Shopping and Eating in Bergen, Norway

Shopping and Eating in Bergen, Norway

Bergen is one of the largest cities in the country of Norway.

Eating in Bergen

Eating in Bergen, Norway

Bergen has many restaurants and night spots. Most eateries are simple and straightforward, and include all the well-known “fast food chains” you know. Fortunately, the selection is more diverse than that. Bergen has a share of art and book cafes, and small “hip” eating / snacking places. If you are looking for gourmet restaurants, it is immediately more difficult to find many options. But they exist and they are expensive! But this is the case in most cities in Norway.

Often fish and sea delicacies are prominent at the famous restaurants in Bergen. But also remember that Bergen’s magnificent nature provides many other good ingredients for the kitchen as well. Many eateries in Bergen have a long history and offer distinctive interiors.

The eateries are scattered around the city, but naturally, most are centered. Some good restaurants, like the Radisson Blu restaurant near the city park, are closed on Sundays for dinner, so check the opening hours in advance where you plan to eat.

A selection of places to eat in Bergen defined by AbbreviationFinder:

Fløien Folkerestaurant

If you take the Fløibanen trip you can dine on site with Bergen’s best views. Fløien Folkerestaurant is the place for a good lunch. It’s simple food served, but the food is good enough. You can also grab a coffee cup and a waffle, or enjoy a beer. From mid-May to late August there is a popular outdoor restaurant here as well.

Bryggen Tracteursted

Few restaurants have the same history as Bryggen Tracteursted at Bryggen in Bergen. Back in the farms at Bryggen once lay the Schøtstuene, which was the Hanseatic gathering place. Today you will find an intimate restaurant with everything from tasty light dishes to large (and good) main courses. Bryggen Tracteursted is one of Bergen’s quality restaurants, with similar prices. The address is Bryggestredet 2.

Unicorn Fish Restaurant

Bergen Quarter in Bergen is a place tourist frequents and Enhjørningen restaurants are located here. The fish restaurant Enhjørningen has hundreds of years of traditions and although the name Enhjørningen does not necessarily have anything to do with fish, it was mentioned in Hansa time in Bergen from the year 1304. Table bookings are made by phone (+47) 55 30 69 50. The address is Bryggen 29.

Grand Hotel Terminus Hotels

This historic hotel has more to offer in good accommodation. Their small restaurant with stone oven for good pizzas also has Norway’s best whiskey bar with more than 1000 drops! This is as far as we know (at the time of writing) the only bar in the Nordic countries that is on the official “Great Whiskey Bars of the World” list. Here, too, there are plenty of beers. be in Norway, and most importantly, the food is good.

The address is Zander Kaaes gate 6, which is basically in the middle of Bergen city center. You spend about 4 minutes walking to the city park.


Everyone in Bergen, and then we all know, knows the Colonial. They have their main restaurant at Kong Oscars gate 44 and a brasserie at the Literature House. A place we recommend.

Nightlife in Bergen

If you are someone who appreciates the nightlife in the evening and night time, then Bergen is the place for you. There are plenty of pubs and music venues. And the atmosphere is mostly very nice and relaxed. Pubs, music bars with live music and small intimate pubs can be found all over Bergen. Garage is a “rock pub” which is an institution in itself in Bergen. There are still concerts here. You will find Garage in Christiesgate 14 and the pub is the place where all music lovers find themselves. However, we make a reservation for you who like the type of classical music more, and recommend that you check out the program in the Grieg Hall.

The nightlife in Bergen is naturally characterized by the fact that Bergen is a university town, but there are plenty of people from the older guard who take a trip out as well.

Some well-known night spots in Bergen are:

  • Scruffy Murphys on Square 15.
  • Grand Whiskey Bar, Hotel Grand Terminus, Zander Kaaesgt. 6
  • Dyvekes wine cellar, Hollendergt 7
  • Dickensand the Office Bar, King Olav V’s place 4

If you are visiting a nightclub, we suggest Bryggen Nightclub or Metro. Both nightclubs can be found in each Radisson Blu hotel. One at Bryggen and the other at Nedre Ole Bulls place 4.