Shopping and Eating in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Shopping and Eating in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the largest cities in the country of Croatia.

Shopping in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik defined by AbbreviationFinder has no distinct shopping street, and the inhabitants of the city usually end up in Gruz when they have to do their errands. There are no major shopping centers here either, but along the street by the harbor the shops are in a row, and here it is usually cheaper than in the old town. You should also join the morning market. It sells mainly fruits and vegetables, flowers, meat and fish.

Prices are not very much lower in Dubrovnik than in Norway, especially not on imported goods. However, you can do some bargaining when it comes to distinctly Croatian products. Craft art is still maintained.

Intricate fine lace is an ancient art form in Croatia, especially those made on the island of Pag. These are sold throughout the country in souvenir shops.

Jewels, gold and silver have become more popular and affordable in recent years, after Kosovo retailers opened several new stores in Dubrovnik.

Herbal bags and oils have also become common and popular gifts from Croatia. These products are also sold in most souvenir shops found on Placa and the parallel street below, called od Puca.

Most districts in Croatia brew their own brandy of plums or raisins. Dubrovnik is no exception, and a bottle of this fire water is also worth bringing along.

Shopping centers can be found on the Lapad Peninsula and in the Gruz area.

Eating in Dubrovnik

Food in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The influence of Italian cuisine is strong in Croatia. Restaurants that mainly serve pizza, pasta and lasagna abound. If you like Italian cuisine, you will have good dining days in Dubrovnik.

Otherwise, the most seafood dominates the menu. Fish, crab, lobster and oysters are available in a variety of varieties at most of the better restaurants, as well as a few meat dishes. You usually get a bread basket on the table before the food is served, and there is no danger of being served. Unlike in many other countries, it will not show the shock map on the bill.

Labyrinths are considered among the city’s better (and most expensive) restaurants. It is located just inside the eastern city gate. The seafood is excellent, but there is also game on the menu, and the wine list is among the country’s most extensive. On the other side of the price range, you have Spaghetteria Toni, which for years has been considered the city’s best pizza and pasta.

If you live in Lapad, there are also plenty of options. Restaurant Levanat has a beautiful terrace with brilliant views and good food at reasonable prices, and at Hotel Grand Park you will find something as special as a fast food seafood restaurant. It’s called Sardine Snack.