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Shopping and Eating in Zadar, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Zadar

Zadar, the capital of Croatia described on Countryaah is a big city by Croatian scale, so this is a place where you can shop most of the time. Of course, Zadar can’t compare to metropolises like London, Milan or Paris, but on the other hand, why not go here if the main goal is shopping of the latest fashion either?

Zadar defined by AbbreviationFinder is a happy summer holiday town, and of course also touristy, so it does not surprise anyone if you find Norwegian or Swedish newspapers in a newsstand. In any case, you can buy newspapers from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. Take a trip to Slobodna Dalmacija kiosk on the mainland side of the bridge leading to the Old Town.

What is worth bringing along are local delicacies, such as cheese and ham. Feel free to take a look at Croatian crafts and ancient antiques as well. Very nice to buy and at good prices. Most of the attention is given to the local lace arts. The price may seem high, but these are top-class crafts, and the number of hours behind is many! If you are looking for clothing, shoes or accessories, local brands will be cheap. International brands, on the other hand, have international prices too.

Lace and crafts products in Zadar

Studio Like is found in the street Don Ive Prodana 7 and it is open from 0900 to 1500 and 1800 to 2100 every weekday. Saturdays, only the morning session is held and Sundays are closed. Here you will find traditional lace products from the surrounding area and also other craft products from other places in Croatia, eg. Dubrovnik and Lepoglava. You will also find ceramics and glass noise here.

Antiques in Zadar

For antique shopping, head to the antique market located on the street Jurja Barakovića, in the old town. Open daily between 0900 and 1400, and 1500 to 2100. Here you will find a number of products made in the Dalmatia region, and if you are able to negotiate, you may be able to make a real bargain!

Shopping food and delicacies in Zadar

Pag cheese and Posedarski pršut are something you just have to buy. Pršut ham means just as much to the people of the Dalmatia region as Parma ham means to Italians. Of course you have to buy this with you. You get dry and salted or soft and mild. Whichever type of ham is good! Best enjoyed with olive oil, tomatoes and delicious red wine! Pag is sheep’s milk cheese, and in taste and consistency it may be reminiscent of Parmesan. The cheese is expensive but worth it. Look for outlets with signs that say “Paški sir”.

The Slavonica store is located in the City Gallery shopping center (in Murvička 1 street) and is a must visit for anyone who loves meat, ham and salami. Not least, you will find home-made Slavonic specialties here!

Shopping centers in Zadar

Callegro (We have been told that this center is closed! Please feel free to provide additional information at the bottom of our page).
In the heart of Zadar you will find a modern and quite special shopping center. It is called Callegro and is located on the street Široka ulica 18. Opening hours are 0730 to 2400 week throughout the high season. The inspiration for the Arctic tour is taken from Roman times, but the packaging is hypermodern. There are also dining, cinema and much more, as well as all kinds of shops.

City Gallery
In Murvička 1 street you will find this multicenter where spectacular architecture contains lots of shops and cultural activities. City Gallery is an attraction in itself. Open from 0900 to 2100 Monday to Saturday. Open 0900 to 1400 on Sundays. We could just as well have been in London or Berlin, but without such great beaches nearby! NB On Sundays, the supermarket, cafes, the local (green) market and the cinema are open. Ordinary stores are closed.

Eating in Zadar

Food in Zadar, Croatia

There is plenty of delicious food waiting for you in Zadar and Croatia. Homemade pasta has long traditions. And different areas of Croatia have their own specialties. Such pasta is often combined with lamb. Certainly followed by cherry liqueur, which is also a local specialty in and around Zadar. This drink dates back to the 16th century.

You will also be able to eat a lot of good seafood. Croatia has the Adriatic coast from north to south. Otherwise, a lot of meat is eaten, often pork and bacon.

You do not “have to” give tips in Croatia, but it is common with up to 10% drink in restaurants if you are well satisfied with the service.

Pizza is probably the most popular dish in Croatia as in the Western world otherwise. Why not eat your pizza in Zadar’s oldest Pizza Restaurant. It’s called Tri Bunara and logically located on Trg Tri Bunara, and has kept you going since the 1920s. Open for dinner from 1900 to 2400 every day.

Local food in Zadar

Want local food is a classic in the Zadar restaurant Albin. Albin uses its own olive oil and is more than a little known for its fish soup. The address is Put Dikla 47, and opening hours are 1800 to 2400.

