Costa Rica – World of Birds

Costa Rica – World of Birds

When the land bridge between North and South America formed millions of years ago, the animal world literally exploded. Probably no other country in the world has such a high biodiversity in such a small area as the Central American Costa Rica. In addition to over a hundred different species of amphibians and reptiles, the world of birds is certainly one of the most flashy and colorful. In Costa Rica you experience a real bombardment of colorful feathers, huge super beaks and grandiose chants.
Reason enough for us, here in our top 10 ranking, to introduce our favorite birds.

Costa Rica’s birds – 10th place: Sulfur mask tyrant

No sooner have you arrived in Costa Rica than you are greeted by the distinctive song of the sulfur masked tyrant. In English it was named after its reputation that makes it unmistakable: Kiskadee.
If you want to watch the bird, you should search the power lines. The Kiskadee also likes to poke fruit from the plate if he feels he is not being watched.

Costa Rica’s birds – # 9: Chachalaca

The most colorful representatives of the Costa Rican birds did not make it to number nine, but certainly the most entertaining ones. Long before you can see them, their shrill calls indicate their existence. When the sociable hens emerge from the undergrowth, you think you are in Jurassic Park. They look like little Archeopteryx and mostly the brown birds have just nonsense on their minds. Therefore, the Chachalacas, as they are also called, deserve to be in 9th position.

Costa Rica’s birds – 8th place: Naschvogel

Definitely one of the most dazzling phenomena that Costa Rica’s tropics have to offer are the birds of sweet tooth. With their hopelessly lavish color scheme, the small, colorful birds definitely not only cast a spell on ornithologists. Many nature enthusiasts discovered their love for ornithology through them. Our blue miracle: A worthy rank 8.

Costa Rica’s birds – 7th place: frigate bird

We briefly leave the dense forests and go to the coast of Costa Rica. Because this is where our next favorite bird is native: the frigate bird. Its long, pointed wings make it unmistakable. Although it feeds exclusively on fish, the frigate bird cannot swim. Because he specializes in chasing other seabirds until they choke the fish out for them. This gave the extremely fast and agile birds the name “pirates of the skies”. And something else special: During courtship time, the males inflate their red throat pouch, which can then easily reach the size of a football.

Costa Rica’s birds – 6th place: Montezuma-fronted bird

The Montezuma- fronted bird, or Oropendula, made it to our number 6. Like many other birds, you hear the oropendula before you see it. Its exotic and mystical sounding calls provide that real jungle feeling. It is always worth looking for the Montezuma-fronted bird, because in addition to its beautiful appearance, its courtship behavior is extremely interesting: While the male calls, he holds on to the branch and plopps down like a wet sack. Usually the bird repeats the whole thing about ten times. Really very extraordinary and therefore our deserved number 6.

Costa Rica’s birds – 5th place: Macaw

No other animal embodies more Caribbean and tropical feeling than the macaw. Hardly any pirate film can do without the colorful, feathered character animal. If you want to see two different species of macaws in the wild, Costa Rica is the place for you. Almost 30 years ago on the verge of extinction, the strict protection of these birds and various reintroduction programs have paid off. Today more and more of the colorful birds are flying around. On the Pacific coast, where many almond trees grow, the scarlet macaws are easy to see. The rarer Great Soldier Macaws are at home further inland.

Costa Rica’s birds – 4th place: harpy

Sharp claws, a head of feathers and the dream of every ornithologist: the harpy ! It is one of the largest and strongest birds of prey in the world. His hunting grounds are the dense forests, and sloths and monkeys are the main prey. He can spot them from a great distance before whizzing through the dense branches as fast as an arrow and precisely to kill them. The harpy lives very hidden, even some local guides have never seen the animal. Nevertheless: In the Manuel Antonio National Park the sightings are increasing. So keep your eyes open.

Costa Rica’s birds – 3rd place: Toucan

With its huge beak and colorful plumage, the toucan is one of the stars in the Costa Rican rainforest. The birds come in different types. The most beautiful of the toucans is probably the fishing toucan, or rainbow toucan. From yellow to green and red to blue – the large-billed bird calls all colors its own. In addition to the provocative appearance, the calls of the toucans are also unmistakable. There is little better than watching the colorful hustle and bustle of the toucans over a cup of coffee in the morning as they feast on fruit and other delicacies.

Costa Rica’s birds – 2nd place: Quetzal

The well-deserved silver medal in our top ten of Costa Rica’s birds goes to the Quetzal. The home of the Quetzal are the cloud forests of Costa Rica, where it usually leads a life in secrecy. In the morning, when it flies a little deeper into the valley, where wild avocado trees grow, you have a good chance of seeing the colorful bird. During courtship the male gets a green tail over a meter long. Its belly is bright red and the beak shines a wonderful yellow. The quetzal : a mystical bird that has to be seen!

Costa Rica’s birds – 1st place: hummingbird

The gold medal of the most beautiful birds in Costa Rica, deserves the shining jewels of the rainforest. No other bird is more fascinating in so many ways than the colorful hummingbird. The little bird’s heart beats up to 500 times per minute. The hummingbird’s special wingbeat allows it to even fly backwards. 54 different species of hummingbirds live in Costa Rica. Most of the lively birds can be found in the highlands. It is always worthwhile to sit down next to a flowering bush and watch the colorful hustle and bustle of the little birds. When the sun shines, their brightly colored feathers shine in all sorts of colors. Definitely our winners!

Of course, we don’t want to ignore the rest of the approximately 900 bird species that Costa Rica has to offer. In no other comparable country live more different birds. On our trips, you can discover the colorful jewels of the rainforest. Our guides are looking forward to showing you.

Costa Rica - World of Birds