Shopping and Eating in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Shopping and Eating in Chiang Mai, Thailand

According to AbbreviationFinder, Chiang Mai is one of the largest cities in the country of Thailand.

Shopping in Chiang Mai

Money is easy to spend in Chiang Mai, although the prices are very reasonable. Because there is so much to do in the many markets in Chiang Mai. Not least, there are many great craft products to buy, and a myriad of souvenirs that fit as gifts and trinkets. Chiang Mai also offers clothes, shoes, dozens of copy products at prices you are not close to Europe. As you understand, there is hardly the thing that cannot be raised in Chiang Mai.

Best quality souvenirs and gift items in Chiang Mai are probably products made from Thai silk or leather wallets and bags. Those who produce such are good people who know their craft.

Be aware that there are strict rules for real and ancient antiques. Such items should only be traded at authorized dealers with the certificates in order if you do not want an unpleasant experience at the airport.

Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Night market in Chiang Mai

In Thailand Night bazaars are often the most important shopping area. And Chiang Mai is no exception. The centerpiece of the night market in Chiang Mai is the junction where the streets of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Khro Road meet. From here, the bazaars extend in all directions. Remember that the big streets in Thailand have small cross streets, so-called “Sois” and that these often have small but exciting shops both indoors and outdoors.

The biggest mistake you can make is shopping in the first and best store. The night market in Chiang Mai has hundreds of shops, and everyone seems to be thrilled with one offering better than the other. Most commonly traded in the Night Market are electronics, craft products, clothing and copy products. Not that we encourage anyone to do the laughter, but the supply is large. So keep in mind that unlikely cheap Seiko watch or Rollex most (quite) probably isn’t real.

Also remember that in the bazaars of the night market it is allowed (and expected) that you bargain. Do not have a bad conscience if the seller is hoping when you are offering too low a price. Know that the seller does not get rid of the product if they do not profit from it. Also know that there are plenty of eateries and eateries in and around the night market.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is usually open from 1800 to 2230 every day of the week. You probably get the best experience if you come after 1900.

Saturday market Wualai

A pleasant experience is shopping at the Saturday market in Wualai, Chiang Mai. The address is Wua Lai Road and the opening hours logically apply only to Saturdays and runs from 11am. 1600 to 2300.

Wualai in the Old Town of Chiang Mai has a cozy Saturday market. True enough, people here are buzzing, but not necessarily near as much as the biggest markets. The Saturday market offers local products, often of high quality. But of course you also get affordable t-shirts and everything from souvenirs and sips.

A big plus with the Saturday market in Wualai are the good food stalls. Grilled fish, deep-fried rice and high-quality traditional Thai dishes at a cheap price can be found everywhere. Many people prefer to eat here when visiting Chiang Mai. From experienced tourists in Chiang Mai we hear that this is their favorite market.

The Saturday market is near the south side of the city walls, at Wualai Road and Thipanet Road.

Warorat Market in Chiang Mai

A tourist experience for us from Europe is a visit to the Warorat market in Kad Luang. This is a food market that offers an incredible amount of food. We talk fruits, vegetables, snacks, animal scraps, ready-made dishes and snacks made of everything you can and can’t imagine.

The prices are cheap and you are allowed to buy something to taste. The quality of the products is usually good. The Warorat Market in Chiang Mai is open week from 1000 to 2200 and is located between the streets of Chiang Moi Road and Kunag Men Road.