Lamb meat is a specialty on the Dalmatia coast You cannot be on the Dalmatia coast without eating lamb, and then preferably lamb from the island of Pag. A good choice in Zadar is Tamaris in the street Zagrebačka 5. If for some strange reason you do not like lamb, you can of course eat other local food. Positive also that the restaurant has a lot of good wine to offer. The restaurant is open for dinner from 1900 to 2400.

Nightlife in Zadar

There is plenty to do in Zadar after the restaurant visit. There are several nightclubs and discos in the city. And like many holiday resorts, the atmosphere is friendly and characterized by people of all ages using the establishments. The Old Town is popular to visit in the evening, as are nightlife options at Borik and Diklo. To enjoy the wonderful sunset in Zadar, a tip is to visit the Mango bar located about 5 km outside the city center, north of the city along the coast. The address is Krešimirova obala 12, by Diklo. The place is popular and is open from 2000 until 0400.

If you are the type of combination pub and disco then try Maya Pubin Liburnska obala 6. Here is a little Ibiza style with Shiva figure on the wall and terrace with sea view. At night, this becomes a very cool club. There are often live bands, often local artists. Open from 1900 to 0300.

The most beautiful is perhaps The Garden, started by the former drummer in the band UB40. The address is Bedemi zadarskih pobuna bb at the top of the Venetian fortress wall. The Garden hosts the festival in early July. Many claim this is the best lounge on the Adriatic coast. At least on the east coast of the Adriatic.

Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Rijeka

You do not travel to Rijeka defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop haute couture, but rather affordable clothing and shoes. Also, the city is a real find for those who like to hunt for holiday travel souvenirs. Rijeka’s tourism authorities have made some labels to help you as a tourist. Take a trip to the tourist information center on the main street of Korzo and buy products labeled Rijecko izvorno or Osobita quality. It stands for “original from Rijeka” and “exclusive quality”.

Shopping centers in Rijeka

There are some smaller markets in the city that sell books, postcards and other “flea market products”. They are nice to visit, but nothing beyond that. More specifically, however, the Tower Center is on the street Ul. Janka Polic Kamova 81A near the sea and west of the center. This 4-storey mall offers most of the shops, including a variety of cafes, cinema and games room. Open all days of the week until 2100.

Ri Department store in the center of Rijeka from 1974, a number of shops of assorted quality. The address is Riva 6. Ri is closed on Sundays.

ZTC Rijeka is called Rijeka’s newest shopping center. This opened as late as 2012 and is a few miles outside the city. The address is Zvonimirova 3. The concept is simple, here you get everything you need. Open all days of the week until 7 p.m. 2100 (2200 in high season, i.e. July and August).

Mari Cro design studio

If you are looking for Croatian design then head to Mari Cro design studio in the street Šime Ljubica 12. Mari Cro is open every day of the week except Sundays. Here you will find shoes, clothing and accessories from more than fifteen Croatian designers. Buy something exclusive that the neighbor next door does not have.

Eating in Rijeka

Food in Rijeka, Croatia

We were surprised by the large number of restaurants in Rijeka. The specialty is seafood, but of course you get everything you know about international dishes, be it vegetarian or meat dishes. Also, a big city like Rijeka has plenty of fast food chains, and there’s no problem getting pizza, taco or a hamburger.

Rijeka has several cozy restaurants. The price level is reasonable and the width is large enough that you will certainly find a dining place that suits you. If you take a taxi to the cities of Volosko or Opatija west of Rijeka you will also find gourmet class restaurants.

Some selected restaurants in Rijeka

Konoba Nebuloza in Rijeka

If you want to visit a restaurant with “local” specialties served in a rustic atmosphere, then Konoba Nebuloza is in the street Titov trg. 2b a good choice. Konoba Nebuloza is open every day except Sundays. Here you get everything from seafood to pork chops.

Tarsa Restaurant in Rijeka

A slightly different restaurant is Tarsa which is located on Josipa Kulfaneka 10 street, Trsat. Restaurant Tarsa has a variety of dishes on the menu, including several specialties from the Istria peninsula. The locals come here too, which is a good sign. Restaurant Tarsa is open from 1200 until midnight every day of the week.

Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

Pula is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Pula

The very main street of Pula, Gardini, carries a market of cheap clothes, football shirts and crimi. The target group is tourists. The same goes for the pedestrian streets Sergijevaca and Kandlerova in the old part of the city. Here you will find souvenir shops of all kinds.

