US 22 in Pennsylvania

US 22 in Pennsylvania


US 22
Get started Hanover Township
End Easton
Length 319 mi
Length 513 km
West Virginia


Robinson Highway

Kelso Road


Oakdale Road

Steubenville Pike




New Alexandria




East Ebensburg




Cross Keys



Mount Union


West Lewistown

East Lewistown

South Lewistown

Arch Rock


Port Royal

Locust Run



New Buffalo



PA 325


Fort Hunter




Jonestown – Allentown:

Allentown – Easton Freeway

Cedar Crest Boulevard

Roth Avenue

MacArthur Road

3rd Street

Airport Road

Schoonersville Road

Center Street

Linden Street

25th Street

Downtown Easton

New Jersey

According to Toppharmacyschools, US 22 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms an important east-west connection throughout the state and is a highway on several stretches. The route begins at Hanover Township on the West Virginia border, then continues east through the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and is also a freeway at Altoona. Then you pass through the Appalachian Mountains and the road is again a highway until Harrisburg. The road then parallels Interstate 81 and over Interstate 78 to the town of Allentown, where the road crosses the northern bypass.forms as far as Easton at the New Jersey border. The route is a total of 513 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 22 west of Pittsburgh.


The road begins as a highway as it enters the state of Pennsylvania from Weirton, West Virginia. The highway has 2×2 lanes here and runs through a hilly area. US 30 merges at Imperial village. Shortly afterwards, you cross State Route 60, which leads to the Pittsburgh airport. At Rosslyn Farms, one crosses Interstate 79 and continues on I-279 and I-376 to Monroeville.

See Interstate 279 in Pennsylvania and Interstate 376 in Pennsylvania for these main topics.

Appalachian Mountains & Harrisburg

East of Pittsburgh, US 22 forms a major 2×2 divided highway. This section is not a full-fledged motorway, but has 2×2 lanes over a length of about 90 kilometers. At Delmont, one crosses State Route 66, a short toll road to Interstate 76. The road here is called the William Penn Highway. US 119 is double numbered with US 22 for 21 kilometers. It passes north of Johnstown and then crosses US 219. The US 22 then becomes a highway itself for about 34 kilometers to the city of Altoona. The highway crosses Interstate 99 here.

East of Altoona, you cross the steep ridges of the Appalachian Mountains and the road is a minor communication route. One then reaches the town of Lewiston, where US 322 merges and both roads form a longer highway, 95 kilometers from the state capital Harrisburg. The highway here follows the course of the Juniata River, a tributary of the Susquehanna River, which US 22 later follows. There are mainly small communities on the route here. At Benvenue you cross the US 15. The interstate then crosses Interstate 81. US 22 will then pass through downtown Harrisburg and then turn east.

Eastern Pennsylvania & Allentown

The road then follows I-81 northeast and later merges with Interstate 78. Both roads then run together to the east for 77 kilometers, through a fairly flat landscape. At the town of Allentown, I-78 exits to head south of town, while US 22 passes north of town. One then crosses Interstate 746. US 22 is one of the major highways in the small conurbation of Allentown and Bethlehem, but has no more than 2×2 lanes. On the east side of the city of Bethlehem, one crosses State Route 33. The highway continues as far as Easton, where the road crosses a toll bridge to Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The road then continues towards New Yorkas a secondary road. Through traffic goes through Interstate 78.


US 22 was created in 1926. The Pennsylvania route has not changed significantly since then. Because US 22 is a major corridor not served by Interstate Highways, several portions of US 22 are freeway, sometimes substandard.


Construction of the highway from the West Virginia border to I-376 west of Pittsburgh began in 1970 and the highway was opened to traffic in 1971, providing a through highway between Weirton and Monroeville, east of Pittsburgh. The connecting I-376 was opened earlier.

Central Pennsylvania

Beginning in the 1960s, US 22 was upgraded in central Pennsylvania. In 1967 the highway opened from Millerstown to Watts, northwest of Harrisburg. Most of the highway in this area opened to traffic during the 1970s, the portion near Harrisburg opened in 1979. In 1984, the highway between Ebensburg and Altoona opened.

Allentown – Bethlehem – Easton

In 1954 the first part of the so-called “Lehigh Valley Thruway” opened. It involved a 17-kilometer stretch around Allentown, from what would later become I-78 to the airport on the west side of Bethlehem. In 1955, the rest of the highway opened east around Bethlehem and through Easton to the New Jersey border. This is therefore an old highway, which is particularly evident in the tight and very substandard winding route in Easton.

US 22 in Pennsylvania