Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Pula, Croatia

Pula is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Pula

The very main street of Pula, Gardini, carries a market of cheap clothes, football shirts and crimi. The target group is tourists. The same goes for the pedestrian streets Sergijevaca and Kandlerova in the old part of the city. Here you will find souvenir shops of all kinds.

Other shops and markets worth noting in Pula

If you are looking for brand clothing you will find this in the pedestrian street Flanaticka ulica. (between Sergians arc and the sales hall) and in the crossroads of this one. In the Market Hall you will find an impressive view of cheese, meat and fish. Each food with its own department! The building carries a lovely glass roof that you can enjoy a coffee under in the second floor cafe.

The outdoor market is a Croatian farmers market where you can buy products directly from rural farms. Here you will find the lowest prices in the city.

The fish market offers fresh fish at a reasonable price. Take a trip for some delicious seafood, or just to watch life!

General about shopping in Pula

Are you ready for shopping in Pula defined by AbbreviationFinder (in Croatia) then you should know that the city is known for its herbs and oils. If you want to buy something home with you, choose a soothing lavender oil or other aromatic experiences. Delicious soaps, perfumes made from natural ingredients give the scent of a perfect holiday memory.

Eating in Pula

Food in Pula, Croatia

In summer towns like Pula, many of the restaurants will naturally be of the simple variety, but you will also find high-quality eateries. For example, we can recommend the restaurant Fra Kat, located 10 km outside Pula, in Premantura. Here it is a little more expensive than average, but lovely fresh seafood prepared in the best way offers value for money.

For food and restaurants in the city ​​of Pula, check out the area around the Forum and the Cathedral. Are you interested in music then maybe Bura Beach just outside the city could be an alternative? Take a cab, it costs almost nothing.

Some restaurants that may be worth a visit are listed below:

Bistro Mozaik is one of Pula’s best seafood restaurants where both food and decor are simple and rustic. The restaurant is in a crossroads to the popular pedestrian street Sergijevaca.
Address: Maksimijanova 6

The canteen serves Istrian specialties and has a pleasant terrace.
Address: Flanaticka 16

VelaNera is a unique restaurant that offers seafood at its best. The view of the harbor is impressive and creates a romantic atmosphere. Get out early if you want to dine out on the terrace.
Address: Marina Veruda Pula

Scaletta is a hotel restaurant in the middle of town. The restaurant is known for its strong wine and good Italian specialties Address: Flavijevska 26

Pizza Jupiter specializes in pizza and has a wide variety of indigrients. The pizzeria is popular and located near the center of Pula.
Address: Castropola 42