Popular Destinations in Seychelles

Popular Destinations in Seychelles


The largest island of the Seychelles, with the capital of the state – Victoria, the only city on the islands. The most noisy and civilized place is suitable for those who want a tropical paradise, not far from the benefits of civilization.

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This resort is large, so there are a lot of beaches here, about seven dozen. The most beautiful and finest is located near Victoria, in Beau Vallon Bay. It is a three-kilometer spit with white sand and entertainment. It is quite crowded here – a great place for those who get bored in the wild tropical resorts. It’s especially beautiful here at sunset.

On the beach of Grand Anse, you can ride a board thanks to the high waves. Well, if you like peace, then relax on Anse Soleli or Anse Petit Polis. The beaches of Anse Forbans and Anse Roya will appeal to you if you like clear water and diving to the depths with a mask or diving suit. Fairland is also good for snorkelling.

If you want a completely wild holiday, you can go to the west coast – the landscapes are beautiful, but swimming in the waters is dangerous because of unfriendly marine life.


In addition to beaches, there are a lot of interesting places on Mahe. Here are some of them:

  • Royal garden with unique tropical and spicy plants;
  • the Botanical Garden, which houses the coco de mer, the famous coconut tree;
  • Morne Reserve with rare flora and fauna and a Hindu temple on the mountain Le Trois Freres. There is also a tea factory and tea plantations;
  • Port Reserve with mangrove swamps, where unique plants grow;
  • Perfume factory Kreolfleurage;
  • Anne’s National Park on four islands. Great place for diving or glass bottom boat rides;
  • Craftsmen’s Village, where they sell excellent souvenirs;
  • Various religious buildings, mostly Catholic.

There are many interesting monuments in the capital city of Victoria. For example, there is a copy of the British Little Ben, which in turn copies the famous Big Ben. Next to it stands a monument to Queen Victoria – the smallest in the world. On Independence Avenue there is another monument dedicated to the friendship of Eurasia, Australia and Africa. In general, there are few sights in the capital, and they can easily be done in a couple of hours. If you want a cultural holiday, be sure to visit the galleries and art workshops, for example, the Michael Adams Studio.

Of course, there are many nightclubs, bars and discos on Mahe, but the main entertainment here is diving. Of the dive sites, Mamelles Island, Trompeuse Rocks and Brissare Rocks stand out in particular.


If you are interested in shopping tours, the Seychelles will not suit you. But in Victoria it is quite possible to stroll through the shops and markets in an interesting way. The most interesting thing is to walk along the Selwyn Clark market or Camion Hall, Market and Rachel Street streets with small shops. Bazar Labrinn sells seafood, while the Chinese-style Sir Selwyn Clarke Market sells souvenirs and clothes. Another souvenir market is Camion Hall. If you love perfumes, check out Kreolfleurage Parfums. Kreolor Jewelery sells silver and gold items and quality costume jewelry. And it’s good to buy clothes in Red Coral Studio.

La Digue


There are few beaches on this small island. Anse Source D’Argent is considered one of the best in the world. The entrance is paid, but there are still a lot of tourists. Granite rocks and green palm trees give it a special beauty. True, sea urchins live here, so do not swim without shoes.

If you want privacy, head to Grand Anse Beach. You can also sunbathe and swim in the bays of the island and at Cape Barbie – the sand here is slightly pinkish, and the waves are ideal for both swimming and surfing.


The island is very small, but there is more than one interesting attraction on it:

  • La Passe, a small, lively city with restaurants and bars, and brightly colored carts roll around;
  • Chateau Sainte-Claude is a 19th-century colonial castle with a chic garden around. You can live in the castle – today it is a hotel with chic rooms;
  • La Veve Nature Reserve – very small, with rare birds – paradise flycatchers, and other interesting birds and animals; Union Manor – a plantation with vanilla and coconut trees, where huge turtles roam; Port Nature Reserve with mangrove swamps, which grow unique plants;
  • Bay of Source d’Argent, the visiting card of the island;
  • Mount Ni d’Aigle.

You can see all this in just a few hours.

Activities on the island include surfing, water skiing, spearfishing and hunting, as well as diving at sites such as Channel Rocks or Ave Maria. You can also ride an ox cart along the local beaches and forests.

Night entertainment is also available – discos, restaurants and bars, there are sports grounds and fitness centers, and in the evenings concerts and parties are held on the beaches.


The only large supermarket is located in La Reunion. There are small shops and souvenir shops in La Passe and on the beaches.

Popular Destinations in Seychelles