Shopping and Eating in Rzesow, Poland

Shopping and Eating in Rzesow, Poland

Rzesow is one of the largest cities in the country of Poland.

Shopping in Rzesow

Poland does not stand back for Norway or Scandinavia otherwise when it comes to shopping for fashion or design. If you believed it. Here you get the latest fashion and exciting local design. In addition, the country offers good craft products and alcoholic beverages of all varieties that can be purchased as souvenirs. And the prices are generally cheaper than you are used to. The exception is, of course, international brands on the top shelf. For these products have almost identical prices worldwide.

The Podkarpacie region is probably best known for is silver jewelry. This is applied art that is worth taking a closer look at. Other craft products that should be considered are wood carving and hand-painted glass products. A tip when we talk about glass is vases and jugs manufactured in Krosno, and sold throughout the region. The products often have an unmistakable 19th century imprint. You can also find high quality ceramic and embroidery products.

Tourists in Rzeszow defined by AbbreviationFinder spend most of their time in the Old Town and the large market square. In the square you will usually find sales stalls offering everything from a to z. At the same time, the square is a starting point for various small streets with exciting craft shops and galleries, and secluded fashion outlets. The main shopping streets are pedestrian streets, and we put a few bucks on you to shop a few bucks in the streets of Grundaldzka and 3 Maja.

Shopping centers in Rzeszow

The Old Town has several smaller shopping centers. A favorite place for fashion is the center of Europe II, which can be found on the street Al Pitsudskiego 34. Another famous place for fashion is Galeria Graffica with the address ul. Lisa Kuli 19. Galeria Graffica is open 7 days a week, and from 1000 to 1800 on Sundays.

If you want to visit a really big shopping center when you are in Rzeszow then head to Millenium Hall which is in the new town about 1 kilometer outside the old town. This is one of the largest shopping centers in Poland. Millenium Hall in Rzeszow is open 7 days a week with opening hours from 10am. Closing time is between 8pm and 9pm depending on the day.

If you get lost in one of the suburbs of Rzeszow then you can visit some of the major hypermarkets that would like to include a pasaz or shopping arcade if you like.

Eating in Rzeszow

Food in Rzesow, Poland

Eating out at a restaurant in Poland is cheap. Rzeszow is no exception in that respect. The selection is large and the quality is consistently good. There are a number of very affordable eateries, simple ones, close to the train station in the center. The restaurants offer everything from Polish food to international menus that include food from countries such as Italy, Spain, Japan and Mexico. Of course, all the well-known fast food chains are also here.

Polish food is influenced by a number of nations’ cuisine and is definitely worth a taste. Polish food restaurants often serve meat dishes with vegetables and, not least, soups that are thick in texture. Try a Zurek, a sourdough soup with carrots, onions, leaf celery and maybe potatoes, sausages and bacon.

Some selected restaurants in Rzeszow

Czarny Kot

One recommendation is the restaurant The Black Cat or Czarny Kot in Polish. This small restaurant is located in the lil side street ul. Mickiewicza 4 offers local dishes such as Pierogi Ruskie, a ravioli-like pasta with potatoes and cheese. The address is ul. Mickiewicza 4.

Restauracja Polonez

Restauracja Polonez is located in the old town and offers traditional food as well as the opportunity to listen to live music and get yourself a dance. The address is ul. Graniczna 21.


A very stylish restaurant is Grzesznicy, a restaurant that many claim is the best in Rzeszow. Restaurant Grzesznicy is located in the famous pedestrian street 3 Maja 7 in the center of Rzeszów.


Pizza restaurants are popular around the world. The same is true in Rzeszow. One of the most famous is the Grota. You can find it in the street 3 Maja 3.

Cafes in the Old Town of Rzeszow,

The Old Town has many cozy cafes. Here you can buy different types of drinks and some simple food. You use the cafes as both a break point during shopping and sightseeing, and as a gathering place before throwing yourself into the joys of nightlife. A select cafe we ​​can recommend is Estrada Caffé. You will find this cozy café in Rynek 26 square. Open from 1000 to 2200 every day except Fridays and Saturdays when it closes at midnight.

If you want a taste of Ireland then visit the Galway pub. Here you get beer and spirits, as well as music and good atmosphere. Galway is located in the famous street 3.