a reputation for being a good place to buy antiques and small rarities. A good tip if you are in Copenhagen from April to October is to visit one of the many flea markets. Some suggestions are:

Old Strand Flea Market
This is Copenhagen’s most exclusive flea market with silverware and porcelain. Open Fridays and Saturdays from the morning until 11:00. 1700. Walk to the street Old Beach.

Montmartre on Kongens Nytorv
The square opposite D’Angleterre is the place for flea in crafts and art. Opening hours are from 7 p.m. 1000 to 1600 on Saturdays. You will also find lots of posters and postcards.

If you visit Copenhagen in the winter, you can try Øksnehallen or the Blue Pakhus on Saturday morning. There are often flea markets here all year round.

stores Klassik i Bredgade 3 is a shop that specializes in the reuse of design furniture. Are you looking for something very special for your apartment, or the gift of the one who has “everything”, then Klassik can be the store. Bredgade is located northeast of Kongens Nytorv.

If you are looking for used clothes, the keywords are Ravnsborggade on Nørrebro and Nedre Frihavnsgade on Østerbro. Both streets represent many thrift stores and several cozy cafes in the immediate vicinity when you are tired of shopping and shopping.

Eating in Copenhagen

Food in Copenhagen, Denmark

There are so many cafes and restaurants to choose from in Copenhagen that you are sure to find something you like, if you just take the time to research. Here you will find gourmet restaurants and simple inns.

In Copenhagen, as in other European cities, there are most cafes and restaurants in the city center. Look at Tivoli as a separate area, as there are many places to eat in the summer. Frederiksberg also has a rich selection of eateries.

Lunch (or breakfast as the Danes call it) is usually served between 7 p.m. 1130 and 1400, and noon from 6 p.m. 1800 to 7 p.m. 2200 or later. The local Danish cuisine is cleansed of bad conscience, that is, the portions are large, the ingredients fresh, the calories abound, and everyone at the table gets good and satisfied.

The classic Danish dish is perhaps the “sandwich bread”, ie bread slices with delicious toppings such as smoked fish or ham. Gladly served in the morning (what the Danes call breakfast) and washed down with a little snaps.

Ida Davidsen
The best sandwich restaurant in Copenhagen is possibly Ida Davidsen, which has the address Store Kongensgade 70. It is the fifth generation that now runs the restaurant in Nørrebro, and the menu consists of more than 250 different sandwiches. Here are more regulars than other guests, and you may meet a celebrity or three as well. Open from 2 pm 1000 to 1700, Monday to Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

An alternative choice is Restaurant Domhuskælderen, located at Nytorv 5. The lunch menu deals with all the classic Danish. Restaurant Domhuskælderen is historically known as the place for lawyers and judges. Denmark’s largest portions are available at Café Lindevang, which has Danish traditional cuisine and is located in PG Ramms Allé 4. They also have a number of different snaps, if you plan to start the evening there. It’s cheap too.

Fish restaurants and gourmet restaurants
Fish is naturally something Danes are experts on. In Copenhagen you can really enjoy a perfect fish meal. We suggest the restaurant Noma, which is located in Christianshavn, if you get a table then.

The restaurant aims to show what Nordic food is, and the restaurant is already well known among gourmets all over Europe. The restaurant is located in a restored 18th-century warehouse. The address is Strandgade 93. Read more on the restaurant’s website. You can also read an article about restaurant Noma here!

Krogs Fiskerestaurant on Old Strand 38. This is the classic restaurant with the classic fish dishes. Read more here.

Three other selected restaurants and cafes

Vesuvio VOC is an Italian restaurant perfectly located on City Hall Square 4. Of course, the restaurant Vesuvio has pizza, but also much more. The prices are for living with, if you consider the location.

Mangal Kebab and the Pizza House are more than an ordinary take-away restaurant. Here you actually get good quality Turkish specialties (and pizza, of course) while keeping prices well below the hundred.

Maestro is located just off the national park Parken, more specifically in Østerbrogade 132 and is perfect for food before or after a match. If you like grilled kebab or lamb on skewers with rice or
bulgur, humus and salad, you get this good and cheap here.

Café Bankeråt is the place for the intellectuals. Located in Ahlefeldtsgade 29, it offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, main courses, beer, snaps and anything else you can think of. The place has reasonably priced food, lots of charm and inconvenient 80’s decor. The place is well on its way to becoming an institution in itself, and there are many regulars here. Café Bankeråt is open until 10 p.m. 2400, but the kitchen closes at. 2130.