Shopping and Eating in Munich, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Munich

Let’s say it right away. Shopping in Munich is fun. There is a myriad of shops and everyone in the family gets theirs! Typical souvenirs are beers of various types. For example, the trip to the wonderful beer hall Hofbräuhaus then you can buy beer seals for several thousand kroner each! Cheaper versions are of course available.

There are also a number of souvenir shops near Hofbräuhaus. Many people buy craft products of wood or porcelain from Nymphenburg. Do you really want to have a memory for life then we suggest one. Lederhosen. Unbeatable, and perfect when you don’t know what to wear when going out on the town. Maybe the perfect gift for someone who thought he had everything? If you are a woman then you buy Dirndl, this typical South German costume used by Bavarian women when they go out on a Friday night.

Shopping streets in Munich

The main shopping street in Munich defined by AbbreviationFinder is really the sum of the streets Neuhauser straße and Kaufinger straße which starts with the latter if you are on the Marienplatz square and goes all the way to Karlsplatz square. From Marienplatz to the west, the specialty shops and department stores are located in close proximity. The Kaufinger Straße pedestrian street has been one of the busiest shopping streets in Munich since the 1970s. The vast majority of people go to the nearby Arcade. In the same slab you visit Sendlinger Straße with all its smaller specialty shops, not least art galleries and poster shops. Sendlinger Straße goes southwest from Marienplatz to the medieval gate Sendlinger Tor.

If you are one of many people who like to visit exciting bookstores and have the opportunity to sit down on a cozy squeeze when it suits you, visit the streets Schellingstraße north of Altstadt and Türkenstraße. Here the price level is reasonable and the atmosphere a little quieter. If antique shops are the most tempting, you will find them in Schellingstraße and also Theatinerstraße.


Go to Leopoldstraße and turn right and you are in Schwabing with all its second hand shops, bookshops, jewelry stores and other specialty shops including the Elisabethmarkt market, which is fun to visit. No wonder this is the favorite area for students and artists. You can find a lot of wonder on several streets in Schwabing. We tip about the streets of Kaiserstraße, Hohenzollernstraße, Ainmillerstraße and Franz-Joseph-Straße.

Trendy and innovative in Munich

If you are quality conscious, have good advice and want something more avant garde then the shops in Maximilianstraße and Theatinerstraße are for you. Theatinerstraße is located just north of Marienplatz, while Maximilianstraße is not far north-east. Here you must also visit one of Munich’s newest shopping centers, Fünf Höfe. Exclusive and stylish. It has also become trendy and innovative in the Glockenbach neighborhood. Take the Hans-Sachs-Straße street and you will find very unique specialty shops. More and more young designers are opening stores in the area here.

Markets in Munich

There are several markets in Munich, with Viktuelienmmarkt being perhaps the best known. You will find Viktuelienmmarkt just off Marienplatz, where it has existed since 1807. Open every weekday from 1000 to 1800 and Saturdays from 1000 to 1500. You also have Elisabethmarkt with its cheeses, wine, fish, fruit, flowers and herbs. The market can be found at Elisabethstraße and Nordendstraße in Schwabing.

Shopping malls in Munich

You will find several major shopping malls in Munich, as well as all the well-known department stores. The largest center in all of Bavaria is called the Olympia Einkaufszentrum and has more than 130 shops and good restaurants. In the public domain, the center goes only under the name OEZ and it was built in connection with the Olympiad in 1972. The address is Hanauer Straße 68, just west of the Olympic Park itself.

Riem Arcaden
This 120-store shopping mall is one of the most popular in Munich. Here you will find many good clothing stores among many other things. You reach Riem Arcaden by taking metro U2 or U7 to Messestadt-West. You can also use bus numbers 38, 91, 263 or 264 to the shopping center.

General about shopping in Munich

The stores are usually open from 0900 to 2000 every weekday and from 0900 to 1800 Saturdays. Smaller shops can stay closed around lunch, like a kind of mini-siesta. These stores also usually close much earlier on Saturdays, e.g. at 1200.

