TouchWiz Is Good But Android Lollipop ‘Pure’ Triumphs in The Samsung Galaxy S6

Since practically the beginning of Android, manufacturers have customized the appearance of the operating system with what has been termed layers of software. Changes of Visual elements to give it personality and character front which offers Google by default. Each company makes it in his own way, and although a few years ago, it was used to cover certain shortfalls of Android, few today are at the height of pure Lollipop.

Like people, even in top terminals of range like the Samsung Galaxy S6 that this year It has had a very large in every way renewal, including the software layer that has allowed for the first time in its history using other themes. What has happened as a result of this function? That has released a theme to give appearance of Lollipop without modifications, and in addition, it has been a huge success.

When the most basic triumphs

Time ago we told you about how a user planned to make a Lollipop for the Galaxy S6 topic. After teach us about how many screen shots and let us know that the final version was about, now Now you can download it if you have this phone. I personally thought that it was going to have a good collection, but data of this first day has been spectacular.

Its creator has uploaded a screenshot to show us the statistics of the first day of operation and the reception could not have been better. More than half a million people have already downloaded it on their devices. A significant figure if we take into account the amount of Galaxy S6 that exist throughout the world.

This fact should serve as a notice to manufacturers: your layers of software are good but Android like people without modifications. It is a commendable effort that engineers make to improve the coat every year and make it more attractive but when more than 500,000 people drop a version to make it look “more pure” to your mobile phone is that something is wrong. Would have to see, that Yes, many are with her.