Shopping and Eating in Milan, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Milan, Italy

Milan is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Milan

If you love shopping, Milan is the place for you. Here there is a huge selection of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, perfume and jewelry, both for women and men. All the fashion houses are in Milan defined by AbbreviationFinder. In addition, the city is a find if you are looking for beautiful interiors and kitchen products.

The exclusive shopping areas where your credit card will really go hot are first and foremost in and around the streets of Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Borgospesso and Via Monte Napoleone. Specialty stores are primarily concentrated around Corso de Porta Ticinese, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires.

The exclusive in Milan

Armani’s department store is a tourist attraction in itself. We couldn’t afford anything but a napkin holder, but it’s always nice to be able to dream. The address is Via Manzoni 31. Also try La Rinascente which is floor on floor with clothes, perfume and also toys if you have with the children. The address is Piazza Duomo G Lorenzi. Gucci is many people’s favorite and the biggest Gucci store is naturally located in Milan. This Gucci Center can be found on Via Monte Napoleone Street.

Two special tips should be included in the purchase. Dmagazine is an outlet store where you get haute-coutore for a fraction of the price.

True enough, last year’s models or B-goods, but still the goods are something for themselves. The address is Via Monte Napoleone. For the gentlemen, we recommend Dolce & Gabbana’s own menswear store. The address is Corso Venezia.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

An amazing shopping arcade with a very special atmosphere and lots of nostalgia is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The location is also special, vis a vis Il Duomo, the very Milan district itself. For information, here it is expensive.

The popular in Milan

In the Brera and Navigli artist quarters you will find cheaper (and more cozy) shops, often without the very latest, but often at discounted prices. You will also find many good food and wine shops here. Try Rossi & Grassi in the Brera area, which is a fantastic grocery store with all the good Italy has to offer with sausages and ham. The address is Via Ponte Vetero 4.

In general about Shopping in Milan

The stores are usually open from 10am. From 0930 to 1330 and from. 1530 to 2000, but this varies. Most shops are closed on Sundays, although there are exceptions. On Mondays, some shopping centers and clothing stores open later, but most close early on Thursdays.

Tax Free Shopping

Don’t forget that you pay 20% VAT and on all purchases over 155 euros, or approx. 1250 NOK, you can get a refund of the VAT on departure. Not all businesses have this scheme on their sale, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance if you are going to buy some more expensive items and bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

NB! It might be tempting to buy a copy of a brand from one of the many African illegal immigrants that you are sure to come across. But be aware that in many places Italian police have given up trying and fining the sellers, as they often have neither money nor ID papers. But it has YOU. Civilian-clad policemen are therefore keeping a close eye on street vendors, and if they see that you are buying a pirate copy of, for example. a Louis Vutton case or Rolex watch at a fraction of the price, you should expect to receive a staggering fine of the order of $ 25,000-30000.

Eating in Milan

Food in Milan, Italy

What characterizes dishes from the Lombardio region to which Milan belongs, compared to much else in Italy, is the use of rice. A traditional and popular dish is Risotto alla Milanese. Another local “world law” that everyone likes is cotoletta alla milanese. You may know it better as wienerschnitzel? A third local winner is Cassöuela which is a traditional meat dish.

Milan is packed with restaurants, both local cuisine and other ethnic cuisines, whether Asian or other European, so they are all well represented. Just remember that some restaurants in Milan not only look expensive, they are expensive too. This is largely due to the large number of multinational companies based in Milan, not least the financial industry, and there are large representation accounts.

For the regular tourist we recommend looking for simple and small trattorias and ristorants. Here the food is just as good, the service more popular and not least, you get much more value for money.

As mentioned, there is no shortage of places to eat in Milan. Popular areas for dinner and some drinks are the areas of Brera, Navigli (eg along the Navigli Grande canal) and of course near the Milan Cathedral.

Some restaurant recommendations in Milan are:

10 Corso Como

Among bush growths and lattice gates, you enter 10 Corso Como, which strangely brings a wonderful blend of shopping and food, iced art and culture. 10 Corso Como was started by renowned gallerist Carla Sozzani and evolved from bookstore and gallery through a small hotel and fashion store. Today you also get delicious food both indoors and in the atrium garden.

10 Corso Como is worth a visit. Great food in incredible surroundings. The kitchen can be described as modern European with a lot of use of vegetables and fish. The address is in the name and the street is near Porta Nuova. Read review and get maps of 10 Corso Como here.

Rita & Antoni

Just as you would imagine a good Italian restaurant is Rita & Antoni in Via Giacomo Puccini, just off the Teatro Dal Verme and close to Castello Sforzesco. White tablecloths, stylish waiters, some well over the years, and a casual folk atmosphere without compromising seriousness and quality.

Rita & Antoni has perhaps Milan’s best Cotoletta alla Milanese, and certainly the biggest and flatest. Lovely. Run and get tables. Open all days except Mondays. Dinner is served from 1900 to 2330 and lunch from 1200 to 1430. See reviews and get maps of Rita & Antoni here:

Al Matarel Signora Elide

Al Matarel Signora Elide is a classic (and historic restaurant) serving local (Italian) cuisine with pride. The restaurant is located near the intersection of Corso Garibaldi and Via Laura Solera Mantegazza 2. Not far from the Brera area. Click here to get a map and review of Al Matarel Signora Elide.

One suggestion for those on a budget is Thai and Chinese restaurant Ju Bin, located in Via Paolo Sarpi No. 11 in Milan’s Chinatown. This goes on to be one of the best Asian restaurants despite very reasonable prices. See reviews and get a map of Ju Bin here!

Café and nightlife in Milan

Most Italians love cafes, and the Milanesians are no exception. Whether it is coffee (espresso) or ice cream (gelato), the selection is large and the quality high. Everyone knows that Italian ice cream is the best in the world? We recommend Victoria Cafe in the old town, in particular Via Clerici 1.

Or you can get acquainted with the cave by visiting Cova located in Via Monte Napoleone. However, here you have to take care of your cup so that you do not spill on someone’s dress or jacket. They are usually very expensive.

The nightlife in Milan is elegant and for some may feel more impersonal than in other cities in southern Europe. This impression will probably be reinforced if you choose nightclubs like Martini Bar at Dolce & Gabbana in Corso Venezia 15. Here it is about doing good looking and being seen. The hottest bar at the time of writing is Shu in the street Via Molino delle Armi. Here you go straight into a science fiction movie. The place also has restaurant and happy hours, without you necessarily thinking it’s so cheap.

Visit the bars in and around the Brera (slightly north of the Duomo) and Navigli (southwest of Milan). Both of these areas appear to have a very popular atmosphere to be in Milan and food and drink are also priced at nice low prices. Often there are “happy hours” between 1800 and 2100. This not only means that you get cheaper drinks, but also that buffet food is served free or very reasonably priced for those who buy drinks.

The Brera area is for those who like narrow streets and nice bars and outdoor cafes. Navigli is characterized by a place where the nightclubs have been recently restored and the canal area is just as nice, with a little Aker Brygge feel, just with many more night spots.

Special tips for the romantic:

Sayonara is an exclusive 1930s-style piano bar and bonsai trees in a kind of “Europe meets Japan” style. High quality of service, good quality of the pianists and quality food on the menu. In addition, exciting drinks come. It costs, but it actually makes quality! The address is Via Nievo 1.