Eating in Munich

Food in Munich, Germany

German food does not have the words to be a world leader, but there are generous portions and tasty dishes. Often the menu is dominated by meat and sausages, often with cabbage, sauces and other filling. Typical dishes in Munich are Weisswurst, Leberkaese and Schweinebraten. And food inspired from Austria. Eg. Jungschweinbraten (fried young pig) and Steirischem Backhendl salad (baked chicken salad). But you can get more sophisticated food if you want. Although the vast majority of eateries are local restaurants, international cuisine is well represented in Munich. And Munich is one of the few cities in Europe which has several restaurants with three Michelin stars.

We strongly recommend that you try a kebab while in Munich. It is no joke, because there are several genuinely real kebabs around the train station (Hauptbahnhof). In addition to a number of affordable hotels, this area has also attracted immigrants from among others. Turkey. This results in many kebab places where the food is very good and cheap.

When it comes to drinks, it is mainly beer, be it Löwenbräu, Augustiner or another of the local breweries. And beer is consumed by everyone, regardless of age and gender. But there is plenty of good wine available, whether it is German or imported. Beer costs about half of what we are used to from Norway, and beer is often served in liters in the beer gardens.

Some selected restaurants in Munich

This restaurant has been an institution since it opened in 1971. The honors are many, whether they are stars in the Michelin Guide or design awards. For a thousand dollars you get a fantastic five course dinner. And afterwards, relax with a cocktail and cigar in the restaurant’s bar area. The address is Johann-Fichte-Strasse 7, north of Schwabing.

With the best location in the city, in the middle of Marienplatz, you will find this great restaurant with history from 1874. The food is from Bavarian cuisine and you can hardly get this better anywhere else. Are you a whole bunch on tour, then contact the restaurant to get your own stüberl (own room). Open from 1000 to 2400.

Schnitzelwirt in Spatenhof
Wienersnitzel is something everyone loves. And it is very good in Munich. And very best at Schnitzelwirt in Spatenhof. And the variations are many. You can get pork, calf or turkey. The classic version can also be replaced with one with clam sauce and noodles. And the schnitzelen is enjoyed in cozy surroundings.
The address is Neuhauser Straße 39.

Al Pacino
There are many Italian restaurants in Munich and it is a good option if you want a reasonably priced meal. Al Pacino is a stylish name for an Italian restaurant, and it is also on a great street in a pleasant area, more specifically Leopoldstrasse 87 in Schwabing.

Schwabing is also an area where restaurants are crowded. The quality, however, is generally so, but here the youth come in droves and probably for the atmosphere and atmosphere, rather than to enjoy gourmet food.

Generally about eating in Munich

The price level is not bad at all. If you go to local restaurants or a pizzeria it is not uncommon for you to have dinner and drinks for a hundred. Usually you give between 5% and 10% in tips. Very many restaurants have about the same menu for lunch as for dinner. But the lunch price is often significantly lower.

The Biergarten in Munich

You can dine at a Biergarten. Of course, depending on the weather and temperature, but it is suitable for eating out, there is little to pay a visit to a beer garden. Some selected beer gardens are:

Chinese Tower in Englischer Garten
Large beer garden in the middle of the huge park Englischer Garten. In addition, there is often entertainment on the weekends.

This is no less than Munich and the world’s largest beer garden with its 8,000 seats. Located in Neuhausen a little outside Munich city center.

Augustiner is one of Munich’s most popular beer gardens. Located in Arnulfstraße 52.

Dropp Hard Rock Cafe which is right next to the Hofbräuhaus and instead go into this huge tourist party with 3500 seats and which has a mini-edition of Oktoberfest all year round. The address is Am Platzl 9, just off Marienplatz. Definitely worth a visit, and the prices are still nice enough that the place attracts plenty of local residents.