Shopping and Eating in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Shopping and Eating in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven is one of the largest cities in the country of Netherlands.

Shopping in Eindhoven

It is not without reason that you see people shopping with a smile in Eindhoven defined by AbbreviationFinder. Here the variety of shops is so great that even a man who hates shopping can forget and spend a few hours looking for clothes, antiques or some very special interior products.

Some of the best shopping streets are September 18 square, Hooghuisstraat, Rechtestraat, Vrijstraat, Hermanus Boexstraat and Demer. These streets are mostly pedestrian streets and constitute a shopping paradise in the city.

If you like to visit galleries and antique shops then head to the De Bergen area in Eindhoven, just south of the city center.

It is cozy to stroll around this area among the many small picturesque pre-war buildings and soak up the atmosphere. You will find plenty of other stores as well, such as bookstores and jewelry stores. Recommended streets are Bergstraat, Kleine Berg and Grote Berg.

A selection of the best shopping malls and department stores in Eindhoven:

De Heuvel Galerie
A shopping center with many shops, the majority of which belong to the category “exclusive shops”. You will find the center near De Markt (marketplace) in the center of Eindhoven. The Heuvel Galerie is open every day except Sunday. Generally open from 0930 to 1800, but opens at 1200 Mondays and has a long day until 11:00. 2100 on Fridays. Saturdays De Heuvel Galerie closes at 1700.

This huge department store is located just off Eindhoven’s central train station. The Chill Out store in the department store is great to visit if you are going to buy a gift for someone who “has it all”. Bijenkorf has its flagship magazines in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but this in Eindhoven is not small either. Opening hours are from 1100 to 1830 throughout the week with the exception of Fridays which are open long until 2100 and Sundays which are only open a few times a year. The address is Piazza 1. It is in the center of Eindhoven

Piazza Center
This is an indoor shopping mall with well-known chain stores such as Zara, Hennes & Mauritz and Perry Sport. Opening times from 1100 to 1800 on Mondays, from 0930 to 1900 Tuesday to Thursday, 0930 to 2100 on Fridays, 0930 to 1800 on Saturdays and 1200 to 1700 on Sundays. Located by Piazza in the center of Eindhoven

Shopping center
If you go to the Woensel district in the north of Eindhoven you will find the Shopping center shopping center. This relatively new center, which opened in 2007, has 40,000 square meters of sales space spread over approximately 180 stores. Opening hours are from 0930 to 1800 except Mondays where the shopping center opens at. 1300, Fridays where the center closes 2100 and Saturdays closes 1700. Sundays closed all day.

Markets in Eindhoven

Woenselse Market
This large market is open Saturdays from 1000 to 1700 and sells everything from fruits, vegetables, fish, clothing and interior products. You will find Woenselse in the Woensel district just north of the city center.

De Markt
De Markt is the city market itself and is located in the center of Eindhoven, not far from the main train station. Opening hours are Tuesdays from 0900 to 1400 and Saturdays from 1000 to 1700. The products sold span most, as it should in a market.

Eating in Eindhoven

Food in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven is a city that has attracted restaurants from virtually all over the world, and you as a tourist can eat you “around the world”. Plus, you definitely get the chance to eat local specialties as well. There are plenty of typical Dutch treats and restaurants in town, and it is often in such places that you get large portions at a reasonable price.

For example, from local favorites we suggest ‘the stew ‘ which is a stew of smoked sausages, or the ‘meatball’ which is spicy meatballs.

The nightlife area around ‘Het Stratumseind’ north of Genneper Park is packed with restaurants and eateries. More than thirty restaurants are located next to each other in this old town.

Alternatively, you can head to Stationsplein, ie the street opposite the main train station, or Wilhelminaplein, a 10 minute walk southwest of the train station. Also try the area around the market square in the heart of Eindhoven, which is full of life especially in the summer. Not least, tourists come to enjoy life at the many outdoor restaurants. De Markt is located midway between the two above mentioned Stationsplein and Wilhelminaplein.

Some selected restaurants in Eindhoven

This is a typical lounge restaurant serving eastern food such as sushi or thai food. Spoon has two restaurants in town and these receive consistently brilliant feedback. And the prices aren’t too bad either. A restaurant is located in Den Bosch street at Lepelstraat. The Bosch means spoon, or “spoon”, hence the name of the restaurant. The other restaurant is located at Kleine Berg 18.

De Karsebbom
De Karsebbom is one of the most famous restaurants in Eindhoven. Also be patient as there is no table reservation. Here you have to wait for a place to be vacated. The menu is international. The address is Grote Berg 10.

La Clinique
This is a classic theater restaurant in Grote Berg 12 that includes a decent bar. Here you come for delicious meat food followed by the city’s best dessert. Stylish interiors in the restaurant add an extra touch to the visit.

Meneer Fritz The
bistro Meneer Fritz is a great choice for a lunch or dinner that should not cost the whole world. Local Dutch dishes or European specialties can be found here. Mr. Fritz can be found at the Centrum Kunstlicht in the heart of Eindhoven.