Shopping and Eating in Bergamo, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Bergamo

With its proximity to the fashion capital, Bergamo defined by AbbreviationFinder is a great place for shopping. Like most Italians, the inhabitants of Bergamo are passionate about style and fashion, and you get to buy everything from clothes, shoes, bags and similar products, to the highest quality. And quality costs, just so it is said. But you often get products a little cheaper in Bergamo than in Milan.

Most people travel enough to Italy to shop for clothes and shoes, but Bergamo offers high quality antiques, art, food and wine. Just going to some major grocery stores will get you mouth watering and want to bring kilos of ham, cheese, weird pasta and local beverages home. Also remember that Bergamo is the unofficial cycling capital of the region, and if you are interested in cycling, you will certainly find sports shops that offer many stylish bicycle products.

Shopping in Nybyen (Citta Bassa)

It is first and foremost the streets of Nybyen that get the heart of shopping savvy to knock a little extra. We recommend the streets of Via XX Settembre which originate from the heart of Nybyen heart of Porta Nuova, Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII which runs from the railway station towards the city center and Via Tasso which is the extension of Via XX Settembre and Sentierone eastwards.

In the latter street is often recommended the store Intimo Gio, located at Via T Tasso no. 85. As the name indicates, you get here top quality underwear for both men and women. In Viale papa Giovanni, La Boutique Dell’Occhiale di Marziali e Farneti in No. 32 is well- visited for those who love stylish sunglasses (and ordinary glasses).

Female fashion lovers can visit the street Via Spaventa and the Vanto shop at number 25. Here are the latest trends in women’s clothing from brands such as Atos Lombardini, Miss Sixty and Flavio Castellani. If you want to make it easy for yourself, follow the Via XX Settembre west towards Piazza Pontida and the street Via Zambonate. Here you will find the Coin shopping mall that has the most and is popular for all ages and both genders. On Coin’s website you can even subscribe to news directly to your own PC through rss.

More malls in Bergamo!
There are several larger and smaller shopping malls in Bergamo, but the largest and most visited is the Orio Commercial Center, located across the street from the Orio al Serio airport. This solid center with hundreds of shops, restaurants and much more is open every single day and is it good enough reason to go to the airport a few hours earlier than expected?

Shopping in the Old Town of Bergamo

The Old Town mainly offers typical souvenir shops, but also antique shops and craft shops. We suggest you start at Piazza Cittadella, at the cable car that goes to San Vigilio, the castle that hovers over Bergamos Old Town and goes towards Piazza Mascheroni by following the Via Colleoni street. Here you will anyway be able to buy lots of delicious cookies and good coffee, while looking for the great find.

NB! It might be tempting to buy a copy of a brand from one of the many African illegal immigrants that you are sure to come across. But be aware that in many places Italian police have given up trying and fining the sellers, as they often have neither money nor ID papers. But it has YOU.

Civilian-clad policemen are therefore keeping a close eye on street vendors, and if they see that you are buying a pirate copy of, for example. a Louis Vutton bag or Rolex watch at a fraction of the price, you should expect to get a staggering fine of the order of 3300 euros, about 25000-30000 kroner.

General about shopping in Bergamo

The stores are usually open from 10am. From 0930 to 1330 and from. 1530 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although there are exceptions. On Mondays, some shopping centers and clothing stores open later, but most close early on Thursdays.

Tax Free Shopping in Bergamo

Don’t forget that you pay 20% VAT and on all purchases over 155 euros, or approx. 1250 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sale, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Bergamo

Eating in Bergamo, Italy

Food is a delight in Italy and the Bergamo and Lombardy region are no exception. Bergamo has a number of cafes, restaurants and not least lovely shops where you can buy wonderful food to take with you. Be it panini, pizza or sweets and cakes.

You will find many cafes that offer “happy hours” where you buy drinks and at the same time can supply you with free on-site snacks. It is wonderful to settle in Citta Alta (Old Town) and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, a glass of wine or whatever you want and pick free of risotto, pizza, variations of panini dishes and fresh vegetables.

Why not relax at the Cafe and Ristorante Baretto di San Vigino at the cable car station in the old town? See tourists coming on and off and enjoying life after a day of tourist attractions.

Wine, water and local dishes in Bergamo

The Italians know their wine and Bergamo is not least influenced by its neighboring region of Veneto when it comes to red wine. Valpolicella in many varieties can be enjoyed in all restaurants. Tuscany’s many well-known wine brands are also available everywhere. If you want to taste a local variant, we suggest ValCalepio.

Bergamo’s local dishes are known to consist of meat with plenty of sauce and homemade pasta. Be it pork, beef or veal. Most famous is perhaps Casoncelli alla bergamasca which is pasta filled with beef and salami among many other good.

A restaurant known for its local cuisine is Il Gourmet in Via San Vigilio 1 in the Old Town. Food from Bergamo and the Mediterranean combined in a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Also remember that the world’s most famous water producer San Pellegrino is about 2 miles from Bergamo. The source is both a tourist destination and a permanent supplier to most restaurant tables. Read more about San Pellegrino’s selection of the world’s best restaurants.

Some other restaurants and cafes in Bergamo we recommend are:

Ristorante Pizzeria San Vigilio

Here you are at the top with a view of Bergamos Old Town. The restaurant is recommended by everyone, and not just because of the great views. Here the pizza is good too. You will of course get many other dishes as well. The restaurant is located at Via San Vigilio 34, just after the cable car’s terminus.

Da Mimmo

Located in the cozy street Via B. Colleoni 17, in the Old Town. The restaurant started in 1956 and is known for its use of local produce in the menu. The restaurant provides good value for money.

Caffetteria Pasticceria Sant’Anna

This is a simple cafe and wine bar that is great for breakfast, lunch or a casual little meal or drink. Feel free to buy a cake here to get an even better mood! The address is Via Borgo Palazzo 43 in Nybyen, Citta Alta.

A bit exclusive!

Lio Pellegrini

For those of you who want to relax, we suggest the restaurant Lio Pellegrini in Via San Tomaso 47 in Nybyen. Lio Pellegrini is located just off Accademia Carrara and also offers the opportunity to dine in a nice garden.

Nightlife in Bergamo,

When it comes to nightlife and partying, Bergamo is not the navel of the world. You have to look long for discos or live music venues. In Curno and the streets of Via Bergamo and Via Statale Briantea you will find nightclubs such as Paprika Jazz Club (jazz), Open Space (Latin) and Capogiro (house / disco). However, Curno is located about 15 kilometers outside the city.

The Old Town offers mostly cafes and trattorias where you sit and enjoy life, while Nybyen has a few places. Rock lovers can try the Beach Bar in Via Palma il Vecchio. There are also a few gay bars, e.g. Get up Club in Via Bianzana 46. You will find a few Irish pubs in Nybyen for whoever wants this.