Other shops and markets worth noting in Pula

If you are looking for brand clothing you will find this in the pedestrian street Flanaticka ulica. (between Sergians arc and the sales hall) and in the crossroads of this one. In the Market Hall you will find an impressive view of cheese, meat and fish. Each food with its own department! The building carries a lovely glass roof that you can enjoy a coffee under in the second floor cafe.

The outdoor market is a Croatian farmers market where you can buy products directly from rural farms. Here you will find the lowest prices in the city.

The fish market offers fresh fish at a reasonable price. Take a trip for some delicious seafood, or just to watch life!

General about shopping in Pula

Are you ready for shopping in Pula defined by AbbreviationFinder (in Croatia) then you should know that the city is known for its herbs and oils. If you want to buy something home with you, choose a soothing lavender oil or other aromatic experiences. Delicious soaps, perfumes made from natural ingredients give the scent of a perfect holiday memory.

Eating in Pula

Food in Pula, Croatia

In summer towns like Pula, many of the restaurants will naturally be of the simple variety, but you will also find high-quality eateries. For example, we can recommend the restaurant Fra Kat, located 10 km outside Pula, in Premantura. Here it is a little more expensive than average, but lovely fresh seafood prepared in the best way offers value for money.

For food and restaurants in the city ​​of Pula, check out the area around the Forum and the Cathedral. Are you interested in music then maybe Bura Beach just outside the city could be an alternative? Take a cab, it costs almost nothing.

Some restaurants that may be worth a visit are listed below:

Bistro Mozaik is one of Pula’s best seafood restaurants where both food and decor are simple and rustic. The restaurant is in a crossroads to the popular pedestrian street Sergijevaca.
Address: Maksimijanova 6

The canteen serves Istrian specialties and has a pleasant terrace.
Address: Flanaticka 16

VelaNera is a unique restaurant that offers seafood at its best. The view of the harbor is impressive and creates a romantic atmosphere. Get out early if you want to dine out on the terrace.
Address: Marina Veruda Pula

Scaletta is a hotel restaurant in the middle of town. The restaurant is known for its strong wine and good Italian specialties Address: Flavijevska 26

Pizza Jupiter specializes in pizza and has a wide variety of indigrients. The pizzeria is popular and located near the center of Pula.
Address: Castropola 42

Shopping and Eating in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik defined by AbbreviationFinder has no distinct shopping street, and the inhabitants of the city usually end up in Gruz when they have to do their errands. There are no major shopping centers here either, but along the street by the harbor the shops are in a row, and here it is usually cheaper than in the old town. You should also join the morning market. It sells mainly fruits and vegetables, flowers, meat and fish.

Prices are not very much lower in Dubrovnik than in Norway, especially not on imported goods. However, you can do some bargaining when it comes to distinctly Croatian products. Craft art is still maintained.

Intricate fine lace is an ancient art form in Croatia, especially those made on the island of Pag. These are sold throughout the country in souvenir shops.

Jewels, gold and silver have become more popular and affordable in recent years, after Kosovo retailers opened several new stores in Dubrovnik.

Herbal bags and oils have also become common and popular gifts from Croatia. These products are also sold in most souvenir shops found on Placa and the parallel street below, called od Puca.

Most districts in Croatia brew their own brandy of plums or raisins. Dubrovnik is no exception, and a bottle of this fire water is also worth bringing along.

Shopping centers can be found on the Lapad Peninsula and in the Gruz area.

Eating in Dubrovnik

Food in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The influence of Italian cuisine is strong in Croatia. Restaurants that mainly serve pizza, pasta and lasagna abound. If you like Italian cuisine, you will have good dining days in Dubrovnik.

Otherwise, the most seafood dominates the menu. Fish, crab, lobster and oysters are available in a variety of varieties at most of the better restaurants, as well as a few meat dishes. You usually get a bread basket on the table before the food is served, and there is no danger of being served. Unlike in many other countries, it will not show the shock map on the bill.

Labyrinths are considered among the city’s better (and most expensive) restaurants. It is located just inside the eastern city gate. The seafood is excellent, but there is also game on the menu, and the wine list is among the country’s most extensive. On the other side of the price range, you have Spaghetteria Toni, which for years has been considered the city’s best pizza and pasta.

If you live in Lapad, there are also plenty of options. Restaurant Levanat has a beautiful terrace with brilliant views and good food at reasonable prices, and at Hotel Grand Park you will find something as special as a fast food seafood restaurant. It’s called Sardine Snack.