Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Menorca

Hopefully no one is going to Menorca defined by AbbreviationFinder to shop first and foremost. Here you come to enjoy the pleasures of beach life.

But when the sun has done its job and the body needs some rest, there are, believe it or not, plenty of shopping opportunities.

What to do in Menorca

It is quite common to shop for food and drink. Menorcan cheeses and sausages are happy to take home. And a bottle of local gin is a great gift for anyone who “has it all”.

As in Spain, there is a large selection of shoes, and Menorca’s most famous brand is the Avarcas sandals. This is a kind of environmental project where the soles are from recycled car tires and the leather is produced in Valencia. These sandals have now become high fashion!

Local craft products such as embroidery, ceramics, various jewelery and glassware keep good quality at Menorca. And at prices acceptable to the vast majority of the budget.

Shopping center in Menorca

Menorca’s largest shopping center is called Binipreu and is located in Maó (Mahón). The address is carrer Artrutx. Here you will find a lot of locally made products. And a whole floor has food and drink as a priority!

Most and best shops are natural enough in the capital Maó east of Menorca, or in the old capital Ciutadella west of Menorca. If you shop in the commercial center of one of these cities, the selection is modern and exciting, and quite like a small town on the mainland of Spain.

Markets on Menorca

There are many markets in Menorca, especially during the peak season which is from May to September. In fact, every village that is visited by tourists has its small market a day or two a week. Be it Punta Prima, Cala’n Porter, Fornell, Es Castell or Alaior.

The best market in Menorca is reportedly the ” Saturday market ” in Ferreries. Ferreries is located about 20 kilometers east of Ciutadella de Menorca. The Saturday market is open from 0900 to 1300 and the range of craft products is large.

Ferreries also has a night market on Wednesdays in the summer, usually in the period from late June to early September. The night market offers entertainment as well as clothing, souvenirs, craft products and more.

We must also mention the Mercat des Claustra in Maó. The address of this stylish “farmer’s market” is Plaça del Carme, just off major Plaça d’Espanya. The premises were formerly a church monastery.

The old capital Ciutadella has a craft market every single evening from June to September. The address is Carrer de Pere Capllonc and the time is from 1700 to 2400. It remains open even longer during the holidays (including Fridays).

Ciutadella also has an “art market” called FIRAC (Fira d’Art in Cultura) almost every day of the high season along the Portal de la Mar down at the harbor.

In general about shopping in Menorca

Most stores hold siesta. In practice, this means that the stores are open from about 0900 to 1300 and from 1700 to 2000 every day except Sundays.

If you live at a tourist resort along the coast, the typical tourist shops will probably stay open longer, and preferably on Sundays as well.

Eating at Menorca

Food in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is quite so divided for food and restaurants. The typical tourist villages will naturally, during the summer season, prioritize “international” food such as hamburgers, bratwurst (sausages) and anything else you can have fries.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get good food at a tourist resort. First, there are quality differences from one hamburger to another. And secondly, in every town you will find some restaurants that prepare paella and other more local dishes according to all the rules of art.

Since there are many British tourists in Menorca, the typical breakfast is a proper “english breakfast”, which includes eggs and bacon, tea and orange juice. And then you are guaranteed to be well over lunch. And it’s not particularly expensive either.

Local specialties at Menorca

Cheese is something they can do in Menorca. Try Queso de Mahón. Purchased in several stores in (just) Mahón and everywhere else on the island.

Otherwise, it is not a restaurant that does not offer Pa amb oli, which is nothing but white bread with oil. This is considered a snack and is often supplemented with cheese, jamón (bacon ham), or chorizo ​​sausages. Menorca also has its own chorizo ​​variant called Sobrassada. Another local sausage sausage is the Cara-i-xulla peppercorn sausage.

Other local favorites are the lobster stew Caldereta de Llagosta and Tumbet which are a kind of “stuffing” of potatoes, eggplant, squash and tomato sauce.

Of drink, believe it or not, gin is a favorite of Menorca. Naturally introduced by the British. In the summer, ask for a Pomada (gin and lemon). Otherwise, the Balearic Islands have many herbal drinks to offer. Certainly with a high alcohol percentage. Try a Calent liqueur made from wine with the addition of cinnamon, anise seeds and saffron.

Some select restaurants in Menorca

It’s For the Torre Solí Nou

This restaurant is located in a century-old building, and the premises give the entire restaurant a distinctive character that is known throughout Menorca. The menu is extensive and covers grilled fish, meat and vegetables.

The address is Urbanització Torre Soli Nou, in Alaior. Alaior is a small village near the center of Menorca, about 11 kilometers west of Maó (Mahón).

Call for reservation: +34 971 37 28 98


The restaurant with the name you cannot pronounce is recommended by the Michelin Guide. The place is great for a romantic dinner and the menu retrieves its ingredients from local vendors. Also, you can get Menorca’s best hamburger here.

Smoix’s address is Carrer de Sant Isidre 33, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 05 16 for reservation.

Passio Mediterrania

One of Menorca’s best restaurants is Passio Mediterrania. This is the place for a special occasion with great tapas dishes or ready-made menus. And not least tasteful wines. The address is Moll de Llevant, 298 in the port of Mahón. Great feedback. Call +34 971 354 704.

Can Bep

Restaurant Can Bep is a typical representative of Menorcan cuisine. Besides, you get excellent paella here. The menu is based on homemade recipes that take care of the Mediterranean pantry.

Can Bep’s address is Passeig Sant Nicolau, Ciutadella de Menorca. Call +34 971 48 78 15 for reservation.

Generally about restaunter on Menorca

You can also give tips on restaurants in Menorca. Up to 10% of the bill is common. The price level in general must be considered pleasant for us tourists from the Nordic countries.